The Best Free Baby Samples of Feb 2024 [Revised]

The Process Behind Choosing the Best Free Samples

New parents of 2024! Get ready for some exciting news! We’re about to unveil a treasure trove of free baby product samples to make your parenting journey more enjoyable. Yep, you heard it right – companies are lining up to offer samples of baby products, and we’ve done the legwork to find the best.

Many well-known companies – like Target, Walmart, and Enfamil – offer free baby samples of formula, skincare goodies, clothing, and awesome baby gear to help you discover the best products for your little one. These samples are not only convenient, but they also save you some serious cash. Who says parenting has to be expensive?

We’ve scoured every nook and cranny to bring you a curated collection of the best free baby product samples for 2024. Next, we’ll tell you all about the free samples, including their pros and cons, to help you select the best ones for your growing family.

Babylist Hello Baby Box

free baby samples

The Babylist Hello Baby Box is a thoughtfully curated box packed with an array of high-quality baby products from leading brands, making it an excellent introduction to essential items for your little one.

From adorable clothing and soft blankets to gentle skin care and feeding accessories, the Hello Baby Box gives you a wide array of products to try. The box’s contents may vary depending on availability and other factors, but the estimated retail value of the items typically exceeds $100, which is pretty awesome for a free box!

The Babylist Hello Baby Box goes beyond just physical products, including coupons and product offers to help you save money. Many coupons are for the products you sample so that you can buy your favorites at a reduced price.

Pros of the Babylist Hello Baby Box

  • Includes products from both well-known and emerging brands so that you can discover new and innovative items
  • Can be obtained by creating a baby registry on Babylist, which offers additional benefits such as a completion discount and access to a wide range of baby products
  • The Hello Baby Box is delivered directly to your doorstep, saving time and effort

Cons of the Babylist Hello Baby Box

  • You have to make a $30 Babylist Shop purchase or someone else has to purchase a $30 item off your Babylist registry to be eligible for the Hello Baby Box
  • There is a limit of one Hello Baby Box per household per year, meaning you won’t be able to get more boxes if you’re having twins (or triplets, quadruplets, etc.)
  • You have to pay for shipping plus an additional surcharge if you live in Hawaii or Alaska

Amazon Welcome Box

free baby samples

Amazon has every product under the sun, making the Amazon Welcome Box a fun option for parents who want to try various baby products from different brands. The Welcome Box is only available to Prime Members, and you must complete a few requirements before you are eligible. However, the benefits outweigh the costs, with Amazon shipping a variety of their top-rated baby products directly to your doorstep.

While the contents of the Welcome Box are typically valued at over $35, the items included vary based on Amazon’s availability and the season. Some customers have reported receiving boxes with higher-value items, such as bottles, diapers, and baby clothes, while others have received boxes with smaller samples, such as wipes and lotions.

Pros of the Amazon Welcome Box

  • Includes products from popular and trusted brands, allowing you to discover new favorites
  • The Welcome Box is delivered to your home, so you don’t have to worry about going to a physical store
  • Making an Amazon baby registry has additional perks, such as a completion discount and access to a wide range of baby products

Cons of the Amazon Welcome Box

  • You must be an Amazon Prime Member to receive the Welcome Box
  • You (or a loved one) are required to make a $10 registry purchase to receive the Welcome Box
  • If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Territories, you aren’t eligible for the Welcome Box

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

free baby samples

Get ready for a parenting journey like no other with the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program!

By joining, you’ll score Enfamil formula samples and coupons, permitting you to try a variety of formulas to find your baby’s favorite.

Joining the program also gives you access to a wide range of educational resources, including pregnancy tips, parenting hacks, and more. Additionally, Enfamil has registered nurses on call 24/7 to answer questions and provide reassurance. So, you won’t have to do any late night doom-scrolling on Google to get your baby questions answered!

Every time you purchase Enfamil products, you earn rewards points, which you can use to get gift cards and formula. So, you get rewarded just for buying stuff you already need. Pretty cool, huh?

