22 Adorable Baby Shower Themes for Boys

One of the most fun and exciting parts of planning a baby shower is deciding the theme. Settling on a theme lets you move on to ordering a cake, choosing the decorations, designing the invitations, planning the food, and so much more.

If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’re looking for shower themes specifically for a little boy… and we’re happy to report that you’ve come to the right place! WebBabyShower is the #1 market leader in virtual baby showers, and we’re dedicated to helping people plan fun, joyful, inclusive baby showers that everyone will love.

In this article, we will share our favorite boy baby shower themes so you can plan the perfect baby shower!

What Are the Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Boys?

When it comes to baby shower themes for boys, there are so many options to choose from—but there are a few that stand out as more popular than others. In this section, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular shower themes for baby boys.

Check out WebBabyShower’s theme gallery to browse all of our baby shower themes to help inspire you!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower

One of the most beloved children’s nursery rhymes can be translated into an adorable baby shower theme for a little boy. We teach our children to reach for the stars, so what better way to encourage them than to begin with a sweet baby shower theme to match?

The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme can include design elements like planets, stars (of course), galaxies, astronauts, moons, and suns. Our Happy Planets theme is perfect for a star-themed baby boy shower.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower

We looooooove baby shower games here at WebBabyShower, and we have tons of ideas that will fit any theme.

For a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower, why not try a trivia game that is space-themed? Using our existing trivia games as a guide, develop a game that quizzes baby shower guests on all things related to space.

Questions could include, “Name all of the planets in our solar system,” and “Who was the first American to walk on the moon?”

Choo Choo All Aboard Themed Baby Shower

Parenthood is the greatest adventure, and if the expecting parents love to travel, the Choo Choo All Aboard baby shower theme is perfect.

We love the Choo Choo All Aboard shower theme for a baby boy because it’s fun, unexpected, exciting, and speaks to people’s sense of adventure.

This baby boy shower theme can easily fit any favorite color scheme. For more recognizable characters, incorporate Thomas the Tank Engine. Our “Trains” baby shower theme complements the Choo Choo All Aboard shower theme perfectly!

Choo Choo All Aboard Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Choo Choo All Aboard Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Choo Choo All Aboard Baby Shower

A great game to go along with the Choo Choo All Aboard baby shower is Baby Shower Word Unscramble. The idea is simple: come up with a list of train-related words (conductor, coal, tracks, steam) and scramble them up.

Hand guests a list of the scrambled words and set a timer. The guest to unscramble the most words at the end of the timer wins!

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Ahoy It’s A Boy Themed Baby Shower

Ever since Pirates of the Caribbean came out in 2003, pirates and nautical themes have been popular. Everyone loves a great ocean view—and you can bring that beauty indoors by using a sea/pirate theme for your baby boy shower!

A color palette found in nature is best for this baby shower theme: blues, corals, reds, browns, and so on. We also love designs that feature whales, crabs, lobsters, starfish, dolphins, and fish.

For more of a pirate theme, use parrots, pirates, pirate ships, flags, etc. Two great WebBabyShower themes to fit an Ahoy It’s a Boy baby shower are “Seashore” and “Rainbow Ships.”

Ahoy It’s a Boy Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Ahoy It’s a Boy Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for an Ahoy It’s a Boy Baby Shower

For an Ahoy It’s a Boy baby shower, we love the idea of playing “Karaoke Baby,” but with a nautical twist.

Create a list of songs with nautical themes and omit one or two lyrics. Pass your list out to guests and have them fill in the blanks. Whoever gets the most songs right wins!

Here’s a list of song ideas to get you going:

  • “Brandy” by Looking Glass
  • “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
  • “Cake By the Ocean” by DNCE
  • “Octopus’s Garden” by The Beatles
  • “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys
  • “Baby Beluga” by Raffi
  • “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

Blue Themed Baby Shower

Whenever someone thinks about a baby shower for a boy, one of the first things that likely comes to mind is the color blue. So why not embrace that and throw a baby boy shower that’s all about the color blue?

It’s understandable why blue-themed baby boy showers are so popular.

For a shower like this, you can keep it simple by featuring various shades of blue, or go a step further and showcase characters known for being blue: Blue from Blue’s Clues, Grover from Sesame Street, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch—you get the point!

Check out two cute WebBabyShower themes to start inspiring you: Blue Sun, and Blue Waves!

Blue Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Blue Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Blue Themed Baby Shower

Take advantage of the solid-color theme of the baby shower to play the game, “What’s in the Baby Bottle?” For this game, you’ll need a large, clear jar and either blue candies or tiny blue baby bottles.

Fill the jar with the candy or plastic baby bottles and have guests guess how many of each item they think is in the jar. Whoever gets the closest without going over wins!

Sunflower Themed Baby Shower

Sunflower photo shoots are super popular in the summertime, and with good reason! Sunflowers evoke so much happiness and joy.

For this baby shower, we love going with earth tones like bright yellows, deep greens, golds, and browns. Plus, you can also incorporate visual elements like bees, honeycombs, or bears!

sunflower baby shower theme
Image from: Alisha Llewellyn

Sunflower Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Sunflower Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Sunflower Baby Shower

Since the Sunflower baby shower theme is nature-centric, the Baby Animals baby shower game is a good choice.

