These 75 Hilarious Baby Shower Games for a Super Fun Baby Shower

75  Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas That Don’t Suck

Ah, baby showers & baby shower games. While many baby shower games are fun, (others less so) some can be downright hilarious!;

Forget everything you thought you knew about baby shower games that suck. There’s a common misconception that games are for kids only – but the New York Times would beg to differ! In a recent article, they outlined some of the best party games for adults – so that got us thinking about our baby shower game suggestions, and how WebBabyShower can help you make your next shower a hit.

So, allow us to introduce you to our favorite hilarious baby shower games that everyone will be talking about even when the party’s over.

Most Trending Games on Tiktok this Week

Pass the Pacifier


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Who Will Take The baby Bottle Game


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Pop the Balloon Relay

This game is perfect for your male guests! Absolutely hilarious. Can be a bit Rated R 🙈 but that is the funt, isn’t it?

Diaper Changing Contest

Who can put the diaper on first? A game so funny that will surely make your baby shower a blast!

Chug It Game

Chug It is hands down my fave ice breaker baby shower game! 10/10 recommend 🍼

Junk in the Trunk

Baby shower games 😂😂

Drop the Ball Game

Put the ball between the knees, walk from one side towards where the cup is, and drop it! make sure it goes right into the cup!

Measure Mommy’s Belly Game

Give a piece of string to all the guests and let them cut it to the length of what they think is the measurement of mommy’s belly.

Donut on a String Game

Prepare a donut, a string, and hanging rack, and you will have a very hilarious donut on a string game with a twist!

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Icebreaker Baby Shower Games

Don’t Say Baby

Get ready for some laughs with this fun game, where saying “baby” is a big no-no. Guests will avoid saying the forbidden word to keep their pin safe. If someone slips, others can snatch their pin. This simple game doesn’t require much prep but promises lots of fun, making it a great option for a last-minute celebration. 

don't say baby game

Game Supplies 

  • Clothespins or baby-themed pins for each guest

How to Play 

  • At the start of the shower, give each guest a clothespin to wear.
  • The rule is simple: don’t say “baby.”
  • If someone hears another guest say “baby,” they get to take that person’s pin.
  • The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

Find the Guest!

“Find the Guest!” is a scavenger hunt that encourages everyone to mix and mingle. Guests must look for other guests who match clues on a list, such as “had a baby this past year” or “shares your birth month.” It’s the perfect game for breaking the ice (and making the getting-to-know-you stage a little less awkward!) 

wbs hilarious baby shower games

Game Supplies 

  • Printed lists of descriptions for guests to find
  • Pens or pencils 

How to Play 

  • Provide each guest with a list of descriptions at the start of the shower.
  • Guests mingle and chat to find others who match the descriptions on their list.
  • They mark off each person they find who fits a description.
  • When time’s up, the guest with the most-completed list wins. 

Hello, My Name Is…

“Hello, My Name Is…” turns name tags into a fun game! Guests wear tags with baby-related names like “Bottle” or “Crib” instead of their real names. If anyone slips and uses a real name instead of the tag name, they add coins to a baby fund. It’s a playful way to keep everyone engaged while also building a little nest egg for the baby.

wbs hilarious baby shower games

Game Supplies 

  • Name tags
  • Pens or markers
  • A jar or piggy bank for collecting coins
  • List of baby-related words for the name tags

How to Play 

  • Hand out a baby-related name tag to each guest upon arrival.
  • Tell guests to only use the name on their tags when addressing each other.
  • If someone mistakenly uses a guest’s real name, they add coins to the jar or piggy bank.
  • If preferred, provide a fun alternative for guests who don’t want to contribute coins, such as completing a silly task, or sharing a baby-related joke.

Are You That Baby? or Guess Who?

“Are You That Baby?” adds a nostalgic twist to your baby shower by turning guests’ baby photos into a fun guessing game. Everyone tries to match each baby picture with the right guest. Trust us, it’s trickier than you’d think! This light-hearted activity adds a personal touch to your celebration, making it that much more special for everyone in attendance. 

Game Supplies 

  • Baby photos of each guest (collected in advance)
  • Display board or digital slideshow
  • Numbered labels for each photo
  • Guessing sheets for guests
  • Pens or pencils 

How to Play 

  • Before the shower, ask guests to send you a baby photo of themselves.
  • Arrange the photos on a display board or in a digital slideshow, assigning a number to each.
  • Give each guest a sheet and a pen to write down their guesses, matching the baby photo to the guest they believe it is. 
  • Once everyone has made their guesses, reveal the correct answers.
  • The guest with the most correct matches wins! 

Baby Shower Trivia Questions

baby shower game

Guess the Famous Parent

Get ready to challenge your guests’ celebrity knowledge as they try to match photos of offspring to their famous moms and dads. Armed with pictures of celebrity children and a pen and paper for each guest, it’s time to unravel the Hollywood mystery. To add an extra challenge (and level the playing field for guests of all ages), mix in both recent and past celebrities. This game would fit wonderfully into a grand Hollywood-themed baby shower!

Game Supplies

  • Photos of celebrity children
  • Glue 
  • Poster board to adhere photos to 
  • Pens
  • Paper 

How to Play

  • Show the photos and have guests write down who they think the parents are.
  • The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

All About Mommy or Daddy

This game asks mom and dad to fill out a questionnaire on who’s more likely to do what, such as “who will change more diapers” or “who will do more late night feeding sessions?” Guests then try their hand at the questionnaire to see if they can predict the correct answers. It’s a playful and revealing way to see who really knows the parents-to-be the best! 

baby shower game

Game Supplies 

  • Questionnaire about future parenting habits
  • Pens or pencils 

How to Play 

  • Have the parents-to-be fill out the questionnaire together before the shower.
  • Give a questionnaire to each guest.
  • Guests guess who will be more likely to do each task by circling “mom” or “dad.”
  • Once everyone has made their guesses, reveal the parents-to-be’s answers.
  • The guest with the highest number of correct answers wins. 

