Best and Essential Baby Shower Gifts in 2024

Best Baby Shower Gifts in 2024 for Every Situation

Choosing the right baby shower gift can be a delightful (yet daunting) task. Whether you’re searching for a higher-ticket item or something a bit more budget-friendly, this article offers a range of baby shower gifts across different categories to suit every pocket!

Our category-based guide includes gifts that are truly practical, ones best-suited for the nursery, and gifts that are perfect for travel. Jump ahead to the category that you think works best for the parents-to-be – and the little one – you’re shopping for!

Big-Ticket Baby Shower Gifts

Big-ticket baby shower items can be heaven-sent help for new parents. From multi-layer strollers to custom-made cribs, it’s easy to get carried away for a little one. Below we curated a few essential items to help you make the most of your generous gesture.

$200 and above:

Luxury Stroller

wbs best baby shower gift

With a baby, a solid stroller can mean ease and freedom for parents. We like this Chicco Bravo 3-in-1 stroller! Not only is it a highly reviewed top-tier stroller, it combines style with functionality and comes with a convenient car seat and stroller combo.

Premium Baby Crib

wbs best baby shower gift

A crib that promises safety, durability, and a touch of elegance is the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. We love this option also for its toddler daybed and iconic turned-out foot, making it a versatile choice for any modern nursery.

$100 – $200:

High-end Baby Monitor

wbs best baby shower gift

For parents to keep a close watch on their new baby, we recommend this Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount. WIth a high-quality 1080p HD video feature, it has excellent picture quality including night vision and a user-friendly app.

Designer Baby Carrier

wbs best baby shower gift

We like the Ergobaby Embrace Carrier to keep baby and mama cuddly-close as they find a new rhythm together. Not only is it a super popular carrier, it’s rated to be soft, comfortable, and designed without the complicated wrapping.

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Baby Shower Gifts for the Nursery

The best baby shower gifts are often for the baby’s nursery. Not surprisingly, as this is the place where new parents create lifetime memories while bonding with their baby. If you’re looking for a big-ticket item, a gift for the nursery is a wonderful way to go.

$150 and above:

Luxury Crib and Toddler Mattress

wbs best baby shower gift

 The Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler bed is a great gift – not only is it easily washable, this product is also designed by parents for parents. As baby grows and changes, this mattress is convertible and can support a baby through several stages of development.

Smart Nursery Lighting System

wbs best baby shower gift

We love this adorable airplane ceiling light fixture by Shine LUEST. This is a fun and practical option for lighting that can adjust according to the baby’s mood and time of day –  and all from a remote!

Pack-N-Play System

wbs best baby shower gift

A pack-n-play system is a wonderful, yet underrated gift option. We like this Graco Pack ‘n-Play Travel Dome — not only does it include a mini-crib that allows for light rocking, it also features a removable quilted diaper changer.

$50 – $150:

Themed Nursery Decor Set

wbs best baby shower gift

Another option is to bring the nursery to life with adorable themed decor! This baby animal themed wall decor can help bring a cozy, vibrant energy into the space where baby and mama connect the most.

Interactive Baby Mobile

wbs best baby shower gift

We love this adorable Lambs and Ivy animal baby crib mobile. Not only is it battery-operated, it also has an adjustable volume with a play-time of 20 minutes.

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

When little ones make their first entrance into the world, they can’t do too much, yet they sure do go through a lot of diapers and wipes! Choosing something practical that new parents can make use of everyday is a wonderful way to show your love and support. This category will demonstrate some of the most valuable gifts for new parents.

$75 and above:

Comprehensive Baby Care Set

wbs best baby shower gift

This FridaBaby Ultimate Baby Kit is a wonderful gift for new parents – it includes 10 newborn essentials including a safe tube to help babies relieve gas and calm colic, and a clipper set designed for safe baby nail snipping.

Premium Diaper Bag

wbs best baby shower gift

This Skip Hop Diaper Bag is another great option for new parents. It’s stylish yet spacious for on-the-go parents, and even includes a cool changing pad and stroller attachment. This bag fits everything in one place for quick changes.

$25 – $75:

Baby Feeding Set

wbs best baby shower gift

It’s hard to deny it – babies are as adorable as they are messy. We love this Ziza silicone baby feeding set that comes with all the accessories needed to support parents and baby on their feeding journey.