In this game, print out a list of baby animal names (we have a free printable here!). The list will have one column of adult animal names and the other will have a column of baby animal names.

Guests must then match the baby animals to the adult animals (example: bear and cub, fox and pup, etc.) Whoever gets the most correct matches at the end of the time limit wins!

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

A woodland theme is one of the most popular themes for a baby shower. It’s the perfect theme for anyone wanting to celebrate a baby boy without being overtly “masculine,” and is easily customizable depending on what sort of animals you love.

For a woodland-themed baby shower, colors found in nature are best: earth tones like brown, green, orange, and red, for example. We love baby boy woodland showers featuring frolicking foxes, baby bears, sweet squirrels, and more.

WebBabyShower has two perfect themes for a woodland-themed baby shower: Foxes and Mommy Baby Forest!

Woodland Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Woodland Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Woodland Baby Shower

Woodland baby showers are perfect for a variety of games, but we love the idea of adapting the Baby Alphabet game to fit a woodland theme.

Create a list with all of the letters of the alphabet, and have guests fill in the blanks using “woodland/forest” words that start with each letter. For example, Ants, Birds, Cedar, Deer, etc.

Safari Themed Baby Shower

Baby showers with a safari theme are popular, partially because they spark a sense of adventure and partially because, well, they’re really cute!

There are so many different animals to choose from when picking a safari themed baby shower. We love safari themed baby showers with lots of greens (think monstera leaves), animal prints, and earth tones.

At WebBabyShower, two of our most popular safari themes are African Lions and Nursery Jungle.

Safari Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Safari Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Safari Baby Shower

While the Baby Animal game is a good choice for this baby shower theme, we also love Baby Pictionary for a safari baby shower.

Come up with a list of safari-related terms (“Jungle cruise,” “Stampede,” “Zebra herd,” etc.) and have guests break into teams. Each team will designate an artist and a guesser. The artist will draw a theme from a hat and then draw it while their teammate tries to guess what they’re drawing. The team with the most successful number of guesses wins!

Elephant Themed Baby Shower

Elephant-themed baby showers have become more popular over the years, especially for little boys. Maybe it’s because elephants live in families like humans, or maybe it’s the mother elephant’s reputation for being caring… or maybe it’s just because baby elephants are so darn cute!

The great thing about an elephant baby shower is that you don’t have to stick to grays or blues—you can have fun with this baby shower theme and choose elephants of all colors! Some characters you could feature are Babar, Horton, and of course, Dumbo.

The two WebBabyShower themes that best match an elephant baby shower are Elephant Balloons and Flying Elephants.

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for an Elephant Themed Baby Shower

They say an elephant never forgets, so what better game to play at an elephant-themed baby shower than Baby Shower Memory?

In this game, you’ll need a breakfast tray or cookie sheet, small baby accessories like books, teething rings, and toys, as well as a sheet, paper (either themed or plain), and pens.

To play, add all the baby accessories to the tray and cover it with the sheet. Hand out your pens and paper to guests, then remove the sheet and tell them to memorize everything they can on the tray. After a minute, put the sheet back over the tray and instruct guests to write down everything they can remember. The guest with the most items wins!

Get our FREE version of the Baby Shower Memory Game on Google Slides here.

Garden Themed Baby Shower

Now, you might be thinking, “A garden-themed baby shower for a boy?!”

Yes, yes, and more yes!

Flowers aren’t just for girls. Everyone loves a beautiful garden, and nothing evokes more joy and feelings of new life than a garden in the spring.

You can bring that magical feeling to a baby shower whether it’s for a little girl or a little boy.

If you prefer traditional colors, decorating for a garden-themed baby shower for a boy could include a blue/green/gray color palette with succulents for party favors or table decorations. You could also use mushrooms, moss, and greenery as a decoration guide.

The WebBabyShower theme Floral Teatime is perfect to get you going.

Garden Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Garden Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Garden Themed Baby Shower

For a garden themed baby shower, try the Baby Shower Word Search game. This is an easy, fun game that’s perfect for both large and small groups.

You can either design a word search using garden/outdoor words (“CARROTS,” “SUCCULENT,” and “DAISY” for example) or use our free printable. Hand out the sheets to each guest and give them a pencil, then set a timer and let guests find all of the words.

First one to finish wins!

Baby Is Brewing Themed Baby Shower

If the parents-to-be are beer-lovers, or if they have a large group of friends who like to pub-crawl, the Baby Is Brewing themed baby shower is a great choice.

This theme is fun and speaks to parents who aren’t “traditional.” It’s particularly popular amongst Millennial and older Gen Z parents who tend to buck tradition whenever possible!

For decorations, stick to things that are reminiscent of beer: yellows, golds, browns, and things that look like froth or foam.

a baby is brewing baby shower theme
Image from: @belly_sweet

Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower

The whole vibe of this baby shower theme is laid-back and chill, and it’s a safe bet that the guest list will be full of people who like to laugh and have fun. That’s why the “Baby Bump or Beer Belly?” game is perfect for a Baby Is Brewing baby shower.

