70 Ideas for Writing a Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording

Believe it or not, I love writing thank you cards! Ok I know it sounds crazy.. but it gives me a chance to express how much I appreciate everything that my family and friends have done. After my baby shower, it was even more special because I was able to thank them for the love they showered on my growing family.

( Wait! Looking for baby shower invite messages instead? darn google 😉 )

But sometimes it can be hard to think of just the right baby shower thank you card wording that shows the gift giver how much their kindness meant. Check out these tips and wording examples for thank you cards that are sure to delight! We crafted these custom writing samples at WebBabyShower just for you.

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When to Send a Baby Shower Thank You Card?

The best time to send thank you notes is two to three weeks after your baby shower. That way, the shower is still fresh in your mind and Baby has still yet to arrive.

It may feel overwhelming to write 20 or more thank you cards in one sitting. Do some planning to make the process a breeze. Set a goal to write a certain number of cards every day so you’re not doing it all at once.

Add a special touch with personalization. Include your favorite maternity photo or a sweet memory from your baby shower.

How to Send Baby Shower Thank You Cards

webbabyshower thank you card wording tips infographics

1. Make it personal

There are times for one-size-fits-all thank you cards but a baby shower is not one of them. When writing your thank you cards, start by addressing it to the individual you are thanking. Starting with a simple Dear and their name is a no-fail way to make your card personal.

You can also go the extra mile and purchase personalized stationery or thank you cards that match the theme of your shower. There are tons of creative options available at online craftsmen retailers such as Etsy or more traditional stationery available at Papersource, Shutterfly, or your local craft store.

2. Mention the gift

Another way to make the gift giver feel very special and know that their gift really meant something to you is to tell them how you will use it.

A diaper genie might not be the cutest present you will open, but it will become one of your most appreciated items when baby arrives. Let the person who gifted you one know how much you love the possibility of a stink-free future. Do you love the onesie supporting your favorite sports team? Tell the giver how you plan to take your new baby to a game next season.

Including this personal touch shows the gift giver that you took the time to think about how you will use their gift and that you truly appreciate their thoughtfulness.

3. Include a photo

If baby has made an early arrival or you had a baby shower at the end of your pregnancy, feel free to include photos of baby using the gift. Not only will they love that you went the extra mile to thank them, they will feel included in your family circle. This is an especially thoughtful gesture for those who may be far away and not able to see baby often.

Guests will likely display your photo in a prominent place where they can smile at your little cutie every time they see it. Photo services such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, or even drugstores like CVS and Walgreens make it easy to have printed photos sent directly to your home.

4. Make future plans

Guests who attend your baby shower are there to shower you and your new family with love and support. They are probably just as excited to do the same for your new baby. It is nice to mention a future opportunity for your guests to meet your little one in your note.

This can be as specific or general as you feel comfortable with; guests understand the sometimes unpredictable nature of parenthood. They will appreciate the invitation to follow up with you once you settle into your new role and meet the baby.

5. End on a high note

Just as including a nice personal greeting at the beginning of your note is important, ending with a thoughtful closing can go a long way to help show your appreciation. A common choice for baby shower thank you card wording that is always appropriate is to end with Sincerely and your name.

With Appreciation is nice for thank you cards and strikes the right balance between formal and personal for guests such as co-workers or more distant relatives. Fondly or even Love is personal for close family and friends. Hallmark’s card writers have compiled a list of warm closings to help you end your card just right.

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording Etiquette

Who should write the thank you card?

In general, the person receiving the gift should be the one to write the thank you card. But even the most advanced newborn has yet to master the art of the thank you 🙂 The new parents are expected to thank guests, as they are the ones using the gift to care for and nurture their new baby.

If the new parents are experiencing a hardship, such as medical issues following the delivery, it can be appropriate for a close friend or relative to send out thank you cards. Make sure that the new parents are involved, even if it just means mentioning that they appreciate the support and understanding of the gift giver during a difficult time, as well as their gift.

Who should get a special phone call?

It is nice to thank people for extremely generous gifts with a phone call in addition to a thank you card. If a guest gifted you with an expensive gift, such as a high-end stroller or crib, a phone call is a good way to let them know how much you appreciate the gift as well as let them know you received it, if it was sent via mail.

Another instance where a phone call is a nice gesture is when the gift is extremely personal. It is hard to adequately express your thanks in a note for the gift of a family heirloom, such as a baby quilt made by a deceased relative or rocking chair that has been handed down through generations. A phone call will help you make that personal connection with the gift giver.

