(Web Baby Shower) Really Was The Answer

Web Baby Shower Reviews

My name is Margaret, I am from the Great Lakes Region, and along with my son-in-law’s mom, I hosted a Web Baby Shower for him and my daughter. Our families are spread across the country with no way to bring everyone together for a party. I kept wondering how to do something special for the expectant parents and imagined linking everyone via Internet somehow. My sister simply Googled “web baby shower” and up popped this sight! It really was the answer. I liked that everything was centralized, private, had many features a real shower would have, allowed for a gift registry, photos, Skype, etc. Since the baby was almost due and it was the holidays, the site owner was flexible in the timing to permit my daughter to offer Skype after the baby was born. In all my dealings with the site I grew in respect for how the site is run, trying the best way to meet customers’ needs. It is a trustworthy and thoughtfully designed web program that is a real boon to families with loved ones far apart.

~Margaret, Expecting Grandmother, Great Lakes, USA