24 Gender Reveal Gifts for 2024

Gender-reveal parties are a fun addition to the pre-baby celebrations. However, they may cause some confusion among loved ones. While a baby shower is a time for family and friends to gather and show their support for the parents-to-be, a gender-reveal is an exciting way to announce the sex of the baby. But are guests expected to bring a gift to both?

You likely don’t need to bring a gender-reveal gift if the soon-to-be parents are also hosting a baby shower. But if you do want to bring a gender-reveal gift, consider gender-neutral ideas the expecting parents can use whether they’re having a boy or a girl. Any gender-specific baby gifts should be saved for the shower. Not sure what to give as a gift at a gender-reveal party? Check out our ideas for awesome gender-reveal gifts.

The Best Types of Gender Reveal Gifts

Gift Ideas for Both Parents

It’s okay to ditch the usual baby-centric gifts at a gender reveal party and give something special to mom and dad. Think about treating them to a sweet card, a gift certificate to their favorite spot, or a cozy care kit because, let’s be honest, they could use some TLC too.

Other gift ideas for both parents include parent-to-be mugs and shirts, or playful hats featuring “Mom Life” and “Dad Life” on the front. Customize your gifts with their names, the year they’ll become parents, and other sweet details to make them extra special.

Focus on Mom

Spoil the mom-to-be with gifts tailored just for her! Think post-pregnancy wine labeled for “baby’s first meltdown” or “first date night after baby’s born.” Or, opt for all-natural candles or a pre-packed maternity bag with snacks, a maternity gown, and other delivery essentials. Additional must-haves include a pregnancy pillow, belly butter, and comfy slippers.

Another gem is a Parent Care Kit, suggested by a Reddit user. This kit includes helpful items like a new water bottle, breastfeeding accessories, and other essentials. Pair it with a one-time cleaning service or an UberEats gift card for added convenience during the first few weeks of motherhood.

Gifts for the Baby

wbs gender reveal gift

Get ready to sprinkle the little one with adorable and practical gifts! Wrap them up in the snug comfort of Solly Baby Swaddles, dress them in the stylish cuteness of Spearmint Love Baby Clothes, or keep those teeny-tiny toes cozy with Freshly Picked Moccasins

Make playtime a blast with a Hugomat playmat, or go for the classic charm of the Sophie the Giraffe Set. Ensure the baby’s grooming needs are met with the Frida Baby Grooming Kit, or kickstart their love for stories with a delightful Baby Book Bundle. For the ultimate all-in-one package, don’t miss out on the curated Baby Boxy gift sets.

Crafty Gift Ideas 

A homemade gift can be an especially sweet move, showing that you care. One timeless choice is the diaper cake (AKA several layers of diapers cleverly arranged to resemble a cake). Kick up the cuteness by adding ribbons and baby toys as decorations.

For the gift of quality time, think about gifting a date night basket. Load it up with goodies like snacks, a cozy blanket, and maybe even some matching PJs. It’s a sweet way to help the parents bond before their little one arrives.

For the dad-to-be, another awesome gift could be a “dad toolbox,” packed with baby essentials. Swap out hammers and nails for diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and other handy tools for navigating fatherhood. It’s a playful yet practical gift bound to make him smile.

New Parent Pampering

Why not spoil the parents-to-be with a bit of pampering? Consider gifting them soft robes for a cozy night in. Or, take it up a notch with pregnancy massage certificates, helping mom and dad unwind during this hectic time. Or, for some self-care, throw in a mani-pedi session. These are great gifts to indulge the parents before all of their time and energy is focused on the baby.

Parent Prep Books

wbs gender reveal gift

Help out the soon-to-be parents by gifting them some solid parenting books. Classics like The Expectant Father or What to Expect When You’re Expecting offer reliable advice. For a different take, there’s Bringing Up Bébé with its French twist on parenting. If they’re into a more laid-back and candid style, The Sh!t No One Tells You could be a good fit. These reads offer a mix of tried-and-true wisdom and a touch of humor.

