84 Unforgettable Gender Reveal Ideas

Finding out the gender of your baby is one of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy journey. Parents-to-be can choose to find out privately and then share the news or find out for the first time surrounded by friends and family.

There are many different gender reveal ideas that are creative and fun, whether you choose to pop confetti-filled balloons or light a candle with a hidden message. Keep reading for our list of the best ideas for a gender reveal.

What Is a Gender Reveal?

A gender reveal celebrates the discovery of a baby’s biological sex. You can share the news with family and friends by hosting a special event or making an announcement online. Some parents-to-be wait to find out alongside their loved ones so that everyone can celebrate together.

There are many unique ways to reveal the baby’s gender to make it fun for everyone. Remember that while gender reveals can be an entertaining way to celebrate your baby’s arrival, they should always be done with respect and sensitivity toward all gender identities.

How Should You Do a Gender Reveal?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a gender reveal. It’s totally up to you as the parents-to-be. You can choose to find out alongside family and friends during your baby shower, post a video on social media, or any way that works best for you. A few key points to consider as you plan your gender reveal are:

  1. Involve family and friends: Gender reveals are a great opportunity to gather loved ones and share in the excitement of your growing family.
  2. Keep it a surprise: If you want to be surprised along with your guests, have someone else (like a trusted friend or family member) plan the reveal details so you don’t know the gender until the big moment.
  3. Consider your budget: There are many creative and affordable gender reveal ideas available that don’t require a large financial investment.
  4. Make it personal: Choose a theme or idea that reflects your interests, hobbies, or personal style.

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65 Perfect Gender Reveal Ideas

From biting into frosting-filled desserts to tying a pink or blue bow around your four-legged friend, you’re sure to find a gender reveal idea perfect for your big announcement. Take a look at 65 of our favorite ideas.

Paint Party

Don white t-shirts, then color yourselves with squirt guns or paintbrushes with pink or blue paint for an interactive gender reveal.

Custom Fortune Cookies

Hand out fortune cookies with a message inside revealing the gender of your baby.

Baby Gender Predictor

Use the old wives’ tales prediction quiz to guess the gender of your baby. Reveal who is correct at the end of the game.

image | WebBabyShower

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Balloon Pop

Fill a large, neutral-colored balloon with pink or blue confetti. When it’s time for the gender reveal, pop the balloon with a pin to disclose the color inside.

Confetti Cannon

Shoot a confetti cannon to shower guests with colored confetti and reveal if you are going to have a little boy or girl.


Gender reveal 🥰🥰🥰 @Wersow

♬ Ten Jeden Moment – WERSOW

Smoke Bomb

Head outside with your loved ones and set off a pink or blue smoke bomb for a dramatic and exciting gender reveal.

Piñata Party

Fill a festive piñata that matches your baby shower theme with pink or blue candies or confetti. Have guests take turns giving it a whack until the contents are revealed.


It’s a boy!!! 🥰💙 Ang saya ng asawa ko. Gustong gusto kasi nya ng lalaki. 😍 Thank you, Lord for anawering our prayers! 💙 #genderreveal #itsaboy💙 #blessed2023

♬ original sound – Karina

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Scratch-off Cards

Hand out customized scratch-off cards with the gender hidden beneath. Loved ones will see who can find out the fastest if the arriving little one is a boy or a girl.


They’ve been trying for a girl for the longest time! These are truly unique! Thank you MyScratchOffs! #foryou #fyp #genderrevealparty #lottery

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Gender Reveal Cake

Work with a local baker or ask a friend to make a cake with blue or pink filling. Slice into the cake during your baby shower to reveal the gender.

Gender Reveal Box

Open a box filled with pink or blue balloons or confetti that will escape revealing the gender of your baby.

Silly String Battle

Get out the silly string and have a battle with your family and friends. The color of the string will reveal if you’re having a boy or a girl.

Egg Roulette

Crack pink or blue eggs to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy. The real egg will reveal your baby’s gender.

Puzzle Reveal

Work as a team to piece together a puzzle. A loved one can hide the last piece, which will reveal the baby’s gender.

Team Pink or Team Blue

Have your baby shower guests wear pink or blue clothing or accessories to show if they think you’re having a little boy or girl. For fun, give the correct guessers a small prize.

Gender Reveal Cookies

Serve cookies filled with pink or blue icing that reveal the baby’s gender when they are broken apart. Guests get to celebrate while enjoying a tasty treat.

Baby’s First Outfit

Unwrap a pink or blue baby outfit in front of your guests to find out if you’re having a boy or girl.

Baby Booties Reveal

Open a box with adorable pink or blue baby shoes inside to make your announcement.


