42 Gender Reveal Games For a Memorable Party in 2024

42 Gender Reveal Game Ideas for Parties – Creative and Exciting Games

Our article features creative and exciting games to make your gender reveal party unforgettable. Our collection of baby gender reveal games includes interactive challenges, team-based activities, and unique twists on classics, such as relay races and balloon popping adventures. So, get set to find out if it’s a “Boy” or “Girl” in style with these fabulous and fun-filled gender reveal games!

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Fun Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Baby Gender Balloon Pop

Get ready for some balloon-popping fun with this fun gender reveal game! To do it, fill dark balloons with pink or blue confetti, inflate them, then ask guests to pick a balloon. On the count of three, ask everyone to pop their balloon simultaneously. The color of the confetti will reveal your little one’s gender. This is a casual and fun way to reveal your baby’s gender that everyone will enjoy.

Balloon Dart

Learn how to play the balloon dart game for a fun and exciting gender reveal. Fill a wall with black balloons, most of them empty or filled with white paint, except for one special balloon that’s filled with either pink or blue paint. Each guest takes a turn aiming and popping a balloon until the blue or pink one bursts, revealing the gender of your little one. Watch a video demo to make it even more enjoyable.

Piñata Gender Reveal

Looking for a festive way to announce if you’re expecting a boy or girl? A piñata gender reveal is your go-to! Just fill a neutral-colored piñata with pink or blue confetti or candies, hang it up, and take turns giving it a good whack until it bursts open. The color that spills out will reveal your big secret. This exciting baby gender reveal will appeal to guests of all ages.

Baby Gender Musical Chairs

This game puts a fun twist on musical chairs, adding a gender-related surprise! Set up a circle of chairs, play the music, and quickly find a seat when the music stops. With each round, a chair is removed until only one person remains. The lucky winner will be honored to announce the baby’s gender.

Baby Gender Riddle Contest

Get ready for an awesome game that’ll turn your loved ones into super sleuths! Hand out riddles about your baby’s gender and let your guests solve them together or individually. Once they complete all the riddles, they’ll crack the case, and discover whether you’re having a boy or girl.

Silly String Showdown

Gear up for a showdown that’s more goofy than gritty. Picture a wild west duel, but swap the six shooters for cans of silly string. Keep the cans’ colors a secret by covering the front, then on the count of three, tell everyone to let their silly string loose! The spray’s color will unveil if a little cowboy or cowgirl is on the way.

Paint War

This is one of the best gender reveal games for those who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. Encourage everyone to wear their oldest pants and t-shirts. Then, hand out containers of washable paint in inconspicuous containers. At the signal, everyone opens their containers and launches the paint into the crowd. The splashes of color will reveal if it’s a boy or a girl.

Baby Gender Trivia Wheel of Fortune

Play a gender-related trivia game by spinning a wheel and answering questions based on the color landed. The winning team gets an envelope revealing the baby’s gender. It’s a fun and interactive activity for everyone!

Confetti Cannons

Invite your friends and family to line up on either side of the soon-to-be parents, each person equipped with a confetti cannon. After counting to three, everyone lets loose, covering the parents in a burst of pink or blue confetti.

Colorful Smoke Fountains

Set a few smoke fountains on the ground and watch as they release large clouds of pink or blue smoke into the air. For an unforgettable gender reveal moment, have everyone circle around and set off the fountains together. This gender reveal activity is perfect for capturing fantastic photos!

Baby Bingo

At the party, each guest will get a baby bingo card to fill out with predictions about the baby, including gender, name, and due date. Throughout the event, the expecting parents will share the correct answers. The big reveal of the baby’s gender will come last. The first person to get five correct predictions and shout “Bingo!” wins the game.

Easy Gender Reveal Game Ideas and Activities

Guess the Baby’s Birthday

This easy game doesn’t require much setup. All you’ll need are some cards for guests to write down their due date predictions. Once the baby arrives, send a prize to the guest who’s prediction was closest. Pair this activity with your gender reveal for a day full of guesses and anticipation.

Baby Gender Pictionary

This game puts a fun twist on classic Pictionary by adding a gender reveal theme! Instead of regular words, you’ll be sketching clues related to the baby’s gender, such as tiny sneakers or an adorable bow. Your friends and family will guess the right gender-specific word, leading to an exciting reveal.

