Long Distance Gender Reveal + Unique Ideas for 2021

You may not have heard of a long-distance gender reveal before. But, if your loved ones don’t live nearby, this can make more sense than planning something in person.

It might seem like doing it this way would be complicated, but celebrating a long-distance gender reveal can be super easy and fun.

Check out these long-distance gender reveal ideas!

Tips for Your Gender Reveal

We’ll talk details for planning a great event in a moment, but consider these things first.

To start, if you are hosting the event, ask how the parents would like to find out the gender of their baby. Do they want to know in advance? Or would they rather find out with their family and friends during the long-distance gender reveal?

You can still celebrate either way, but make sure you stick with what the parents want.

Second, are there any upcoming holidays that you, as the host, may want to include in the party? Times like these can allow you to up the creativity and make things even more fun! You can create a party theme that includes Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other up-coming holiday if it fits with the celebration.

Next, when mailing items to guests—especially if the item is food—be aware of mail delivery times. For example, you want to know if the item will arrive in the morning or afternoon.

It would also help to consider shipping times. Send things out in advance and allow for more time than you think is necessary, in case the mail service where the guests live takes a while.

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Ideas for Long-Distance Gender Reveal

There are tons of exciting ways to have a gender reveal party, even if it’s virtual! Here are some unique suggestions for inspiration.

gender reveal balloons
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Throw a Virtual Baby Shower so Everyone Can Celebrate!

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Build Your Shower

Host a Virtual Gender Reveal Party

Virtual events can include every guest, no matter their location. Begin by asking the parents for dates that would work well for them, and aim for a date close to the gender reveal ultrasound date.

After you choose, send out invites. You can use Zoom or another video platform for the event—there are tons of options for video chat platforms out there that will be perfect for your party.

When you send your invitations, make sure to include an RSVP option. This will let you know how many people plan to attend, and will make it easier to continue planning after that.

If you’re looking for a great option that has everything you need and more all in one place, then look no further—with WebBabyShower you can create a beautiful and completely unique website, perfect for your event. Choose a theme, make matching invitations, add photos and videos to your home page, and more.

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How to Do a Virtual Gender Shower Reveal

Play Games

There are tons of fun games you can play for a virtual gender reveal. You might create your own, or you could try something like guessing the baby’s name or asking guests to spell out a phrase that will reveal the gender of the baby.

Or, if you’d rather keep things simple, you don’t have to use games to reveal the gender. Instead, the host could tell everyone the gender over the video call by doing something like wearing a blue or pink shirt, or by simply announcing it.

Make a Video

Another great way to reveal the gender is by making a video.

You should keep things pretty simple for this—make sure to speak clearly and look directly at the camera. And to spice things up, consider dancing or creating a montage, too!

If you decide to use WebBabyShower, this becomes even more simple—you can easily upload or link any videos directly to your unique website. This way, all of your guests can see it without putting the video on social media, if you prefer to keep the gender reveal private.

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More Ideas for Long-Distance Gender Reveals

Bakery Reveal

This is a popular way to do a gender reveal. You can either DIY a cake and make the inside blue or pink, or you can get a bakery to do this for you.

Make a video of the parents cutting the cake, or, if you want, mail cupcakes to the guests so they record their reactions for the website.

gender reveal cake
Image from: @_lovelybake

Scratch-Off Cards

This is a fun way to get all the guests in on the surprise. You can make your own gender-reveal scratch-off cards using scrapbook paper and a crayon. And be sure to include a penny or coin with each card that you mail so everyone will have what they need to be part of the event!

Personalized Bath Bombs

This is another fun idea. Buy or DIY bath bombs that will turn blue or pink in water. The baby’s older siblings can also be part of this fun activity.

This is also a super creative way to do a long-distance gender reveal—for a video call, use a clear bowl of water and place the bath bomb in it during the party.

Egg In a Box

There are many variations for this unique idea. For a virtual gender reveal, try sending hollow eggs that are painted blue or pink inside , or that are full of colored confetti, for the guests to open.

This is an interactive way to reveal the gender on a video call, and is also quick if you’re looking for time-savers.

Balloon Package

Another interactive idea: send your guests a deflated pink and blue balloon in the mail—one of each color—and poke holes in the one that doesn’t match the baby’s gender.

You can ask guests to blow up the balloons on a video call, and the one that inflates will match the gender.

Are You Hosting a Long Distance Gender Reveal?

long distance gender reveal
Image from: @iamaleevans

When you’re hosting a gender reveal, it can be tough to keep such a fun secret! In some cases, the parents may not even know the gender of the baby yet, so it’s vital that you don’t reveal anything until the correct time.

These tips can help you keep the secret:

  • Secret envelope: The doctor can place the answer in an envelope after the ultrasound, and this can be given to the host for safekeeping before the event.
  • Time: Plan for the ultrasound to be as close as possible to the gender reveal party—even within one or two days. That way, there isn’t much time for the secret to get out.
  • Gender pronouns: Don’t use gender pronouns for the baby before the reveal. Try to avoid “he” and “she”, as well as other terms that might give away the surprise like gendered nicknames.
  • Keep mom and dad away: Make sure the parents aren’t around as you prepare for the reveal so they don’t accidentally find out early.

Combine a Gender Reveal Party and a Baby Shower

While gender reveal parties are a relaxing and fun way to celebrate, it’s just not the same as a baby shower. However, it’s easy to combine these events and host a long-distance gender reveal with a baby shower.
If the host loves to plan things, combining these two events can be the perfect solution. Check out our detailed guide to hosting a gender reveal and baby shower together, and have fun creating a memorable experience for the new parents and their friends and family—both near and far away!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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