The Best Modern Baby Shower Themes for Your Event

Baby showers are fun, but they can sometimes seem a little… dated. Since the baby shower concept has been around for such a long time, it might seem challenging to keep up with the times and plan a shower that feels fresh and modern. 

One of the best ways to keep up with the times and breathe life into your shower is to pick one of the top modern baby shower themes for your event. This is an awesome way to keep everything on-trend, fun, and memorable!

WebBabyShower is a unique and exciting experience with many modern and customizable themes to choose from – so we’re sharing some of the best ones with you in this article, we’ll show you some of the best ones. Read on to find out all about the best modern baby shower themes to consider for your shower, and get some quality inspiration for decorations, invites, food, and more!

Why Have a Modern Baby Shower?

There are many reasons to choose a modern baby shower theme, rather than going with a more traditional one. You might want to piggyback onto some current trends or host a gender-neutral shower featuring less traditional colors like green, navy, yellow, or peach. 

Some trends are very popular right now. For example, minimalism is trending, and it’s an easy theme to modernize. Obviously, pink and blue are always popular color theme choices, but black, white, and beige also work well, and they really feed into the modern aesthetic of a gender-neutral theme.

A modern baby shower isn’t modern simply because of the colors you choose, however. A modern shower is dictated by its content and how you host it – as well as how it looks! Modern themes simply help to tie the whole thing together. 

Use WebBabyShower for Your Modern Baby Shower

It doesn’t matter which type of party you’re planning – virtual, in-person, or hybrid, you can easily create one using WebBabyShower. We have tons of modern themes for you to choose from. Our themes even include invitations that match, so you can keep everything cohesive. 

WebBabyShower botanical bush theme rsvp

You can create your invitations and use our R.S.V.P. system to keep track of who will be joining you for the party. If you’re planning an in-person baby shower, you can use our beautiful modern themes for inspiration. The colors and ideas presented with the themes can help you decorate a virtual space or for an in-person party – or can help you to match your virtual elements with your physical space if you choose to host a hybrid shower instead. Or, if you go with the ever-popular virtual baby shower option then the theme you choose will be a big part of what your virtual guests experience through their screens, so it’s important to pick something that you (and your guests) will love!

No matter what type of baby shower you choose to host, if you choose WebBabyShower for your modern baby shower, you’ll have access to a ton of great information, inspiration, and all the online features you need to plan a great event. 

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Build Your Shower

Choose Your Perfect Modern Baby Shower Themes

If you’re looking for some top-quality inspiration for your modern baby shower theme – there are tons of ideas for every color palette and to suit your tastes on the WebBabyShower themes page. Everything from baby animals to flowers and other fun ideas is available. Here, we’ll showcase some of our best themes, which are all usable for customers on our website using our theme gallery


Soft shades of orange and peach make up this theme, while foxes dart in and out of the picture, too! It’s a unique design that is perfect for a baby boy or girl, featuring the adorable fox design for the website pages, with places to add photos and text.

African Lions

Welcome to our ROARsome shower! This lion theme is the perfect way to decorate for the party; a color palette of greens and blues offers a modern look, making this theme a guaranteed winner!

Watercolor Rainbow

This minimal design features pink and orange clouds with a mix of rainbows thrown in. An excellent design for any baby shower; the tone is light and pretty while also leaving plenty of room for text and photos.

Modern Botanical Blush

This theme is both outdoorsy and cute, with a hue of blush, light blues, yellow, and orange. It combines many colors, making it the perfect design for a girl or a boy. It’s modern without being boring, and your guests will love it!

Floral Teatime

Dark navy, mustard, and green dominate this design while leaving plenty of white space for the perfect look. It’s great for a tea party or garden baby shower, and it stands out in a fun way without being too much.

Modern Botanical Redsea

Sage green, grey, and a surprising pop of bright red complete this look. There’s room for tons of photos and text to let your guests know all about the event, and it’s a perfect gender-neutral look, too – which is great if you’re keeping the baby’s gender a surprise.


This mandala design is a perfect blend of pink and white, keeping things classy and simple but with a fun twist. Your guests will enjoy seeing this design on your dedicated baby shower website, and it’s a great modern baby shower theme.

Blue Sun

This theme works well for gender-neutral parties or if you’re having a baby boy. The blue hues and fun patterns make this design perfect for the event, and it’s an excellent way to keep the look simple and sweet.


Who doesn’t love flowers? This lilac design features inviting hues of lavender and yellow. It’s fresh and modern but also classic enough for any baby shower. You can’t go wrong here.

Party Animals Pink

This party animals design is built with a background of peach hues and accents of yellow and blue. It’s a surprising look that definitely keeps things fun. No worries about using an outdated theme; this one is adorable and great for a modern baby shower theme.

All the Extras

The first thing you’ll need to decide on is the theme, and we know it can be hard to do since there are so many great options! After you make your theme choice, you’ll be able to design the rest of the party pretty quickly. There are a few essentials to a great baby shower that we’ll talk about in more detail, so you can be sure you don’t miss anything.


We don’t mean to brag, but the WebBabyShower invitation system is nothing short of amazing. We have invitations that match whatever theme you choose. We make it easy to show off the theme before the party starts, and designing your invites is easy. 

Use our invite maker for unlimited sending. You’ll be able to send out your invitations, have guests R.S.V.P., and best of all, you can send updates about the event and the pregnancy. Communicate with your guests often before the baby shower and afterward, as well. They can also get answers to their baby shower questions this way before the party.


Picking out the baby shower cake should be a lot of fun. You’ll want to have your theme picked out because it’s a good idea to make your cake match the theme. For example, this cake would fit the botanical blush theme very well. You want the cake to be a detail that builds upon the decor and design of the party. 

peach theme baby shower cake
Image from:

Now, with an in-person baby shower, the cake is easy, as you can just serve it at the event. But suppose you’re hosting a strictly virtual baby shower or a hybrid shower with some guests that will join online. In that case, you can drop off slices of cake to any of the guests that live nearby, so they enjoy the fun, too. 

Or alternatively, some cookies decorated to match the theme are easy to mail a couple of days before the big event for guests that live further away. These adorable cookies match our watercolor rainbows theme, and there are plenty more recipes out there to match any colors or designs you could think of.


Obviously, you’ll want to match the decorations to your chosen modern baby shower theme from WebBabyShower. As an example, these safari-themed decorations match perfectly with our African lions theme. If you’re lost with decor, Pinterest has some fantastic ideas that should help to inspire you. Many of them are easy to D.I.Y., as well, which can keep budget costs reasonable.

A minimal design that focuses on just one or two colors is the perfect solution when in doubt. If you keep it simple by using a nice tablecloth, flowers, and some balloons, it will all look very put-together no matter what.

Party Favors

Party favors should also match the theme and make sense. The better everything matches, the easier it is to communicate your theme. Some examples include candies that match the theme colors, a cute nursery rhyme for a book theme, or mugs or teacups for a tea party baby shower.

Etsy has plenty of premade party favors available on their website. One super cute example is this seed packet, which goes very well with our floral tea time theme. Again, Pinterest can help you if you want to create your own party favors, or you just need an idea of where to begin.

baby shower gifts seed floral theme
Image from: MillstoneCrafted

Modern Baby Showers are an Awesome Idea!

When you choose a modern baby shower theme (and thus a modern baby shower party), it can be a challenge to know where to start. You might be unclear about what type of theme will work for a gender-neutral event or how to find invitations that match your theme. 

WebBabyShower makes this easy by offering adorable modern baby shower themes, as well as suggestions for the rest of the event. Even things like party favors, cake, and decor can help make the day exactly what you’ve envisioned. 

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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