Pros of the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

  • The program offers up to $400 of savings (that’s a lot of dough)
  • Provides personalized support and resources throughout your pregnancy and into the early years of your child’s life
  • Offers 24/7 access to expert advice from registered nurses
  • You earn points for purchasing Enfamil products, which can be redeemed for baby gear, gift cards, and free formula

Cons of the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

  • The free sample pack only includes Enfamil products, which may not be ideal for every family
  • The program’s rewards points system requires frequent purchases of Enfamil products to accumulate enough points for meaningful rewards

Target Baby Welcome Kit

free baby samples

You’re in for a treat with the Target Baby Welcome Kit, featuring a treasure trove of baby samples and goodies. From soft diapers and wipes to soothing lotions and pacifiers, the Baby Welcome Kit is designed to make your parenting journey a little easier and more exciting. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to discover new products and brands, all carefully selected for your little one.

The Welcome Kit also includes a book of Target coupons to help you save money. In the past, parents have received discounts on baby essentials like diapers and wipes, as well as coupons for nursery items, baby gear, clothing, and accessories. You may even get a coupon for an unexpected treat – like a free drink from the in-store Starbucks (since caffeine is a new parent’s best friend)!

Pros of the Target Baby Welcome Kit

  • Provides a variety of baby samples and goodies, giving you the opportunity to try out different products and brands
  • Includes a book of coupons to save money on essential baby items such as diapers, wipes, nursery items, baby gear, and clothing
  • You can receive the Welcome Kit right away by going to the Guest Services desk at Target (no need to wait for shipping)

Cons of the Target Baby Welcome Kit

  • If you don’t have a Target nearby, you won’t be able to get the Welcome Kit since you have to pick it up in-store
  • Kits are subject to availability
  • You’ll need to create two baby registries to receive two Welcome Kits for twins

Nanobebe Free Sample Kit

free baby samples

The Nanobebe Free Sample Kit is your ticket to explore Nanobebe’s revolutionary breast milk storage and feeding system free of charge.

In the Free Sample Kit, you’ll find three excellent products to enhance your breastfeeding journey. Firstly, you’ll receive Nanobebe’s innovative breast milk storage bags designed to preserve your milk’s precious nutrients while occupying minimal space in your fridge or freezer.

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Secondly, you’ll find super-absorbent nursing pads that will save the day when leaks happen (because, let’s face it, they happen to the best of us). Lastly, Nanobebe included the award-winning Flexy Pacifier. With its flexible, orthodontic nipple, it’s designed to mimic the natural shape of a mom’s breast, bringing ultimate comfort to your little one.

Unlike other free sample boxes on our list, Nanobebe tells you precisely what you will receive, which is pretty cool for parents who aren’t fond of surprises or collecting stuff they don’t want or need.

Pros of the Nanobebe Free Sample Kit

  • Opportunity to try cutting-edge products for free
  • You know what items you’ll receive before ordering

Cons of the Nanobebe Free Sample Kit

  • You have to pay for shipping
  • The free sample doesn’t include Nanobebe’s bottles (which is one of the items the company is best known for)

Walmart Baby Welcome Box

free baby samples

Get ready for some baby-filled fun with the Walmart Baby Welcome Box! This box is packed with goodies from top brands like Huggies, Dr. Brown, Johnson, Dreft, and more, allowing you to try out some of the most beloved products in the baby industry. Walmart likes to mix things up, so you’ll always get a variety of essential items, like diapers, pacifiers, and even adorable baby clothes for your little one to try.

When you order the box, you’ll receive an email invitation to opt-in for a special postpartum care box in your third trimester. The box includes several items to help you heal and recover after birthing your little one, including postpartum pads, lactation sweets, calming supplements, and more. With Walmart, you’ll get two free sample boxes instead of one!

Pros of the Walmart Baby Welcome Box

  • Ordering the Welcome Box is convenient and hassle-free
  • You can try out samples of new or popular baby products without committing to full-sized items
  • The Welcome Box is available throughout the United States and ships directly to your home

Cons of the Walmart Baby Welcome Box

  • The value of the items in the box may not be as high as some of the other options on our list
  • It may take a long time for you to receive the box, sometimes upwards of 1 to 2 months

Pampers Club Reward Program

free baby samples

Get ready for a rewarding experience as a member of the Pampers Club Reward Program! With every purchase of Pampers diapers or wipes, you’ll receive points that you can use to score fantastic rewards like free diapers, wipes, and unbeatable discounts on essential baby gear.

You’ll buy diapers and wipes regularly, permitting you to rack up points faster than you can say “diaper change.” So, you’ll earn those freebies in no time.

Joining the Pampers Club also gives you access to free parenting resources, such as a pregnancy milestone tracker, a hospital bag packing guide, and free online birthing classes led by childbirth experts.