Gender Reveal Tic Tac Toe

Set up a big Tic Tac Toe board with “X’s” and “O’s” in blue and pink, or choose pieces that say “boy” and “girl.” Players select the pieces that match their guess for the baby’s gender, trying to line up three in a row. In the final round, it’s the parents-to-be’s turn to play. The winning color or word will reveal the baby’s gender.

Baby Trivia Tournament

Prepare for an unforgettable baby trivia tournament! Gather questions about pregnancy, baby care, and parenting. Create rounds with different difficulty levels. Spice it up with trivia about the baby’s gender, such as old wives’ tales about high or low baby bumps. Once everyone has made their guesses, reveal the gender. Consider using a video to explain the rules to ensure your loved ones know how to play.

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Old Wives’ Tales Board

For centuries, Old Wives’ tales have amused us with predictions about whether a baby will be a boy or a girl. Embrace this tradition by displaying a board filled with classic Old Wives’ tales for gender prediction. Guests can guess if it’s a boy or a girl based on fun signs, like mom having sweet cravings for a girl or savory ones for a boy.

old wives tale baby shower game

Gender Voting Booth

It’s time to vote! Invite guests to cast their ballot on whether a little boy or girl is on the way. For added fun, transform the voting area into a real voting booth, complete with a curtain for privacy. Then, let the parents announce which guests guessed the gender correctly for a fun and engaging reveal.

Baby Prediction Cards

Buy or create some adorable cards with boy and girl themes – such as cards shaped like tiny dresses and tuxedos. Guests can drop their guesses into a box. When it’s the reveal time, count up the votes and share the group’s guess with everyone. Finally, it’s up to the parents-to-be to reveal the truth. Time to see if your friends and family’s instincts are spot on!

Gender Reveal Fortune Cookies

For a unique twist, hand out gender reveal fortune cookies to your guests. Each cookie contains a custom message inside that reveals whether it’s a boy or girl. Ensure everyone cracks open their cookies together for added suspense!

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DIY Gender Reveal Game Ideas and Activities

Scavenger Hunt

For your gender reveal scavenger hunt, participants will solve puzzles and follow hints to different spots around the venue. The final clue leads to the big reveal: perhaps a secret message, a box of balloons, or another surprise revealing the baby’s gender. It’s a fun and interactive way to get everyone involved in the big reveal moment.

Onesie Decorating Contest

Host a onesie decorating party by providing plain white onesies and art supplies. Encourage guests to create designs based on their gender predictions for the baby. Choose a winning onesie to dress the baby in after they arrive. Share a photo with party guests. To spark inspiration, show a video of a onesie decorating contest.

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Baby Block Tower

The baby block tower is a fun gender reveal game for all ages! To play, grab Jenga blocks and paint the ends blue and pink. Paint one block completely pink or blue to match your baby’s gender. Now, stack the blocks to create a tall tower masterpiece. Players remove one block at a time, trying to keep the tower steady. When the tower falls, or the special block is pulled, it’s time for the big gender reveal moment! For helpful tips, check out a video on building the perfect tower.

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Image from: Pinterest

Baby Gender Charades

Play a gender reveal game by acting out scenes like playing with cars for a boy or having a tea party for a girl. Let guests guess their gender or have a final round to reveal the surprise. Share a video, and get ready for a fun time!

Gender Reveal Karaoke

Get ready for a musical twist on the gender reveal! Guests belt out tunes associated with boys or girls, ramping up the excitement with songs like “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” or “Brown Eyed Girl.” The parents-to-be take the stage for the last number. The gender hinted at in their song reveals if a little boy or girl is on the way!

Gender Reveal Puzzle

For this collaborative gender reveal game, each guest receives a piece of a puzzle upon arrival. Guests then work together to fit their pieces into the larger puzzle. Finally, when the last piece is placed, the completed puzzle reveals whether a little boy or girl will soon be joining the family.

Baby Gender Memory Box

Ask guests to bring small items representing their guesses of the baby’s gender. Collect and place them in a memory box. On reveal day, open the box and unveil the predictions. A heartfelt and memorable way to involve guests in the guessing game.

Interactive Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Baby Gender Relay Race

Gather your guests and divide them into teams for a friendly relay race competition. Each team will tackle baby-related challenges as they race toward the finish line. Examples include dropping a ping pong ball into a cup with a balloon “belly” or trying to throw rings around a baby bottle. The final challenge will unveil the baby’s gender! Show a video to explain the rules and get everyone excited.