Firstborn Children of Famous People

Step into the glamorous world of celebrities, from Hollywood legends to sports stars, and find out who’s the ultimate celebrity baby expert. Challenge your guests to pair up famous firstborns with their star-studded parents – like North with Kim Kardashian. It’s a fantastic way to add a little stardust to your baby shower! 

Game Supplies 

  • Printouts of celebrities and their firstborns 
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play 

  • Hand out printouts and pens to the guests. 
  • Each person attempts to match the celebrities with their firstborns.
  • After everyone has made their guesses, reveal the correct matches.
  • The guest with the most correct matches wins.
  • For an added challenge, don’t use printouts and have guests call out the names of celebrities’ children instead.

Name That Tune Baby Shower Game

Music lovers, unite! In this fun game, guests test their music knowledge by guessing songs with ‘baby’ in the title. Whether classics like ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ by The Beach Boys or kid-friendly picks like ‘Baby Shark,’ this baby shower game guarantees dancing and lots of fun, groovy beats. As a pro tip, we recommend creating a playlist with old and new songs for all-age fun. Don’t want to make your own? No problem! Check out our pre-made playlist.

wbs name that tune youtube playlist

Game Supplies

  • Playlist of songs 
  • Phone or speaker to play music 
  • Paper
  • Pens 

How to Play

  • Play a short snippet of each song.
  • Participants can shout out guesses or write them down – it’s your call!
  • The person with the most correct song guesses wins.
  • For an added challenge, ask guests to identify both the song title and the artist.

Do You Know The Cartoon Moms?

Hey, Disney and cartoon fans – this one’s for you! In this game, guests try to match well-known cartoon babies with their parents, like Simba and Sarabi from The Lion King or Stewie and Lois from Family Guy. This game is fun and super nostalgic, making everyone remember those good old days of watching cartoons as a kid. 

Game Supplies

  • Printouts of cartoon babies and their parents
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play

  • Distribute printouts of cartoon babies and their parents to all guests.
  • Each person tries to match the baby with the correct parent.
  • After everyone has made their guesses, reveal the correct matches.
  • The guest with the most correct matches wins!

The Animal Gestation Game

This adorable matching game asks guests to match different animals with their gestation periods (AKA how long they’re pregnant for). Whether it’s the lengthy wait for an elephant or the quick turnaround for a mouse, this trivia game is both enlightening AND entertaining! Ideal for a jungle or animal-themed baby shower, it promises loads of fun and fascinating facts.

Game Supplies 

  • Printouts of animals and their gestation periods
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play 

  • Distribute the printouts and pens/pencils to the guests.
  • Each person tries to match the animals with their correct gestation periods.
  • After everyone has made their guesses, reveal the correct matches.
  • The guest with the most correct matches wins.

The Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Think your guests are experts on classic nursery rhymes like Baa Baa Black Sheep and Humpty Dumpty? Time to put their knowledge to the test! See how well your guests remember these beloved rhymes with a fun fill-in-the-blank game. This would be an awesome game for a storybook-themed baby shower.

nursery rhymes baby shower games

Game Supplies

  • Printouts of nursery rhyme quiz sheets
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play

  • Give the nursery rhyme printouts and pens/pencils to the guests.
  • Each person tries to fill in as many blanks as they can. 
  • After everyone has completed their quiz sheets, go over the answers together.
  • The guest with the most points wins.

Baby Shower Guessing Games

What’s in the Bag Baby Shower Game

Remember the Halloween game with gooey grapes and spaghetti masquerading as eyeballs or zombie guts? Our baby shower version is way less icky but just as thrilling! Ask guests to feel around inside mystery bags filled with various baby items, using only touch to guess what’s inside. This hilarious baby shower game is sure to put your friends and families’ senses to the test.

webbabyshower whats in the diaper bag game

Game Supplies

  • Opaque bags
  • Various baby items like pacifiers, mini rattles, and so on
  • Timer (optional) 

How to Play

  • Without looking, guests put their hand in the bag and guess the items.
  • The one with the most correct guesses wins.
  • To make the game more challenging, time each guest.

What’s in a Diaper?

In this entertaining guessing game, guests are tasked with figuring out which baby items are hidden inside diapers. Players use their sense of touch to guess what’s inside—no peeking allowed! Expect plenty of laughter and surprises as the contents of each diaper are revealed. 

Game Supplies 

  • Diapers
  • Various small baby items (pacifiers, socks, etc.)
  • Pens
  • Paper

How to Play 

  • Before the party, hide different baby items in diapers and number them.
  • Give guests paper and pens, then pass out the diapers one by one.
  • Guests shake and feel each diaper to guess what’s inside, writing down their guesses.
  • After all diapers have been passed, the parent(s)-to-be reveal the correct answers.
  • The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

Guess How Many Candies Are In The Jar

Put a spin on the classic “guess how many candies” game by filling the jar with baby-related candies like pacifiers, baby bottles, or teddy bears. Encourage guests to sneak a peek at the jar and guess how many candies are inside. This game is simple yet fun, making it a win for the host and guests. 

baby shower game

Game Supplies 

  • Clear jar filled with baby-themed candies
  • Pen and paper for guests to write down their guesses

How to Play 

  • Display the jar of candies on an easily visible table. 
  • Ask guests to estimate the number of candies in the jar and write down their guesses on a piece of paper.
  • Once everyone has submitted their guesses, reveal the actual number of candies in the jar.
  • The guest with the closest guess wins. 

Guess the Candy Bar

This next game is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Guess the Candy Bar game. It’s one of the classic baby shower games, and if the parents-to-be have a silly sense of humor, it’s the perfect and fun baby shower game to play. Here’s what you need and how to play.