Gender reveal.. 💐🌸👼🏻 Can’t wait to welcome our little angel soon #38weekspregnant #babydior #unboxing

♬ simple. – coldbrew

Gender Reveal Photoshoot

Set up a professional photo shoot to capture the moment you find out if you’re having a boy or girl. Invite a few close friends and family to share the moment with you.

Treasure Hunt

Organize a treasure hunt that leads you and your guests on a journey to find out your baby’s gender. This can be set up by a friend if you want to be surprised too.


I can’t stop crying I love you all so much. Thank you for being part of this journey with us #fyp #baby #genderrevealshow

♬ original sound – AbbieHerbert

Cupcake Surprise

Hand out cupcakes filled with pink or blue frosting that reveal the gender when loved ones take a bite.

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Gender Reveal Powder Toss

Step out to your backyard and toss colored powder made of cornstarch and food coloring into the air to reveal the gender of your baby.

gender reveal ideas
Image from: lovelyindeed.com

Gender Reveal Riddles

Read fun riddles or clues to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. Guests can help you guess along the way.

Colored Smoke Tires

Perfect for sports car enthusiasts, have a friend burnout car tires over colored smoke for an exciting reveal.

Volcano Eruption

Bring back this fun school science experiment for your gender reveal. Create a DIY volcano that erupts with pink or blue “lava” when you pour vinegar inside.

Baby Gender Reveal Ball Game

Perfect your batting swing, then head outside with family and friends. Fill a ball with colored powder or confetti that will escape when hit and reveal the gender of your baby.

Baby Gender Reveal Soccer Ball

Kick a small soccer ball filled with pink or blue powder to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy.


Spectacular goal combined with our signature powder blaster to celebrate this little boy on the way.⚽️💕🎉 #genderreveal #genderrevealworld #genderrevealideas #revelaciondesexo🥳💙💗 #genderrevealparty

♬ sonido original – elia2005

Gender Reveal Dartboard

Fill balloons with white paint or powder and one balloon with pink or blue. Have guests throw darts at the balloons until the gender is revealed.


We got EXTREMELY lucky the right balloon didn’t pop in the first few throws😂 #RefundGlowUp #MillionActsofLove #fyp #genderreveal #foryoupage

♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

Gender Reveal Lanterns

Release pink or blue paper lanterns into the sky. You can do this to reveal your baby’s gender or celebrate the announcement at the end of your event.

Glow Sticks Reveal

Gather loved ones in a dark room, then crack pink or blue glow sticks at the same time for a creative and glowing reveal.

Gender Reveal Water Balloon Fight

Feel like a kid again with a fun water balloon fight with balloons filled with pink or blue water.

Baby’s First Plush Toy

Find out if you’re having a girl or a boy by unwrapping a sweet pink or blue plush toy.


Best present of all 🥹 suprised husband with baby’s gender for Christmas! He’s been asking to find out for months 💙💖 #christmaspresent #genderreveal #babygender #pregnant #christmassurprise

♬ original sound – CailaQuinn

Gender Reveal Science Experiment

Conduct a creative science experiment in front of family and friends that results in a pink or blue reaction.

Gender Reveal Smash Chocolate

Smash open a large chocolate heart with mini wooden mallets to reveal pink or blue candies inside.


Gender reveal smash box🙊💖💙

♬ Body – Megan Thee Stallion

Hidden Message Candle

Light a candle with a hidden message to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. This unique gender reveal creates exciting anticipation for your and your loved ones.

Baby’s First Book

Read a book with your partner that slowly reveals if you’re expecting a sweet little boy or girl.

Baby Name Reveal

Reveal your baby’s name, along with their gender to family and friends in person or via video.

Themed Reveal Party

Plan a baby shower or gender reveal party with a specific theme, such as superheroes or princesses. As guests arrive at your party they’ll find out the gender of your baby.

Closet Reveal

Open a closet or dresser doors to show off pink or blue baby items inside.

Stuffed Animal Reveal

Unwrap a gift bag or box with a pink or blue stuffed animal inside, revealing the baby’s gender.

Baby Pool

Create a pool among your guests to guess the gender and other details about your baby. Reveal who guessed correctly and award a prize.

Car Race

Have loved ones “race” two cars with blue and pink decorations. Gather at the end of the finish line to find out who won.

Bottle Chug Race

Compete with family and friends in a baby bottle chugging contest with pink or blue drinks.

Gender Reveal Balloon Release

Fill a box with pink or blue balloons and release them into the sky for a festive reveal.

Colored Spaghetti Surprise

Cook spaghetti and dye it pink or blue for a messy and giggle-inducing gender reveal.

