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Create your own personalised space, share stories and photos and play games!

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Customer Reviews from Thousands of Happy Families

Hear what others have to say about their online baby shower experience

Had a great baby shower with international family and friends ! Great opportunity for them to celebrate the arrival of the new baby and we had fun with the games as well.

I am extremely grateful for the ability to design a beautiful page to share the journey towards our miracle baby during a time that we could not gather together. Even now that things are starting to get back somewhat to “normal” I love this service and would use it not only for baby showers but my kiddos birthday parties. I love the ability to customize my site, have games, memorialize notes I made and that others sent us of so much love. Thank you for a great experience!

This is my first time hosting a virtual baby shower. I love WebBabyShower. It is so easy to use and the support is the best. I am totally satisfied and would highly recommend.

This website was fairly easy to navigate and fun to set up for our virtual baby shower. I really enjoyed being able to offer games to play!

I loved using this! As a first time mom it was very great to have basically everything all on one website and the guest book is adorable! I’m able to go back and read everything as I need which is definitely reassuring in these last 3 months!

Cheryl Riley-Doucet
Jennifer Rodriguez
Becky Miracle
Melissa Perna
Amy T.

This is my first time hosting a virtual baby shower. I love WebBabyShower. It is so easy to use and the support is the best. I am totally satisfied and would highly recommend.

Becky Miracle

Why Have A Virtual Baby Shower as Part of Your Celebration?

Expecting parents aren’t always next door to family and friends. However, we can still be a little closer in spirit! Here are good reasons to choose an online baby shower to either complement or replace a traditional shower.

Reason #1 – Include Everyone, Everywhere! Get those long-lost relatives involved! More parties, more connections, more friends on board for the ride of a lifetime! With a virtual baby shower today.

Reason #2 – Bring The Party to Her! If Mom can’t travel, for bed-rest or any other reason, bring the party home in a way that keeps her feeling loved. That’s what every Mom deserves.

Reason #3 – Multiple Baby Showers! Research shows that 72% of Moms host more than one shower, so they can accommodate different groups. Have one for your girlfriends and one for your grandmas!

Reason #4 – Combine In-Person & Virtual! See your local crew & invite everyone else to the party too! Yup, hybrid baby showers are a thing.

Reason #5: Because We Can! Our lives are online now. We date online, shop online, find jobs online. More and more women are enjoying virtual baby showers online because we can!

The WebBabyShower Advantage

Built-in Video Chat

Built-in video chat with that seamlessly integrates matching shower themes, emoji  reaction animations, and screen capture for those gender reveal moments. Our instant-on feature makes video calls easy. No more business video for your party.

Mobile App for Guests

The first-ever baby shower app, WebBabyShower launches the week of May 10th in honor of Mother’s Day, 2022. Available for Apple and Android users. Our new app features built-in video chat, guest-to-guest messaging, guest profiles and more.

A paid service means you’re completely in control of your online baby shower content

A one time set-up fee gives you ongoing peace of mind, a high-quality online service, conscientious customer support, and absolutely no hidden fees or intrusive advertising. You can let go of any concern that advertisers or social media services will sell your data to target you & your guests. WebBabyShower is completely private.

Baby shower games are included and “done for you”

WebBabyShower offers over 40 games and makes it easy to play all types of games: in-app quiz games (like Guess Who Mommy or Daddy), slide-based games (like Labor or Horror or Jeopardy), and printable PDF games (like Bingo). All the games are included with your one time set-up fee, no hidden charges.

A host control panel dashboard gives you full control

You’re fully in control of your WebBabyShower. You’re able to personalize all your WebBabyShower website pages, photo and video galleries, theme options, guest lists, email invitations, co-hosts, and more.

No limit to the number of guests

There’s no limit to the number of guests you can invite to your WebBabyShower! Want to update 1000 friends about your special moment? We have a built-in email invitation service to help you expand the love as far as you can!

Questions and Answers

Have you been wondering “What’s the deal with an online baby shower?” WebBabyShower offers the simple and sweet solution you’ve been looking for! Do you have a friend who’s far away and expecting a baby? Or a family member on bed-rest who needs some love? Want to share news and photos of your pregnancy easily and privately with family and friends? Your baby shower and pregnancy celebration can be simply and safely online with WebBabyShower. Families and families-to-be of all shapes and sizes are welcome here! You’re the reason WebBabyShower offers a fun, easy, thoughtful way to host a virtual baby shower online. How does it work? Check out how it works.

WebBabyShower is thoughtfully designed to meet the special needs of online baby showers, pregnancy celebrations and birth announcements with absolutely no advertising, and with lots of fun baby shower ideas for you and your guests to enjoy!

This is another place where an online shower can make life easy. Gift registries are all online, so  you can use any online registry you want. We seamlessly integrate with Amazon, Target, BuyBuyBaby, you name it! Easy links help your friends and relatives shop for the perfect gift from baby registries online. And if you want to skip a registry altogether it’s no problem.

Families and friends all across the globe who want to share in the joy! Sometimes expecting parents are faraway on military assignment or relocated away from family for career reasons. An online baby shower is the simplest way to get everyone together to say: “Congratulations and We Love You!”

Yes, they work together well. An online shower can reach friends and family before or after, and even during, the in-person shower. Share photos, videos, games and joy with everyone who couldn’t make it to the in-person baby shower. Expand the love as far as you can!

Create a free printable keepsake as a PDF any time before your WebBabyShower ends! You can control your settings to have your keepsake include guest’s comments, photos, games and special notes from every page.