17 Spooky Baby Shower Games for Halloween 2024

Halloween is an ideal time for a baby shower as it adds a playful and festive twist to the traditional celebration of welcoming a new life. The spooky season’s enchanting ambiance and the creative potential for Halloween-themed decorations and games can elevate the event’s entertainment value and make it truly memorable.

A Halloween-themed baby shower, is a fun take on a traditional idea – so if you or someone you know is expecting a baby around Halloween time, why not adopt a spooky theme for our shower?

What’s more, games are an essential part of making a baby shower more memorable, and Halloween offers a unique opportunity for creative and thematic games that don’t require much prep or printables!

Classic Games with a Halloween Twist

Adapting traditional baby shower games to fit a Halloween theme can be a fun and unique way to celebrate a baby shower during the spooky season. Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

halloween baby shower games
Image from: Toxteth Town Hall

Mummy Wrap Relay

The “Mummy Wrap Relay” is a delightful baby shower game that involves dividing guests into teams and challenging them to transform one of their members into a “mummy” using rolls of white toilet paper or crepe paper.

Pumpkin Belly Guess

The “Guess Baby Bump” game is a fun and interactive addition to any baby shower. In this game, guests take turns guessing the size of the mom-to-be’s baby bump by using a ball of yarn or ribbon to measure her waistline. They cut the yarn or ribbon to what they believe is the perfect length to encircle her bump.

The creative challenge lies in estimating the size of the growing baby bump!

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Printable Halloween Baby Shower Games

Printable Halloween baby shower games are convenient and fun, especially if you’re planning a last-minute baby shower. These games are not just easy to set up but also add a thematic touch to the Halloween baby shower.

Guess How Many Candies Are in the Jar

This game comes with a standing sign and 50 guessing cards. It’s a classic guessing game but with a Halloween twist, featuring pumpkin-themed designs.

halloween baby shower games

Diaper Raffle Sign

This game kit includes a standing sign and 50 guessing cards. It’s a fun way to encourage guests to bring diapers for the new parents, and it fits well with a Halloween theme.

What’s Your Halloween Name Game

Just like the diaper raffle sign, this game comes with a standing sign and 50 name sticker cards. It’s a fun and interactive way for guests to find out their “Halloween name,” adding a personal touch to the party.

halloween baby shower games

How Big is Mommy’s Belly Sign

This game kit includes everything you need for an interactive and fun guessing game. It’s a fun way to engage guests in guessing the size of the mom-to-be’s belly, with a rustic Halloween look.

Emoji Pictionary

halloween baby shower games

Spooky Skill Games

These games require some skill and dexterity (meaning they’ll be hilarious if guests happen to be drinking alcohol). Though they require some skill, they’re still easy enough for everyone to enjoy.

halloween baby shower games
Image from: Mom Luck

Ghost Bowling

Use toilet paper rolls designed like ghosts and a small pumpkin as a bowling ball. Just like with regular ten-pin bowling, players must knock down the ghost (pins) and see who gets the most points. It’s a fun and easy game to create, and play

Witch Hat Ring Toss

This one is super simple too: create or buy witch hats and use them for a ring toss game. The rings can be glow-in-the-dark for an added spooky effect.

Mystery and Guessing Games

These games involve a bit of mystery and guessing – making each of them perfect for a Halloween setting.

halloween baby shower games
Image from: Etsy

Haunted House Treasure Hunt

Chances are you’ll already have halloween decor adorning your home – so why not capitalize on that Create a haunted house theme where guests must find baby items hidden around a “haunted” space.

Candy Corn Count

Another super simple game to add to your Halloween baby shower itinerary. Fill a jar with candy corn and have guests guess the number. The closest guess wins a prize.

Creative and Crafty Games

Games that allow guests to show off their creative side are always a hit at a baby shower! These games will get your guests’ creative juices flowing and are sure to be a hit!

halloween baby shower games
Image from: Project Nursery

Design Your Own Onesie

Provide plain white onesies and Halloween-themed fabric markers for guests to design a onesie for the baby. Give extra points for spooky themes, including bats, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts! Best design wins a prize.

Spooky Story Time

Halloween is the perfect time to tell a good ghost story. In this fun game, each guest writes one line of a spooky story involving the new baby and then passes it on. The result is a hilarious and often nonsensical story.

Team-Based Games

These team-based Halloween baby shower games are perfect for larger groups and promote teamwork.

Zombie Egg Race

Use a “zombie egg” (a green, slime-filled water balloon) for an egg-and-spoon race with a Halloween twist. This one is best done outside, though, to preserve your floors!

Monster Charades

Play charades but with a twist— all the topics need to be Halloween or baby-related (bonus points if you can combine the two). Teams compete to guess the most words correctly, just like regular charades.

Sensory Games

These party games are tactile and unique: they engage the senses, making them more interactive and fun.

halloween baby shower games
Image from: StayGlam

Guess the Baby Food

Blindfold guests and have them taste different baby foods. Add a Halloween twist by coloring the foods orange and black – or even mixing foods together in a witch’s brew to see if guests can guess the combinations.

What’s in the Cauldron?

Fill a cauldron with items related to babies and Halloween. Blindfolded guests have to guess what they are by touch alone.

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