Game Supplies 

  • A variety of candy bars, melted
  • Cheap disposable diapers
  • Scarves or something else to blindfold guests with
  • Paper and pen/pencil for each guest

How to Play

Again, this game is not for the faint-hearted! It may be a good idea to check with the parents-to-be beforehand to make sure they’re comfortable with this game. If they are, here’s how to play:

  • Take the candy bars you’ve purchased and melt them. We recommend getting fun-size candy bars.
  • Pour a little of the melted candy in each diaper. (A different candy in each diaper.)
  • Line up the diapers.
  • Blindfold your guests.
  • Have each baby shower guest sniff the diaper to try and guess what candy is in it. (If your guests are really brave, they can taste the candy — though that’s not super hygienic.)
  • Have your baby shower guests write down their guesses. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Guess the Price of the Baby Product

This game is just like The Price is Right – with a fun, baby-related twist. Guests must guess how much they think various baby products cost. Some of the prices may surprise you!

baby shower game

Game Supplies

  • Printouts or electronic copies of the game
  • Pencils or pens

How to Play

  • Hand out a printout of a list of products or use WebBabyShower’s slide-based format of the game.
  • Have your guests guess how much each product costs, then reveal the correct answers.
  • Whoever guesses the most prices correctly (or is the closest) is the champion.

Baby Due Date Guessing Game

Turn your guests into baby fortune-tellers with this thrilling game, where everyone predicts when the baby-to-be will make their grand arrival. Whether it’s early, late, or right on time, guests must cast their votes on the calendar. The person with the closest guess snags a prize after the baby’s arrival. As a friendly reminder, make sure the parents-to-be are comfortable sharing their due date before adding this guessing game to the agenda. If they are, let the baby predictions begin!


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♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) – Doja Cat

Game Supplies

  • Calendar printout
  • Stickers or markers

How to Play

  • Guests put their name on the date they guess the baby will arrive.
  • The person with the closest guess wins a prize after the birth.

Crafty Baby Shower Games

Decorate the T-shirt

Get everyone involved in a fun and creative activity by inviting guests to decorate tiny t-shirts for the baby. Encourage them to add adorable designs that go along with the shower theme. Hang the finished masterpieces on a wire for all to admire during the baby shower. Once the little one arrives, they’ll have a collection of special t-shirts made with love by their closest friends and family! 

Game Supplies 

  • Plain baby-sized t-shirts in different sizes (newborn to 12 months)
  • Fabric markers, paint, hot glue gun, rhinestones, and other decorating supplies
  • Clothespins or clips
  • Hanging wire or clothesline

How to Play 

  • Create a crafting area with plain baby-sized t-shirts and various decorating supplies.
  • Invite guests to decorate the t-shirts. They can follow the baby shower theme if they like.
  • Display the decorated t-shirts by hanging them on a wire using clothespins or clips.

Make a Baby Quilt

This activity is perfect for all the sewing enthusiasts out there! Invite your guests to decorate quilt squares at your baby shower. They can let their imagination run wild, or you can provide specific designs for inspiration. After the party ends, you’ll sew these uniquely decorated squares together to craft a beautiful memory quilt for the baby. It’s a heartwarming keepsake that ensures the baby is always surrounded by love.

Game Supplies 

  • Fabric squares or pre-cut quilt squares
  • Fabric markers or paint pens
  • Sewing supplies (needle, thread, sewing machine)
  • Iron and ironing board (if needed)
  • Optional: Embellishments like buttons, ribbons, or fabric scraps

How to Play 

  • Provide guests with fabric squares and fabric markers.
  • Instruct them to decorate the squares with drawings, messages, or designs.
  • Once decorated, sew the squares together to create the quilt top.
  • Add a backing fabric and batting, then quilt or tie the layers together.
  • Finish the quilt edges and add any embellishments.

Diaper Notes

Late-night diaper changes can be exhausting for new parents. To brighten up these moments, why not have guests write inspirational messages on the back of diapers? Whether the messages are sweet, inspiring, or downright hilarious, they’re sure to bring a smile to the parents’ faces during diaper duty.

Game Supplies 

  • Diapers 
  • Markers

How to Play 

  • Put out some clean diapers and markers.
  • Ask your guests to write uplifting messages on the back of the diapers. 
  • After they’re done decorating, pile the diapers in a specific spot, like on the changing table, so they’re ready to go.

Art for the Baby

Encourage your guests to channel their inner Picasso by inviting them to make art for the baby’s room. Give them the freedom to draw whatever they want or ask them to stick to a theme that complements your nursery decor. To simplify the process, consider providing paint-by-numbers or premade artwork for them to color. It’s a wonderful way to add a personal touch to the nursery!

Game Supplies 

  • Art supplies such as paper, canvases, paints, brushes, and markers
  • Paint-by-numbers or pre-made artwork templates
  • Tables or easels for guests to work on

How to Play 

  • Prepare a space with art supplies and templates.
  • Ask guests to get creative and make art for the baby’s room.
  • Offer them the choice to draw whatever they like or use a theme that matches your nursery.
  • Show off the finished art in the baby’s room.

Draw the Baby

mom-to-be laughing during draw the baby game
Image from: @steff.rebatta

Draw the Baby is an easy and fun baby shower game to play with minimal supplies required. Here’s what you need, how to play, and even how to adapt this game to a virtual baby shower!

Game Supplies

  • Paper plates
  • Pens or pencils
  • A timer

That’s it! (We told you this required minimal supplies!)

How to Play

  • Pass each baby shower guest a paper plate and a pen/pencil.
  • Guests will write their initials on the back of the paper plate. (We’ll explain why in a minute.)
  • Let guests know they’ll have two minutes to draw the perfect baby on their paper plate — but there’s a catch!
  • Instruct guests to put their paper plates on their forehead. That is how they must draw their baby — sight unseen! Set the timer for two minutes. When the time is up, the game host collects the drawings and places them drawing side up on a table.
  • The mom-to-be (or parents-to-be, if you’re hosting a co-ed baby shower) will review all the drawings and decide which is their favorite.
  • The game host then looks at the back to see whose initials are on the plate and announces the winner.

