23 Unforgettable Gender Reveal Themes

Gender reveal parties are the new fad, where parents share whether they are having a boy or a girl with their friends and family in exciting ways.

One key element of a gender reveal party is selecting an awesome gender-reveal baby shower theme. Whether you want to reveal your little one’s gender with sports, animals, or pop culture references, the potential gender reveal themes are endless.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 30 awesome gender reveal theme ideas to share your baby’s sex. These exciting themes are a fun way to share whether you’re having a “he” or “she”!

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23 Gender Reveal Theme Ideas

Oh Boy or Oh Girl

If you love the classic “pink” and “blue” color scheme, this is the gender reveal theme for you! Incorporate pink and blue balloons, flowers, tableware, and more, to emphasize the “boy vs. girl” theme. Incorporate the phrase “oh boy” or “oh girl” within your banners, cake toppers, and more for a cute yet simple motto.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Prince or Princess

Celebrate your little prince or princess with a royal gender reveal theme featuring crowns, castles, and framed printouts of a prince and a princess. You can include prince decor on one side of the table, such as sword cupcake toppers, a hefty gold crown, and a stuffed animal in a prince’s outfit.

On the other side, include princess decorations, such as flowers, a gold tiara, a princess doll, and an elegant carriage (like this princess carriage piggy bank).

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Little Man or Little Lady

Elegant and fun, the little man or little lady gender reveal theme will surely be a favorite among your friends and family. This theme uses bow ties, mustaches, and suspenders for a “little man” reveal and tutus, bows, and pearls for a “little lady” reveal.

You can hand out pearls for your female guests to wear and tophats for your male guests to bring this theme to life!

gender reveal themes
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Team Blue or Team Pink

If your friends and family enjoy friendly competition, this “Team Blue” or “Team Pink” gender reveal theme could be the winner. Ask your guests whether they think you are having a girl or boy, then assign them to the corresponding team.

Hand out pink and blue t-shirts, wristbands, or necklaces to distinguish who is on which team. Play some fun team games before the reveal to amp up the excitement!


Make your gender reveal party “smooth sailing” with an adorable nautical theme! Incorporate anchors, sailboats, lighthouses for the “boy” side, mermaids, shells, and pink aquatic animals for the “girl” side. Another idea is to use gender-neutral nautical decor, then incorporate images or figurines of boy and girl sailors for the gendered element.


A barbecue-themed gender reveal is fun and casual. This could be the perfect option for a low-key party focused on good food and great company. For the “gender reveal” element, ask your guests whether they think you’re having a “frank” (boy) or a “patty” (girl), incorporating decor to match. You can use the classic red and white BBQ color scheme or incorporate blue and pink decor.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Wild West

Having a baby is one of life’s most incredible adventures, making this wild west gender-reveal theme a perfect way to celebrate your newest addition. Use cowboy hats, boots, and other Western elements as decor.

Then, incorporate the phrase “cowboy or cowgirl” on banners and signs. Another fun addition could be to give your guests pink or blue bandanas based on whether they think you’re having a boy or girl.

gender reveal themes
Image from: @aramedesigns

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Make your little boy or girl the “star” of the show with a celestial-themed gender reveal! Incorporate star and moon balloons, twinkle lights, and other celestial elements for a dreamy and magical gender reveal. Get a banner or backdrop saying “Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?” to really hit this theme home.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest


The rainbow gender reveal theme is colorful and vibrant, celebrating your newest arrival with a spectrum of bright colors. Incorporate a rainbow balloon arch, rainbow cake toppers, and the phrase “What will our little rainbow be?” on banners and signs to make your party shine. 
Another fun idea is to play the Voting Stickers Rainbow Game, where guests vote whether you’re having a boy or girl using pink or blue rainbow stickers.


Take your guests on an exciting adventure with a jungle-themed gender reveal featuring animal cutouts, safari hats, jungle leaves, and other safari-inspired elements. A common slogan for this theme is “he or she? What will baby (last name) be?”

Another great idea is to use the phrase “he or she? What will our wild one be?”

Harry Potter

Magic is in the air with this Harry Potter-themed gender reveal, featuring decorative elements like wands, broomsticks, and items from the four Hogwarts houses. A sorting hat can be used during the gender reveal to inform guests whether the couple is having a girl or boy. An alternative option is to put a pink or blue smoke bomb in a cauldron for a magical surprise.

