Winter Wonderland Baby Shower: Your Ultimate Winter Wonderland Ideas List

If you are planning a winter baby shower for a friend or family member, there is no need to worry about the winter time blues.  This season is the perfect time of year to throw a spectacular winter wonderland baby shower. 

Using the holidays as your inspiration, you are alreatedy half-way there with all of the party decorations in place. (And if you don’t have a lot of holiday or winter decorations, this could be a great excuse to go out and buy some!) You can make this winter baby shower as casual and simple as you like, or you can pull out all the stops and make it one of the most elegant parties of the year. No matter what you decide, we have some amazing winter baby shower ideas to excite and inspire.

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By using a virtual baby shower service, you no longer have to worry about bad weather keeping guests from attending.  A virtual baby shower is enjoyed right in one’s own home whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. No matter the weather or temperature outside, you can enjoy that winter baby shower as planned! Plus, the mom-to-be will have a great time interacting with family and friends, celebrating the upcoming birth of her new little bundle of joy.

Five Spectacular Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Themes

1.)   Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Everyone is familiar with this cozy Christmas sentiment, so guests will naturally gravitate towards this classic winter time party theme. Incorporate lots of blue and white snowflakes to set the mood.  A cup of hot cocoa can add the perfect touch.

winter baby shower bunting
Image from:

2.)   Winter Snowflake

Celebrate the Little Snowflake that is on the way!  You can add a mimosa (or MOMosa) bar featuring holiday or Christmas champagne for all to enjoy.  Have some fun decorating by spray painting long branches in silver, accenting with various sizes of paper snowflakes for added drama and glitz. For another layer of fun, you can incorporate a bit of light pink or light blue into the décor.

winter baby shower snowflakes
Image from:

3.)   Let It Snow

Capture the moment with decorations of polar bears, snowmen, twinkling lights and sparkly glitter.

winter baby shower decor
Image from:

4.)   White Christmas

Are you and the mom-to-be dreaming of a white Christmas?  Set the stage for her heart’s desires with a winter woodland baby shower. You can have a glamorous and elegant baby shower with yummy snowflake cookies and a variety of shimmery party decorations

winter baby shower woodland
Image from:

5.)   A Pajama Party 

We all love to lounge around in our pajamas over the holidays, right? Why not have a winter baby shower that you can enjoy in your pajamas? While you could definitely host this baby shower most any time of year, it seems best suited for winter time. If you plan to have an in-person shower, consider a fun little sleepover.  When hosting a virtual winter baby shower, just have all your guests wear their PJs. You can even ask them to wear cute holiday themed pajamas to add to the festivities.

For added fun, get some cute PJs for the baby-to-be and even for the Grandma-to-be:

winter baby shower onesie
Image from:
winter baby shower grandma bear shirt | WebBabyShower
Image from:

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Build Your Shower

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Invitations

We have gathered some of the cutest winter wonderland baby shower invitations you can imagine. These party invitations can be customized to fit your baby shower theme.

An adorable hand cut, snowflake onesie

winter baby shower gray onesie invite
Image from:
winter baby shower white onesie invite
Image from:
winter baby shower blue invite
Image from:

Invite your guests with a customized woodland-style invitation, complete with a rustic Christmas tree or holiday sprigs and twigs

winter baby shower woodland invite.....
Image from:
winter baby shower trees invite
Image from:
winter baby shower white gold invite
Image from:

Everyone will want to save the date with these sparkle, shimmer and shine invitation ideas

winter baby shower pink invite
Image from:
winter baby shower silver invite
Image from:
winter baby shower floral snowflakes invite
Image from:

Bears and snowflakes make these chalkboard invitations come alive

winter baby shower bear invite
Image from:
winter baby shower black invite
Image from:
winter baby shower teddy bear invite
Image from:

Standard invitations with a touch of sparkly snowflakes create a fun invitation

winter baby shower blue snowflakes invite
Image from:
winter baby shower pink and blue invite
Image from:

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Decorations

Balloons and baby block letters set a festive tone

winter baby shower balloons and baby block
Image from:

Light-up baby letters create a touch of glamour

winter baby shower light baby letters
Image from:

Twigs, snowflakes, ribbons and banners set a winter mood

winter baby shower twigs and bunting
Image from:
winter baby shower hanging snowflakes twigs
Image from:

Hang string lights to celebrate the new little star

winter baby shower light decor
Image from:

Balloons add a whimsical touch

winter baby shower moon balloon
Image from:

Party banners headline the winter wonderland baby shower

winter baby shower woodland bunting
Image from:
winter baby shower pink bunting
Image from:

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Food Ideas

Think seasonal:  apple, cinnamon, chocolate and even some liqueurs for the guests. There are so many winter wonderland snacks you can make for your guests

Candy apples make a sweet treat!

winter baby shower candy apples
Image from: goodnsweettreats

Cinnamon rolls add a hardy touch to a woodland themed winter baby shower.

winter baby shower cinnamon
Image from: Keana Massey

Make a tree of powdered snowball doughnuts.

winter baby shower snowball doughnuts
Image from:

How about some hot cider, served in a fancy glass?