You might want to have a box of tissues handy, because this game tends to result in tears from laughing so hard. It’s absolutely hilarious to see what silly, crazy, and even scary baby drawings guests come up with!

baby shower game draw the baby
Image from:

How to Play Draw the Baby Virtually

This fun baby shower game is great for an in-person baby shower, but it can also be adapted to play at a virtual baby shower as well. Here’s how:

  • Email your guests ahead of time and ask them to get some paper plates and have a pen/pencil handy. You can also mail virtual baby shower guests the supplies so they don’t have to shop themselves.
  • Virtual baby shower guests will draw their baby the same way in-person guests would while on the video call.
  • Instead of your virtual baby shower guests placing their plates on a table, simply have them hold their plates up to their webcams so the parents-to-be can see.
  • If you choose WebBabyShower, your guests can upload their images to the gallery so everyone can crack up over their photos after the fun game is over, too!

Fun Baby Shower Games

Bobbing for Pacifiers

Everyone knows the classic game of bobbing for apples, but here’s a baby shower twist you might not have heard of: bobbing for pacifiers. In this amusing version, guests plunge their heads into water, aiming to snatch up pacifiers using only their mouths. It’s a funny activity that guests of all ages will get a kick out of!

Game Supplies 

  • Large bowls or buckets of water 
  • Pacifiers 
  • Towels for drying off

How to Play 

  • Fill some big buckets or containers with water.
  • Place the same number of pacifiers in each container. 
  • Players stand by their container, hands behind their backs.
  • When someone says “go,” players try to grab the pacifiers with their mouths only.
  • The first player to get all of the pacifiers out of their container is the winner.

Diaper Stack

For this super fun game, you’ll need diapers – and lots of them! But here’s the silver lining: the parents-to-be can use them after the shower, ensuring nothing goes to waste. To kick things off, hand out a large stack of diapers to each player. Challenge them to build the tallest tower possible without it toppling over. This engaging game is sure to spark some friendly competition among your guests!

Game Supplies 

  • Lots of disposable diapers
  • Timer
  • Measuring tape (optional) 

How to Play 

  • Give each player lots of disposable diapers and a table to use.
  • Start a timer for 3 minutes.
  • Tell the guests to stack the diapers as high as they can before time runs out.
  • If a tower falls, they can try again if there’s time left.
  • At the end, see which diaper tower is the tallest.
  • The player with the tallest tower wins. 

What Am I?

This entertaining What Am I? baby shower game is filled with innuendos that might seem naughty at first glance, but are completely innocent! Guests are challenged to solve these riddles without letting their minds wander into the gutter. Perfect for an adults-only baby shower, this hilarious game is guaranteed to get some laughs. 

Game Supplies 

  • Printed innuendo cards

How to Play 

  • Hand out cards to each player.
  • Players take turns reading their innuendo cards aloud.
  • The other players have to guess what the answers are.

Rubber Ducky Raffle

Liven up your baby shower with a rubber ducky raffle! Guests earn duck-themed raffle tickets by bringing diapers for the parents-to-be. For added fun, guests can write their names on the bottoms of rubber duckies instead of tickets. This fun raffle is sure to be a splash among guests of all ages.

Game Supplies 

  • Rubber duck-themed raffle tickets or rubber duckies 
  • Markers or pens 
  • Water basin

How to Play 

  • Guests earn their raffle entry by bringing diapers.
  • To enter, write their names on rubber-ducky themed tickets or on the bottom of rubber ducky bath toys. 
  • Gather everyone around for the drawing.
  • The parents will pick out the winning ticket from a hat or duck from a basin of water.
  • The person whose name appears on the selected ticket or duck wins a prize.

The Baby Shower Hula Hoop Contest

Hula hooping is a nostalgic childhood pastime, making a hula hoop contest the perfect way to celebrate all the fun that comes with having (and being) a child. Whichever guests hula hoops the longest is deemed the hoopin’ champion. Perfect for ladies-only showers or events with lots of kiddos.

Game Supplies

  • Two or more hula hoops

How to Play

  • Give competing guests a hula hoop.
  • Whichever guest keeps their hoop up the longest is the champion.
  • To make the game more exciting, ask guests to hula hoop in non-traditional ways, such as around their ankles or necks.

Suck It Up

Usually, having to “suck things up” isn’t much fun. But in this game, it’s a hoot! Guests get to use baby nose aspirators to “suck up” marshmallows and transfer them into a bottle or jar. It’s not only hilarious but also great practice for the parents-to-be, who’ll soon be handling their fair share of stuffy noses.

Game Supplies 

  • Nose aspirators
  • Bottles, jars, or cups
  • Mini marshmallows for each player

How to Play 

  • Each player gets a nose aspirator, a bottle (or a jar or cup), and mini marshmallows.
  • Start a timer for one minute.
  • Players use the aspirator to pick up marshmallows and drop them into their bottle.
  • When the time’s up, count the marshmallows in each bottle.
  • The player with the most marshmallows in their bottle is the winner. 

Active Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Balloon Darts

The parents-to-be are giving up their nights of late-night pool and darts for late-night diaper changes and feedings. But that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate their baby-to-be with a fun dart challenge! Guests will throw darts at confetti-filled balloons to reveal the baby’s gender. This exciting reveal is perfect for coed baby showers with guests of all ages.

hilarious baby shower games

Game Supplies

  • Balloons
  • Darts
  • Pink and blue confetti
  • Tape
  • White poster board or sheet

How to Play

  • Blow up 16 balloons. Put blue and pink confetti in some of them. Three balloons should be filled with colored confetti corresponding to the baby’s actual gender. For example, if you are having a girl, there should be two balloons filled with blue confetti and three with pink confetti.
  • Tape the balloons in four rows on a white sheet or poster board entitled “what gender will the baby be?” or something similar.
  • When guests arrive, explain that three balloons are filled with confetti corresponding to the baby’s gender.
  • Hand guests darts to pop the balloons with.
  • After the three confetti-filled balloons are popped, your guests will know the baby’s gender.

