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How To Have A Virtual Baby Shower“How To Have A Virtual Baby Shower?”

If you’ve been wondering “how to have a virtual baby shower?”, check out Web Baby Shower! Do you know a friend who’s far away and expecting a baby? Got a family member on bed rest who needs some cheering up? Want to easily share news about your pregnancy and photos with family and friends? Have your baby shower or pregnancy celebration online at Web Baby Shower! Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome here — that’s why Web Baby Shower offers an easy and fun way to have a long distance baby shower online.

What is a Web Baby Shower?

At the most basic level, a virtual baby shower should include a message board and photos. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want. It can include games and good wishes, stories and pregnancy updates. We are still working on online refreshments though!

While you can host a virtual baby shower at almost any social website, Web Baby Shower is already designed to meet the specific needs of baby showers, pregnancy celebrations and birth announcements — and keep it all private!

Why have a virtual baby shower?

In today’s world, expecting parents aren’t always next door to family and friends. With the advent of the Internet and social media, however, we can all be a little closer. Here are some reasons to choose an online baby shower to either complement or replace a traditional baby shower:

  • Excellent when expecting parents are far from family and friends
    This is the number one reason families come to Web Baby Shower. Whether the expecting parents are out of the country on a military assignment or have relocated away from family for career reasons, having an online baby shower is sometimes the only way to get everyone together to say “congratulations.”
  • Super mood lifter for moms-to-be who have been restricted to bed-rest
    Know an expecting mom on bed rest? She will love an online baby shower! Knowing you cared enough to gather everyone together for her will help brighten her spirits. It can also give her a place to share any pregnancy news and to help feel like she can still connect with the world while she is taking care of herself in preparation for the arrival of her baby.
  • Great complement to a traditional baby shower
    An online shower can be the part of the shower that lasts before and after the shower. You can also share photos and anecdotes with everyone who couldn’t make it to the baby shower.
  • Online shopping is easy and popular
    Having a virtual baby shower can help friends and relatives find and shop from baby registries online. Web Baby Shower, in particular, is a great resource for online registries since you can link to all sites where the mom and baby are registered.
  • Everyone likes babies and computers too!
    Because it involves computers, men are actually very receptive to participating in, and even hosting, a Web Baby Shower. An online baby shower is a great way to include everyone who wants to welcome the new baby.

The Web Baby Shower Advantage

    • A paid service means you are in control of your online baby shower content and privacy with NO ADVERTISING! A one-time set up fee gives you the peace of mind of a high-quality online service, no additional fees or “surprises,” no intrusive advertising and excellent customer support. Snowboard Mommy wouldn’t have it any other way!
    • A Web Baby Shower Website: Your Web Baby Shower will include a homepage, Guest Book, gift registry links page, “Birthday Bets,” baby shower quiz-style games, baby photo guessing contest, and a photo album. For more information, please watch the Web Baby Shower Introductory Video:

      … or read the transcript

    • No limit to the number of guests you can invite or that can participate in your Web Baby Shower virtual baby shower.
    • Complete privacy and password control. You can add password or guest-list-only protection for your Web Baby Shower if you need it. You can choose the right level of security and privacy for your Web Baby Shower and make changes to it whenever you like! For more information, please see the Privacy and Passwords Help page.
    • A Host Control Panel Dashboard gives you full control of your Web Baby Shower including personalization of all of your Web Baby Shower website pages, photos, theme options, guest list, email invitations, co-hosts and more. For more information, please check out the Web Baby Shower “Cheat Sheet”
    • An always-available, public Web Baby Shower Help section full of tips, tricks, ideas to get you started and using your Web Baby Shower to its fullest. All of the answers to the “how to have a virtual baby shower?” question are there!
    • No littering or lingering! We “clean up the mess” for you! Your Web Baby Shower will end approximately 30 days past the expected due date and we take it down completely for you. No lingering social media “event,” page or blog for complete strangers to come across 5 years later!
    • The Printer-Friendly Keepsake is available through your Host Control Panel so you can save and/or print it any time before your Web Baby Shower ends
    • Excellent customer service, if we may say so — and so do others! Customer Testimonials:
      “The [Web Baby Shower] is the greatest idea ever! This site made it easy to join, set up the personal site and it was fun to use and participate. Thank you for making it possible for our family to have a shower even though we’re all over the east coast.”
      ~ Lee T., PA, Grandmom

      “I am very satisfied with webbabyshower. It’s a service I didn’t even know existed before a friend of mine told me. We are a military couple living over 700 miles away from our families and have friends scattered all over the US. An online baby shower is the perfect way to include everyone, share information and photos. Thank you webbabyshower.”
      ~ Cameron C., NM, Expecting parent

      “We could not be happier with the Web Baby Shower website! It was wonderful. Easy to navigate, cute, thank you so much for it. My niece is living out east, the rest of the family is in the Illinois and Texas and this was just such a great way to connect everyone. Thank You Again!”
      ~ Cindi, IL, Aunt of the Expectant Mother

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    So, what are you waiting for? Start your Web Baby Shower today!