138 Unique and Cute Baby Shower Themes for 2024

138 Unique and Cute Baby Shower Themes for 2024

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Whether in-person or virtual, baby showers were just as festive as they’ve always been in 2023, and that’s certainly the direction 2024 baby showers are going in.

Check out this awesome list of baby shower themes that we created just for you! Featuring baby boy and girl themes, themes for twins, and gender-neutral options.

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

If you’re expecting a bouncing baby boy, then you’ll want terrific baby shower theme ideas that celebrate that gender! Here are 10 creative ways to celebrate a new boy in the family.


This adventurous baby shower theme will have your guests feeling like they’ve stepped into Jurassic Park (minus the scary dinosaurs, of course). It features dinosaur-themed decorations, including dino cutouts, fossil tablecloths, and a “Dino Dig” activity to keep guests entertained. To fully embrace the theme, serve up some dinosaur-shaped treats and a dino cake. And for even more dino-mite ideas, don’t forget to dive into this guide.

gender reveal themes
Image from: @dreamstoryevents

Jungle Baby Shower

Turn your space into a lush, tropical paradise using jungle-inspired decorations such as palm leaves, plush animals, and earthy tones. Consider adding animal-themed invitations and tableware to fully nail the look. This theme captures the excitement of welcoming a new little cub into your pack! To explore the Jungle Baby Shower theme in more detail, check out this article.

Safari Baby

A safari theme is a super fun and adventurous way to welcome your little explorer. Set up a jungle paradise with lush greenery, animal print decorations, and safari hats for everyone to let loose and get wild. And, of course, don’t leave out those awesome animal-shaped cookies and some jungle-themed games for a roaring good time. It’s the perfect theme to bring out the explorer in all your guests! For even more wild ideas, check out this article.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: Catch My Party

Ahoy, It’s a Boy!

Set sail with anchors, sailboats, and ocean-inspired decor for a nautical celebration that will make a splash. Perfect for yacht-lovers or parents who love the seashore.

Ahoy, Matey 

Set sail on a pirate-themed adventure with a light navy blue baby shower, featuring pirate ships, treasure chests, and aqua-colored tablecloths to represent the ocean.

baby shower theme
Image from: Oriental Trading

Aqua Owl 

This whimsical celebration is sure to be a hoot with white and aqua owl-themed cupcake toppers, banners, and more.

Baby on Board 

Make a splash with aquatic elements and surfboards in this beachy celebration featuring aqua-colored decor. Hosting it on the beach will be the cherry on top as you welcome the little surfer into the world.

baby shower theme
Image from: Staying Home Sawyer

Little Sailor

Set sail on an exciting sailor-themed baby shower, adorned with navy anchors, sailboats, and cute navy sailor hats to celebrate your little first mate on the way!

baby shower theme
Image from: Catch My Party

Green Safari

With safari animals and jungle-inspired greenery, this green-themed celebration will take you on a thrilling journey through the savanna as you await the arrival of your little adventurer.

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Little Green Tractor 

Celebrate the little farmer on the way with tractor toys, farmer tools, and hay to create a rustic and charming farm-inspired celebration.

baby shower theme
Image from: Catch My Party

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Having a girl can bring beauty, finesse, and creativity to your home. Why not use one of these baby shower themes for girls to showcase the adorable new bundle of joy?


Butterflies represent new beginnings, making this a sweet way to honor your baby-to-be. This theme is perfect for the Spring, when the flowers are in bloom and butterflies are fluttering around! Decorate with lovely butterfly banners, fresh flowers, and pastel table settings for a whimsical touch. Consider serving butterfly-shaped cookies and using butterfly-themed invitations to complete the look. For more fun ideas, check out this handy guide.

baby shower decoration ideas
Image from: @red.balloon.events


The Mermaid Baby Shower theme is quite popular, thanks to Disney’s recent release of the live-action Little Mermaid. It’s an enchanting way to welcome a little mermaid of your own! Decorate with ocean-inspired hues, seashells, and mermaid tail banners to create an underwater paradise. Consider serving seafood appetizers and ocean-themed treats. Dive deeper into the Mermaid Baby Shower theme here.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: @nathaliaventrilho

Tea Party

Elevate your celebration by hosting a classy tea party fit for a queen! Serve a variety of tea flavors, from classic black to fruity blends, and pair them with finger sandwiches and delightful treats like macaroons. Spruce up your tables with vintage teapots, dainty teacups, and pastel colors for that English cottage vibe. For more charming ideas, check out this guide.


