11 Baby Shower Girl Themes for 2021

Planning a baby shower is exciting — especially one for a baby girl. But, sometimes, it’s nice not to have to start entirely from scratch with all your ideas.

If you’re wondering about decorations, food, and themes, we have solutions. We at WebBabyShower have helped create unique baby shower experiences for thousands of people. Check out our awesome list of baby shower themes for girls.

What Are the Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Girls?

Here, we’ll share the most popular baby shower themes for girls. There are plenty of great ideas for both virtual and in-person baby showers.

Check out our themes section if you’re looking for inspiration for your baby shower website.

Princess Themed Baby Shower

Princesses are traditional and fun, and they never seem to lose popularity — plus, you have a ton of movie or TV show princesses to choose from!

Overall, it’s popular to go for a very elaborate look with over-the-top decorations, lots of balloons, tulle, and glitter.

Princess Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • A mini castle can go a long way as part of the decor
  • Pink flowers are a staple for this look, and they can be everywhere — on the cake, the tables, and even the walls!
  • You can’t go wrong with magic carriages as a unique centerpiece

Princess Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Place a crown on top of the cake to get a look fit for royalty
  • Tutus are always a popular idea, and you can use one by surrounding the cake’s base as a border
  • Go for a tufted or flowery design on the cake, using sparkling gold or silver as an accent color

Game Ideas for a Princess Themed Baby Shower

You might enjoy a game like WebBabyShower’s Word Search or Word Scramble. Create your own princess version that includes words like “Castle,” “Royalty,” and “Magic.”

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Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower

This is an adventurous and exciting theme — a perfect addition to baby shower themes for girls.

Think travel and lots of balloons, as well as blue, gold, pink, and other pastel colors. We even have a beautiful Elephant Balloons theme that will go perfectly with your hot air balloon baby shower!

Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Hot air balloons and clouds can be used throughout the event, as part of the invites, or even as a more oversized, life-like decoration to take photos with
  • You can work travel maps or passports into the day’s design, and use them as small decorations and larger centerpieces
  • Even regular balloons can be used to create clouds or a fun backdrop!

Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Looking for a cake alternative? Bake some beautifully decorated balloon-shaped cookies
  • Use stripes as part of the cake design. It’s vintage, old-fashioned, and goes well with the theme
  • Find hot air balloon decorations to add to the top of your cake or cupcakes, or use fondant to pattern the whole cake as a balloon

Game Ideas for a Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower

Try a trivia game linked to the hot air balloon theme for this shower. Since it’s all about adventure, get creative and include trivia about faraway places and various cultures.

Pumpkin Themed Baby Shower

This is an excellent theme for the fall months of September and October, and you’ll see all those wonderful hues of orange, burgundy, gold, and brown. Think fall decor — leaves, flowers, and of course pumpkins!

Pumpkin Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Scatter sunflowers around tables, or add them to vases for a unique and fresh look
  • Place pumpkins outdoors or use them as part of the main table display
  • Add banners to the room’s main focal point, saying things like “It’s a Girl!” or “Happy Fall!”
pumpkin themed baby shower
Image from: @emberbrooke

Pumpkin Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Miniature pumpkin pies — these mini desserts are a winning idea perfect for an autumn baby shower
  • Use candy corn or other fall-themed candies to help decorate the cake or cupcakes
  • Expand past a cake to include other fall favorites, such as cocoa and lattes, pie, and cookies

Game Ideas for a Pumpkin Themed Baby Shower

If it’s autumn, try a pumpkin carving contest! That, or a pumpkin painting contest, if you prefer. This is a lot of fun, and the new mom-to-be can judge.

Ice Cream Themed Baby Shower

An ice cream theme is a perfect summer or early fall event. The idea is whimsical and fun, as well as simple to achieve — just include a lot of bright colors like blue, pink, red, and green.

Ice Cream Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Floating ice cream cones made of balloons or paper will work well for hanging or as a backdrop
  • Using an ice cream cart as a small table design — or a full-sized cart that can stand on its own — is a perfect addition
  • Clear balloons full of colorful confetti will look like ice cream cones and add a nice touch to the decor

Ice Cream Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Ice cream cake is an obvious but delicious choice for your baby shower, and guests will love it
  • Try a tiered cake with a giant ice cream cone placed on top of it, upside down. It’s colorful and fun!
  • Skip the cake altogether and go straight for the ice cream, offering cones, bowls, and other desserts

Game Ideas for an Ice Cream Themed Baby Shower

Try out the Don’t Say “Baby” Game for this event. It’s an easy and simple summer activity for your baby shower.

Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower

This is one of the most creative girl baby shower themes, and it will work great for an event that takes place in the evening or at night.

Include stars and moons, and use colors like navy and gold in the decorating. It’s a classic look with an adorable twist — and our Sleepy Bears theme will coordinate perfectly with it.

Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Hang up the moon and stars so they float above a table or create a background for photos. You can use balloons or paper for this
  • Use gold as an accent color, scattering around gold mason jars with flowers and gold lanterns for extra light
  • Candles can add a bit of ambiance and sparkle that will look like stars

Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Fix a moon or stars to the top of the cake, or even go for themed cupcakes
  • Use fondant or frosting to create a night sky with stars and the moon on the surface of your cake
  • If you’re looking for an alternative, cake pops colored to match the decor will be perfect

Game Ideas for a Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower

Try a classic — blindfold the players and give them each a star to try to pin on a moon background. Whoever gets closest is the winner.

