Your Guide to Fun Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

There are several reasons a mom-to-be might have a larger-than-usual baby shower. Maybe she has a really large family, a wide social circle, or is a former sorority sister. Perhaps she has opted for a co-ed baby shower. Regardless of the reason, baby showers with a large guest list can sometimes be challenging to plan. From ensuring plenty of food to making sure everyone has a place to sit, a larger group presents its own challenges. 

One of the things a baby shower planner might worry about is what type of baby shower game is appropriate for large groups. It can be difficult to wrangle everyone into one space to participate, and then there is the worry that the game itself will be chaotic, with everyone talking over one another. 

So, are there simple baby shower games for large groups that can be played without everything being utter pandemonium? Good news, friends: the answer is YES! 

Games For Large Groups

A baby shower is inherently exciting. Between pampering the mom-to-be, gushing over all the cute gifts, and anticipating the arrival of the baby, things can get very high-energy and hard to manage very quickly. 

It’s an easy scenario to picture: the party is hopping, there are people everywhere, and you, the host, are trying to get everyone’s attention to start a game. You’re on your tiptoes, trying to explain game rules and pass out supplies. Not only is this frustrating for you, but it’s no picnic for guests, either! 

When you’re dealing with a large guest list, keeping things simple is the key to a successful baby shower game. Any type of game that has more than a few easy-to-follow instructions will just not work for big groups,  and as any teacher who has taught over Zoom can tell you, games, where people have to chime in with the answer, are also difficult. 

So what’s a person to do when planning baby shower games for larger groups? We have a list of 5 games that will be a smashing success. 

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Build Your Shower
baby shower games for large groups dough babies
Image from: @k8thawk

1. Dough Babies 

Dough Babies is a great, fun game to play for groups of all sizes (including larger ones). The best part about this game is that it is not time-sensitive and can be played at guests’ leisure throughout the baby shower! Here is what you need, and how to play:

  1. Purchase play dough and place it on a designated table/area. (Tip: Traditional Play-Doh is not gluten-free, so if you have any guests with celiac disease or a gluten allergy, consider a gluten-free alternative.)
  2. Instruct guests to grab some dough and make a baby out of the play dough. Have guests place their finished creations in a designated area for the mom-to-be to judge her favorite creation. 
  3. The “baby” mom-to-be chooses wins a prize!

This game is hilarious, because people will come up with some really odd-looking babies, and the creations are displayed where everyone can see! Guests can also play this game virtually. Simply mail remote guests playdough for them to use (or ask them to get their own) before the baby shower. They can then use the WebBabyShower gallery to upload a photo of their play dough baby and include a caption of their name. 

2. Deliver a Baby Balloon Baby Shower Game

Every mom-to-be knows what it’s like to get to a certain stage of pregnancy where everything feels impossible. This next game is perfect for giving guests a little taste of having a big baby belly! This game is perfect for large groups — particularly groups where men are involved — try the Deliver a Baby Balloon Baby Shower Game. Here is what you need and how to play:

  1. Buy some balloons (enough for your large group) and blow them up. 
  2. Get some cheap, spare t-shirts at thrift stores or by browsing Ebay’s ‘job lot’ section . This is important because some people may not want to stretch their own shirts out.
  3. Set up a space for contestants to run — this game is particularly effective for outdoor showers!
  4. Invite any guests with lace-up shoes to participate. Instruct them to take off their shoes. 
  5. Place all of the shoes at the end of the course you’ve designated for participants to run. 
  6. Hand each guest a balloon and tell them to stuff the balloon up their shirt. (Have those extra shirts handy, in case anyone wants one.)
  7. When you say “go,” guests must run to their shoes with the blown-up balloons under their shirts. 
  8. Guests then have to sit down and tie their shoes. 
  9. After their shoes are tied, guests must get up off the ground and shake or jump until the balloon drops out — i.e. until they “give birth!”
  10. The winner is the guest who “gives birth” first!
dont pop the balloon baby shower game
Image from: @lions.lens713

This game is ideal for large groups because the more participants you have, the funnier it will be. 

3. Cloth Diaper Challenge

Got a large doll collection? (Hey, we’re not here to judge. Some people might.) Put it to good use with our next game. Even if you don’t have extra dolls handy, you can pick some up pretty cheap at Goodwill or another thrift store. The Cloth Diaper challenge can get a little hectic, but it’s a hilarious game to play with large groups. Here’s the lowdown:  

  1. Get as many baby dolls as you think are necessary. (One for each guest might get a little crazy, especially if you have a guest list of 50+. But we’ll leave that up to your discretion.)
  2. Buy some safety pins. 
  3. Buy old-school cloth diapers — no snaps allowed! We’re talking about the diapers that are just a swatch of cloth and nothing else. (Bonus: Mom and dad can use these as burp cloths when the baby arrives.)
  4. When it’s time to play the game, pile the baby dolls up. Stack up the cloth diapers and diaper pins nearby. 
  5. When the game begins, instruct guests to grab a doll, a diaper, and some pins. 
  6. Whoever creates the most secure diaper on their baby doll wins! 

