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With friends and family scattered, WebBabyShower makes it easy and affordable to share with everyone regardless of location!

Safe & Secure

Your shower page will not show in search engines and can only be accessed by people who have the URL. As for our mobile app, it requires a guest to input your shower code before they can join!

We Set Up Everything

No web design experience is necessary with WebBabyShower. We set up your site, take it down when you’re done, and you just enjoy your big event with everyone in your life!

We Never Share or Sell Your Information

With WebBabyShower, you and your friends don’t need to worry about being bombarded with ads on Facebook or elsewhere because we never share or sell your information to anyone for any reason.

Fully Customizable

Our platform is designed so you can quickly and easily personalize every aspect of your virtual baby shower to make it your own. You can choose from 9 different baby games, customized invitations, guest registry, and much more!

We Help Ensure Everyone Can Participate

Are you afraid some folks on your invited guest list won’t be able to participate because they don’t know how to use our site? We’ve created ready-made emails with simple instructions on how to play games, upload photos and more so that everyone can participate!

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Questions Answered

Yes! Invite multiple co-hosts who can help with everything. The expecting mother, or excited grandmother, can get all the help they want. Or build it for them as a total surprise!

Absolutely. In-fact with online baby showers this is much more common and completely normal. Throwing an online baby shower is WAY easier than a traditional one, and many expecting mothers can have even far-away friends help out as co-hosts.

This is another place where an online baby shower just makes things easier. Gift registries are all online, and you can use any online registry links you want. We integrate with BabyList, Amazon, Target, you name it – and conveniently collect them for the shower. And if you want to skip a registry list, no problem.

Yes! Your shower is totally private, but you can invite anyone you like via social channels into the shower. No need to collect every single email to get invitations done. Get the ease of social reach, but the privacy and control you want.

This is one of the new trends in baby showers. Increasingly as family and friends are around the globe, many showers become fun combinations of the two. Since an online shower can have all sorts of lead-up activities, it can combine everyone near and far.