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Web Baby Shower Gift Registry Links Page

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Your Web Baby Shower will be set up with a Gift Registry Links page ready for you to add links to the expecting or adopting parent(s)’ online gift registries. There is also a “Gift Giving Hints” introduction you can use to write a thank you note, special instructions or any information your guests may need to find the correct registries.

When your Web Baby Shower is set up, the Gift Registry Links page is automatically turned on for you. If you do not wish to use the Gift Registry Links page, you can turn it off by choosing “No” in the “Show Gift Registries Page?” box in the Gift Registry Links Manager

Web Baby Shower provides a standardized check list of popular stores where expecting parents in the United States register for baby gifts, supplies and gear.

You are welcome to use the standardized links, or use a custom link to any online registry store you wish.

Gift Registry Links Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Gift Registry Links page that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the Gift Registry Links page for your Web Baby Shower, please see Gift Registry Links Page Help.



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