Top 20 Kid-Friendly Gender Reveal Ideas: A Fun Guide for Parents

Revealing the gender of your baby is a special moment to share with family and friends. If you have children who are excited about having a baby brother or sister, let them join in on the fun too. Gender reveal ideas for kids help your little ones feel included and create a sweet memory for everyone. With so many gender reveal ideas to choose from, there are several that are great options for your kiddos. You could choose to host a gender reveal party with refreshments and thoughtful gender reveal gifts from guests. Or you can wait to make the big announcement at your baby shower. No matter how you want to share the news, we’ve collected 20 of our favorite ideas for finding out the sex of your baby.

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20 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas for Kids

Let your little ones find out if they’re having a little brother or sister with these fun gender reveal ideas for kids. There are many ways to include confetti and balloons to silly string and water guns in this special family moment. Keep reading for some of our favorite gender reveal ideas for kids.

Blue or Pink Cake/Cake Pops

Give your ultrasound results to a baker or a trusted friend and ask them to bake a cake or make cake pops with blue or pink cake inside. Ensure it’s covered in thick frosting so there’s no chance of the cake color peeking through. Start a countdown and have everyone bite their cake pops at the same time, or have a big brother or sister help cut a cake to reveal the color inside.

Colorful Pinata Reveal

Fill a pinata with pink or blue confetti or candy with all pink or blue wrappers. Take turns as a family whacking the pinata until the contents fall out. We also like the pull-string pinatas, which are easier for young children.

Gender Reveal Scratch Offs

Similar to the cake pops, count down to when family and friends can scratch off their cards to reveal your baby’s gender. Or you can ask the baby’s big brothers or sisters to scratch off their cards and show them to the rest of the group. You can find these fun scratch-off cards at many party supply stores and on Etsy.

Secret Play Dough Reveal

Let your little one’s hands get messy with this creative gender reveal idea for kids. Hand your child a ball of white play dough. As they squeeze and play with the dough, it will turn blue or pink, thanks to the food coloring hidden inside.

Surprise Confetti Gender Reveal

There are several exciting ways to discover your baby’s sex with confetti. Give guests a concealed bag of colored confetti or buy confetti poppers for a grand reveal. You can also fill vanilla cookies with edible confetti (sprinkles) for a sweet treat with a fun surprise.

Silly String Baby Gender Reveal

The kiddos will definitely want to get in on the action with this reveal. Grab a can of silly string and have fun spraying your family with blue or pink string. Ask a loved one or your party planner to cover the exterior of the cans so no one finds out too early.

Reveal Your Fortune

This time, your fortune will come true. Purchase custom fortune cookies that your little ones will have fun breaking apart. Inside the cookie will read your fortune, stating if your arriving baby is a boy or a girl.

Gender Reveal with Paint

Fill water guns with pink or blue paint for this gender reveal idea for kids. Stand in a circle with your family, count down from 10, then squirt each other with paint showing the color inside. We recommend wearing white to get the full effect of the paint and for photos.

Balloon Drop with Confetti

Fill a box with balloons (filled with air and not helium), confetti, streamers, etc., all in blue or pink. Hang the box from a pergola, tree, or ceiling. Attach a string to the bottom of the box that your little one can pull to reveal the contents inside and the gender of their baby brother or sister.

Balloon Box Gender Reveal

This is an inverted version of the balloon drop. Fill a box with balloons (full of helium so they float) in shades of pink or blue. When the box is opened, the balloons will float out of the box. Ensure the balloons are tethered to the bottom of the box with string or ribbon so they don’t float away into the sky.

Sweet Painted Hands

Ask a loved one to paint your child’s hands pink or blue while you are blindfolded or have your eyes closed. Your little one will then place their painted hands on your belly bump revealing your baby’s gender. Wear a white or light colored T-shirt so those sweet little handprints show up for everyone to see.

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Ultrasound Picture Reveal

Unveil a photo of your baby’s ultrasound during your gender reveal party. If you or a friend are tech savvy, upload your baby’s ultrasound photo and color it in blue or pink. You could also add a pink bow or blue bow tie to the photo.

Baby Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt

Get the whole family involved with a fun scavenger hunt. This gender reveal idea for kids lets you get creative with baby riddles and clues. The final clue leads to a box or door that you’ll open to show if you’re expecting a boy or girl.

Big Reveal with a Baby Outfit

Ask a loved one to set up a sweet baby outfit in pink or blue. Parents-to-be and their children can unwrap the outfit as part of the gender reveal. It’s also a sweet surprise at the end of the scavenger hunt we mentioned earlier.

Gender Reveal with Holi Powder

This gender reveal idea for kids is similar to the silly string and paint, but this time with colorful holi powder. This powder is often seen during 5K color runs. Wear white in anticipation of getting dusted with pink or blue powder by your guests.

Ribbon Gender Reveal

During the gender reveal party, the mom-to-be will wear a blue and pink ribbon around her belly. When it’s time to announce the sex of the baby, a loved one will cut one of the ribbons leaving the correct color behind. Guests can also take a vote as the expecting mom walks around the party as to whether they think she’ll have a boy or girl.

Creative Science Experiment Gender Reveal

Come up with a fun science experiment to reveal the gender of your baby. We like the volcano that erupts with blue or pink “lava” when you pour white vinegar over baking soda. This is a fun gender reveal idea for kids as they can get hands-on with the experiment.

Holiday Lights Reveal

Similar to showing off your outdoor lights during the holidays, decorate the outside of your home, your front door, or a pergola with blue or pink lights. When it’s time to reveal if you’re having a boy or girl, ask a loved one to hit that magical switch to illuminate your space. This is a great option for an outdoor gender reveal party in the evening or around sunset.

Airplane Banner Gender Reveal

Do you know someone with a private plane, or are you able to hire a local pilot? Schedule a time for a plane to fly over your gender reveal party toting a banner that reads “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy.” This is a fun surprise your guests and your little ones won’t see coming, and it makes for a memorable moment at your gender reveal party or baby shower.

Sporty Gender Reveal

Do you or a member of your family love baseball or golf? Recruit the sporty members of your family to hit a baseball or golf ball that will burst with blue or pink powder. This is also fun if you have a little slugger who is a professional at tee ball. Place the ball on a tee and let them swing until they make contact.

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