DIY Gender Reveal Pinwheels

Hand out pinwheels to guests that reveal the gender of your baby when they start to spin.

Fireworks Gender Reveal

Wait until the sun sets, then launch blue or pink fireworks into the sky.


Great gender reveal this passed weekend. I was impressed. 😲 Presented by For Small Event Rentals. They can be found on IG @fsertexas

♬ original sound – July The Lion

Magic Wand Reveal

Wave a magic wand outside in front of loved ones to release pink or blue confetti or streamers and reveal your baby’s gender.

Gender Reveal Ring Toss

Play a ring toss game with pink or blue rings. As you play, you’ll slowly discover if you’re having a girl or a boy.

Clothesline Reveal

Hang pink or blue baby clothes on a clothesline for guests to find when they arrive at your baby shower, or step outside.

Colored Bubbles Reveal

Hand out bubble wands to loved ones and blow pink or blue bubbles and reveal the baby’s gender.

Tic-Tac-Ttoe Gender Reveal

In this fun game, the parents-to-be take turns flipping cards on a tic-tac-toe board until they reveal the winner – a boy or a girl.

Gender Reveal Sticker Game

Take turns with your guests to place stickers on a board and eventually find out the gender of your baby.

Gender Reveal Puzzle Pieces

Hide puzzle pieces in a fun scavenger hunt. As you assemble the pieces, it will reveal the gender.

Pop the Belly

Place a belly balloon on a paper-mâché figure. Pop it to release pink or blue confetti.

Fire Extinguisher Gender Reveal

Squeeze a couple of faux fire extinguishers to release a blast of color in blue or pink.

Umbrella Gender Reveal

Open an umbrella above your head filled with pink or blue confetti or flower petals to reveal the gender of your baby.


I’m going to be a girl mom to the most beautiful girl in the world🥺💖 THANK YOU GOD #girlmom #genderreveal #january2022 #foryou

♬ Mama’s Hand – Queen Naija

Pull Out Cake Reveal

Pull a long, rolled-up piece of paper slowly out of a cake until it reads if a baby boy or girl is on the way.

Cake Pops Gender Reveal

Give each of your guests a cake pop filled with pink or blue cake and find out your baby’s gender when they take a bite.

Gender Reveal with Dog

Involve your furry friend in your gender reveal. Tie a pink or blue balloon or ribbon to your dog and let it run towards the parents-to-be to reveal the gender.

Giant Baby Boxing

Both entertaining and hilarious, have two friends or family members duke it out dressed in baby boy and baby girl costumes. The winner reveals the arriving baby’s gender.

Cocoa Bomb

Drop a cocoa bomb in a mug and pour hot water or milk over it. As it melts, the pink or blue contents inside will spill out to tell if you’re having a girl or a boy.

Powder Blasters

Set off a blue or pink powder blaster behind you and your partner for an extraordinary gender reveal.

Crossfit Gender Reveal

Let the dad-to-be lift a barbell with a bag of pink or blue powder attached. When he drops the barbell the bag’s contents will spill out and reveal the gender.

Hand Mold Gender Reveal

Using a casting mold, the parents-to-be create a hand sculpture holding a pink or blue pacifier. When the mold is uncovered it reveals the color of the pacifier for a sweet and heartwarming gender reveal.

Technology and Social Media-Based Reveals

gender reveal ideas technology and social media based

Funny Face Filters Gender Reveal

Hop over to your favorite social media platform to announce the gender of your baby. Record a video using silly face filters, ending with a filter that changes to blue or pink depending on your baby’s gender. Check out Etsy for custom filters for your gender reveal.

Surprise and Mystery Reveals

gender reveal ideas surprise and mystery

Fortune Teller Gender Prediction

Ask a family member or friend to be a fortune teller in this funny gender reveal. Before telling you the gender of your baby, they’ll give silly predictions like, “The baby will gain their mother’s love of crafting,” or “I see very little sleep in your future.”

Surprise Magic Potion Reveal

Grab a cauldron and create a pretend magic potion that changes to blue or pink. Form a bubbling brew with colored baking soda and vinegar, set off a mini smoke bomb, or combine colored water and dry ice for tinted vapor.

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Performance and Entertainment

gender reveal ideas performance and entertainment

Gender Reveal Dance Battle

Show off your sweet dance moves with this entertaining gender reveal idea. During the baby shower or gender reveal party, separate your group into two teams for a dance off. The parents-to-be will choose a winning team, who will then break open a disco ball pinata filled with colored confetti.

Magic Show Reveal

Are there any talented magicians in your family or friend group? Ask them to create an entertaining magic show for you and your guests. The final magic trick will reveal if a baby boy or girl is on the way.