Dress up the hot chocolate, coffee or winter teas with these adorable sleeves!

winter baby shower cocoa bar
Image from:

Your guest of honor can enjoy these sweet treats even at a virtual winter baby shower. If your budget allows, arrange to have a basket of goodies delivered to her door step from a local bakery or café the day of the baby shower.  This will put the mom-to-be in a celebratory, party mode!

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Winter wonderland baby shower diaper cake

Showcase your creativity with a snowman diaper cake, accented in blue or pink or simply neutral. What a great centerpiece any of these winter baby shower diaper cakes will make!

Snowman Girl:

winter baby shower pink snowman diaper cake
Image from:

Snowman Boy:

winter baby shower blue snowman diaper cake
Image from:

Snowman Diaper Cake Decked out for the Party in Red and Green:

winter baby shower red snowman diaper cake
Image from:

Winter wonderland baby shower favors

Don’t let your guests leave empty-handed.  Celebrate the winter wonderland baby shower with any number of party favor ideas, all of which can be customized to include the name of the baby-to-be.

Thank your guests for coming to the baby shower with a wine charm, that can be customized with the baby’s name:

winter baby shower favor tag
Image from:

Celebrate the winter baby shower with personalized hot cocoa favors, decorated in blue or pink and customized with the baby-to-be’s name:

winter baby shower cocoa favors
Image from:

Keep guests’ lips soft and moist with Baby It’s Cold Outside Snow Winter Boy Baby Shower Lip Balm or Baby It’s Cold Outside Pink Snowflakes Baby Shower Lip Balm:

winter baby shower lip balm
Image from:
winter baby shower lip balm
Image from:

Send your baby shower guests home with blue or pink personal hand sanitizer:

winter baby shower hand sanitizers
Image from:

The Perfect Month to Host a Baby Shower

Unsure as to when you should host a baby shower? Most people agree that when the mom-to-be is between six and eight months along, that is the optimum time to throw a baby shower. However, there is not really a “right time” to have a baby shower. 

The timing of a baby shower – even a winter baby shower – all depends on what works for you, the host, the family and the mother-to-be. Of course, you don’t want to set the baby shower too close to the baby’s due date, as the mom-to-be could be feeling tired and overwhelmed by that point.  And if you are throwing a winter baby shower, you may have to consider the timing of the holidays. 

Just make sure that any potential dates you have in mind for the baby shower work for key people involved, like close family and friends.  With a virtual baby shower, you have the added bonus of making it easier for guests to attend as they do not have to leave their home and can enjoy the celebration in the warmth and comfort of their own living room.

What to wear to a winter wonderland baby shower: three tips to keep you in style, no matter the weather, we’ve got you covered!

1.)   For a casual event, opt for a warm wool dress with tights and ankle boots. Not only will you stay warm, but you will look oh-so-chic at this winter wonderland baby shower.

2.)   If you prefer to wear denim jeans, a sweater is the perfect complement. Plus, the spirit of the season incites you to choose one with lots of details or embellishments. (But maybe keep the ugly Christmas sweater for another day!)

3.)   For a more sophisticated winter wonderland baby shower, you may want to wear a skirt. You can go long or short (with tights).  Put on a nice sweater and you are good to go.

Enjoy the Season of Angels to Honor the Arrival of a Special Little Angel

We hope you have discovered some inspiring ideas in this list. Even though the season may get chilly and cold, it is the perfect time of year to incorporate all of the sparkle, glitz, lights and, most of all, magic of the holidays into the best winter wonderland baby shower of the year.  

The fun doesn’t have to end after your wonderful winter baby shower, either, as the forecast calls for a bright and sunny baby in the near future. Hosting a winter wonderland baby shower is the best way to celebrate the coming attraction, as all of the sparkle and festivities of this special time of year set the stage for a winter baby shower like no other.

Dedicated to getting at least 30,000 steps a day, Ann Butenas begins her day around 4:30 each morning. Ann successfully (the jury is still out on this!) raised three sons while juggling the demands of entrepreneurship and a writing career. She writes for HERLIFE Magazine and is a Senior Writer for Healthy Kansas City Magazine. Ann is working on a new book, Potty Training the Parents.

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