Diaper Subscription

Consider the gift of convenience with a diaper subscription service. It’s a practical and thoughtful idea that saves parents-to-be from those frequent trips to the store. With diapers delivered straight to their doorstep, it’s one less thing for them to worry about during the hectic early days of parenthood. Plus, who wouldn’t appreciate a little extra time and one less errand on their to-do list?

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24 Best Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are designed for comfort and style, providing the mom-to-be with clothing that adapts to her changing body. Whether it’s cozy loungewear or stylish outfits for special occasions, maternity clothes can boost her confidence and make her feel appreciated.

wbs gender reveal gift

Foot Soak

Ease the expecting mother’s tired feet with the gift of a luxurious foot soak. Pregnancy can take a toll on the body, and a soothing foot soak offers relief, providing a moment of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle.

wbs gender reveal gift

Hand-Made Toys

Add a personal touch by gifting homemade toys like hand-crocheted animals or dolls. If you can’t make one yourself, there are plenty of awesome options online. These handcrafted treasures not only provide a special touch to the nursery but also have a one-of-a-kind feel that mass-produced toys may lack.

wbs gender reveal gift

Large Diapers

Consider gifting a practical and essential item that the parents will undoubtedly appreciate as their baby grows older: large diapers. These larger-sized diapers ensure that the family is well-prepared for all of their baby’s developmental stages.

amazon baby registry

Food And Wine Basket

Indulge the parents-to-be with a delightful food and wine basket, a perfect blend of treats to celebrate their upcoming journey into parenthood. Filled with a mix of healthy snacks and their favorite drinks, this thoughtful gift is sure to be a hit.

wbs gender reveal gift

Heartbeat Monitor

Consider gifting the soon-to-be parents a fetal heartbeat monitor, a thoughtful present allowing them to keep tabs on their baby’s well-being. These monitors allow parents to listen to their baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of home, giving them real reassurance.

wbs gender reveal gift

Luxury Spa Treatment Gift Basket

Give the parents-to-be the gift of relaxation with a luxurious spa treatment gift basket. This thoughtful gift is filled with pampering essentials like body scrub, a pumice stone, indulgent body lotion, and an energizing candle. It’s a perfect way to bring the spa experience into the comfort of their home.

wbs gender reveal gift

A Gift For Dad

Show appreciation for the dad-to-be with a thoughtful and dad-centric gift. Consider T-shirts with heartwarming messages, or a food basket paired with high-quality wine to make him feel extra special during this exciting time.

wbs gender reveal gift

Baby Box

Baby box gift sets are a wonderful way to provide the parents-to-be with the essentials they’ll need in the first few months after Baby is born. Bathtime goodies, blankets, clothing, diapers, and must-haves for the new mom are all great choices to include in a baby box gender-reveal gift.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Milestone Cards

New parents love snapping photos of their precious little ones (and who can blame them?). Help them commemorate important events including monthly birthdays, their first smile, first steps, and first holidays with baby milestone cards.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Keepsake Box

Along with documenting milestones, parents also love to keep mementos from their baby’s first year. This might include baby shoes, their baby’s hospital bracelet, or first lock of hair. A baby keepsake box provides an organized way to store all of those precious memories in one place.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Memory Book

Gift the parents-to-be a way to keep a record of their baby’s important moments with a baby memory book. These adorable books offer spaces for notes and photos that document birthdays, firsts, and special memories throughout the first few years.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Sleep Sack

Some babies can Houdini themselves out of any swaddle blanket, not matter how tight. Baby sleep sacks keep little ones safe, and warm while snoozing, and are often made of breathable material. Zippers and velcro make sure even the wiggiest of babies are secure and cozy.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Bunting

Perfect for families in colder climates, or babies born in winter, baby bunting keeps little ones warm with head-to-toe fleece or sleeping bag material. Purchase something in a gender-neutral color that works for any baby. This is also a great gender reveal gift if the expecting parents love going outdoors, but want to keep everyone cozy.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Carrier Wrap