While Pampers doesn’t offer free baby samples right away, this is still a great program since you can rack up rewards quickly and access helpful parenthood tips.

Pros of the Pampers Club Reward Program

  • Every purchase of Pampers diapers or wipes allows you to earn points so you can accumulate rewards over time
  • You can redeem points for a variety of appealing rewards, including diapers, wipes, baby gear, gift cards, and more
  • The program may offer occasional sweepstakes and giveaways, providing a chance to win exciting prizes

Cons of the Pampers Club Reward Program

  • You have to scan a code in the Pampers Club app every time you buy diapers or wipes to receive points, which can be easy to forget
  • Some rewards you earn have expiration dates or limitations, so you have to use them within a certain timeframe or under specific conditions

​​Hey Milestone Baby Box (Newborn Box)

wbs free baby samples

Hey, Milestone is the new and improved version of the Noobie Box! If you want to stock up on a bunch of free samples before your baby comes or if you have a newborn at home, you can’t go wrong with Hey, Milestone’s choices.

Their popular Newborn Sample Box is the perfect solution for expecting moms or new parents by offering diverse samples. This free box does require a $12.95 shipping and handling charge to the Contiguous United States for delivery. Overall, it’s an excellent deal for the number of baby samples you get.

This Newborn Sample Box contains items suited to new moms with 4th-trimester support products and samples for babies from 0 to 3 months old. The trial items you receive can vary monthly, depending on the supplier’s available inventory. Sometimes, they even include perishable items to use within 30 days. You may find well-known name brands from Bella B, Dr. Brown’s, Lansinoh, Nanobebe, Oilogic, and Parasol in your sample box.

Pros of the Hey, Milestone Newborn Sample Box

  • Available for expecting moms with a baby due in 1 month or less or newborns up to 3 months old
  • The sign-up process is simple and takes minutes
  • It includes popular name-brand products to try that moms and babies love
  • No membership is necessary

Cons of the Hey, Milestone Newborn Sample Box

  • There can be shipping delays of up to two weeks or more
  • There is a shipping and handling cost of $12.95
  • It’s not available for individuals in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the United States

BuyBuyBABY Welcome Box

wbs free baby samples

BuyBuyBABY is another famous brand-name retailer you may have heard of with stores across the United States. They provide hundreds of popular baby items, support for parents, and helpful price matching. Signing up for a baby registry is a must when expecting, so it might as well bring you some freebies!

To receive a free BuyBuyBABY Registry Gift, you first must sign up for a baby registry and add some items. Once it’s complete, pick up your package at the local BuyBuyBABY store. This welcome gift includes terrific items for your little one, like diapers and wipes, bottles, a pacifier, a change pad, a gentle baby wash, a long-sleeve onesie, gripe water, and a Baby-On-Board vehicle sign.

They also include products for new moms. You can expect lotion, disposable postpartum underwear, laundry detergent, a $50 Hello Fresh discount offer, and many other valuable coupons for name-brand products.

Pros of the BuyBuyBABY Welcome Box

  • Includes high-quality items for mom and baby
  • Provides approximately $137 worth of samples and coupons
  • Provides sample and full-sized products to try

Cons of the BuyBuyBABY Welcome Box 

  • You must pick up the free products in-store
  • Not every US state has a BuyBuyBABY store

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

free baby samples

In tribute to her father, who never learned how to read or write, the iconic country singer Dolly Parton embarked on a mission to ignite a love for reading in children. The result? The heartwarming Imagination Library, an incredible initiative that gifts over two million books each year to kids worldwide.

The Imagination Library offers a delightful range of books curated for children from birth to five years old. Want to get some of these wonderful books for your little one? It’s a breeze! Just visit the Dolly Parton Imagination Library website, click “check availability,” and enter your zip code. You’ll quickly discover if the program is available in your area. If it is, sign up and receive a lovely collection of books to nurture your child’s reading journey.


  • You’ll receive high-quality books, totally free of charge
  • A great way to encourage your child to love reading from a young age


  • The program isn’t available in every area
  • Books are subject to availability


free baby samples

Huggies, a trusted diaper brand, stands out for a reason. Their high-quality diapers are super absorbent and fit just right, making them a top pick among parents.

Now, Huggies is taking things up a notch with their Huggies Rewards+ Loyalty program. It’s a simple way to earn rewards for your Huggies, Pull-Ups, and Goodnites purchases. Just scan your receipt on the Fetch app when you buy these products to collect points. You can use these points to get gift cards for your favorite stores and restaurants (shopping spree, anyone?).

