Price is Right Baby Shower Game Guide (With Free Slides)

Printable baby shower games are always a big hit with guests of all ages. The Price is Right Baby Shower Game is the perfect way to add excitement to your event. It’s an excellent game for a coed baby shower since all of your party guests will want to get in on the fun!

Based on the popular television show, the baby version of the Price Is Right, players must guess the correct price of an item. The winner will be the person with the closest guess to the actual price without going over. For a baby shower, all items will be pregnancy or infant-related for guests to estimate their cost. While some items may be simple to figure out, others can be tricky!

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What Do You Need to Play the Price is Right?

To properly set up Price is Right baby shower games, the host will need to put in some effort beforehand.

You’ll have to research popular baby items from the expecting mom’s registry, a catalogue, or a store product list with the prices. There are also necessary supplies you’ll have to prepare ahead of time to provide guests so they can participate.

However, you can cut down the amount of work and time needed when you use WebBabyShower’s free premade slides.

Here are some ideas for your list of baby items to include in the Price is Right baby shower games.

Without Using Free Web Baby Shower Slides

We have a handy list of everything you’ll need to play this baby shower game at your next event! You can include a list of varying prices for guests to choose from or let them come up with a price on their own.

  • Gather pictures of baby-related items for guests to view. These can be product listings cut out of catalogues, printed from company websites, or photos you’ve taken at a retail store.
  • Use purchase receipts or price lists from the manufacturers showing the cost of each item. You’ll want to keep this list away from prying eyes during the guessing portion!
  • Collect paper and pencils for each guest to write their answers on. Use one sheet for each participant to make it simple when you tally the results.
  • Don’t forget a prize for the person with the most correct answers!
the price is right baby shower game

Using Free WebBabyShower Slides

If you’re hosting a virtual baby shower or are short on time, using WebBabyShower Slides for your Price is Right game is ideal! All items are ready for viewing, making it simple to set up and use at your next event.

All you’ll need is:

  • A computer to support the WebBabyShower download and for hosting the virtual baby shower event.
  • Guests should have paper and a pencil to write down their answers to each slide.
  • A special prize for the guest with the highest number of correct answers!

To save time, hosts can use or modify all the products built into the slideshow. It’s simple to remove or add other relevant items. This premade slideshow allows hosts to display six different price choices or hide them from guests’ view.

How to Play the Price is Right Baby Shower Game

The objective of The Price is Right Baby Shower Game is for your guests to guess the retail price of various baby-related items.

webbabyshower the price is right game printable snip

Playing the Game Without the Free Slides

The rules for the Price is Right baby shower game are straightforward and mimic those you’d find on the TV program.

  • This game is for three or more players. There isn’t a limit on how many guests can play.
  • The host is the only person to show baby-related items to everyone while describing its features.
  • Each player will write down their best guess for the total price without discussing it with the host or other players.
  • The correct answer will be the one that is closest to the actual price without going above it.
  • Hosts will compare each answer to the retail cost from receipts or a retail listing and disclose to the group what the correct answer is.
  • The person with the best answer is the winner.
  • After all items are reviewed, the player with the most correct answers wins the game.

Playing the Game Using the Free Slides

Playing Price is Right baby shower games is easy when you use the WebBabyShower free slides!

Step 1: To play, start by pulling up WebBabyShower’s free game slides on your computer. On each slide, you’ll see a baby-related item, a list of six retail price options, and the correct price of the item.

Step 2: During your event, you’ll pull up the baby-related item on the screen for all your guests. Then, you’ll ask your guests to guess the item’s price. You can show them the six price options, or you can hide them, and ask your guests to make their guesses independently.

Step 3: Once everyone answers, click the “show retail price” button to reveal the correct price. Or, you can show different choice options, with the incorrect prices in red and the right price in green!

Step 4: Repeat this process for each slide. In the end, you’ll tally how many times each player guessed the price correctly (or was the closest to guessing the price). The player with the highest score wins!

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Cheryl Wozny is a freelance writer in Alberta, Canada, a wife, and mother of four wonderful children. She is a published author of several books, including mental health resources for children, titled, Why Is My Mommy So Sad? and Why Is My Daddy So Sick? Writing has become her way of healing and helping others
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