It might be tempting to play this game blindfolded, but trust us: don’t do it! Blindfolds + safety pins = a recipe for disaster and lots of poking. Not ideal for a fun, exciting baby shower! 

This game is also easy to adapt for a virtual baby shower; simply send any remote guests the supplies ahead of time, or ask them to obtain the items if they’d like to play. Virtual guests can play right along with in-person guests and show off their diaper creations on camera.

4. Candy Bar Match Game

Baby showers with large guest lists tend to get pretty loud, so baby shower games without any speaking involved are always a good idea! With the Candy Bar Match Game, guests can have fun and participate without speaking a single word. One of the best things about this game is the fact that all it takes is a sheet of paper (we even have a free printable for you!) and some pens. Here’s what you need and how to play: 

  1. Before the shower, gather plenty of writing utensils and print out your free Candy Bar Match Game printables. 
  2. Pass each guest a printable and a pen. 
  3. On each sheet, guests will see two columns: one will have a baby or pregnancy-related term. The other will have a popular candy bar.
  4. Guests will then match the baby/pregnancy term with the candy bar. (Example: Match “Triplets” with “3 Musketeers”)
  5. Guests will hand their sheets in with their name on top. Whoever has the most correct wins!

You can play this game during virtual baby showers, too! Email guests the game sheet and have them email their answers back, or send them the printable through snail mail and have them fill out their answers with everyone else on the day of the shower. 

Grab this FREE printable by clicking the button below!

5. I Spy Game

A popular, fun children’s game makes for a fantastic baby shower game for large groups. In fact, when it comes to playing the I Spy Game, the larger the group, the better! 

This is another game that requires little to no speaking, making it ideal for a large baby shower guest list. The collaborative nature of this game allows for capturing many moments that may have been missed otherwise. Here is what you need, and how to play the I Spy Baby Shower Game:

  1. Buy several disposable cameras and pencils.
  2. Create a list of candid moments you’d like included in mom-to-be’s photo album or scrapbook — we have a free printable that you can use!
  3. During the baby shower, hand out your list of prompts and a pencil to each guest. 
  4. Instruct guests to snap a photo each time they spot a prompt happening in real life (example: “Mom rubbing her belly”) and put a check mark next to the completed prompt.
  5. The first person to complete their prompt list wins — but you should encourage guests to continue to play throughout the entire shower. Remember, the goal is to capture candid moments for the parents-to-be to enjoy later!

Guests don’t have to use disposable cameras — they can use their cell phones and upload their snaps to WebBabyShower using the gallery function. Make sure to tell guests to enter their name as the caption so the parents-to-be know who caught the candid moment!

Other Ideas For Baby Showers With Large Groups

In addition to having a few easy-to-play games, consider having some passive opportunities for fun—that is, things that you can set up once and leave guests to their own devices to create memories and have fun! 

Baby Shower Photo Booth

A baby shower photo booth with props is a great way to let guests entertain themselves. You can either rent a photo booth for the big day or set one up yourself using your cell phone, a stand to hold it, and some fun props for guests to use(think cardboard bibs, speech bubbles with funny sayings, etc.) If you use WebBabyShower, you can upload guests’ photos to the gallery so everyone can enjoy the booth pictures later!

Diaper Decorating Station

Buy a box of diapers and leave them out on a table along with some markers. Set up a whiteboard or print-out encouraging guests to decorate diapers for the parents-to-be—they can draw pictures on the diapers, leave inspirational messages, or even funny ones. These little gestures of love and friendship are sure to make mom and dad smile during those late-night diaper changes. 

Bring a Book

Everyone knows that reading to young children is important, but building a library for little eyes and ears can get expensive. One way to take advantage of a large baby shower guest list is to ask guests to bring little books for the baby, instead of cards. Guests can still write loving messages on the inside cover of the book and contribute to the baby’s growing library! The parents-to-be will love the idea of having books from their friends and family for years to come. 

The More, The Merrier With Large Baby Shower Groups!

Planning a shower with a large guest list can feel intimidating, and coming up with appropriate baby shower games for large groups can be a big part of the struggle. 

The key thing to remember is to keep things simple – the larger the group, the more chaotic things can become. With the five games on our list, your shower is sure to be a big success and fun for everyone involved.

Natalie is a freelance writer and digital marketer. She’s a native Chicagoan, but currently lives in North Georgia with her husband and three children, who may or may not be feral. (The children, not the husband.) She loves movies (favorite movie is Jurassic Park), music (favorite band is The Beatles), and books (favorite author is Stephen King). Natalie is passionate about social justice and recently served on the leadership team for the Chattanooga Moms for Social Justice.

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