And for our Canadian friends, there’s an extra treat – the Huggies No Baby Unhugged program. This special offer means free diapers and wipes for babies up to 4 weeks old. It’s all about making diapering a bit easier on the wallet. Huggies is here to help, no doubt about it!


  • Receive reward points for purchases you already need to make
  • Offers a wide variety of gift cards you can earn with your points


  • You have to remember to scan your receipt to receive points
  • The Huggies No Baby Unhugged program is only available in Canada

Our Favorite Baby Product Offers and Discounts

Kiinde Free Breastfeeding Starter Pack

wbs free baby samples

If you need to pump extra milk or want help feeding your new baby, the Kiinde Breastfeeding Starter Pack is a terrific sample you should order right away!

This pack is perfect because it has versatile pump adapters that fit over 20 brands, including Avent, Medela, Evenflo, and more. This revolutionary system pumps directly into the milk pouch, simplifying the process. New moms can now avoid milk spillage, transfer loss, and bacteria contamination after pumping.

Kiinde’s free starter kit is a $50 value and includes one Twist storage pouch with a cap, four direct-pump adapters, one squeezable natural feeding bottle, and one slow-flow Active Latch nipple with a case. You’ll also get a coupon for a Free 40-count pack of Twist storage pouches, which are baby-safe and environmentally conscious.


  • Pouches are BPA-free, PVC-free, recyclable, phthalate-free
  • Pouches come in two sizes: 6oz and 8oz volumes
  • Eliminates spillage, milk loss, and contamination


  • Shipping costs start at $9.99, depending on location and delivery method
  • Isn’t available outside of the United States

Free Kabrita Goat Milk Box

wbs free baby samples

The Free Kabrita Goat Milk Box is ideal if your little one has digestive problems and you need an alternative! Goat’s milk is naturally easier for babies to digest when compared to cow’s milk, making this non-GMO product ideal for sensitive tummies. Made in the Netherlands, this product uses goat whey protein and lactose carbohydrates to mimic natural breast milk for the best results.

This sample is a $40 value and comes with 14oz of dry formula and $15 of in-store coupons. New moms can rest easy knowing this goat milk alternative contains the critical nutrients babies need without being hard to digest. Your little one receives over 25 vitamins and minerals essential for growth and development without compromising taste or quality.


  • Provides 88oz of prepared goat milk formula
  • Fast delivery between 2 – 4 business days
  • Includes probiotics, DHA, and RHA;


  • Not to use for babies with a confirmed cow milk protein allergy
  • Small shipping cost of $6.99

Dyper Sample 3-Pack

wbs free baby samples

New parents looking for eco-friendly alternatives should check out the Dyper Sample 3-Pack! Dyper uses plant-based biodegradable soft materials without including harsh chemicals or irritants, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.

This freebie includes your choice of three diapers or training pants in sizes starting from newborn to 41 pounds. This way, you have plenty of time to try this brand out, even if your baby is older. You also receive a $5 coupon for any future purchase from Dyper to offset the delivery cost. They also offer a REDYPER program to compost used products, helping to minimize your carbon footprint and leaving the world better for your child.


  • Sizing is consistent with other name-brand diapers
  • Packaging uses sustainable materials for low environmental impact
  • You recoup the shipping cost once you use the included $5 product coupon


  • Diapers don’t have much stretch to them
  • Training pants don’t indicate the front or back of them

Similac Samples

wbs free baby samples

Similac is one of the top formula brands today. If you are expecting or have a new infant that needs formula, joining the MySimilac Rewards program is a great choice! Signing up on their website takes seconds, and you can continue to receive benefits as your little one grows. Similac also has a free, easy-to-use app to navigate your and your baby’s nutrition and provide support during the months after birth.

The MySimilac Rewards program will send you up to $400 in offers with their multiple formula samples, coupons, a free Shutterfly photo book, and helpful support and feeding guidance. If you continue with Similac, you can earn points for future rewards and additional coupons with every purchase.


  • Rewards program continues with future purchases
  • Choosing digital coupons gives you an additional $10 bonus offer
  • You get a diverse supply of samples, coupons, and partnership offers


  • Entering your phone number allows text message promotions

Grove Baby Box

wbs free baby samples

Grove Collaborative is another excellent choice for free samples that use eco-friendly and sustainable products. Sign up in seconds with your email and choose your Grove Babyganics Starter Set!