Beach Party

Say “aloha” to your newest addition with a beach-themed gender reveal! Incorporate sand, shells, surfboards, and frozen beverages, to create a fun and laid-back atmosphere. Hang girl and boy swimsuits with a banner saying “bikini or boardshorts?” above to make the theme appropriate for a gender reveal.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest


Make your gender reveal an even “sweeter” surprise with a Candyland theme, incorporating all your favorite candies, such as lollipops, gumballs, and gummies. You can order special “gender reveal” sweets with wrappers saying “its a boy” or “its a girl,” like these Jelly Bean Pink and Blue Candies from Amazon.

Add pastel-colored balloons, candy cutouts, and stuffed pillows shaped like donuts, cupcakes, and other treats to make your party feel like a candy-filled wonderland.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest


Comic and Marvel fans will appreciate a superhero-themed gender reveal featuring capes, masks, and adorable superhero onesies. Possible party slogans include “Super he or super she?” or “Superman or supergirl?” which you can put on a backdrop or banner. Ask guests to wear “red” for a girl or “blue” for a boy to announce their predictions.

Alice in Wonderland

Transport your party guests to a world of whimsy and fun by hosting an Alice in Wonderland gender-reveal party featuring elements like playing cards, tea cups, and the Mad Hatter’s hat. In the book/movie, the blue caterpillar, Absolem, asks Alice, “Who are you?” which could be a great slogan for a gender-reveal party. Give guests the option to drink a blue or pink “drink me” potion (pink lemonade or blue punch) based on their gender predictions.

gender reveal themes
Image from: @prettylittleteaco

Game Night

Game night is a fun and interactive theme incorporating board games, cards, and other games for an engaging gender reveal. Choose baby-related spins on classic games, such as baby jeopardy, charades, and the price is right. Play gender reveal tic tac toe or the old wives tales gender reveal game to announce the sex of your baby.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Mermaid or Merman

Whether you love the ocean or are a big fan of The Little Mermaid, this underwater theme is a “mer-mazing” way to share your baby’s gender! Incorporate mermaid tails, seashells, and other ocean-inspired elements into your decor. Add a sign saying “mermaid or merman?” with clear jars underneath, where guests can cast their votes with seashells.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest


A circus theme is a playful way to reveal your baby’s gender, incorporating clowns, elephants, acrobats, balloons, and circus tents in the traditional red, blue, and white color scheme.

Offer blue and pink cotton candy, lollipops, and other carnival-related gender reveal treats. Guests can use their “carnival tickets” to throw a dart at a wall full of blue or pink confetti balloons to reveal the baby’s gender.

gender reveal themes
Image from: @lalapetit

Outer Space

Make your gender reveal “out of this world” with an outer space theme featuring the moon, stars, and other space-inspired elements. Add rocket-shaped balloons, astronaut toys, and planet cutouts hanging from the ceiling to create a galaxy within your home. Incorporate signs saying, “Houston, we’re having a baby.”

Ask your loved ones to guess whether your baby is from Jupiter (for a boy) or Mars (for a girl) before the ultimate reveal!

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Peter Pan

Take your guests on a trip to Neverland with a Peter Pan-themed gender reveal, incorporating fairy dust, pirate ships, the Lost Boys, and other details from the story. Your banners can say, “Are we having Peter or Jane?” to add a gender-related element. Add cutouts of flying children, green balloons, and figurines of Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Smee to make your loved ones feel like they’ve been transported into the storybook.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest


This prehistoric gender reveal theme will make your guests “roar” with excitement, featuring dinosaur bones, footprints, and dinosaur stuffed animals. During the party, you can reveal your baby’s gender by opening a dino egg with a pink or blue baby dinosaur inside. Or, guests can take turns whacking open a dinosaur egg gender-reveal pinata filled with pink or blue candies.

gender reveal themes
Image from: @dreamstoryevents


The Disney gender reveal is a nostalgic theme, incorporating beloved Disney characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Guests can be given Mickey or Minnie ears when they arrive, depending on their gender predictions. Use Mickey and Minnie cake toppers, balloons, and confetti to bring this magical theme to life.


A vintage gender reveal theme is timeless and classic, incorporating lace, pearls, antique furniture, and other vintage decor. White and brown are the most common color scheme for this theme, with pops of gold, pink, and blue. Use an old-timey backdrop or banner with the slogan “wheels or heels” to add a gender-reveal aspect.

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Popular themes 

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