Help the parents-to-be carry their baby while staying hands-free with a baby carrier wrap. These wraps use a large piece of fabric to carry the baby close to their parent’s body, and provide a safe and comforting environment.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Teething Toys

Soothing teething toys are designed to provide relief from sore gums. Bumps and textures on the toy provide a calming massage for the gums.Some options can be stored in the fridge to create a cool toy that offers additional comfort.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets have so many uses, from covering up on a stroller walk to protecting mom’s clothes from spit up, and more. Look for options made of gentle and breathable materials like cotton or organic cotton.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Bathrobe and Slippers

A sweet matching bathrobe and slippers set is perfect for after-bath cuddles. Opt for a gender-neutral design like an adorable fox, multi-colored dinosaurs, or woodland creatures. Some sets even include a matching robe for mom too.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Sound Machine

A baby sound machine plays soothing sounds and lullabies to help little ones drift off to sleep. Some sounds remind newborns of their time in mom’s tummy including white noise and heartbeat sounds. Most machines are also controllable via mobile app, making it convenient for parents to stop or change sounds.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Carrier Backpack

For parents who love to go hiking, a carrier backpack gener reveal gift lets them take their baby along on their adventure. Other styles are also an alternative to baby wraps that still allow parents to stay hands-free while carrying their little one.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Carrier Hip Seat

Carrying a baby or toddler around is tough on the arms after a while. Help the parents-to-be save their arm strength with a baby carrier hip seat. Worn like a belt, it provides a place for the baby to sit that’s comfortable and convenient.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Carrier Bicycle Trailer

Parents can take a ride on their bike and bring their baby along too with a baby carrier bicycle trailer. The trailer attaches to a bicycle for safe transport just about anywhere. The trailer offers shelter from wind and rain, keeping baby comfortable for the entire trip.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles give babies something fun and relaxing to focus on during diaper changes or as they fall asleep. Objects including adorable baby animals or shapes spin around to keep Baby’s attention. This gener reveal gift idea is available in lots of neutral options.

gender reveal gifts

Baby Solid Food Containers

Small food containers are incredibly helpful for the parents-to-be who plan to make their own baby food. These small jars keep food fresh and some are also freezer safe. Look for options that are leak-free and BPA free.

gender reveal gifts

Gender Reveal Gifts Giving Tips & Etiquettes

Gift Presentation and Wrapping

Even though the gift is the star, making it look cool with extra nice wrapping adds more excitement to the gender reveal. Feel free to use neutral colors like tan, green, or yellow for your wrapping – that way, your wrapping is appropriate, whether the little one is a girl or boy. Or you can use pink and blue wrapping mixed for a more traditional look.

For an extra cool touch, match your wrapping with the theme. Like, if it’s a “What will it bee?” theme, use bee-themed paper. Or, if it’s a “little gentleman or little lady” theme, shape the gift box like a top hat. Get creative – the parents-to-be are sure to appreciate the effort!

Experience and Memory Making

Make the gender reveal party more fun for everyone by gifting something that adds to the celebration. You could go for personalized decorations, confetti cannons, or even hire a pro photographer to take awesome pictures. Or, spice things up with a surprise—maybe a special performance or song. These thoughtful gifts are not just about the baby-to-be; they’re all about making the gender reveal a super memorable time for everyone!

Inclusion of Non-Traditional Gifts

Go beyond the usual baby stuff and pick gifts that match what the parents love. Choose things that will make them smile, or even laugh, giving a funny and light-hearted take on being parents. Whether it’s a cooking class, a subscription to their favorite magazine, or that coffee machine they’ve always wanted, these gifts say you see them for who they are, not just as a future mom and dad.

Gifts for Guests

Enhance the gender reveal party by giving special gifts to the guests. These can be small tokens of appreciation, thanking them for being part of the celebration. Think sweet treats, themed trinkets, or personalized keepsakes to express gratitude and help them remember the special day. Whether it’s a bag of goodies, custom keychains, or themed candles, these gifts ensure every guest feels truly appreciated.

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