For this game, find or create a printable of 12–15 photos of bellies. Some will be pregnant bellies and others will just be beer bellies. The guest who guesses the most number correctly wins!

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower

Ever since the teddy bear was invented in the early 1900s, people around the world have loved this cuddly depiction of the wild animal. Teddy bear themed baby showers are popular because of this, and also because of the concept of the loving and protective “mama bear.”

Teddy bear themed baby showers are perfect to welcome a little cub.

We love natural color palettes that fit whichever type of bear you want to feature: browns, greens, and earth tones for the traditional teddy bear, or frosty blues and whites if you decide to go with a polar bear theme.

You can even center the shower around the song, “Teddy Bear Picnic.”

There are also a lot of bear characters you can incorporate into a teddy bear themed baby shower: Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, and Corduroy, just to name a few.

WebBabyShower has two adorable themes that fit a teddy bear shower—Mommy Baby Forest and Polar Bears!

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake ideas

Game Ideas for a Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower

For a fun spin on a classic baby shower game, adapt the cloth diaper challenge to fit a teddy bear themed baby shower.

Collect as many stuffed teddy bears that you can (thrift stores are a good place to look) and buy safety pins and old-school cloth diapers (no snaps!). Line up the teddy bears and hand out the diapers and pins to players. When you say “go,” guests will have to grab a diaper and the pins, and diaper their “baby” bear.

Whoever creates the most secure diaper wins!

Sweet as Can Bee Themed Baby Shower

What is sweeter than a newborn baby? (Nothing, in our opinion!) To celebrate the sweet new baby-to-be, a Sweet as Can Bee theme is perfect. This baby shower theme is popular for its bright colors and cute imagery, as well as the opportunity for puns. (Mama to BEE, baby to BEE, etc.)

When planning for a Sweet as Can Bee themed baby shower, think sweet and bright! We love lots of yellows and blues for this type of baby shower. Decorate with things that evoke imagery of beehives, lots of black and yellow stripes, and flowers.

bee baby shower theme
Image from: @kscope_events

Sweet as Can Bee Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Sweet as Can Bee Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Sweet as Can Bee Baby Shower

Baby Gift Bingo is a great game to play at any baby shower, but our free printable comes in a beautiful yellow color that easily matches a traditional Sweet as Can Bee color scheme.

Baby Gift Bingo is easy to play: simply hand your printed cards out and give each guest a pen/marker. When mom begins opening her gifts, guests mark the square next to each corresponding gift that’s listed on the Bingo card. The first one to get a Bingo wins!

Halloween Themed Baby Shower

If you’re lucky enough to be near the end of your pregnancy during Halloween, you’ve GOT to try a Halloween themed baby shower. What better occasion will there be to throw a spooky baby shower?!

The Halloween themed baby shower is popular because, well, it’s totally unique! The way you theme a Halloween baby shower is totally up to you. You can go super scary with a horror movie theme or more whimsical with imagery from Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Popular Halloween color schemes are black and orange, but other possibilities include black and white, purple, and so much more.

halloween baby shower theme
Image from: @alyssa_rae_addams

Halloween Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Halloween Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Halloween Themed Baby Shower

There is one game that is absolutely perfect for a Halloween themed baby shower, and that’s the Labor or Horror game!

This game is not for the faint of heart or for those without a sense of humor.

To play, find photos from movies that are either of women in labor or of a woman screaming in a horror film. Guests then have to guess if the photos are a scream queen or a mom in labor.

We’ve got everything you need to make this game a SCREAMING success!

Winter Themed Baby Shower

For another once-a-season idea, try a winter themed baby shower. The window of opportunity is narrow for throwing this kind of shower (unless you’re going for a “Christmas in July” theme, which is totally doable!), which makes it a popular choice for moms who are expecting their baby in the colder months.

There are so many possibilities for a winter themed baby shower: images of snowflakes, snowmen, and frost; color schemes of bright blues and frosty silvers. You can even throw a “Frozen” themed shower complete with Ana, Elsa, and Olaf.

Or go full Christmas and include the man himself, Santa Claus!

winter baby shower theme
Image from: @aonedesignevents

Winter Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Winter Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Game Ideas for a Winter Themed Baby Shower

In many parts of the country, winter means cold temperatures outside. An easy, indoor baby shower game is best for a winter themed baby shower, and we love onesie decorating stations.

It’s more of a game than an activity, but it’s perfect for when everyone is gathered together indoors! Simply purchase white onesies in a variety of sizes and provide crafting materials: fabric paint, stencils, scissors, paint brushes, etc.

Then, invite guests to come to the station and decorate a cute and unique onesie for the baby-to-be!

Adorable Baby Shower Themes for Boys: Which Will You Choose?

When it comes to planning a baby shower, there are so many themes to choose from that it can sometimes get overwhelming! But hopefully our guide will give you a great start on picking a theme for a sweet baby boy.

If you’re planning on incorporating a virtual element to your baby shower, WebBabyShower is the perfect place to keep all of your things organized and in one place.

Using one of these cute baby boy shower themes? Tag us on #WebBabyShower—we’d love to see what you come up with!

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