Multi-pack of Soft Swaddle Blankets

wbs best baby shower gift

Keep the baby snug and warm with these soft and breathable Momcozy muslin swaddle blankets. These are large in size, which can swaddle newborns cozy and tight, and can also be used as a nursing shield or a sun cover.

Baby Shower Gifts for Travel

Let’s face it – traveling with a newborn is way more complex than traveling alone! Travel-friendly baby shower gifts can mean a world of difference for parents who travel for work, want to take adventures with their little one, or even just for quick trips out of the house. Gifts such as foldable strollers and portable baby items help parents ease the transition from home to travel.

$100 and above:

Travel-friendly Baby Stroller

wbs best baby shower gift

This travel-friendly stroller from Pockit can be used on all terrain and can even fold small enough to carry on your shoulder (and fit in the overhead bin of a plane!).

Premium Car Baby Seat

wbs best baby shower gift

The Graco Gotham convertible car seat comes almost fully-assembled and is able to safely hold your little from when they are 4lb to 50lbs. We love their one-second latch feature that makes getting in and out of the seat seamless and easy for a family-on-the-go.

$50 – $100:

Portable Baby Play Yard

wbs best baby shower gift

This portable baby play yard from Regalo provides a safe, contained space for baby and is easy to fold up and use for travel. To care for the little one’s skin, this even comes with an attachable canopy to provide shade and protection.

Quality Baby Carrier

wbs best baby shower gift

This besrey carrier keeps baby close and comes with a hip seat, which allows for extra support and comfort – all while keeping traveling parents’ hands free.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

A gift basket is another great way to delight the parents-to-be in your life! This shows your love and care by providing a variety of gifts that will be essential for early parenthood. Below we’ll share a few ideas for feeding sessions and bath time to get you started.

$75 and above:

Luxury Baby Toiletries Basket

wbs best baby shower gift

One gift we like is this complete Bella baby toiletry basket. This gift basket includes full-sized basket products that every parent will be thrilled to have for bath time, including a cradle cap and detangling shampoo.

Gourmet Baby Food Basket

wbs best baby shower gift

To shower some love on the new parents, we love this Gourmet snack gift basket. With a newborn at home, the last thing parents can think of is themselves, so we recommend surprising them with these yummy snacks for late-night feedings that feed everyone!

$25 – $75:

Essential Diapering Basket

wbs best baby shower gift

A great gift basket idea is this unique and adorable Etsy Elephant Diaper Caddy with all the essentials! There are so many items in this basket that the baby and expecting parents will love, from infant mittens to remedy saline drops, all wrapped up with a beautiful bow.

Baby Bath Time Basket

wbs best baby shower gift

Make bath time fun and fuss-free with this darling duck-themed baby gift basket. The basket comes with a few classic rubber duckies, hooded towel to keep little one warm, organic cotton t-shirts, and a range of other sweet and useful bathtime items.

Personalized and Unique DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Last but not least, personalized and DIY baby shower gifts are also a great way to show your care and love to expecting parents in your life. Crafting a DIY gift adds a personal touch and brings your unique creativity to the table – leaving an imprint on the family for years to come.

$50 and above:

Personalized Baby Memory Book

wbs best baby shower gift

There are so many precious moments from the baby’s first year that can be captured and stored for the future! Here’s a leather bound option with an adorable cover and extra knick knacks, like stickers and a keepsake box, to make memory-creating that much more special and fun.

Handmade Baby Quilt

wbs best baby shower gift

We love this handmade monogram quilt with the option to personalize with the little one’s name. A quilt is a perfect gift that will set the stage for so many cozy cuddles.

$20 – $50:

DIY Baby Keepsake Kit

wbs best baby shower gift

A baby keepsake is essential for new parents. This baby handprint and footprint makers kit allows us to savor special times during infancy, like capturing the outline of a newborn’s sweet little feet.

Personalized Baby Onesie

wbs best baby shower gift

There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie – unless it’s personalized! Get creative and design a cute and custom-made onesie for the little one.

Wrapping UP

All baby shower gifts, big or small, carry love and best wishes!

While this guide offers a range of options, the most cherished gifts are those that come from the heart and support the expecting parents in their journey. Whether it’s a luxury item, a baby shower gift for travel, or a DIY present, it’s the thought and care behind it that will always be remembered.

When we suggest products, it’s based on our independent research. But hey, we may receive a commission on some links if you buy. If you have a better product suggestion, 4sure let us know. We 💖 reader suggestions!

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