It should be noted that a thank you phone call does not take the place of a thank you note, which should still be sent to all guests. In Theknot.com’s forum on thank you phone calls, posters overwhelmingly noted the benefits of thank you notes for the convenience of the gift givers and the opportunity to share them with everyone who was a part of the gift.

When to send a virtual thank you

If you have had your baby shower virtually, it may make more sense to thank your guests online. This is especially true when your shower was held over the course of a few days or weeks. Send an email to each guest, just as you would a handwritten note. Virtual thank you notes also make it easier to set up future playdates or get-togethers, as recipients can just reply to put plans in motion.

Consider your audience when choosing the best way to thank your guests. It is okay to send handwritten notes to those who would prefer them and go the email route for guests who are more tech-savvy. It is this attention to detail that shows your guests that you not only appreciate their gift– you also appreciate them and what they bring to both your life and your baby’s.

Creative thank you cards

Think back to the theme of your baby shower when sending your thank you cards. If you had a luau-themed bash, craft thank you cards in the shape of Hawaiian leis. If you had a special character theme, such as a teddy bear or rubber ducky, look for ribbon with similar accents to embellish your cards.

Hand lettering is another popular option. It can take time and practice to master, so make sure you have some extra cards on hand in case you need a few re-dos. Clementine Creative Design has compiled a list of excellent hand lettering tutorials.

Shutterfly also recommends including photos from the shower in your thank you. Guests will love the reminder of the wonderful time they had celebrating. If you had a photo booth set up at the shower, a thank you card is the perfect opportunity to share fun (and funny) photos with guests.

wbs baby shower thank you card

How to Write a Baby Shower Thank You Card

Thank you cards are a kind gesture to express your appreciation guests who participated in your baby shower. Sending a thank you is an important task that you shouldn’t skip. These small notes will display your gratitude for friends and family who thought of you and baby.

You don’t need to be an expert at putting your feelings on paper for a baby shower thank you card. Your guests will value it even if you aren’t a wordsmith!

Check out these helpful tips on how to show appreciation for everyone who shared in your celebration.

  • Plan ahead and save time by choosing your thank you cards before the event. You can use paper cards, digital notes, or a combination of both.
  • Send your thank you cards within 2 to 3 weeks after the shower. Ideally you’ll want to have your notes out before baby arrives!
  • Start with a friendly greeting. Even a few words will show the effort you put into these notes.
  • Personalize each card with the guest’s name and the received gift. Your message will feel more genuine when you use personal details.
  • Thank your guests for thinking of you and baby and their effort to make you feel special. Include a sentence or two on how their participation made the event great.
  • Write a heartfelt closing to sign off each thank you card.

70 Great Baby Shower Thank You Wording Card Examples

wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#1 Baby Shower Thank you Card to the Host

Start your list of thank yous with the person who put it all together– the host! Show them how grateful you are for their kindness and generosity with a heartfelt thank you note. In this case, consider sending a small token of your appreciation such as flowers or a sweet treat that they can enjoy.

Here are some sweet wording ideas to thank the host for throwing you an awesome baby shower.

  1. Thank you for the love you showed my family when you hosted my baby shower. I am so grateful to have you in my life! I can’t wait to introduce you to the new baby.
  2. You know how to throw a party! Thank you for making this celebration so special. I couldn’t have done it without you.
  3. Everyone says it takes a village to raise a baby. I’m so happy you are in my village! Thank you for supporting me throughout my pregnancy and being a fantastic baby shower host.
  4. Our baby shower was so special – all thanks to you! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful celebration. I’ll cherish the memories forever.
  5. We’re so grateful to you for hosting such a beautiful baby shower. It was everything we hoped it would be (and more)!
  6. Consider becoming a professional party planner after that baby shower! Everything was gorgeous and so well-executed. Thank you for making my baby shower dreamier than I could have ever imagined.
  7. Thank you for organizing and hosting our baby shower. It was the perfect “calm before the storm.” I can’t wait to catch up with you after the baby arrives!
  8. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful baby shower! Everyone had such an amazing time. I’m so grateful I got to spend quality time with all of you before the baby arrives. I’ll remember this special day forever.
  9. You are awesome. Seriously. At this point, I can’t even touch my toes, let alone host a baby shower. Forever grateful for your help!
  10. Thank you for taking the reins on my baby shower. Sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying these last moments of my pregnancy was so nice. You are such a godsend!
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#2 Baby Shower Thank you Card from Baby

It can feel strange to write a thank you card on behalf of someone who does little more than drool, but it is a good habit to model for your child as they grow up. Guests will get a chuckle from the card they receive from your newborn. Play it up and really get into “character” for a truly personal thank you note.