Baby Shower Balloon Pop

Hilarious (and slightly raunchy), the baby shower balloon pop is a crowd favorite. To play, two guests partner up, one standing behind the other and a balloon between them. The guest in the back must perform a fast, thrusting motion to try and pop their balloon. Perfect for a ladies-only shower or a coed shower with couples.

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Game Supplies

  • Balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • Ribbon or string

How to Play

  • Blow up as many balloons as you’ll have pairs. For example, if you have 12 guests, you’ll need six balloons.
  • Ask guests to partner up.
  • The pairs should stand with one partner in front of the other. The front partner faces away, while the second partner faces their back.
  • Next, the partner in the back ties a balloon around the front partner’s lower back using ribbon or string.
  • When everyone is ready, give the “go” signal, at which point the partner in the back will thrust into the balloon to try and pop it.
  • Whichever pair pops their balloon first is the winner.

Baby Shower Ball Toss

Figure out how well your guests know the parents-to-be with this unique baby shower game. To play, guests thrown the beach ball must answer questions or perform specific actions related to the parents-to-be. Answering questions correctly earns players points. This fun game adds a great twist to traditional “how well do you know the parents” games.

hilarious baby shower games

Game Supplies

  • Beach ball
  • Action cards

How to Play

  • Ask your guests to sit in a circle.
  • Toss the beach ball to the first player.
  • Whichever color the player’s right-hand lands on is the color of the action card they must draw.
  • The player must perform the action or answer the question on the action card to receive the points specified on the card.
  • If the player answers incorrectly, they don’t gain the points.
  • Whoever earns the most points wins the game.

Balloon Baby Twist

In this hilarious game, everyone pops a balloon under their shirt to fake a “baby bump” and then dives into fun challenges like jumping jacks or yoga poses. The soon-to-be parents get to enjoy the competition from the sidelines. When it’s all done, they hand out awards for stuff like “most balloons under the shirt” or “who made us laugh the hardest.” This game is a total hit – guaranteed to get laughs from guests young and old!

Game Supplies 

  • Balloons
  • Timer (optional) 
  • Prizes/awards 

How to Play 

  • Ask guests to complete a series of fun and challenging tasks without popping or dropping their balloons. 
  • Have the parents-to-be act as judges for each challenge.
  • They can give out prizes for categories such as the most creative pose, funniest pose, fewest balloons dropped, and any others of their choosing. 

Hang the Diaper

In this game, teams compete to hang as many diapers as possible on a clothesline within a certain time frame. The twist? Some team members are blindfolded! This playful challenge celebrates the baby’s upcoming arrival, nodding humorously to the endless days of laundry ahead.

Game Supplies 

  • Diapers (reusable or disposable) 
  • Clothesline or string
  • Clothespins or clips
  • Timer
  • Blindfolds 

How to Play 

  • Divide guests into teams, assigning roles of “hangers” and “directors.”
  • Blindfold the hangers. The directors stand at a distance where they can see but not touch the hangers.
  • On “go,” the directors guide their hangers to pick up diapers, navigate to the clothesline, and hang the diapers using clothespins.
  • Use the timer to set a limit for the game (e.g., 5 minutes).
  • When time’s up, count the diapers on the line. The team with the most diapers hung wins.

Bottle Race

Chugging is a skill acquired in babyhood, as infants learn to chug warm bottles of milk. Bring your guests back to infancy by asking them to chug milk or another beverage from a baby bottle. This coed baby shower game is hilarious and will have your whole party howling with laughter.

Game Supplies

  • Baby bottles for each guest (or fewer if you play in rounds)
  • Juice, milk, soda, beer, or another beverage to chug

How to Play

  • Fill the baby bottles with your beverage of choice
  • Give your guests a bottle, then give them the signal to start chugging
  • Whoever finishes their bottle first is the winner
  • If you have too many guests, play in rounds, then have the winners compete to determine the overall champion

Baby Shower Games for Kids

Guess the Baby Food

Say “aahhhh!” The baby food tasting game tests your guests’ taste buds to see who can guess what they’re eating. You’re almost certain to hear belly laughs as guests watch the expressions of those trying different baby foods. While mushed fruit might not be so bad, (cold) squishy peas and carrots are a different story!

Game supplies

  • Various flavors of baby food
  • Spoons
  • Paper and pens for writing down the answers

How to Play

  • Remove the labels from various jars of baby food.
  • Guests taste different jars of baby food and try to guess the flavor.
  • The person who guesses the most baby food flavors wins.

ABC Blocks

This is a great baby shower game if there are kiddos at the event! To play, each person receives one to two blocks, which they must decorate with items matching their letter, such as apples, airplanes, and ants for the letter “A.” These adorable blocks will not only make for a fun craft during the party but will also be a cute decor item for the baby’s nursery.

Game Supplies

  • Wooden blocks
  • Coloring materials (markers, paint, etc.)

How to Play 

  • Get 26 wooden blocks, each labeled with a letter from A to Z. 
  • Give each guest an alphabet block or two.
  • Ask guests to decorate their blocks with pictures or designs related to their letter.
  • When they’re done, gather the blocks to show off or pack up as a gift for the soon-to-be parents.

Feed the Baby

For guests unafraid to get a little up-close and personal, Feed the Baby is a great, hilarious game that guests play at a baby shower. Supplies are minimal, but the laughter will be plentiful!

Game Supplies

  • Jarred baby food
  • Small spoons
  • Blindfolds

How to Play

  • Split guests up into teams of two.
  • Let them choose who will be the “baby,” and who will do the feeding.
  • Blindfold BOTH players.
  • When you say, “Go,” the feeder will try and feed the “baby” the food from the jar. Time the teams; the team that finishes their snack fastest wins!

