20 Delightful Gender Reveal Cake Ideas to Celebrate Your Bundle of Joy

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in the last decade, with more and more parents choosing to host fun celebrations to announce whether they are having a little boy or girl.

One of the best ways to celebrate during a gender reveal party is with a delicious cake. Next, we’ll go through 20 gender-reveal cake ideas ranging from traditional “pink and blue” cakes to more unconventional designs. We hope these delightful cakes make your gender-reveal celebration even more special!

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20 Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Color Reveal Cakes

Blue or Pink Layered Cake

This gender-revealing cake is white on the outside, with pink or blue food coloring added to the internal layers, revealing your baby’s gender when sliced. This is a great cake option for minimalists who prefer a clean white aesthetic.

Pink and Blue Striped Cake

Whimsical and fun, this adorable cake has alternating layers of pink and blue frosting on the outside. Inside, the cake is either pink or blue, revealing the baby’s gender. Add multi-colored sprinkles on top for a cute touch.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Ombre Cake

The ombre gender reveal cake is elegant and aesthetic, featuring a multi-layer cake that gradually transitions from blue to pink frosting. The inside of the cake is either blue or pink, revealing the baby’s gender. Add a cake topper saying “Girl or boy?” or “It’s a…” to add suspense.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: @bakeitsimple_ph

Balloon Cake

The balloon cake is an excellent option if you want to do a cake gender reveal but don’t like the pink/blue aesthetic. This is also appealing if you don’t want to bake or order a gender-reveal cake in special. To do this, select any cake, then stick a black or dark-colored balloon in the frosting filled with pink or blue confetti. Pop the balloon to reveal your baby’s gender.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: @achnes_

Themed Cakes

Prince or Princess Cake

Welcome your little prince or princess with a cake fit for royalty! This elegant cake has a pink and blue layer, topped with a crown. Add gold sprinkles and the words “prince” and “princess” to make this cake even cuter. Put a pink or blue filling inside to reveal your little one’s gender.

Sports-Themed Cake

Tell your loved ones whether your future athlete is a boy or a girl with an adorable sports-themed cake. Decorate the cake with pink or blue soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs to represent the baby’s gender. You can also write “girl team vs. boy team” in the frosting. Ask your friends to decide which “team” they are on before cutting the cake to reveal the winner.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Safari-Themed Cake

Take your loved ones’ taste buds on an adventure with this adorable safari cake featuring fondant elephants, lions, giraffes, and other safari animals. You can make the animals in pink and blue frosting or classic colors and add pink bows and blue bowties. Add fake grass, trees, and other nature-inspired elements to make the cake54 look like the plains of Africa!

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Nautical-Themed Cake

This gender-reveal cake is perfect for a nautical, beach, or sailor-themed gender reveal, featuring a white cake decorated with pink and blue anchors, sailboats, and sea creatures. Add pearl candies around the bottom of the cake for an elegant, aquatic touch.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Creative Cakes

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Not a big cake person? Then, consider doing gender-reveal cupcakes instead! Decorate the cupcakes with pink or blue frosting, with the words “boy?” and “girl?” on them. The cupcakes’ insides should be pink or blue to reveal your baby’s gender.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a popular treat, making them a trendy option for a gender reveal. Buy or make blue and pink cake pops, ensuring the color inside corresponds with your baby’s gender. Ask your guests to bite into their cake pops simultaneously to reveal your big surprise!

Geode Cake

A geode cake is ideal for a boho or nature-themed gender reveal! Use white frosting and gold marbling to make the outside of the cake look like granite. Use pink or blue rock candy on the inside to create a geode-like formation, revealing your baby’s gender. Add another pink or blue rock candy geode on top of the cake for a cohesive look.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Piñata Cake

The pinata cake has a hollow center that you will fill with pink or blue candy. The candy will spill out when the cake is cut, revealing whether you’re having a boy or girl. This unique cake is a lot of fun and will impress your friends and fam!

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Dessert Table Cakes

Cake Trio

The cake trio is ideal if you want three cake flavors since you’ll have three tiny cakes you can make with different ingredients. One cake should have pink frosting, one blue, and one neutral to create a gender reveal display. During the reveal, the parents can point to or take a slice out of the cake corresponding to their baby’s gender.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: baytreecakes.co.uk

Macaron Tower

Macarons are delicious and aesthetically pleasing, making them a popular dessert for a gender reveal! Offer a tower of macarons with pink or blue filling, representing the baby’s gender. The outsides of the macarons can be pink, blue, or any other color to match your event’s theme.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: YY Desserts NZ

Donut Wall

Donuts are a crowd pleaser, making a donut wall a delicious way to reveal whether you’re having a boy or girl. Create a pegboard, then add donuts with blue and pink frosting. Above the board, hang a sign saying “He or She? Cut to See!” When guests bite into their donuts, they’ll uncover the baby’s gender.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: Pinterest

Gender Reveal Cookies

Sugar cookies are a simple and delicious treat that can easily be made at home. Decorate the cookies with light pink or blue frosting, with the baby’s gender written on top. Or, decorate the cookies with pink and blue frosting, with the words “he or she?” written on top. The dough inside of the cookies should be either pink or blue, revealing the baby’s gender.

gender reveal cakes
Image from: @crafted_cookieco

Classic Cakes

Classic Gender Reveal Cake

This classic gender reveal cake is easy enough to bake at home. Simply make a vanilla or chocolate cake, then cover it with blue or pink frosting to reveal the baby’s gender. Add dollops of frosting and sprinkles on top to give this cake some extra pizazz.

Buttercream-Frosted Cake

This buttercream cake is simple and delicious, featuring an elegant round cake topped with a banner, balloons, or a small sign revealing the baby’s gender. The frosting can be white or tan, appealing to parents who enjoy a neutral color scheme.

Sprinkle-Covered Cake

Sprinkles are youthful and fun, making a sprinkle-covered cake a perfect dessert for a baby’s gender reveal. Simply bake a cake, cover it with white frosting, then add tons of pink or blue sprinkles on the tops and sides to reveal the baby’s gender.

Floral-Themed Cake

Flower baby shower themes are very “in” right now, making this floral gender reveal cake on-trend. To do this, buy or bake a cake, then decorate it with pink or blue roses, peonies, or other flowers to reveal the baby’s gender. You can make all the flowers out of icing or add real flowers cascading down the side or around the base.

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