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At the conclusion of their WebBabyShowers, hosts are given the opportunity to participate in the WebBabyShower Customer Satisfaction Survey and/or write a WebBabyShower review or customer testimonial.

Please note, each one of these is real!

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The following reviews were received from our past Customer Satisfaction Survey Results and were submitted anonymously:

We are so sad not to be celebrating my daughter-in-laws shower in person, but realize it’s just not possible at this scary time when we are all sheltering in place. Thank you for creating this site so we ‘virtually’ celebrate the coming event! You even had a llama style to choose from, similar to the paper invitation we had already sent.

Our venue cancelled on us on account of the Coronavirus so once again we had to change plans. I was so happy to find WebBabyShower because it is allowing all of my friends and family to be involved in welcoming the boys, and it is even letting more people be involved than we were originally planning, since distance is no longer a factor for participation. I was very happy to see how easy the site was to setup, and being able to personalize it has been fantastic. Thanks for making my baby shower happen, third time’s the charm!

I googled how to throw a virtual baby shower and a link from babypalooza.com stated it. I really appreciate this you have no clue! Thank you so much. So many things are being taken from us first time moms right now, and stress and anxiety and so high. You’re really doing a great thing!

this is exactly what I needed! Most of my friends, including the first two friends I’ve told about my pregnancy, my bestie and the one who immediately said they want to plan the shower, live in other states and probably won’t be able to visit me. This is ideal for me, even without all this Covid crap going on.

I had my virtual shower yesterday and it was wonderful.

This is a wonderful service!

I am due to have my first baby in May and my baby showers were scheduled for this month and next. With the onset of COVID-19 and all the precautions that we have taken as a nation, all of my showers were cancelled. Webbabyshower gave me the option to still conduct a baby shower without everyone physically being able to gather. After years of struggling with infertility, I have been looking forward to the day I could have my very own baby shower. This option has been a great assistance to me and really is playing a vital part in continuing life with some semblance of regularity in an unknown time. Thank you WebBaby Shower!

We had to unfortunately cancel our in-person baby shower due to the current circumstances. It was very heartbreaking to do since this is my very first baby and would be my first shower. I also will miss out on having a work shower as well I’m a Kindergarten teacher and was looking forward to celebrating with my colleagues as well. However, since this is out of our control we have decided to do a virtual baby shower. Hopefully family and friends will understand and will join in with us. I’m due in Early June and hope I’ll have enough supplies for the baby. Glad we have found an alternative and can’t wait to use WeBabyShower.

First time mom here and I was so looking forward to my shower on April 5th to celebrate my baby boy Riley. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to never happen. I’ve been talking about it for months. I’ve held off on cancelling, giving myself false hope that I wouldn’t have to. But it recently became apparent that I had no choice but to cancel. I was immediately devastated, feeling robbed. Not only would I be missing out on fellowship with my friends and family during this special time, but almost all the items on my registry are still there! The possibility of getting to do some sort of alternative has truly lifted my spirits!

Infertility has robbed us of so much for years and when we finally got the chance to celebrate being pregnant we felt like we couldn’t. WebBabyShower gave us back the opportunity to still celebrate our pregnancy in leu of an in person shower. The more we thought about, it was almost for the best because now those who are in other states can still join without having to travel or being upset that they couldn’t attend. We’re looking at it as a win win!

We began to realize that an in-person shower would not be available to us because of health guidelines due to COVID-19. Therefore, we began researching creative ways that we could have a virtual baby shower. We discovered WebBabyshower and it was a great solution for a changing situation! It provided an immediate calm knowing we could make it work no matter the changing scenario while keeping everyone healthy and the ability to reach further beyond the original invite list of local guests. It’s given folks something to do while being stuck at home. Thanks for this creative celebration tool!

 We are grateful for our health of friends and family, and grateful that we can build a central place for everyone to gather and come together to keep everyone involved.

WebBabyShower is a Godsend right now! I’m due in June and my shower was scheduled for May 9th, however, thanks to covid-19 my venue had to cancel all events until Memorial Day weekend, but that may be extended as well depending on the state of the pandemic. A friend of mine who is an Army wife suggested a virtual shower to me because she had one when she moved to Japan at 32 weeks pregnant last year. I would have never thought this was an option before but I am super thankful that WebBabyShower is here to help give us a way to make a beautiful memory despite everything that’s going on in the world right now. Every baby deserves to be welcomed and celebrated by loved ones even if they are miles apart!