O Chá Revelação mais lindo que você já viu, simples, lúdico e com a maior mágica de todas: amor e afeto! 💜 Confesso, eu chorei! @_rafacamara #charevelacao #chadebebe #chareve

♬ som original – @encontrodefesteiras

Flash Mob Dance

Who doesn’t love a flash mob? Set up a coordinated dance sequence during the gender reveal party or baby shower as an out-of-the-blue surprise for the parents-to-be. Dancers will reveal colored handkerchiefs or other props to announce the baby’s gender.

Silly Musical Performance

With this goofy gender announcement, musically talented, loved ones put on a song and dance number for the parents-to-be. At the end of the song, they reveal blue or pink shirts along with the baby’s gender.


ITS FINALLY HERE! dance battle gender reveal 💃🏻 should i post the actual reveal on here too? 🤔 #fyp #CloudBread #SummerDIY #momsoftiktok

♬ Tap in Remix DJ Yames – Dj_yames

Gender Reveal Comedy Roast

Set up a roast of the parents-to-be with lighthearted jokes about parenthood. Family and friends take turns reminding the expectant parents about their upcoming lack of sleep or telling them to get ready for that unexpected baby blowout. The final roaster gives the big reveal at the end.

Say It With a Puppet Show

Announce the baby’s gender with an adorable show at your baby shower. Create a skit that ends with the big reveal and act it out with puppets. You can also let younger guests join in on the fun as actors or puppeteers.

Outdoor and Physical Activities

gender reveal ideas outdoor and physical activities

Drop Someone in a Dunk Tank

Set up a dunk tank filled with pink or blue colored water (cover the tank if the color shows through). Have a willing participant wear a white shirt and sit above the tank as family and friends try to dunk them by throwing a ball at a target. The inevitable splash and color on the white shirt will reveal the baby’s gender.


Dunked my husband soo good 😬😬#dunktank #genderreveal #party #babyboy #boymom #husband #gopro @SC_Sports_Photography video cred

♬ original sound – FlywSDC

Giant Maze Run Reveal

Head over to a corn maze in your town, or set up your own maze in your backyard. Then let friends and family make their way through the twists and turns until they reach the end. The first person to complete the maze gets to set off a colored smoke bomb to let everyone know if a boy or girl is coming soon.

Slip ‘N Slide Gender Reveal

Set up a large slip n’ slide with a pool of colored water at the end. When guests find their way to the end of the slide, a splash of blue or pink reveals the baby’s gender. This is perfect on a hot summer day since it doubles as a fun way to cool off.

Games and Competitions

gender reveal ideas games and competitions

Gender Reveal Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

Hand out pieces of pink or blue gum disguised in neutral wrapping. See who can blow the biggest bubble while also finding out if a baby boy or girl is arriving soon. You might pop your bubble amid the excitement.

Sumo Wrestling Match

Ask two family members to don pink and blue sumo suits and go head-to-head in an entertaining wrestling match. The winner reveals the baby’s gender and creates exciting anticipation for the audience.

Roller Skate Race

Put on your favorite pair of roller skates and challenge your friends and family to a race. Mom-to-be can stand at the finish line with a checkered flag as the winner crosses through. The winner then gets to pop a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti.

Musical Chairs Gender Reveal

Relive your childhood with an exciting game of musical chairs that ends in an anticipated surprise. Play per the usual rules, but the winner gets to reveal the baby’s gender. They can pop a balloon, set off a smoke bomb, or read the results from a sealed envelope.

Boy or Girl Frisbee Golf

This is another challenging game that’s fun for the whole family. Set up a frisbee golf course with pink or blue balloon confetti attached to the target. When the winner’s frisbee reaches the winning goal the powder or confetti will puff into the air for the big reveal.

Food and Drink-Based Reveals

gender reveal ideas food and drinks

Marshmallow Eating Contest

Family and friends with a sweet tooth will love this contest. Set out blue and pink marshmallows and start a timer. Guests will then eat blue or pink marshmallows depending on if they think the baby will be a boy or girl. The person who eats the most of the correct gender color is the winner. This contest is equally entertaining for the participants and the audience.

DIY and Craft-Based Reveals

gender reveal ideas diy and crafts

Googly Eyes Pinata 

While whacking a pinata is always exciting for shower guests, adding a giant pair of googly eyes creates a unique and silly twist. With each hit, the googly eyes bounce all around, which will surely gain lots of giggles from guests.

Artistic and Creative Reveals

gender reveal ideas artistic and creative

Ice Sculpture Meltdown Reveal

Commission an ice sculpture with blue or pink colored liquid inside. As the ice melts, the color inside will reveal the gender of your baby. Sit this outside during a summer party if you want to speed up the process.

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