Why & How to have a Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born

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A baby shower is traditionally held during the expectant mother’s last trimester, but that rule isn’t set in stone. Some baby showers are thrown sooner, but more and more mothers are having their baby showers after their baby is born. If this an idea you’ve floated (or had floated by you), then you might be wondering if a postpartum shower could work for you. The answer is yes! If you still need to be convinced, read our guide on why you should have a baby shower after the baby is born or our article on when should you have a baby shower.

Why You Should Have Your Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born

Traditional baby showers are joyous occasions that celebrate the life of an unborn child and a woman’s transition into motherhood. But given the timing of the event, they can also be stressful occasions. The mom-to-be is usually physically uncomfortable and possibly anxiety-ridden about the delivery by the third trimester, so she might not be able to fully enjoy all of the occasion. Scheduling the baby shower after the mother gives birth means that the mother will be more present during the festivities.

Plus, as tlcme.com points out, the days after you give birth usually prompt an insurgence of unscheduled visitors. Even though you will want to accommodate everyone who wants to see the baby, you might drained from taking care of your baby.

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Having a postpartum shower will serve as the first meeting for most of your visitors, so they will likely not return too soon to see the baby again. This will give you and your baby time to settle into your new role and routine. Besides, if you think about it, parties are always better when the person being honored is actually in attendance (and not just in the mother’s belly.)

How To Throw A Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born

If you’re tasked with throwing a postpartum shower for an expectant mother or yourself, then you might be in need of some ideas. Fret not, postpartum showers are all about lessening the load for the new mother, so if you keep that in mind, you will stay on the right track.

First, you need to make a guest list. Postpartum showers aren’t the time to invite every friend the mother knew in high school and college. Restrict the list to the mom’s close friends and family who will play an active role in the baby’s life and upbringing.

Then set the date. Most postpartum showers happen within the first six weeks of the baby’s life, but every mother will be on a different schedule. Some might want to wait until they’ve completely healed to entertain company and celebrate their baby’s birth. A good rule of thumb is to hold the shower within the first six months of the baby’s birth.

Next comes the venue. Most traditional baby showers are hosted at the host’s home or a third party venue. Sometimes, they’r

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e also hosted at the mother’s home. Either choice is fine, but you should choose a venue that will put the least amount of stress on the mom. Be sure to also pick a day when no newborn doctor’s appointments are scheduled directly before or after.

The most important part of a baby shower is the food. But with a postpartum shower, when the mother is swamped with newborn duties, it’s important to crowdsource or the meal, according to alphamom.com. The only exception to that rule would be if the host wants to prepare the food themselves.

Since the baby will still be on a milk diet, the menu should reflect foods that the mom enjoys —especially if she was on a restricted diet during her pregnancy. This might include certain types of seafood, caffeinated drinks and, possibly most importantly, alcohol (if the mom isn’t breastfeeding).

Ideas For A Postpartum Party

  1. Skip the games. Some mothers and partygoers might appreciate baby shower games, but many people find them to be overly silly and outdated. A postpartum shower virtually eliminates the need to entertain guests with games because everyone will be preoccupied with the little bundle of joy.
  2. Ease The Mother’s load. If you’re hosting a shower for a new mom, you might decide to schedule short visits from close friends and families where they help the mom with her new-mom duties. As bust.com says, this could include things like having friends and family take turns cleaning the mom’s house, cooking her meals, or just watching the baby for an hour or two so that she can take a nap.
  3. Request Gifts For The Baby. The biggest incentive for a baby shower is to help the mother stock up on baby supplies. Don’t skimp on this aspect just because it’s a postpartum shower. The new mother still needs help!
  4. Personalize The Invitations. Since most people aren’t familiar with postpartum baby showers, you should make sure that the invitation clearly lays out the party and its purpose. You also don’t want your guests to think that they weren’t invited to the official shower, so the invitation wording should reflect that this is the official party. This will also be a great time to tease your little one’s best qualities. You can do this by including short little poems, describe how amazing and sweet they are— like this example invitation found on Pinterest.

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Build Your Shower

If you think about it, having a baby shower after the baby is born is best for all parties involved. The mom will be in better physical and emotional condition and the attendees will only have to make one trip to celebrate the mother and baby. The best part about postpartum showers is that they can also be held virtually! If that’s the route you want to go, Web Baby Shower’s packages can be purchased and scheduled at any time, before or, in your case, after the baby’s birth!