Being pregnant during this pandemic has made me feel like I am missing out on so many of the exciting and enjoyable times of pregnancy and I’ve been distraught over not being able to have a baby shower now too. I don’t even care about the gifts, I just wanted to feel special and celebrated for all the hard work I’ve been putting in making a human being. And to be honest, the thought of “drive by” showers makes me totally cringe. When I discovered WebBabyShower, I found some hope!

I LOVE this site! Thank you for it.

Thank you so very much for this service. As with the rest of the world, we have been affected by this awful crisis. Lives are upheaved as we learn to work from home (I’m a high school teacher), social distance (haven’t been with any of my five children and four grandchildren for a month), and hunker down at home until the curve is flattened. My daughter is expecting in August. Her husband, her sister, a brother and a brother-in-law are all on the frontline. Amidst the stress we are trying to find joy! And that is what has brought me to you. We are going to joyfully plan and celebrate this coming birth. Thank you very much! 

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! WebBabyShower for having a place for expecting “Grandma’s & Grandpa’s” to get to go to to help create & plan a very unique, special & certainly memorable Baby Shower for our daughter who is expecting her first baby in August of 2020! I keep thinking how grateful we are to have all been able to attend live and in person the Baby Reveal party when we saw the pink powder shoot out of a rocket and we new without saying a word, “It’s a Girl! We are having a granddaughter!” Her other grandma’s planned that party and it was amazing! I was feeling anxious praying and hoping our world quarantine would lift so I could help plan am amazing baby shower! When we learned this would not happen I learned about your site through a teacher co-worker! Outstanding! Amazing! Thank you WebBabyShower from a couple of pair of grandparents who aren’t the most up to date in technology you have created a place to guide us through to make our granddaughter’s welcome to the world party a party and day we will all remember! Much appreciated!
Darol & Lori

Thanks again for all of your help with everything with regards to our site / shower! We had our shower last weekend, and it worked out great!

It works perfectly and my mother-in-law texted me “What a beautiful website and what a beautiful friend you have to do this for you both!”

I live in Wisconsin and my main family is in new Jersey. My first borns baby shower was set up to be in new Jersey with family. By doing a web baby shower this time round, I’m able to invite anyone to my shower now matter where we live! I’m excited to do so especially with the current circumstances as I’m determined to not have it affect the happiness of our second child!

I will be a first time grandma. My daughter is due September 8th. We have been planning to have her shower in July, but we live in a heavy hit area of COVID-19 in southeast Michigan. We started thinking about doing a virtual shower and didn’t have any idea about your wonderful service until we started doing some research. We are really happy we found you and looking forward to using your platform.

Thank you,

I just got a compliment on how I am managing the baby shower, but it wouldn’t be as easy if it weren’t for your awesome website! This baby shower has been SUCH a success. I wish there was a way to host them all because it really takes communication for it to work to perfection. Thanks again

Thank you so much for checking in! I work a lot so I’m doing intervals. I will have the site up by Sunday.

I’m the super busy grandma that has the baby shower on line 🙂

Awesome service to provide!!!! xo

All set. Thank you!!! Great customer service! Have a great weekend

just wanted to say thank you for a great experienc. The webshower was great, it was fun and easy. We were able to have family from all over join in on the fun. ?

My son’s family & friends live all over the country and this was really helpful!

Thank you for the Web Baby Shower! It was so easy to set up/use (even with limited knowledge of technology), cute, fun, and interactive. I liked the keepsake option and how the shower is private unless you are invited. The customer service was great as well.

See how a great online baby shower works

Throw a party

“We loved this online format and it really helped us to host and have a baby shower for my #7 grandbaby. Thank you and hope you continue to get business. I am sharing this experience with many!!!!”

“My daughter-in-law was expecting twins and with it being fall and busy schedules and family scattered… this was the perfect way to give her and my son a wonderful baby shower! Everyone loved it and we updated it often. What a great idea! I am now the Grandma of twin boys and everyone in the family was able to join in the fun!”

“WebBabyShower was great- just what I was looking for and easy to use. I received a lot of very positive feedback from all the guests, including the guest of honor!”

“What a wonderful tool. We are a military family and are all located in different parts of the world. My daughter was able to share information, pictures and have a registry in one location. Awesome!”

“My daughter lives far away and this was the perfect medium to have friends and family be involved.”

“It was wonderful so easy to use! Just the best idea”

Thank You, Everyone, For the Positive WebBabyShower Reviews!

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