25 Our List of Hilarious Baby Shower Games in June 2024

Baby showers are always fun, but why not kick it up a notch with some hilarious games? If you’re searching for trendy baby shower games to spice up your event and make it truly memorable, you’re in the right place.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about run-of-the-mill games or tired old classics. We’ve got a lineup of games that are current, relevant, and actually fun! Whether you want some funny games that are low-key or a total riot, we have options to ensure your baby shower is all smiles.

Baby Shower Games in 2024

Trending Baby Shower Games in June 2024

Curious how we uncovered the trendiest games of 2024? On TikTok, of course! We’ve scoured the platform to bring you the 10 hottest baby shower games that everyone’s raving about right now. Let’s dive in.

Head, Shoulder, Toes, and Baby

Guests pair off with baby dolls between them. They touch their “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” when cued. When “baby” is called, the first to grab the doll in the middle wins!


Head, shoulders, baby! Fun and interactive game for your guests to play at a baby shower! 🤍 #babyshower #babyshowerideas #contentcreator

♬ original sound – jess

Who Has the Baby Daddy

Cover the faces of daddies on cards with scratch-off stickers. The guest who uncovers the face of the actual “baby daddy” wins a prize!

I’m Not Pregnant

During this activity, friends and family pop balloons under their shirts, declaring “I’m not pregnant” as they pass the camera. The fun ends with the expecting mom announcing, “I’m pregnant,” making it a great baby shower activity or pregnancy reveal.


Meanwhile the BM back there hurting🥰 I’m not pregnant, baby shower game #fyp #babyshower #9monthspregnant #greatniece

♬ original sound – Boosie Boo🥳

Baby Stroller Obstacle Race

Set up a hilarious obstacle course using cones, ramps, and more. Guests race around with strollers, trying to keep their imaginary babies safe as they complete the course.


My husband’s relay race baby shower game was such a hit lol #fyp #babyshower #babyshowergames #relayrace

♬ original sound – summer songs<333

Beer Drinking Relay

Non-pregnant guests form teams of two. At go, team members race around a chair, then rush to the table to chug a beer. The first team to finish all the beers wins!

Multitasking Mom/Dad

Holding a baby doll, guests race to a clothesline and hang clothing. The first person to hang their pile of clothes without dropping the doll wins!

Catch the Pacifier

To play this hilarious game, guests tie a string with a pacifier around their hips and thrust to swing it up to their mouth. The first to succeed wins!

My Water Broke

Freeze tiny babies in an ice tray. During the baby shower, give one guest a baby ice cube in their drink at the same time. Whoever’s baby unfreezes first will yell “my water broke” and win a prize.

Junk in the Trunk

Make your guests laugh with this funny game by tying a box with three balls each to two guests’ waists. They must shake what their mama gave them to try to get the balls to fall out. Whoever’s balls fall out first wins.


El Mejor juego para un Baby shower🤭💙juegos babyshower 💙

♬ Se Menea, Se Menea – Julio Cesar Y Su Explosion Musical

Find the Baby

Fill a bowl with pink or blue water beads, along with several tiny plastic babies. Blindfold guests, then give them 30 seconds to a minute to try to find as many babies as possible. Whoever finds the most is the winner.

Easy and Fun Baby Shower Games

Fun baby shower games don’t have to be super time-consuming. If you are busy or pressed for time, these quick and easy games will add fun to your shower without requiring hours of preparation. Let’s go through five of our favorites.

Drop the Ball Game

This game is hilarious and requires minimal prep. Guests must try and drop ping pong balls into cups from between their knees, with their “pregnant bellies” in the way. This one guarantees laughs!

Hello, My Name Is…

Guests wear tags with baby-related names like “Bottle” or “Crib” instead of their real names. If anyone slips and uses a real name, they add coins to a baby fund.

wbs hilarious baby shower games

Name That Tune

Guests guess songs with ‘baby’ in the title. Whether it’s Don’t Worry Baby or Baby Shark, this game promises dancing and laughs! To make this game even easier, use our pre-made playlist.

wbs name that tune youtube playlist

Pop the Balloon Relay

Male guests form teams of two, with balloons taped to their backs. In a hilarious relay, one guy runs to a chair, and the next guy rams into him to pop the balloon; the first team to pop all their balloons wins!

What’s in the Bag Baby

Guests feel around inside mystery bags filled with random baby items and guess what’s inside using only touch. This easy, hilarious game uses items you already have, making it easy to prep for.

webbabyshower whats in the diaper bag game

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games are so simple. Just print them off, and you’re good to go. These are great if you want fun games that don’t require much prep or explaining. Here are a few of our top picks.

Find the Guest!

In this printable scavenger hunt, guests search for others who match clues like “had a baby this past year” or “shares your birth month.” It’s a fun icebreaker that gets everyone mingling and chatting.

wbs hilarious baby shower games

Firstborn Children of Famous People

Dive into the glamorous world of celebrities by matching famous firstborns to their star-studded parents. It’s a fun game that adds a touch of Hollywood to your baby shower.

Do You Know The Cartoon Moms?

Guests match well-known cartoon babies with their parents, like Simba and Sarabi from The Lion King or Stewie and Lois from Family Guy. This fun, nostalgic game will have everyone laughing and reminiscing about their favorite childhood cartoons.

The Animal Gestation Game

Guests match different animals with their gestation periods (how long they’re pregnant for). Mothers will be thankful for humans’ nine-month pregnancy after this educational and entertaining game.

The Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Test how well your guests remember nursery classics like Little Miss Muffet and Baa Baa Black Sheep with this fun fill-in-the-blank game. It’s harder than you’d think!

webbabyshower game nursery rhymes

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Having a virtual baby shower doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same activities as an in-person shower. That includes games! These virtual baby shower games are just as fun and can be adapted to PowerPoint presentations or sent as printouts to give your guests the full baby shower experience.

All About Mommy or Daddy

Mom and dad fill out a questionnaire on who’s more likely to do tasks like changing diapers or late-night feedings. Then, guests guess their answers to see who knows the parents-to-be best!

webbabyshower game guess who mom or dad

Labor or Horror Game

Show your guests a virtual slideshow of women either in labor or a horror scene, and let the hilarious guessing begin! The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

webbabyshower labor or horror game

Never Have I Ever—Parent Edition

Guests take turns reading funny, parent-themed “Never Have I Ever” statements during the virtual baby shower. Participants sip their mocktails for each statement they’ve done, like “dozed off on the toilet” or “eaten a treat in hiding,” making for a hilarious and revealing game.

webbabyshower game printable

The “New Parents” Virtual Baby Shower Game

This game is a funny take on The Newlyweds Game, where parents-to-be guess each other’s answers to questions about pregnancy cravings, favorite baby names, and more. The host gathers answers beforehand and quizzes them during the shower.

webbabyshower game printable

Baby Shower Alphabet

Guests list a baby-related word for each letter of the alphabet, like B for “bibs” or “blowout.” With only a few minutes to come up with words, their answers are sure to be hilarious! The person with the most letters filled out correctly wins.

webbabyshower game alphabet

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