Flamingo Themed Baby Shower

The best tropical baby shower idea for the summer — or for when you want it to feel like summertime! Hot pink, green, and yellow are the most popular colors for this theme.

It’s one of the most unique baby girl shower ideas, and you can start with our Party Animals theme to perfectly complement your in-person flamingo event.

Flamingo Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Nothing says tropical paradise like a balloon arch! Create one using bright colors that match your other decorations
  • A giant balloon flamingo will be great to take photos with, and will also help create a background for presents or cake
  • Think tropical by adding in palm trees or branches, greenery, and flowers

Flamingo Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • A pink cake is always a popular choice that is sure to look great for pictures
  • Flowers are a great addition to the cake — especially if they are brightly colored
  • Add flamingo decorations to the top of the cake, or anywhere near it, to complete the look

Game Ideas for a Flamingo Themed Baby Shower

Go with a classic for this theme — something like the Alphabet Game is perfect and simple to play.

Peach Themed Baby Shower

This is a spring or summer theme that uses a lot of light pastel colors — include peach, green, and white in your decorations and invites. Our Storks or Watercolor Rainbow themes are perfectly peachy!

Peach Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Invitations should include peach colors or reference the theme in some way
  • Use a lot of greenery and white flowers in the decor to compliment the peach tones
  • Use baskets or bowls filled with peaches on tables to double as snacks and decorations
peach themed baby shower theme for girls
Image from: @_kaseymay

Peach Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Try a rustic look for the cake, and include peach or white frosting
  • Make your cake peach flavored, with vanilla — or even chocolate — frosting
  • Add peaches as a cake topper

Game Ideas for a Peach Themed Baby Shower

Try out a classic diaper raffle for this event. It’s a game with prizes, but it also supplies the mom-to-be plenty of diapers for the new baby.

Storybook Themed Baby Shower

You can make this theme traditional, or include some unique ideas of your own. Reference storybooks and even movies to help you with decorations and food.

Plus, without stories, unicorns wouldn’t exist! So what’s more appropriate than our Little Unicorns theme for the arrival of your cutie.

Storybook Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Having books and stories as part of your decor is the perfect way to add flair
  • You can create or order a banner with the words, “Once Upon a Time”
  • Pick a specific story and base your decor around the characters or theme

Storybook Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Make the cake look like a storybook cover
  • Allow the cake to tell a story by including characters or words from a book
  • Rather than a cake, make a dessert from a specific story

Game Ideas for a Storybook Themed Baby Shower

Ask your guests to play a trivia game that centers around storybook characters. The more knowledge they have, the easier it is to win!

Pink Themed Baby Shower

Of all the newborn girl themes, pink is probably the most classic and beloved. It’s pretty, traditional, and lets your guests know to expect a baby girl soon!

Include various shades of pink, as well as a complementary color. Teddy Bears, Pink Hearts, and Mandalas are just a few of our cute pink themes for you to choose from.

Pink Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Try adding a complementary color like white, gold, silver, or purple to make the pink decorations pop
  • Flowers are an excellent choice for a pink baby shower. Order them in various shades and add them to tables, walls, corners, and centerpieces
  • Include the current season in the pink decor by featuring fall, winter, spring, or summer decorations

Pink Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Order or make an ombre cake with various pink shades
  • Since pink decorations make the celebration fancy and girly, create a double or triple-tiered cake to match the mood
  • Add a classic accessory — like flowers or baby shoes — to the top of the cake

Game Ideas for a Pink Themed Baby Shower

Try out a bingo game, or something else requiring paper and a pen, so that you can show off that adorable pink theme. Any printable game is great!

Fairy Themed Baby Shower

There are a few ways to go with this idea — you can either include some greenery and go for a woodland fairy look, or you can go the fairytale route with castles and magic wands.

Fairy Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Include some sparkle with this theme, such as fairy lights, candles, and glitter
  • Choose a primary color, like pink or purple, to compliment the decor
  • Add small fairy cutouts throughout the space. They can be hanging from the ceiling or placed on desserts!

Fairy Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Choose a cake layout with lots of detail, such as animals, fairies, or flowers
  • Butterflies are a trendy and sweet addition to fairy cakes — be sure to include some!
  • Add a bit of greenery to the cake for a more woodland look

Game Ideas for a Fairy Themed Baby Shower

Try the Baby Songs or Name That Baby Tune game for this party.

Sunshine Themed Baby Shower

This is a perfect option for a summer baby shower, or to create a beach vibe! Think bright and happy colors like yellow, orange, and white.

Sunshine Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Sunflowers are a great look for a sunshine theme, so place them everywhere
  • Add sunshine! On banners and balloons, or use a large sun for a backdrop
  • Use lemons as part of your decorations and to brighten up the food table

Sunshine Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • A bright yellow or ombre style cake will be perfect
  • Add an adorable smiling sun as part of the frosting or as a topper
  • Or, include clouds and rainbows as part of the topper, along with the sun

Game Ideas for a Sunshine Themed Baby Shower

A sunshine-themed baby shower should be all about laughter. Try playing something like Draw the Baby, or any game equally funny.

The Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls

The sky is the limit with these baby shower themes for girls! Use any ideas mentioned here to your heart’s content, or even use them as inspiration for your own unique celebration. These themes can help make your planning process simple!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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