If you’re on the lookout for a warm and inviting theme that screams fall, check out the Sunflower Baby Shower. It gives off those cozy autumn vibes with sunflower centerpieces, a yellow and brown color scheme, and rustic accents. You can even toss in some pumpkins, scarecrows, and activities like apple-bobbing to bring the fun of fall to your baby shower. For more cool ideas, click here.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: @lunascakess

Care Bear

This theme is cute and nostalgic, perfect for parents who loved these toys growing up. With the Care Bears bright colors, you can easily add rainbow touches without going for the typical “’rainbow” theme. Decorate with rainbow balloons, a Care Bear cake, and loads of Care Bears, which you can gift to your little one after she arrives. For more cute ideas, head over to this article.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: Pinterest

A Princess Party

Your future queen must first learn to wear a tiara as a princess! Give her a royal welcome with a princess-themed baby shower.

There are tons of options for making this baby shower theme fun, from giving out crowns and wands to the guests to having a princess makeover party! Include lots of pink and purple hues, and glitter is the best accessory.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse, known as Mickey’s better half, is an iconic Disney character who is loved by not only kids around the world but by adults too! Give in to your inner child, and let Minnie-themed decor set the nostalgic mood for your baby shower. Your guests will thank you.

baby shower themes minnie mouse
Image from: tuacasa.com.br

Precious Pastels

They say that little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice — and we’re pretty sure that includes pastel colors! The pretty pinks, blues, and purples can either be paired down with whites and grays for a simple, scaled-back baby shower, or stacked and featured on eye-popping centerpieces.

wbs Latest Baby Shower Trends
Image from: popofgold.com

Floral Festivities

Flowers are timeless and elegant. Just like your baby girl will grow up to be.

The great thing about this baby shower theme is that you can use any flowers you like best! So what will it be? Roses? Carnations? You choose and then use the color of the flower to create your theme colors. Decorating the tables with flowers is also a nice touch.

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All About Barbie

Barbie is the most well-known doll of all time. Given that a mom or mom-to-be probably played with Barbies as a child, a Barbie theme is a fun choice for a little girl’s baby shower.

Of course, pink and purple are the obvious colors for this baby shower theme. But you can also easily find Barbie party decorations like tablecloths, cups, and napkins to help create your special day.

baby shower themes barbie
Image from: karaspartyideas.com

Pastel Ice Cream Party

This sweet theme features pastel pink ice cream, a pink ice cream cart, and any other ice-cream related decor you can get your hands on. A great choice for the summertime.

baby shower theme
Image from: CatchMyParty

Elegant French Bakery

Transport guests to a pink Parisian patisserie with an array of baked goods on pink plates and trays, hot coffee and tea, and soft French music playing in the background.

baby shower theme
Image from: Wild Child

Fairytale Wonderland

Make the mom-to-be feel like she’s living in a dream with twinkle lights, elegant pink desserts, and fairy-tale-inspired elements like pink unicorns, castles, and fairies.

baby shower theme

Pink Daisy

Embrace the flower power with a pink daisy baby shower, featuring pink daisy balloon arches, flower crowns, and images of vans and peace signs.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Butterfly Bliss

This theme is perfect for spring, featuring purple butterfly cutouts, balloons, and flowers with dainty silver accents.

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Mermaid Bash

Create an enchanting underwater extravaganza with mermaid-themed decor, oceanic purple hues, and delightful seashell accents.

baby shower theme
Image from: @cdballoonscrafts

Purple Passion

From purple block boxes to purple cakes and purple flowers like Hydrangeas or Allium, the options for the Purple Passion theme are truly endless.

Unicorn Fantasy

Enchant your guests with whimsical unicorn decorations, shimmering purple hues, and sparkling fairy lights, creating a dreamy celebration fit for your little unicorn princess.

baby shower theme
Image from: Walmart

Coral Coastal

Dive into a coral coastal theme with coral-colored seahorses, seashells, and sea fans. This nautical vibe is perfect for parents who love the beach.

Tropical Escape

Take the parents-to-be on a tropical vacation by using tropical leaves, flamingos, and pineapples for a fun and lively celebration that feels like a getaway.

baby shower theme
Image from: @solafly

Coral and Gold Glamour

This unique theme combines pops of coral and metallic gold for an unexpected color combo that’ll wow your guests.

baby shower theme
Image from: BestDeal+

Boho Chic Coral Shower

Incorporate coral balloons, rugs, pampas grass, and an elegant wooden chair for the mom-to-be, creating an Instagram-worthy celebration with a touch of bohemian flair.

baby shower theme

Peachy Keen

This baby shower includes all things peaches, like peach-shaped banners, bowls of peaches, and peach foods and drinks (think: peach cobbler, peach tea, and grilled peaches).

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Blush and Peach Soirée

Blush and peach go together like peaches and cream, making this the perfect theme for parents-to-be who enjoy a simple, clean, and bright aesthetic.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Peach Melba Celebration

Peach Melba is a delightful dessert with peaches and raspberry sauce served with vanilla ice cream (yum!) Use peach and raspberry colored decor to create an adorable baby shower inspired by this sweet treat.

baby shower theme
Image from: Andrea Chinesefood

Pastel Picnic

Treat your guests to a delightful picnic-style celebration with coral blankets, cushions, and rugs to create memories to last a lifetime.

baby shower theme

Lilac Haze

Step into a dreamy baby shower filled with soft lilac flowers, dainty parasols, and elegant lilac-themed cakes. Your guests will feel like they’re walking in a dream.

baby shower theme
Image from: Perfete

Lilac Spa Day

Treat the mom-to-be and her guests to a relaxing baby shower featuring soothing lilac decor and pampering sessions.

baby shower theme
Image from: Evermine

Lilac Baby’s Breath

Get ready to embrace the beauty of baby’s breath flowers at your baby shower! With a lilac and white color scheme, you’ll create a delicate and graceful ambiance that’s simply beautiful.

baby shower theme
Image from: Perfete

Dreamy Candyland

Create a sweet and delightful baby shower with lilac candy-themed decor, candy buffets, and colorful treats, turning the event into a whimsical candy wonderland.

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Pretty in Pink

Celebrate the girly girl mom-to-be with a diva-worthy atmosphere, chic attire, and delightful pink treats. The more pink, the better.

baby shower theme
Image from: HWTM

Baby in the Barn

Embrace the joy of welcoming one more barnyard animal with pink barn decor, barnyard animal cutouts, and rustic vases, crates, and hay for an a-moo-zing celebration!

baby shower theme
Image from: Kara Party Ideas

Royal Pink Princess

Treat the mom-to-be like royalty with regal pink decorations, including crowns, gold candlesticks, and elegant dishware. Don’t forget to provide a comfy throne for her to sit on.

baby shower theme
Image from: @bizziebeecreations

Pink Barbie Party

At this party fit for a Barbie girl, you’ll find a life-size Barbie box photo op, pink-themed desserts, and fabulous pink outfits to pay homage to this classic childhood toy.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Celebrating a new baby is always a great way to show the expecting mom your love and support. Not everyone will find out the baby’s gender or share it with others beforehand, though. 

Take a look at these 52 creative baby shower themes to suit a gender-neutral event everyone will love!

Elephant Baby Shower Theme

The elephant baby shower theme is super customizable, allowing you to easily add cute sub-themes. For example, you could incorporate elephants in hot air balloons for a subtle adventure theme. Alternatively, add sleeping elephants to create a cozy nighttime theme, or add some flowers for a hint of spring. For more creative ideas, click here.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: Pinterest

Woodland Baby Shower Theme

This is a wonderful theme for nature lovers, inspired by a woodland forest. You can add whimsical touches like fairy lights, toadstools, and mushrooms to make this theme even more magical. Add in balloons and cutouts of woodland animals like foxes, rabbits, and owls to bring your enchanted forest to life! For some more cool ideas, check out this guide.

Boho Baby Shower Theme

If you’re into a clean and modern aesthetic, the Boho Baby Shower Theme is a must-consider! This theme effortlessly channels a trendy, minimalistic vibe with natural elements like wood rounds and pampas grass, soft color palettes, and chic decor. It’s the perfect way to set up a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere for celebrating the upcoming arrival. Dive into more ideas here.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: @gabysballoons_

Rainbow Baby Shower Theme

Make your celebration even more joyful with a rainbow theme, featuring vibrant colors and cheerful decor. Create a happy atmosphere with a rainbow balloon arch, colorful table settings, rainbow floral arrangements, and other fun additions. Or, for a modern twist, you can opt for a softer pastel rainbow theme. For more “bright” ideas, check out this article.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: Etsy

Succulent Baby Shower Theme

This trendy and nature-inspired theme is ideal for nature-loving parents. You’ll want plenty of succulents to decorate your tables and to give as thank-you gifts. To make this theme even more exciting, add a subtle desert subtheme, featuring rust and brown colored decor matching the desert landscape.

Alternatively, you could opt for an eco-friendly event, featuring plenty of plants and reusable or recyclable tableware. For some more adorable decor ideas, check out this article.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: Project Nursery

Foxes Baby Shower Theme

What does the fox say? That you’re having a baby! This cute, animal-inspired theme lets you bring in fox balloons, banners, cutouts, and more, alongside woodland decor, to create a cozy little fox den. This is a great theme for the fall due to the orange color or for the spring if you want to add in some fresh greenery and flowers. To get inspired, click here.

Pumpkin Baby Shower Theme

What better way to celebrate your little pumpkin than with a pumpkin-themed party? This one’s perfect for fall, filled with pumpkins and pumpkin-inspired dishes. Throw in some cozy blankets, an autumn leaf garland, and carved pumpkins to really capture the season’s vibe. You can make this theme as spooky or as wholesome as you’d like. For more inspiration, check this out.

wbs baby shower themes
Image from: Blitsy

Over the Moon

Are you totally “over the moon” for your baby-to-be? Then, celebrate with this adorable theme, featuring dreamy moon invitations, moon and star balloons, and maybe even a star projector to really set the scene. You can always make this theme more original by adding a subtle space, alien, or NASA theme. For more inspo, here’s a handy guide.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Theme is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. It’s a dreamy choice for an outdoor baby shower under the stars! Consider decorating with starry lights, star-shaped balloons, and moon and star centerpieces to add that magical touch. For additional cute theme suggestions, check out this article.

baby shower themes cloud
Image from: tulamama.com

A Citrus Celebration

Oranges are bright, delicious, and oh so aromatic! Keep things simple by centering your theme on a fruit that doesn’t get quite enough credit.

This is a really great baby shower theme for summertime or spring. Hues of orange, peach, and yellow will be the perfect compliments for the event.

baby shower themes orange
Image from: Jasmine

Donut Delivery

It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t love a good donut. And while they should be enjoyed sparingly, this colorful donut theme is all of the fun without any of the guilt!

Although we aren’t saying donuts shouldn’t be part of the dessert table for this baby shower theme! There are limitless options with the decor for this, too, including cutouts of donuts to hang around the venue.

baby shower themes donut
Image from: archzine.net

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Ducks are a popular image for children’s decor, and they make for an adorable theme for a baby shower as well!

You can line the dessert table with yellow baby ducks or give them out as favors. Bright yellow and orange colors will make this a perfect summer baby shower theme.

baby shower themes duck
Image from: @minimidelicias

Minty Fresh Celebration

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fun mint-themed shower, featuring mint green hues, candy-inspired decor, and sweet treats. This delightful celebration is the perfect way to show your baby they were “mint” to be.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Baby Sprout

Celebrate new growth with a sprout-themed baby shower! Embrace nature with leafy, budding, and flower-filled decor. A perfect choice for plant-lovers.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Dunkin’ into Parenthood

Do you love donuts? Then this theme is for you, featuring mint-colored balloons, donut-shaped banners, and plenty of doughnuts, of course.

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Woodland Wonders

Featuring woodland animals, lush greenery, and rustic decor, this enchanting baby shower theme will transport you to a whimsical forest where you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

“We’ve Been Busy Bees” Shower 

Decorate with yellow bee cutouts, lemon-flavored cakes, and a bouquet of sunny yellow flowers to celebrate the “parents-to-bee.”

baby shower theme
Image from: Happiest Baby

Little Duckling Delight

Quack and waddle into a sunny and cheerful baby shower! Decorate with adorable duckling cutouts, yellow balloons, and ducky banners to welcome the little one to the nest.

baby shower theme

Lemonade Stand

Squeeze the sweetness out of life with a lemonade-themed baby shower with a refreshing lemonade station, sunflowers, and yellow balloons.

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Pooh Bear Book Fest

Set the stage for your Pooh Bear baby shower with images from the book, honey pots, and classic Hundred Acre Woods decor to create a nostalgic celebration that will fill everyone’s hearts with joy.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Sweet and Simple

Keep it chic with elegant gray balloons and understated decor for a sophisticated celebration to honor your little bundle of joy.

baby shower theme
Image from: Mommy Diary

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Bring the nursery rhyme to life with gray star and moon balloons, twinkling lights, and a cute backdrop to celebrate your little star!

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Robot Rendezvous

Step into the future with a robot-themed baby shower in shades of gray and metallic accents. Get playful with robot illustrations, gears, and spaceship decorations for a unique and fun gathering.

baby shower theme
Image from: HWTM

Elegant Night Sky

Embrace the beauty of the night sky with a neutral and sophisticated theme. Decorate with gray clouds, a moon, and silver stars for an elegant monochromatic look that will leave guests in awe.

baby shower theme
Image from: Alice’s Dreams

Ivory Winter Wonderland

Step into a winter wonderland with fake snow, snowflakes, and twinkling Christmas trees to bring a touch of Holiday cheer to your baby shower celebration.

baby shower theme
Image from: The Bump

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Elegant and Timeless

For this classy celebration, include ivory-colored flowers, delicate lace, and elegant dishware basking in soft candlelight, creating a classic and sophisticated atmosphere to honor your little one.

baby shower theme
Image from: Fawn Over Baby

Dreamy Cloud Nine

Float on cloud nine with a dreamy ivory baby shower, featuring fluffy clouds, soft ivory hues, and angel wings to create a heavenly celebration for your baby from above.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Modern Minimalist

Keep your baby shower sleek and modern by using clean ivory lines, a simple white cake, and gender-neutral signs.

baby shower theme
Image from: The Blondielocks

Cozy and Warm

Step into a cozy and warm beige baby shower, where neutral hues, soft textures, and comforting decor create an inviting atmosphere.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Teddy Bear Bonanza

Celebrate your little bundle with cuddly teddy bears, beige balloons, and sweet treats, bringing this childhood into your special day.

National Treasure 

Step into the great outdoors with a National Park-themed baby shower with wooden signs, sticks, pine cones, and trail guides.

baby shower theme
Image from: HRJ Events

Earthy Tones

Embrace the beauty of nature with earthy decorations, wooden accents, and soothing beige hues, creating a calming environment to welcome your little one into the world.

baby shower theme
Image from: @thesocialset_up

Turquoise Rustic Elegance

Create a gender-neutral baby shower blending rustic charm with turquoise elegance, featuring mason jars, burlap, and lace for a timeless and sophisticated look.

Under the Sea Adventure

Create a magical underwater celebration that will make a splash with your guests by decorating with adorable turquoise sea creatures, sand, and ocean-inspired decor.

baby shower theme

Whale of a Time

Celebrate your little one with adorable whale cutouts and blue, gray, and turquoise balloons. Get ready for a splash of fun and joy!

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Turquoise and Gold Glamour

Indulge in a lavish baby shower featuring golden and turquoise chalices, candelabras, and vases filled with blue flowers.

baby shower theme
Image from: In My Studio

Desert Bloom

Embrace the beauty of cacti, succulents, and desert flowers, all within a peach background, to create a delightful celebration reflecting the spirit of the desert.

baby shower theme

Baking Delight

Celebrate the joy of baking and the anticipation of a new little chef with this gender-neutral theme featuring elegant cookware and peach desserts.

Little Farmers Market

Celebrate with a vibrant farmer’s market theme, featuring fresh peaches, baskets, and charming farm-inspired elements. Add the slogan “locally grown” to honor the bountiful arrival of your little one.

baby shower theme
Image from: Everyday Party

Outback Adventure

Take a journey to the sunny Australian outback with peach balloons, flowers, kangaroos, and boomerangs, adding an adventurous touch to the celebration.

baby shower theme
Image from: 100 Layer Cake

Lavender Tea Party

Host an elegant tea party featuring lavender-colored teacups and saucers with lavender-infused tea and scrumptious treats like lavender scones or cupcakes.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pizzazzerie

Vintage Floral

Transport your guests to a bygone era with elegant lavender centerpieces, vintage china, typewriters, and lace decorations, creating a timeless and enchanting celebration.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pretty My Party

Lavender and Honey

For this elegant theme, decorate with lavender flowers and honeycomb shapes. Treat guests to honey-inspired drinks, lavender-infused honey jars as favors, and delicious honey-based desserts.

baby shower theme
Image from: Jessa Schifilliti

Lavender Dreams

Create a magical and serene baby shower with lavender moon and star balloons and twinkle lights. Add a sleepy theme by asking guests to bring their favorite bedtime story as a gift.

baby shower theme
Image from: Zazzle

Citrus Delight

Step into a zesty citrus baby shower filled with vibrant oranges, fresh-squeezed OJ, and the sweet slogan “a little cutie is on the way.”

baby shower theme
Image from: Alibaba

Pumpkin Patch Party

Celebrate the fall season with pumpkin-themed decorations, warm autumn colors, and a cozy atmosphere that will make everyone feel right at home.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Happy Rainbow

Spread happiness and love with an orange rainbow shower, featuring rainbow balloons, vibrant decorations, and rainbow-inspired treats.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Circus Celebration 

Bring the excitement of the circus to life with vibrant orange decor, playful circus-themed games, and carnival-inspired treats.

baby shower theme

Little Avocado Adventure

Go for a fun and quirky theme with avocados as the star, incorporating avocado-shaped decorations, avocado-inspired dishes, and a fiesta-style celebration.

baby shower theme


Embrace your love for succulents by incorporating them into your baby shower’s table decor and party favors. This theme is perfect for plant enthusiasts!

baby shower theme
Image from: Nico and Lala

Sweet Pea

Decorate with cute pea pod illustrations, hanging vines, and green floral touches for a cute event celebrating your “sweet pea.”

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Eco-Friendly Earth Baby

Embrace sustainability with recycled decor, potted plants as centerpieces, and eco-friendly party favors for a green baby shower with a meaningful message.

zero waste baby shower
Image from: Eco Party Time

Unique Baby Shower Themes

If you want something new and exciting, these unique baby shower themes will do the trick! Hosting an event that doesn’t follow traditional guidelines can be so engaging and fun for everyone!

Peter Pan in Neverland

Peter Pan is the quintessential free spirit. For unique baby shower themes to suit boys and girls, Neverland is ideal! 