Punch Pong

Swap your go-to college party game for a baby-themed version. Here’s how: use a coffee filter, vinegar, baking soda, and red or blue Kool-Aid instead of beer. Set up the pong cups like you normally would, but with a twist—one special cup is covered with a coffee filter filled with the mixture. When someone lands a ball in that cup, the mix drops into the water, changing it to blue or pink to reveal the baby’s gender. Need a visual? Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to get it all set up.

Treasure Hunt

Kick off the party with a treasure hunt, hiding baby-themed items throughout your house or yard. The person (or team) who discovers the most items wins. Among the treasures, one guest will find a special baby bottle containing a note. This note is the key to the big reveal, announcing the baby’s gender in a fun and memorable way.

Guess the Baby Food Flavors

Make a game out of guessing the flavors of baby foods with complex combinations. The top guesser gets an adorable baby shower gift.

Mystery Baby Toy Box

Fill a box with various baby toys and have your guests reach in to guess the baby’s gender based on what they touch. Consider mini tool sets, toy cars, action figures, and sports toys for a boy, and miniature tea sets, dolls, stuffed animals, dress-up accessories, and play jewelry for a girl. This exciting gender reveal game will challenge your guests’ senses as they try to unravel your big secret.

Color Coded Mocktails

Kick off the celebration with playful pink and blue mocktails, featuring tasty ingredients like blue curacao syrup for the blue ones and pink lemonade for the pink ones. Include more of one drink color than the other as a subtle hint at the baby’s gender!

Sweet Surprise

Whip up a batch of cupcakes with secret blue or pink centers hidden inside. When it’s time to share the big news, have your guests take a bite of their cupcakes simultaneously. As they reach the colorful center, the baby’s gender is revealed, making for a deliciously memorable moment.

Gender Reveal Game Ideas for the Parents

Baby Gender Time Capsule

Invite your guests to bring meaningful items or heartfelt letters that symbolize their wishes for the baby’s future and gender predictions. These treasured mementos will be gathered and sealed in a time capsule to be opened on a special day in the future. It’s a lovely and sentimental activity that will generate lasting memories and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Baby Gender Memory Wall

Create a designated area for guests to share their favorite memories with future parents and make predictions about the baby’s gender. Provide sticky notes for everyone to write down their cherished moments and stick them on the wall. After everyone has had a chance to write something down, reveal the big news. Put the sticky notes in a book so you’ll have the memories forever!

Baby Gender Sock Matching Game

Guests will race against the clock to match as many pink and blue baby socks as possible. The parents-to-be can display socks that correspond to their baby’s gender. It’s a delightful, lighthearted activity that keeps everyone on their toes.

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Image from: Michelle Finkbiner

Baby Gender Emoji Challenge

If your friends and family are emoji enthusiasts, then this gender reveal game is perfect for you! Here’s how to play: Give your guests a list of emojis, each representing a hidden message that reveals the baby’s gender. Get ready to see everyone’s faces light up excitedly as they decipher the emojis and uncover the big secret.

Baby Gender Word Search

This baby gender word search requires guests to circle baby-related words, revealing the gender as they solve the puzzle. Give a 3-4 minute time limit to make it challenging.

Baby Gender Puzzle Riddles

Craft a series of clever riddles with clues that lead to solving a larger puzzle. As your guests successfully solve each riddle, they will collect puzzle pieces. Piece by piece, as the puzzle is completed, the gender will be revealed. This exciting activity will test your loved ones’ problem-solving skills.

Baby Gender Name Scramble

Hand out a list of jumbled up gender-specific names to your guests. They’ll put their skills to the test as they unscramble the names and discover the gender along the way. Can they crack the code and reveal the secret? Let the challenge begin, and see who can unscramble the names to uncover the exciting news.

Gender Guessing Games

Baby Gender Tug of War

Get ready for an exciting game that will divide your guests into two groups: Team Pink and Team Blue. They’ll compete in a friendly tug-of-war battle, with the winning team earning a special reward: the opportunity to reveal the baby’s gender! This lively and interactive activity will infuse your gender reveal festivities with some playful rivalry. So, gather your strength, form your teams, and let the epic battle begin.

gender reveal games
Image from: wendiriggens.com

Blindfolded Diaper Change Gender Reveal

Divide guests into teams, each tasked with changing the diaper of a baby boy or girl doll. The challenge: they must change the diaper and then dress the dolls in gender-specific outfits, all while blindfolded. The first team to complete the task wins! After the competition, the parents pick up the doll that matches their little one’s gender, adding a playful twist to the gender reveal.

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