Match the Socks

Race against the clock in this lively sock-sorting game. Spread colorful baby socks all over the room and challenge guests to find matching pairs. It’s a fun, fast-paced activity guaranteed to keep everyone on their toes! Plus, the baby-to-be can wear the socks after they’re born, ensuring the game’s essential materials won’t go to waste.

Game Supplies

  • Pairs of baby socks with various patterns or colors. 

How to Play 

  • Scatter the socks around the playing area.
  • Set a timer for 2 to 3 minutes. 
  • Players must race against the clock to find matching pairs of socks.
  • The player or team with the most matched pairs within the time limit wins!

Pass the Pacifier

Get the kids in on the baby shower fun with Pass the Pacifier! In this game, players use wooden dowels held in their mouths to pass a pacifier from one person to the next, all without dropping it. It’s a hilarious challenge that demands serious focus. 

Game Supplies

  • Wooden dowels
  • Pacifier

How to Play 

  • Hand out wooden dowels for everyone to hold in their mouth. 
  • Try to pass a pacifier from one dowel to another, mouth to mouth, without dropping it.
  • The goal is to get the pacifier all the way down the line to win. 
  • For added fun, split guests into two teams and see which team can do it faster.

Pacifier Hunt

For this exciting game, guests become treasure hunters, racing against the clock to uncover hidden pacifiers scattered throughout the venue. From tucked-away cabinets to tables taped under and even sneaky spots in couch cushions, this game adds a playful twist to the classic scavenger hunt. Make sure to keep count of how many pacifiers you hide to ensure there are no stragglers left behind.

wbs pacifier hunt baby shower game

Game Supplies

  • Multiple pacifiers 
  • A timer

How to Play

  • Hide pacifiers around the party area.
  • When the timer starts, guests hunt for them.
  • The one with the most pacifiers when the timer goes off wins.

Pass The Dirty Diaper

This hilarious game is like hot potato, but with something much stinkier! Don’t worry, you’ll be using a diaper filled with warm baby food, not the real deal. Guests sit in a circle and pass around a “dirty” baby diaper while music plays. It’s a fun game for all ages, but kids will especially enjoy it!

Game Supplies 

  • Clean baby diaper
  • Warm baby food
  • Music player

How to Play 

  • Have baby shower guests sit in a circle.
  • Hand one guest a “dirty” baby diaper filled with warm baby food.
  • Turn on the music and have guests pass the diaper around the circle.
  • When the music stops, the person holding the diaper is out.
  • Continue until there are just two people left.
  • The winner is the guest who is empty-handed at the end of the game. 

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Like the popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, but instead, use a picture of a baby. Win the game by placing a pacifier sticker the closest to the baby’s mouth. This game will have everyone in hysterics when they’re placed where they shouldn’t go.

Game Supplies 

  • Picture of a baby
  • Pacifier stickers
  • Blindfold
  • Pins or tape

How to Play 

  • Hang up a picture of a baby on the wall.
  • Blindfold the player.
  • Spin them around a few times.
  • Hand them a pacifier sticker.
  • Tell them to try to stick the pacifier sticker onto the baby picture, aiming for the mouth.
  • The player who gets closest to the baby’s mouth wins!

Yum, Applesauce!

Babies are experts at getting applesauce everywhere, and now it’s your guests’ turn in this laugh-out-loud game! In teams of two, players will try to feed each other applesauce. The catch? They are blindfolded. This silly game is just as fun for the participants as it is for those watching.

Game Supplies 

  • Trash bags
  • Blindfolds
  • Jars of applesauce
  • Spoons

How to Play 

  • Divide guests into teams of two.
  • Have each team put on a trash bag to protect their clothes.
  • Blindfold each player.
  • Give each team a jar of applesauce and two spoons.
  • Teams must feed each other the applesauce.
  • The first team to finish their applesauce wins!

Baby Shower Word Games

Baby Word Unscramble

Calling all word lovers! This game is perfect for those who enjoy solving word puzzles. Unscramble the baby-related words to reveal the hidden terms. It’s a fun and challenging activity that will keep guests entertained. 

Game Supplies 

  • Printed sheets with scrambled baby-related words
  • Pens or pencils 

How to Play 

  • Hand out printed sheets with scrambled baby-related words to each guest.
  • Set a time limit for guests to unscramble the words.
  • The guest who unscrambles the most words correctly within the time limit wins the game.

The Baby Name Game

See what kind of outlandish names you can come up with with this hilarious baby shower game. Ask guests to suggest the most off-the-wall baby names they can think of. The person who comes up with the most creative name, or the one that makes everyone laugh the most, is the winner.

Game Supplies

  • Pens
  • Paper for each guest

How to Play

  • Provide each guest with a pen and paper.
  • Ask guests to come up with the most outlandish baby names they can think of.
  • Set a time limit for brainstorming.
  • After the time is up, have guests share their baby name suggestions.
  • Vote on the funniest or most creative name.
  • The guest whose name gets the most laughs or votes wins the game!

Unique Baby Shower Games

Diaper Raffle

Support the parents-to-be by hosting a diaper raffle at their baby shower! In this fun raffle, guests get a shot at winning great prizes, and the expectant parents end up with a big stash of much-needed diapers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! 

Game Supplies 

  • Raffle tickets
  • Prize(s)

How to Play

  • With each baby shower invitation, send out a diaper raffle ticket and ask guests to bring a pack of diapers to enter the raffle. 
  • As guests arrive, collect the diapers and their raffle tickets. 
  • During the baby shower, draw the winning raffle ticket(s) to find out who wins the prize(s). 

Free Dobby!

A Harry Potter-themed baby shower wouldn’t be complete without some magical activities and games, and “Free Dobby” certainly fits the bill. Guests will be given small socks to decorate for the baby. It’s a cute nod to the movie scene that also supplies the parents with much-needed socks for their little one. 

