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Web Baby Shower is the fun and easy way to host a baby shower website for your long distance or traditional baby shower! Your Web Baby Shower website comes with 9 pages of baby shower fun stuff, plus a Host Control Panel dashboard to manage it all from. For more information about the features that come with your Web Baby Shower website, you can watch this video or scroll down below it for the feature list (or both!)!

Web Baby Shower Intro Video Series Part II: What Feature Pages Come With A Web Baby Shower?



Web Baby Shower Features

All Web Baby Showers come with the following features! Once your Web Baby Shower is set up, you can use all of the following features. Please click on a feature to get more information about it:

Web Baby Shower Help

Once your Web Baby Shower is set up, if you need help, you can always visit the Web Baby Shower Help section where you can quickly find the answers to your questions. If you have a question that isn’t covered in the Help section, you can easily send a message to Customer Support for assistance.

The Help pages are meant for hosts who already have a Web Baby Shower in progress, but they are always open and available to the public, if you would like to check them out ahead of time:

Visit Web Baby Shower Help!

Web Baby Shower Policies:

Web Baby Shower Information for Hosts: