“We Loved The Games and Being Able to Share Photos”

Web Baby Shower Reviews

“This website provided a great Web Baby Shower for my daughter and new grandson! This site is so easy to use and my family and my daughters friend all enjoyed participating!”

Star Rating:Web Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: Excellent (5/5)

  1. What problem or situation made you look for an online baby shower solution?
    I wanted to do an online baby shower and this site allowed me to do this as I did not have time to create my own. Plus, to create my own, I would have spent weeks to do it – this was so easy and has everything you want. We loved the games and being able to share photos; AND, printing a memory book of items from the site was awesome!!!! I recommend everyone to try this if they cannot get people together to celebrate the birth of a baby!!!!
  2. Why did you choose Web Baby Shower?
    Cost – so simple – easy – cute as can be!
  3. How effective is Web Baby Shower at solving the situation or problem (from #1 above)?
    Awesome – the best – will recommend to anyone!
  4. What was your favorite thing about using Web Baby Shower?
    Knowing that in the end, we can have a commemorative printout for the baby and parents!
  5. What was the process like personalizing and using Web Baby Shower?
    Very easy – personalized just for the family and baby
  6. What would you like to say to someone thinking about using Web Baby Shower right now?
    USE THIS SITE!!!!!!
  7. Which three words would you use to describe Web Baby Shower?
    • Easy
    • Affordable
    • Awesome


  8. Why did you choose those words?
    We love this since we could not get together for the event and for friends and families living far away
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Thank you JG!

(Customer Testimonial submitted by “JG”, expecting grandmother, USA, February 2016)