  1. Thank you for my new outfit–I love it so much that I pooped myself! I ensured that my mom washed it right away so I could wear it again as soon as possible. All of the other babies at the park thought I was so cool. Thank you again!
  2. I’m sorry I’ve already used up so many of the diapers you got us. Mommy says I’m a “pooping machine.” I love being changed into a fresh diaper – it puts me right to sleep. We can’t thank you enough for this much-needed gift.
  3. Mom, dad, and I love going to the store and getting awesome outfits, toys, and more with the gift card you gave us. They bought me a stuffed animal that I can’t get enough of. Plus, the gift card is an excellent reason to leave the house (my parents really needed it). Thanks again!
  4. Mom and dad’s friends can’t stop talking about how cute I am in the outfit you got me. They keep pinching my cheeks and stuff. Thanks for making me the cutest kid on the block!
  5. I’ve had a taste for the finer things in life since I was born. Thanks for grouping together to get me the best stroller on the market. I love rolling around in style! You guys are the best.
  6. Thank you for getting me that really cool book! Although I can’t read, I like looking at the pictures. I also love when Mommy and Daddy read it to me at bedtime. It’s the best! Thanks so much.
  7. I love snuggling with that stuffed animal you got me. It’s so soft and cuddly! I seriously can’t sleep without it (ask Mom and Dad, they’ll tell you). Thanks for making bedtime so much better.
  8. Thanks for getting me that gift card! Mom and Dad bought much-needed supplies with it – like diapers, wipes, and powder. Now, they’re ready for everything I throw their way! We really appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for getting me that set of baby bottles. There is nothing like drinking a warm bottle of milk before bed. It puts me right to sleep. I can’t thank you enough!
  10. Thank you for grouping together to get me this awesome crib. I sleep like a “baby” in it (did you get my joke)? Plus, Mom and Dad say it’s super safe, so they can sleep soundly without worrying about me falling out. Thanks for helping us get a good night’s rest!
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#3 Baby Shower Thank You Card for Coworkers

Take your time when writing a thank you note to professional colleagues. If it is illegible, it will make it hard for co-workers to take you seriously when you return to work.

It is also nice to acknowledge your eventual return to work. Even in the most supportive of offices, your co-workers are probably eagerly anticipating your return. Don’t make it an awkward omission in your thank you note. Rather, mention how much you appreciate this time you get to spend with your baby.

  1. Thank you for the baby washcloths and towels for little Ben. So far, he loves getting baths in the sink, and I love seeing him all wrapped up afterward. I love spending this time bonding with him, but I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone at the office when I return.
  2. We are so grateful for the gift card you gave us. We were able to buy some adorable outfits for baby Sarah and some practical items like diapers, too. I’ll show you pictures of everything when I return to the office. Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you for grouping together to get our crib. Baby Luke sleeps like a rock in it! It’s adorable and functional – we couldn’t be happier. You guys are truly the best. I can’t wait to thank you again when I return to work.
  4. The diapers you bought us have been an absolute godsend. Baby Jessica is going through them like nobody’s business! Having an ample supply on hand has made these first few weeks so much easier. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my parenting experiences when I return to the office.
  5. Thank you so much for the educational baby books you got us. Baby John loves looking at the pictures, and we love reading to him at night. He’ll be a little Einstein in no time! I’m looking forward to telling you more when I return to the office.
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#4 Baby Shower Thank You Card for Those Who Couldn’t Attend

You may think you should only thank those who attended your shower (zoom baby shower or traditional) but it is equally important to thank those who were unable to be there in person. Show that you understand their absence and are looking forward to seeing them at another opportunity.

