32 Birth Announcement Ideas & What to Write for Friends, Family, and Office

If you’ve just had your own baby – congratulations are in order! But there’s also the matter of announcing Baby to the world, which can be new and daunting territory, especially for first-time parents. 

How do you let people know that your new bundle of joy has arrived? Is a social media post too informal for work? If so, should you write an email instead? And, most importantly – what should you say?

WebBabyShower is the most recognized of all virtual baby shower brands on the web, so we know our stuff when it comes to all things pregnancy and birth-related. If you’re wondering what to write for your birth announcement – or you’re seeking fun and unique birth announcement ideas – we’re here to help. Looking to announce a pregnancy instead? Check out our pregnancy announcements article.

What to Include in a Birth Announcement: Ideas and Tips

No matter how you choose to announce the child’s birth, you should include a few basics when you do. 

  1. Baby pictures: People will want to see baby photos, and you’ve likely taken a million already. Find one or two adorable photos to include. You’ll also want a picture or two of baby and mama or baby and parents.
  2. Name: The second thing everyone will wonder about is the baby’s name. It shows personality and allows people to refer to the baby by the name you’ve chosen. If you’re still choosing a name, this part doesn’t need to be included. 
  3. Stats and facts: A birth announcement will usually show the time and date of the baby’s birth, as well as how much they weighed when born. 

So, as an example,   you might write something like this:

what to include in birth announcement cards

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Ideas to Consider on Birth Notice 

You might add many things to the birth notice, depending on your situation and what your family and friends need to know. It can be a good idea to mention when you’d like people to visit, or if you need some space. 

There are ways to ask for space and privacy,  while still being polite. You could say something like, “We can’t wait for you all to meet the new baby, but at the moment we’re exhausted. Send us a text to see when to stop by!” or “Please give us a call to see when we’re available for visits!”

You’ll probably also want to include the baby’s gender in the birth announcement. This may be something you’ve already shared with family and friends, but if not, now is a great time! 

You can also take this time to answer the question of how everyone is feeling. Are mother and baby healthy? Is everyone recovering well from birth?. People like to hear some details and know that everyone is doing well, so it’s a good idea to include an update if possible. 

It’s also great to include some personal stories or humorous details – like congratulating Mom on “conquering x- hours of labor”, or sharing a funny story about how Dad fell asleep at the hospital. Light-hearted touches like this help to make the announcement more personal. 

Last, be sure to thank your relatives and friends for their well wishes, cards, presents, and care during the pregnancy. If a community of people gathered around you and helped you transition to parenthood, let them know you appreciate it.

You can use the invite maker on WebBabyShower to help you create the perfect birth announcement. It’s a fun way to introduce the baby and say thank you to others! 

webbabyshower birth announcement email wording example

How Do You Announce a Baby on Social Media?

This is similar to a regular birth announcement, but you’ll use a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or both to introduce the baby to your friends and family. You’ll still add the baby’s name, birthday, gender, and other information such as weight and size if you want to. 

Announcing the baby’s birth on social media platforms is a bit less formal than sending out an actual physical announcement in the form of a card.  It also allows you to let more people know and tell everyone at once with less work on your part (however, it doesn’t have the same personal touch as sending a physical card or note might have). Sending physical cards to your closest friends and family while leaving the social media announcement for everyone else could be a good option. 

Birth Announcement via Text Message

Sometimes you want to quickly make an announcement for those nearest and dearest to you – so if this is the case then check out the examples of text message birth announcements in this article. 

Also, you can quickly tell everyone at once by using a WhatsApp Group to send a group message. Everyone can share their responses and congratulations that way. It doesn’t have to be a long text. Sometimes a photo and a quick note is the perfect thing.

birth announcement card
Image from: @katmassard

Work Announcements

Sending a birth announcement through your workplace is slightly different and potentially more formal than when announcing to relatives. You’ll want to ask your employer what’s okay to do.

 Can you send an email to the entire department? Would it be better to let the company secretary handle this? 

Also, think about etiquette. It’s best to stick with facts and maybe a bit more formality in a workplace setting. Below, we’ll check out the best ways to tackle this:

How to Announce a Baby Birth in the Office?

The environment you work in and how close you are to your co-workers is going to play a significant role in how you announce the birth at the office. If your company throws work baby showers then you know they will be more than happy for you to send out a birth announcement. You might choose to do so in a casual way if your workplace dynamic calls for it, or be more formal if it does not. 

You might even send out birth announcements to your co-workers through the mail. Some good things to mention when you’re addressing co-workers are if you would like visits after a specific date, and how mother and baby are doing, everyone is healthy, etc. 

Most colleagues will probably be excited about the baby’s birth and be happy to wish you well. Although you can choose any way of announcing the birth, a simple email will probably be best in this case. You can add both parents and the baby’s name, and include the birthday. Although adding more is always an option, chances are this information will be enough for your colleagues. 