Game Supplies

  • Tiny socks
  • Fabric markers
  • Decorative materials (ribbons, buttons, etc.) 
  • Hot glue guns 

How to Play 

  • Hand out one or more tiny socks to each guest.
  • Provide fabric markers and other decorative materials.
  • Encourage guests to decorate the socks with creative designs or Harry Potter related pictures or quotes. 
  • Once finished, collect the socks for the parents-to-be. 

The Blind Folded Diaper Changing Contest

Seasoned parents will have the upper hand in this hilarious diaper-changing contest! Contestants must change a baby doll’s diaper with a blindfold on. This is a perfect game for a ladies-only or coed shower to reveal which guest is the diaper-changing champion.

Game Supplies

  • Two or more baby dolls dressed in pants, shirts, and shoes
  • Diapers
  • Blindfolds

How to Play

  • Set up a table or another flat surface on which guests can change diapers.
  • Place a baby doll and diaper in front of each competitor.
  • Blindfold competitors, then tell them to start changing their baby’s diaper.
  • Each competitor must remove their baby’s shoes and pants, change the diaper, then reclothe the baby doll.
  • Whichever guest changes and reclothes their baby doll first is the winner.

The Dirty Diaper Game

Looking at dirty diapers is typically something people dread. But the dirty diaper game makes it fun by replacing poo with delicious chocolate! This hilarious baby shower game is perfect for a coed shower to see which guests are grossed out by the chocolate-filled diapers.

Game Supplies

  • Five diapers
  • Five different types of chocolate bars (preferably some with nuts, caramel, and other distinguishable ingredients)
  • Pens
  • Paper

How to Play

  • Number the diapers from 1 to 5
  • Put a piece of each chocolate bar in a separate diaper
  • Write down which type of chocolate you put in each diaper
  • Put each diaper in the microwave for 20 seconds or until the chocolate is gooey
  • Spread the chocolate over the diaper
  • During gameplay, ask the guests to smell and look at the chocolate to try and determine which type is in each diaper
  • Have guests write down their answers
  • Whoever guesses the most chocolate bars correctly is the winner

Tinkle in the Pot

One thing everyone knows about pregnancy is that expecting mamas have to pee – A LOT. This silly baby shower game simulates trying to go number 1 with a pregnant belly blocking your view.

Game Supplies

  • Glass jar
  • Ping pong balls
  • Large balloons

How to Play

  • Call your guests over one by one and give them a balloon to put underneath their shirts and a ping pong ball to put between their knees.
  • Each guest must waddle over to the glass jar and try to drop the ping pong ball in.
  • Whoever is the first person to drop a ping pong ball into the jar is the winner.

To make this game go faster, line up multiple jars and blow up several balloons so multiple guests can go at once.

Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

Baby Shower Scattergories

Baby Shower Scattergories is a challenging game that really gets guests thinking. Participants will come up with a baby-related word that starts with a specific letter for each category. There might be some creative and off-the-wall answers from your guests, which just adds to the fun.

Game supplies

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • List of categories related to babies

How to Play

  • Hand out pens and paper to each guest.
  • For each round, assign a letter of the alphabet to the category.
  • Set a timer and have guests write down their baby-related word for each category that starts with the assigned letter.
  • Unique answers not used by anyone else score the points.
  • The guest with the most points is the winner.

See more about Baby Shower Scattergories

Baby Shower Taboo

Baby Shower Taboo requires your guests to get their teammates to guess baby-related words or phrases without saying certain “taboo” words. An excellent option for charades lovers.

Game Supplies 

  • Cards with baby-related words and a list of taboo words that cannot be used
  • Timer
  • Scorekeeping device (notepad, electronic device, etc.)
  • Buzzer or some form of signal for taboo word violations

How to Play

  • Find a list of baby-related words and corresponding forbidden words that can’t be said, like this one on Pinterest. An example is “bath,” with forbidden words like “tub,” “water,” and “bubbles.”
  • Divide your guests into evenly numbered teams, then give one member of the team a list of baby-related words and taboo words.
  • Give each team 3 minutes to try to guess as many of the words as possible. If they say a taboo word, they must move on without getting a point.
  • Whichever team guesses the most words is the winner.

Baby Photo Challenge

For this game, your guests will try to guess which baby picture belongs to each person in attendance. While some of your guests will be dead-ringers for their younger selves, others will surely surprise you, making this game more challenging than it seems.

Game Supplies

  • Printed baby pictures or electronic versions
  • Posterboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Pencils or pens

How to Play

  • Ask guests to send you a picture of themselves as a baby.
  • Create a numbered slideshow or a poster board with all of the baby pictures. Make sure to keep a cheat sheet, so you know who’s who.
  • Give your guests a pen and paper and ask them to write down the name of who they think each baby picture belongs to.
  • Whoever guesses the most baby pictures correctly is the winner.

My Water Broke

My Water Broke is a low-key baby shower game that doesn’t require much effort. All your guests must do is wait for their ice cubes to melt, then shout a specific phrase to win. Perfect for those who don’t enjoy challenging party games.

Game Supplies

  • Water
  • Ice tray
  • Mini plastic babies
  • Plastic cups for ice cubes

How to Play

  • Fill an ice tray with mini plastic babies and water.
  • Put it in the freezer overnight before the baby shower.
  • When guests arrive, put one baby ice cube in each of their drinks.
  • Once the guests’ ice cube melts, they must yell “my water broke.” The first person to do this wins a prize.

Another way to play this game is to have each guest hold their ice cube in their hands until they melt.

What’s in Your Purse?

Invite your guests to explore their purses in this fun scavenger hunt! They’ll rack up points for quirky, unexpected, or any baby-related items they find. The more unusual the item (think sewing kits or a passport), the higher the points. It’s a humorous way to discover who’s been carting around everything but the kitchen sink! 

Game Supplies 

  • Printed lists of items with assigned points
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play 

  • Hand out the item lists and pens to your guests.
  • Guests check off items they have in their purses, tallying up their points.
  • The person with the highest score wins. 

