20 Thoughtful Ways to Announce your Baby’s Birthday on Social Media

A birth announcement is one of the most awaited moments of a pregnancy journey. Not only does it mark a new chapter in your life, but it acknowledges all the many achievements that came before. Seeing positive on the test stick, telling your partner that you’re pregnant, passing early health checks…

Traditionally, families would share their news through a physical announcement in the form of a card. In today’s digital world, social media is becoming more commonly used to share life’s big milestones. Sharing your birth announcement on Instagram is a wonderful way to announce your baby’s entry into the world (and pro tip: it also means less work and cost on your part).

Instagram Birth Announcements

If you’re wondering what to write for your birth announcement – or you’re seeking fun and creative birth announcement post ideas – we’re here to help! In this article, we share a curated list of baby announcement ideas for Instagram to get your imagination flowing.

Whether you’re announcing multiple babies, a preemie, a boy or a girl, or just needing more time to pick your baby’s name, there are no rules about how to post. After all, this is your beautiful baby and you get to decide the timing of when (and what) to share.  Whichever route you go, these ideas will ensure your loved ones will go goo goo gaga over your new family member.

Basic Birth Announcements

One way to announce the birth of your new baby is the good, old-fashioned, traditional approach. You can share the most important details about your newborn, share how everyone is doing, and drop any personal details of your labor story.

Key Details to Include:

The key details typically include baby’s name, birthday, weight and length, location and time of birth, parents’ names, and sometimes their sex, along with a picture or two of baby, baby with mama, or baby with both parents.

Personalized Message Ideas:

If you’d like to add a personalized message, here are some ideas to go along with the facts:

  • “Welcome to the world, [baby name]!”
  • “Meet the new love of our lives, [baby name].”
  • Our baby arrived! Please welcome (baby name).
  • Or from a cute baby’s point of view, “Hello, my name is [baby name]!”
  • This couple shared a few baby stats as well as touched lightly on their baby arriving early.

Although adding in more is always an option, the traditional approach gives enough information for your loved ones to join in on the magical moment with you, while keeping it simple on your end.

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Sprinkle Some Humor in your Baby Announcements

Another approach is humor.

Bringing new life into this world is exciting and undoubtedly life-changing. The first few days can also be especially mind-boggling for first-time and multi-children parents. To shed some lightness (and buy some breathing room), a gratifying way to announce the birth of your new baby is by adding a bit of humor to your Instagram caption.

Quirky Announcement Ideas:

We found these examples of families sharing personal details of their story both unique and tender:

  • This couple’s announcement of their son included a funny remark about her need to mute phone notifications. In this case, adding humor can help both respect the family’s needs and also acknowledge the love and support being received.
  • This mama shared her exhaustion and signed off to “sniff her baby girl’s beautiful head and that she’ll be back with a name.
  • This family shed some light on a slow and difficult pregnancy through the lens of their baby.

Sharing this moment with a few laughs is a great way to bond with your loved ones and bring a light-hearted touch to a milestone that looks unique to every family. Here are some additional quirky captions to get your ideas flowing:

  • Go for a playful announcement like, “Our home has grown by two feet!”
  • Add a surprise element such as, “Look who decided to show up!”
  • Touch on the reality of parenthood, “It’s time for dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and unconditional love. Welcome [baby name].”

Whichever approach you take to elicit some giggles, have fun with this laid-back, personal take on announcements.

Baby Announcements for Multiples

Announcing that two, three or four babies are on the way is a unique joy and challenge.

The anticipation of surprised family members and friends is a treat when it comes to the announcement of multiple babies. On the other hand, this time might be vulnerable for some families as women carrying multiples have a higher chance of developing complications. Whether you decide to share a little or a lot about the details of your babies and pregnancy – your loved ones will be grateful to receive the news.

Announcement Ideas for Multiples:

Here are some cute announcement ideas that range from funny, sweet, and unique:

  • Celebrate the double joy by getting onesies that say “Buy One” and “Get One Free,” a funny one for mindful shoppers. Or creating a sign that says, “Twice the love, twice the joy.”
  • Emphasize the number in your caption with something like, “The best things come in threes” or “2 new teammates just added to my starting 5” for sports enthusiasts.
  • Share egg donor birth miracles with a caption like, “Welcome to the world, little miracles.”
  • Or joke around the financial impact of twins as shown by this dad.

Baby Announcements from an Older Sibling’s POV 

If this is baby number 2 or 3 (or more), a sweet way to share the exciting news is to announce the birth from an older sibling’s point of view (and yes, pet siblings count!). Many younger children experience feelings of jealousy towards their new siblings, and though this is perfectly natural, including your child in the birth of your newest baby can be a great way to tend to those big emotions.

Below we share a few takes on how you can approach this:

Sibling’s Perspective Announcements:

  • Go for a playful announcement, such as “[Older sibling’s name] would like to announce the end of their reign as the only child. Introducing [baby name].”
  • Or share the news from the perspective of a dog sibling, cue: cutest pup reaction to a newborn ever.
  • You can run with a superhero theme like, “Our superhero needed a sidekick!”
  • Or welcome a new sibling with something like, “Welcome to a new [sibling] to our family!

By introducing your new little baby through the lens of an older sibling, you can make it a family affair.

Quotes for Birth Announcements

Using quotes can be a unique and thoughtful way to introduce your new baby to your loved ones. Quotes often have a way of explaining our emotions in ways that can be hard to fully express during special moments in our lives.

Here are several quote ideas that can help share a deeper perspective of the joy you have for your new loved one.

Quote Ideas:

  • Reflective quotes on the joy of a new baby: “Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows.”—Unknown)
  • Philosophical thoughts such as, “Every child begins the world again.”—Henry David Thoreau
  • Quotes that express unconditional love, for example: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”—Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch


Sharing the news of your new baby is such a sweet part of a pregnancy journey.

In this digital world, baby announcements on Instagram are becoming more and more the norm. Whether you prefer the simple, humorous, or quote-based approach, the ideas we curated above can work for announcements for multiples, premies, new siblings, and miracle babies.

Having your baby is a celebration of its own – you made it this far! Now have fun with this truly special moment. When it comes to birth announcements, there is no right or wrong answer, go with any approach you love in order to share your joy with your community.

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Amie Lam is a freelance content writer. She brings her knowledge of nonprofit communications and teaching to create content that informs and uplifts. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys brainstorming creative photo concepts, planning her next road trip, and salsa dancing.

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