  1. Thank you for sending that sweet stuffed animal for our newest addition. While we were sad we couldn’t thank you for the gift in person, we know you were at our baby shower in spirit. We’ll send you pictures of our little one with your gift when they arrive!
  2. We were sorry you weren’t able to attend our baby shower. But we are so grateful to have a fantastic person like you in our lives. You mean the world to our baby and to us.
  3. We are sorry you couldn’t attend our baby shower. We’ll have to get together once the baby arrives! Looking forward to celebrating with you then.
  4. Thank you for sending a special gift from so far away! Let’s plan to do a video call soon so you can meet the baby. Sending you all of our love and well wishes.
  5. Although we were sad you couldn’t attend our baby shower, we felt as though you were celebrating along with us! So excited for you to meet our little angel someday soon.

Yes, people missed the first party. But they don't have to miss this one!
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#5 Baby Shower Thank You Card for a Group Gift

It is nice to send individual thank you notes to everyone who went in on a group gift. It can get tiring to write out a lot of thank you notes but the effort and thought that each person put into the gift should be acknowledged.

The exception to this is when the group is especially large and shares a space, such as an office, where a thank you note could be displayed. Southern Living recommends using a pen that won’t smudge or bleed. This is especially true when you know the note will get passed among many hands, such as a group gift.

  1. Thank you for the Pack N’Play! It is such a generous gift and one that we will be sure to use often. We appreciate the time that everyone took to arrange such a wonderful gift.
  2. Thank you so much for grouping together to get the crib! It looks fantastic in the nursery. We can’t wait to put our baby to sleep in it very (very) soon. Your thoughtful gift is greatly appreciated.
  3. Our new stroller is fantastic. We can’t wait to take the baby for a spin in it after they arrive. We are so grateful to you for grouping together to get us such a wonderful gift! We are forever thankful.
  4. Thank you for grouping together to get us our adorable high chair! It looks incredible in our kitchen, and we can’t wait to serve the baby meals in it.
  5. The rocking chair you guys got us is amazingly comfortable! I can’t wait to rock the baby to sleep in it after they arrive. Thank you so much for organizing this thoughtful group gift.
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#6 Baby Shower Thank You Card for a Financial Gift

The Emily Post Institute recommends including how you intend to use the gift of money when thanking the giver. The same is true of gift cards. If you don’t have anything specific in mind yet, don’t be afraid to let them know you plan to use it on everyday expenses. Any parent knows how diapers, wipes, and baby food adds up!

  1. Thank you for your generous gift for our new baby. We have set up a college savings account for our little guy and are so thrilled to be able to make our first contribution to his future. Harvard, here we come!
  2. Man, Baby’s aren’t cheap! Thank you so much for your generous gift. We were able to buy some much-needed essentials (like diapers, wipes, and baby food). We can’t thank you enough!
  3. Thank you so much for your financial gift for baby John. Education is so important to us, which is why we’ve decided to put the money in a savings account which will be used to send him to the best schools. Thank you for starting him off with a bright future!
  4. Our baby’s nursery is totally decked-out, thanks to your generous gift! Baby John’s room is completely ready for his arrival. We can’t thank you enough.
  5. Thank you so much for the check. We put the money in a “diaper fund,” which I’m sure we’ll be dipping into sooner rather than later. We really appreciate your generosity.
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#7 Thank you for diapers

As a new parent you will soon be going through more diapers than you ever imagined. That’s probably why they are such a popular baby shower gift– you can never have too many! Don’t be afraid to add a little humor when thanking someone for diapers. After all, there’s no getting away from the eventual contents they will hold!

  1. Thank you for the diapers! We have heard from other parents how reliant we will be on them very, very soon. If you would like to come give us a “tutorial” on how to use them after our baby arrives, feel free!
  2. We have been diapering everything in our house, just for practice. Thanks for the diapers – we are now total experts. Let us know if you ever want to come over and watch us diaper a football or a stuffed bear.
  3. We have been going through diapers like crazy since Baby Amika arrived. We are so thankful you stocked us with an ample supply – we definitely needed it!
  4. While diapers aren’t the most glamorous gifts, they are the most necessary. Thank you for giving us this practical (and VERY useful gift). You are a lifesaver!
  5. Our cutie patooties booty is fresh and clean – thanks to all those diapers you got us! Thanks for helping us keep our newest addition happy and healthy.
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#8 General Baby Shower Thank You Card for Attending

Whether your guests gave you a gift or not, you should still recognize their attendance at your baby shower. They took the time to celebrate with you and show you love – and that’s what really matters. You might say something like:

  1. Thank you so much for attending my recent baby shower. Being surrounded by loving friends who want the best for my family and me was a pleasure! I can’t wait for you to meet our little one, once she’s safely in our arms!
  2. Spending time with you before the baby arrived was such a blessing. Thank you for attending our baby shower. I will cherish those memories forever!
  3. Our baby shower was so much fun. Thank you for being there and making the celebration a wonderful time. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.
  4. Thank you for attending our baby shower and showering us with love. We can’t wait to share that love with our baby once he’s arrived!
  5. Our baby shower was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for being such an integral part of the celebration. Our baby can’t wait to meet you!
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#9 Baby Shower Thank You Card for Specific Baby Shower Gifts

You’ll receive gifts in every category of your baby registry. As we mentioned earlier, when you’re writing your thank you note, mention the gift that was given to show your acknowledgment and appreciation. It’s also a nice sentiment to say how you are using or plan to use the gift.

  1. Thank you for the {insert gift name} you gifted for Claire. They keep our little escape artist as snug as a bug at night.
  2. We love the {insert gift name} you got for the baby! She looks adorable in them and they keep her nice and warm! We can’t thank you enough.
  3. That {insert gift name} you got for baby Luca is his absolute favorite. He can’t take a nap without it! Thank you for giving him such a thoughtful and cherished gift.
  4. Those {insert gift name} you gave to baby Emma make mealtime a breeze. Thanks for making baby-raising that much easier.
  5. Baby Theo puts everything in his mouth! Luckily, we have those {insert gift name} you got him, so he can safely suck/teethe. We are so grateful for your much-needed gift.
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

#10 Thank You Card After a Virtual Shower

Hosting a virtual or hybrid shower means you won’t see all of your guests face-to-face. Even though your great aunt who lives a few states away wasn’t with you in person, she still took the time to attend virtually and send you a gift. Acknowledge your loved one’s generosity, even if they didn’t celebrate with you in person.

  1. We appreciate the wonderful book set you gifted to our little one. We loved seeing your face and chatting with you during our shower. Hopefully, we can get together in person soon.
  2. Seeing you at my virtual baby shower made my day. The screenshots I took from the event are totally priceless. Thanks for making memories with me before the baby arrives!
  3. Even though you were miles away at my baby shower, it felt like you were right there with me. Thank you so much for attending virtually. I had so much fun and loved spending time with you (even if it was over a screen)!
  4. Hearing you laugh and seeing your smile made my baby shower that much more special. Thank you for attending virtually. My baby shower wouldn’t have been the same without you!
  5. Your presence at my baby shower was greatly appreciated. Thanks for attending virtually and sending me that adorable outfit for baby Jane. I can’t wait to introduce you to her in person soon.
wbs baby shower thank you card
Image from: Zazzle

Baby Shower Thank You Card for Someone Who Missed the Shower

Sometimes, your invited guests are unable to attend your shower but send gifts for you and baby. It’s important to recognize these gestures even if someone missed your shower.

You should still follow the thank you card etiquette listed above when sending notes to these individuals. If you are at a loss for words, we have some terrific examples you can use in a thank you card for this situation.

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t thank you in person for the wonderful gift you got for the baby. I’d love to get together soon for a visit and catch up!
  2. You were dearly missed at the baby shower. Thank you so much for the gift you sent. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!
  3. It was such a wonderful surprise to receive the beautiful gift you sent, even though you couldn’t make it to the baby shower. I appreciate you thinking of us and can’t wait for you to meet baby soon!
  4. Although you weren’t able to attend in person, I know you were there in spirit! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift. I’ll send you a photo of baby with it soon!
  5. I’m so touched that you chose to spoil us even if you couldn’t come to the baby shower. Your thoughtful gift will come in handy once baby arrives!
  6. Your presence was dearly missed at the baby shower. Thank you so much for the generous gift you gave us for the new baby! I can’t wait to try it out once the baby comes.
  7. I’m sorry you weren’t able to attend the baby shower celebration. I know you would have been there if you could. I know your gift will come in handy after baby arrives!
  8. You were so thoughtful to send a baby gift even though you couldn’t attend the shower. We are lucky to have thoughtful people like you in our lives!
  9. Thank you for contributing to our baby shower even if you couldn’t come in person! Your generosity knows no bounds. I can’t wait for you to meet baby in a few months.
  10. I can’t thank you enough for the kind gift you sent for baby even though you weren’t at the shower. I missed seeing you there and hope we can get together soon!

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