Baby Shower Games for Adults

Baby Shower Charades

Let your body do the talking with the baby shower charades game. Act out different baby-related words and phrases without talking. The rest of the group has to guess what you’re trying to say. Guests can get pretty creative when acting out different phrases, which leads to lots of laughs at your party.

hilarious baby shower games

Game supplies

  • Baby-related words or phrases written on slips of paper
  • A jar to hold the slips
  • Pen and paper for scorekeeping

How to Play

  • Divide your baby shower guests into two teams.
  • Players take turns drawing a slip of paper from the jar and acting it out.
  • Set a timer to keep the game moving and to create a challenge.
  • Each correct guess gives that team a point.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Baby Shower Limbo

How low can your guests go with a baby bump? In this fun party game, guests pass under the limbo bar, each with their own “bump.” Hand out balloons for guests to put under their shirts before going under a limbo bar that gets lower with each round. As the challenge gets harder, so will the laughter.

Game supplies

  • Limbo bar or broomstick
  • Balloons

How to Play

  • Hand out blown-up balloons for each guest to put under their shirt as their baby bump.
  • Each guest takes turns going under the limbo bar without touching it.
  • Lower the bar with each round.
  • The last person to successfully pass under the bar with their bump is the winner.

Diaper Fashion Show

Tap into your guests’ creativity while getting a good chuckle with the diaper fashion show game. Guests will create, and then model outfits made using only diapers. Have each guest walk the runway showing off their creations.

hilarious baby shower games
Image from:

Game Supplies 

  • Disposable diapers in various sizes
  • Tape or safety pins to secure the outfits
  • A “runway” area for modeling
  • Accessories to embellish the diaper outfits (optional) 

How to Play

  • Give each guest a stack of diapers and materials like tape or safety pins to put their outfits together. 
  • Start a timer for them to create their diaper outfits. 
  • When they’re done, let each guest walk the runway to show off their creation. 
  • Think about having judges or let everyone vote for the “Most Creative,” “Funniest,” and “Most Practical” outfits. 
  • Give out prizes or certificates to the winners for their awesome diaper designs.

Late Night Diaper Jokes

Armed with diapers, markers, and their favorite puns and dad jokes, your guests are on a mission: to sprinkle some humor into diaper duty. Ask them to jot down some funny sayings or jokes on the diapers, creating a stash for the parents. The goal? To provide moments of laughter and joy for the parents-to-be, especially during those dreaded late-night diaper changes. Get ready for laughter that lasts well beyond the baby shower!

wbs late night diapers | WebBabyShower

Game Supplies

  • Diapers 
  • Markers

How to Play

  • Guests write funny sayings or jokes on the diapers.
  • The parents-to-be judge the best one.

Baby Shower Games for Men

The Baby Bucket List

Encourage guests to share their wisdom with the soon-to-be parents by suggesting must-do activities for the baby’s first year. From walks into the park to admiring Christmas lights, these heartfelt recommendations are sure to make the parents’ first year with their little one even more joyful. 

Game Supplies

  • Cards or slips of paper for writing suggestions
  • Pens or pencils 
  • A bucket, box, or jar to collect the suggestions
  • A decorative notebook or scrapbook to compile the suggestions (optional) 

How to Play

  • Hand out a baby bucket list card and a pen to each guest. 
  • Ask them to write down a must-do activity for the baby’s first year.
  • Once everyone has written their suggestions, collect the cards in the designated bucket, box, or jar.
  • During the shower, the parents-to-be can read through the suggestions. 
  • Consider compiling these ideas into a scrapbook or notebook, creating a keepsake for the parents.

Minute-to-Win-It Baby Shower Games

Ring Pop Pacifier

Hey you candy enthusiasts, we’ve got the perfect game for you! Line up your guests and hand out a Ring Pop pacifier to each one. Once you say “go,” they’ll all start sucking on their Ring Pops—no biting allowed. Watching your friends and family furiously sucking on pacifiers is bound to be the highlight of your baby shower.

Game Supplies 

  • Ring pop candies 

How to Play 

  • Line up guests and give each a Ring Pop.
  • Set a timer for one minute. 
  • On “go,” everyone starts sucking their Ring Pop.
  • After the minute is up, the person with the smallest Ring Pop wins.

Dirty Diaper Relay Race

Separate your baby shower guests into teams to see who has the most skills when changing a dirty diaper. Each team will change a diaper on a doll using oversized gloves, which adds to the challenge. The veteran parents may have the upper hand with this one.

Game Supplies 

  • Baby dolls or stuffed animals
  • Diapers that fit the dolls
  • Oversized gloves for each participant
  • A timer

How to Play 

  • Divide guests into teams.
  • Give each team a doll, a diaper, and a pair of oversized gloves.
  • On “go,” the first person in each team must put on the gloves, remove the doll’s dirty diaper, and put on a new one as quickly as possible.
  • Once a team member successfully changes the doll’s diaper, the next team member takes their turn.
  • The game continues until every member of the team has had a turn.
  • The team that finishes changing diapers the fastest wins.

Baby Shower Games for Couples

Baby Bump Balloon Pop

In this entertaining game, guests tie balloons around their waists to mimic baby bumps and then attempt to pop them without using their hands. Whether they’re leaning against a couch or rolling on the floor, seeing who manages to pop first is always fun to watch. 

Game Supplies 

  • Balloons

How to Play 

  • Ask guests to put a balloon under their shirt to look like a baby bump.
  • On “go,” participants attempt to pop their balloons without using their hands. 
  • The first person to pop their balloon wins.

Baby Shower Games for Work

Baby Shower Pictionary

The artists in the group have the advantage in this game, but those who aren’t as artistically gifted will gain the most laughs. During baby shower Pictionary, guests take turns drawing baby-related items and phrases while their team tries to guess what it is.

Learn How to Play Baby Shower Pictionary

webbabyshower printable baby shower games pictionary

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