The Grove sample offer is only available when you sign up and place a $20 purchase from their website. Although you must invest $20, the free shipping and high-quality products cover this cost and more! You’ll love choosing from over 150 sustainable brands that are good for your baby and the environment. This way, you can select which items you want to try, making it a unique baby box for everyone.


  • Grove offers a VIP membership for receiving additional savings, like brand discounts, free shipping, and free full-sized items each year
  • You can choose and customize your box with products from over 150 popular name brands


  • Grove is a subscription service that requires canceling if you don’t want products in the future

The Honest Company

free baby samples

When it comes to baby care, diapers and wipes are like the essential bread and butter. You’ll always need them (and somehow always run out of them too!) But guess what? There’s a smart way to save some cash on these must-haves – the Honest Company’s diapers and wipes subscription.

For just $89.99, you’ll get 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes, a steal compared to the regular $111.59 price. You’ll also enjoy 20% off on every shipment, free shipping (score!), 10% off eligible add-ons, and even get the first pick of new adorable diaper prints. Oh and here’s the cherry on top: every third shipment, you’ll receive a free full-sized item. Talk about an amazing deal!


  • First dibs on a wide array of adorable diaper prints
  • Easy to change the shipping dates and swap out items in your bundle
  • Free gift every third shipment


  • Honest Diapers are premium, so there are cheaper options available


free baby samples

Welcome to the MyGerber Baby Membership – your gateway to a world of parenting perks. This membership brings you a variety of benefits, including savings on Gerber products and personalized tips tailored to your baby’s age and needs.

But, the perks don’t stop there. Once your Gerber purchases reach $150, you’ll be granted a one-year Calm Premium membership. This will provide some much-needed tranquility during the delightful chaos of early parenthood! Oh and even better, every order over $150 also earns you a free gift.

Got a question? Say hello to your 24-7 squad of baby experts. They’re pros in lactation, sleep, and nutrition, and they’re ready to assist you through webchat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or video chat. Overall, the MyGerber Baby Membership is a great way to make those early parenting days a little smoother.


  • Offers 24/7 access to baby experts to answer your parenting questions
  • Extra savings on Gerber products
  • Receive $10 off every 5th qualifying purchase on


  • You will need to make a purchase of $150 or more worth of Gerber products to qualify for certain benefits


free baby samples

Meet GoodNites, your trusted partner in keeping kids dry and ensuring their nights are as peaceful as can be.

This superhero brand is currently rocking some fantastic coupon deals. You can score savings on GoodNites Nighttime Underwear and GoodNites Bed Mats, giving you a chance to explore their top-notch products without stretching your budget.

If bedwetting is causing a little turbulence, don’t sweat it! Swing by the GoodNites website for some nifty tools, all at a discounted price. Bid adieu to nighttime worries and embrace a cozier sleep for your little champ.


  • Save on high-quality bedwetting products
  • Offers various bedwetting solutions for children across different age groups and situations


  • Coupons are only available for a limited time

Interesting Ideas To Get Free Baby Essentials

Let’s explore additional ways to score freebies for your soon-to-be bundle of joy! Here are a few exciting options to consider:

  1. Join baby clubs and registries. Many retailers and baby product companies offer freebies and samples when you sign up for their baby clubs or registries. Take advantage of these programs to receive coupons, samples, and even full-sized products.
  1. Attend local parenting events. Keep an eye out for parenting events, baby expos, or community fairs in your area. These events often have booths and vendors that give away free baby products, samples, and coupons.
  1. Check for online freebies. Explore websites and social media platforms that specialize in sharing freebies and samples. Look for baby-related offers like free diapers, formula samples, baby food, and more. Follow brands and retailers on social media to stay updated on their promotions and giveaways.
  1. Try “freecycling.” Join local freecycle groups or online communities where people give away unwanted baby items. You can find gently used baby clothes, furniture, toys, and other essentials for free.
  1. Ask friends and family. Reach out to friends, family members, or neighbors who have recently had a baby. They may have extra baby items they are willing to give or lend to you. Be open about your needs, and you might be surprised by the support you receive.
  1. Take advantage of samples and trials. Many baby product companies offer samples or trial sizes of their products. Request these samples online or reach out to customer service to see if they can provide you with samples to try. This can help you discover which products work best for your baby before investing in full-sized items.
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