Get your party inspiration from the movie and include greenery, along with hanging silhouettes of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Make sure your treats have some sparkly pixie dust!

gender reveal themes
Image from: Pinterest

Crazy for Candyland

Candyland is a classic game that’s stood the test of time. But it can also become the super sweet (pun intended) theme for a baby shower!

Want to make this baby shower theme super fun? Decorate with candy! You can add it to the dessert table and give it out as souvenirs to guests. Use bright and fun colors to add interest and excitement to the theme and see how memorable the day becomes!

baby shower themes candyland
Image from: etsy.com

As far as virtual baby showers go, you can’t go wrong by using the latest ready-made themes for your WebBabyShower. There are many themes to choose from, such as Lilacs, Storks, and Summer Baby.

A Day at the Circus

Bring all the fun of the carnival to your baby shower with a colorful and festive circus theme. Red, white, and blue are the traditional circus colors. However, you can also choose pastel pinks, blues, and greens for a more aesthetic color scheme. Use brightly colored flags, table clothes, and balloons to make your home look like a carnival tent. Include cutouts of circus animals and carnival-themed foods to make your baby shower a show-stopper.

A Baby Is Brewing

Parenthood involves so many sleepless nights — especially in the first year of the baby’s life. It’s no secret that parents need to let loose with a beer two once in a while.

The “Baby Is Brewing” theme nods to a favorite drink, but also honors the little baby brewing in mommy’s tummy. While anyone pregnant may not be able to drink beer, guests can enjoy themselves and everyone can appreciate the cute theme.

This is also the perfect baby shower theme for a co-ed party. You might even host it at a brewery for added fun. Add games and a barbecue, and you’ve got the perfect event.

baby shower themes brewing
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

It’s America’s favorite pastime, and there will probably be many baseball games in your little one’s future, whether he’s sitting on the sidelines or taking up little league!

Give your baby a fitting introduction to the world by choosing a baseball theme, which you can bring to life by setting the baby shower up outside, making your guests wear baseball caps or uniforms, and serving yummy stadium food.

baby shower themes baseball
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Rock on with this rockstar themed shower, featuring blue and black guitars, music notes, and other music-related decor.

baby shower theme
Image from: Project Nursery

Retro Race Car

Rev up the fun with a gray retro race car baby shower featuring vintage race car images, checkered flags, and toy cars. Perfect for parents-to-be who have a need for speed!

baby shower theme
Image from: Viviana Bennawan

Frog Prince Fairytale

Transform your baby from tadpole to frog prince with this unique theme! Keep it elegant with subtle green frog decorations, creating a magical space that feels like it was ripped from a storybook.

Hungry Caterpillar 

Step into the world of Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with caterpillar cutouts, vibrant green balloons, and serve a variety of delicious treats inspired by the beloved children’s book.

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Vintage Carousel

Take a ride down memory lane with green carousel horses, antique decor, and nostalgic charm, celebrating the joy and wonder of childhood.

baby shower theme
Image from: Elegant Aura

Creative Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games have been around for centuries. So, instead of choosing the same old traditional activities, try including some creative games to celebrate the new bundle of joy! Your guests will love being a part of your celebration’s exciting activities.

All White Baby Shower

If you want the best baby shower themes that reflect high class and sophistication, try hosting an All White baby shower! 

These classic events boast the color white throughout the decorations, treats, and even gift wrappings. Whether you use all white or hues of white and ivory, this theme is sure to pamper the mom-to-be.

Little Artist

Celebrate the little artist with a creative baby shower, featuring paint palettes, easels, and art-inspired decor. Use a rainbow color scheme to make this theme bright and fun, or stick with neutrals and black-and-white sketches for a minimalist approach.

The parents can also base their theme on a specific art style, such as pop art or art nouveau. Guests can paint tiny pictures for the baby’s nursery as one of the baby shower activities.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Sweet as Can Bee

There’s nothing quite as sweet as the feeling of holding a happy, alert newborn baby. A fun play on words, the “Sweet as Can Bee” theme is a bright, fun nod to all of the precious moments to come between parent and baby.

An adorable “sweet as can bee” sign with a bumblebee added will set up the party perfectly. Obviously, sunny yellow is a great, gender-neutral choice, and you can accompany this color with black, white, and gold.

baby shower themes bee
Image from: @boobeandesign and @chicfete

Little Man Baby

The “Little Man Baby” theme is all about class, tailor-made for your little gentleman in the making. With cute bow ties, playful mustaches, and tiny top hats, it exudes sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to your baby shower. Elevate the experience with fancy snacks, such as cheese platters and fruit skewers. If you’re looking for more classy inspiration, don’t forget to check out this article for some helpful ideas.

Up, Up, and Away!

