WebBabyShower Features

Ready to Go Setup

Your site will be automatically set up for you. All you need to do is add your photos, video, personal message and start inviting people!

Customizable Shower

Easy tools available to fully customize your baby shower website. Use our custom illustrations or upload your own, backgrounds, fonts, colors, it’s yours to edit. Girls, boys, gender neutral, choose a new look as you go and customize to your heart’s content, without being a web designer.

Customizable Invitations

Enjoy our dedicated professional invitation manager; you can use our matching look templates or create your own. Include your photos or artwork, and preview everything before you send on the page or send yourself a test. Add people one by one or just upload your invite list all at once.

Unlimited Invitation Sending

Our service isn’t just an RSVP for a single event; you can send updates on how it’s going to everyone, even use our ready-made emails explaining how to play the games, upload photos to the timeline, and keep everyone engaged. When the baby arrives send a personal announcement out, and if you choose, even keep the blog running into a baby’s first years.

Invitation Email Open Tracking

Wonder if they got that email? Who to remind, and who not too? Use our professional email tracking built right into the tool, know who’s opened your invites, and who hasn’t yet.

Facebook Invites!

Want social? Use Facebook invites to any page, along with your email list. No need to collect every single email to get invitations done. Reach people even when you don’t have their email. A virtual baby shower isn’t limited to a living room!

join thousands of happy families

  • Tomor

    stationed Joint Region Marianas Base Guam

    I put together a shower for one of my best friends. We are both in the military in two different countries so this was the only way to do it. She cried when I sent her the link and we all enjoyed the pictures and games

  • Mary “Nana”

    Grandma in Iowa

    I would highly recommend using WebBabyShower to host a shower. It allows for out-of-towners that could not attend a physical shower to still be a part of the festivities. This is the second time I’ve used WebBabyShower. I wouldn’t have used it a second time if I didn’t feel it was the best online option for shower.

  • Michele

    Grandma in Wisconsin

    It was very easy to customize the website for my shower. Instructions were clear, and steps were logical. Do it! It was the perfect solution to my problem and well worth the price.

  • Linda

    Grandma in Denver

    What I liked most was how much fun it was to “build” the baby shower theme online AND how convenient it was. I also LOVED the fact that my daughter’s alumnae college friends had never even heard of such a thing and they loved the idea! If you are contemplating hosting a baby shower for anyone who lives too far away from everybody else, then this is the site for you! It’s convenient, fun to set up, and you can even print out a Keepsake Album from the site!

Get 5 Tips & Resources To Throw the Perfect Web Baby Shower

Get 5 Tips & Resources To Throw the Perfect Web Baby Shower