Here are a few baby announcement ideas for email wording:

To: All colleagues
Subject: Baby (name)!

webbabyshower birth announcement email wording example

To: All colleagues
Subject: Congratulations are in order!

webbabyshower birth announcement email wording example

To: All colleagues
Subject: Announcement!

wbs birth announcement example stork | WebBabyShower

To: All colleagues
Subject: Welcome baby (name)!

webbabyshower birth announcement email wording example

Birth Announcement Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is a fun way to announce the birth of your new little one. But maybe you aren’t sure what to say. If you’re stuck on what to say  are a few examples to help inspire you:

Announcing baby (name)! (Baby name) joins his family on (date) at (time). He’s already joining his siblings in making mischief, and (parent’s names) are doing their best to keep up! We’d love visitors, but text us first, as adding to our family’s number is making life even more busy than usual. Yay for baby (name)!

Hey everyone! New baby (name) was born on (date). You can text (parent’s names) about visits, as the baby is on a sleep schedule. We are thrilled and can’t wait for you to meet her!

Hello friends! Baby (name) joined us on (date) at (time). Weighing (weight) and mother and baby are both healthy and doing fine. We’re very excited and would be happy to schedule visits; reach out to us through text. 

Classic Birth Announcement Ideas

This beautiful minimalist design is a great way to announce your new baby! It has room for a photo of the baby and some basic information about the birth. 

minimal birth announcement with a baby picture and little details
Image from: @thedesignpom / etsy shop

This look is set up for a social media announcement. It features a few pictures and has a floral background.

birth announcement classic minimalist design
Image from: @maloulou.ch

This is a great idea for Instagram or Facebook announcements. A simple photo of the baby and a sign announcing the date, time, and weight. 

birth announcement letterboard
Image from: Janele Smith

Unique Birth Announcement Ideas

A sweet two-column design, pictures on the left, details on the right, with polka dots background and colored border. It’s cute and perfect for announcing the new baby. 

unique birth announcement idea | WebBabyShower
Image from: @personal.moments

Another great Instagram announcement idea. This one features a black and white photo and some gold and pink accessories scattered across the background. 

birth announcement unique black and white bookmark style
Image from: @maloulou.ch

This photo opportunity is an easy and fun way to announce your baby’s birth! It has an old-time design and blocks spell out the baby’s name.

This black and white graph design gives you the chance to add a lot of photos of the new baby. 

birth announcement black and white photo collage
Image from: mamasvib.com

Baby Boy Announcement Ideas

This blue ocean theme is a cute way to announce a new baby boy. 

A cute animal-themed announcement featuring your favorite animal from the wild west. 

Baby Girl Announcement Ideas

This warm floral announcement card emphasizes the baby’s big picture in the center looks so cute and pretty perfect for your baby girl!

girl birth announcement floral
Image from: basicinvite.com

This pink and white gingham border is the perfect way to announce your new little angel! It includes some basic information and room for a photo of the baby.

boy birth announcement gingham
Image from: @dvdesignshop

Funny Birth Announcement Ideas

A Harry Potter baby announcement! This announcement will make you think of Hogwarts as you read about the new baby.

This is a baby mug shot idea! It’s adorable and reads: “Charge: stealing his parent’s hearts.”

For this idea, you’ll need a striped onesie and a pacifier mustache. This one reads: “Escaped from the womb.” 

birth announcement mugshot photo with mustache
Image from: mylittlemoppet.com

This one makes it look like the baby is hatching from an egg. It’s creative and cute! 

Holiday Birth Announcement Ideas

A design that incorporates deep reds and greens and has a Christmas vibe, perfect for the holidays. 

A traditional and holiday-themed card featuring red and green plaid is great for a December baby. 

birth announcement holiday
Image from: @nicoandlala

Baby Announcement Ideas for Multiples

Are you having twins? Announce it through a card that has room for two photos and two “about” sections.

birth announcement for twins
Image from: @banterandcharm

You can also announce it with one big picture at the center with details and cute designs around it.

birth announcement twin blue
Image from: @maggiemoorestudio

Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

Your birth announcement is unique to you and your family. You can include anything you want or keep it as simple as you want. Check out these birth announcement ideas to help with the wording: 

Guess what, everybody? We’ve had an addition to the family!

Baby (name) joined us on (date) at (time)! Yay, baby (name)!

Attention – there’s a new kid in town!

Ideas for twins:

Double the happiness!

Twins! (Baby names) joined the world on (date).

Any baby after the first:

New baby (name) joins siblings (names) on (date)!

For the third baby:

Parents are officially outnumbered! (Baby name, date, time).

Final Thoughts about Birth Announcement Ideas

While planning out a birth announcement idea may seem like tons of work, it’s actually very fun, and you can quickly get something together using one of these ideas. If you aren’t sure about wording or are looking for an original idea, we’ve got plenty to help you get started. 

Using WebBabyShower is the perfect way to celebrate the pregnancy, throw a shower, announce the birth, and more! We offer virtual baby showers, a way to email all of your guests even after the event, and opportunities to add photos to your website after the baby’s birth. It’s the perfect way to celebrate with everyone you love from every corner of the globe.

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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