Take flight with shades of blue, clouds, and adorable hot air balloons for this sky-high theme. Incorporate the slogan “up up and away! A boy is on the way” to add a charming touch.

baby shower theme
Image from: The Bash

Elephant Parade

Adorable and intelligent, elephants make a wonderful theme to celebrate the smart little man on the way. Keep the elephant-themed decor all gray for a classy look, or add pops of blue or yellow for a touch of color.

baby shower theme
Image from: Etsy

Dino-mite Celebration

Step into a prehistoric jungle with a dinosaur-themed baby shower, featuring green dinosaur cutouts, dino-eggs, and the slogans “roar! It’s a boy” or “baby hatching soon.”

baby shower theme
Image from: Amazon

Stitch’s Outer Space Adventure

Embark on an aqua outer space-themed baby shower with aqua-hued planets, spaceships, and, of course, Stitch from the Disney classic Lilo and Stitch. This is the perfect choice for Disney fans!

Baby in the Wild Blue Yonder

For nature and adventure lovers, host a wilderness-themed shower with navy blue accents, camping equipment, and a backdrop of blue mountains and sky.

baby shower theme
Image from: Inspired By This

Moonlit Adventure

Create a magical atmosphere with navy blue images of the moon and night sky. Host the celebration in the evening with twinkle lights to enhance the ambiance.

baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

Little Explorer

With green foliage, maps, compasses, and binoculars, this nature-inspired celebration will honor the parents-to-be and their adventurous journey with their little explorer.

baby shower theme
Image from: Catch My Party

Peter Rabbit Garden Party 

Draw inspiration from Beatrix Potter’s classic tale and adorn the venue with pale green garden-inspired decor, bunny cutouts, and vintage elements.

Modern Baby Shower Themes

Creative baby shower themes don’t have to follow a traditional outline. Many of these modern themes can make your next event feel like an exciting and creative way to celebrate the expecting mom!

Minimalist Baby Shower

Instead of overwhelming the mom-to-be with excessive decorations or complex themes, use a minimalistic approach. Parents who love modern design will enjoy a baby shower with clean lines and simple decorations. Stick to neutral whites and beiges throughout, but use small pops of color for focal points. 

wbs baby shower theme

Great Gatsby Baby Shower

Bring back the roaring 20s with a fun-filled Great Gatsby Baby Shower! This classic theme incorporated black, white, and gold into every element. If you need baby shower themes for boys, girls, or multiples, it’s perfect. 

Some terrific additions would be tuxedo-shaped cupcakes and gold party favors. Don’t forget to include elegant glasses to toast the mom-to-be with some sparkling cider.

wbs baby shower theme
Image from: @opulenttreasures

Airplane Adventure

Get ready for takeoff with blue airplanes, globes, and world maps to inspire a sense of wanderlust. This adorable theme symbolizes that the parents-to-be’s greatest adventure is about to begin.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Perfect for Dr. Seuss fans, set the base color to gray and add pops of yellow, orange, and red for an exciting spark. Encourage guests to sign a copy of the book.

baby shower theme
Image from: Project Nursery

Future Sports Star

Cheer on your future athlete with a navy and white soccer or baseball themed shower. Gift your guests navy team shirts saying “Team Boy” or personalized jerseys with your baby’s name.

Outer Space

Blast off to an outer space-themed baby shower with rocket ship decorations and galaxy-inspired treats. Hang star and planet-shaped decorations from your ceiling and add moon and star-shaped balloons to make your baby shower “out of this world.” If an outer space theme is too general, choose a subtheme like Star Wars, NASA, or aliens.

baby shower theme
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Retro Baby

Take a trip back in time with a retro baby shower theme featuring vintage decor and pastel colors. The mom-to-be can wear a flower crown and a long, flowy dress to set the tone for the shower. Incorporate peace signs and daisies into your decor for a flashback to the 60s. Add a wooden post with signs saying “free hugs” or “groovy road” to capture the mood of the era.

baby shower theme
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Classy and Chic Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower themes don’t have to be dull. There’s no limit to options for a classy and chic baby shower for your next event. So, avoid the traditional party and choose one of these sophisticated themes. 

High Tea Baby Shower

High tea is the epitome of class and lavishness. Pay tribute to the expecting mom by hosting a High tea baby shower, complete with finger sandwiches, crumpets, and scones. 

Add a personal touch using specialty tea cups with saucers and other sweet treats. Follow a regal color scheme with gold accents and invite your guests to wear their best Sunday hats!

wbs baby shower theme
Image from: Pinterest

French Market Baby Shower

You don’t have to be French to love a French Market baby shower theme! This simple concept draws from all the favorites, including baguettes, macarons, croissants, and more. 

Offer guests a charcuterie board topped with various cheeses, meats, and fruit. Use market-themed decorations, like checkered napkins and vases of fresh flowers.

wbs baby shower theme
Image from: me-and-mrjones.com

Beauty and the Baby Shower

If mom-to-be loves Disney but doesn’t want a traditional Mickey & Minnie event, try hosting a Beauty and the Baby Shower! This creative baby shower theme exhibits style and class, making it perfect for a baby boy or girl.

Round out your theme with gold-colored silverware, candlesticks, and roses. Include royal blue, pink, and gold balloons to make guests feel like they entered a palace.

wbs baby shower theme
Image from: southboundbride.com

Garden Party

Celebrate your new arrival with a garden party surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and plants. Incorporate watering pots, wheelbarrows, and other garden-inspired decorations to bring this theme to life.

You can Incorporate dainty tea cups, teapots, and lace tablecloths to make your garden party even more elegant. While it’s ideal to have this event in an outdoor garden, you can also do it indoors using lots of greenery and fresh flowers.

baby shower theme
Image from: peggyporschen.com

Boho Baby

For a free-spirited mom-to-be, a boho baby theme featuring dreamcatchers and earth tones will create a perfect laid-back atmosphere. Create a “throne” for the future mom, with a large wooden chair, a triangular or circular arch, neutral-colored balloons, and pampas grass in boho vases. Dining can be picnic style on a low pallet table or rugs and cushions on the ground. Use neutral florals and greenery to create a bohemian tablescape.

baby shower theme
Image from: Alyssa Brown

Bohemian Baby

The Bohemian theme, which focuses on scaled-back florals, wood decor, and other rustic elements is all the rage these days! Life will become quite hectic once the new baby arrives, so take a moment to enjoy a calm, relaxing afternoon surrounded by touches of nature.

You can use shades of white, tan, and other rustic neutrals and decorate with real flowers for a super bohemian vibe. Host indoors or out; either way, your guests are sure to love the atmosphere of this baby shower theme.

baby shower themes bohemian
Image from: maiveandbo.com

Little Chef

Is the mom-to-be a major foodie? Then, this little chef theme will be a total hit! This theme is all about food, using cooking and baking utensils as decorations. Ask guests to wear chef hats or aprons for a fun touch.

Guests can decorate cookies or mini cakes for a fun chef-related activity. The food served at this event can be themed around one item (like pizza) or include an entire category of foods (like brunch or Italian).

baby shower theme
Image from: andersruff.com

Nautical Adventure

Set sail with a nautical adventure theme featuring anchors, sailboats, and a blue and white color palette. Buy your guests’ sailor hats or eye patches to add to the fun. For decor, try putting sail-shaped toppers into your cupcakes to make them look like tiny sailboats.

Or, you could add a sea of blue and white balloons strewn over the floor or as a backdrop for a nautical photo op. Incorporate seashells, mermaids, and pink decor to make the nautical theme more feminine.

baby shower theme
Image from: Shower That Baby

World Traveler

A world traveler theme featuring maps, suitcases, and travel-inspired decor will be perfect for the globetrotting mom-to-be. The mom can put up a world map with pins of all the places she’s been in one color and pins of places she wants to take her baby in another. Several slogans can be incorporated, such as “an adventure awaits” or “a new adventure is about to begin.” Offer food items from various countries to give guests a taste of cultures across the globe.

coed baby shower
Image from:

A World of Woodland Creatures

Babies are the cutest little ones in the universe, but baby foxes and their woodland friends are definitely a close second!

Bright colors and florals are a great way to spice up this baby shower theme. You can also choose from any of our woodland creature themes, such as foxes. And woodland vibes mean that you can include greenery and candles and even host the party outdoors if you want.

wbs Latest Baby Shower Trends
Image from: etsy

Cuddly Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are a staple among childhood comfort items, sometimes loved even more than safety blankets and pacifiers! Give your little one a head start on all the cuddles and playtime to come with this adorable teddy bear-themed shower!

This makes a great baby shower theme for winter or an evening event. For an adorable addition to your party, why not add teddy bears everywhere? These stuffed animals make easy decorations and souvenirs.

wbs Latest Baby Shower Trends
Image from: @drithiarjoon

A Royal Prince

He’ll grow up to be a king, but first he’ll start off as a little prince.

Celebrate the royalty that runs in your baby’s blood with a cute little “Royal Prince” baby shower theme! It’ll give the parents an excuse to nod to their own status as king and queen of their home (and maybe even wear fancy crowns!).

A Super Party Fit for a Superhero

Whether your baby boy grows up to be a hero or just grows up admiring them, the superhero theme is a great fit for a boy’s baby shower!

You can easily add superhero cutouts to the walls, play a superhero movie in the background, or even allow your guests to come dressed as their favorite superheroes. This baby shower theme will be a winner for sure!

baby shower themes superhero
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Little Gentleman

Celebrate the soon-to-be arrival in style with gray, black, and white bowties, mustaches, monocles, top hats, and other sophisticated items fit for a gentleman.

baby shower theme
Image from: Catch My Party

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