Embrace the Season: 10 Inspiring Fall Gender Reveal Concepts

10 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Fall Celebration

Planning a baby shower or gender reveal party means picking an exciting theme, inviting loved ones, choosing the decor, and deciding how you’ll find out if a little girl or boy is on the way. If your baby is due during the autumn months, or you’re planning a get-together around that time, there are several sweet fall gender reveal ideas. This can include holding a mock election, concocting bubby pink or blue witch’s brew, or diving into a leaf pile. No matter what you choose, pick a reveal that creates anticipation and maybe even gets your guests involved. Whether your arriving little pumpkin is a boy or a girl, you’ll love these cute gender reveal ideas for a fall theme celebration.

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10. Thanksgiving Dinner Reveal

Gather family and friends for a Thanksgiving meal on or around the holiday. Before dinner, sit around the table and take turns stating what makes you feel thankful this year. Take that time for a surprise gender reveal – “I’m thankful I’m having a girl.” Try to sit somewhere at the table that ensures you’re the last one to say your thanks. Or hide pink or blue frosting inside a pumpkin-flavored dessert to share after your meal. You can tell your guests to expect a surprise during your gathering or catch loved ones completely off guard. This surprise announcement will delight your guests and give everyone an extra reason to celebrate.

fall gender reveal ideas

9. What’s Your Vote?

Cast your vote for a boy or a girl with this fun fall gender reveal idea. This works best if you’re making your announcement around election time at the beginning of November. During your gender reveal party or baby shower, set up a ballot box so guests can vote if they think you’re having a boy or a girl. Set up a campaign board making points for each side. This could include, “Mom-to-be is craving sweets,” or “Mom had mild morning sickness,” so guests can decide how to vote. Hand out “I voted boy” or “I voted girl” stickers for voters to wear. This mock election is a fun way to get loved ones involved in your gender reveal. Have a trusted loved one announce the winner at the end of the party. Hand out party favors or prizes for those who guessed correctly.

8. Powder Pumpkin Gender Reveal

Who doesn’t like the satisfaction of smashing a pumpkin? It’s even better when it results in finding out the gender of your baby. Ask a loved one to fill a pumpkin with blue or pink powder and set the pumpkin on a tree stump or sturdy platform. Then let dad-to-be or a burly family member swing an axe at the secret-holding pumpkin. When struck, the powder will fly out, revealing the baby’s gender. This cute fall gender reveal idea creates a sense of anticipation for your guests, adding to the excitement.

7. Pumpkin Carving Fall Gender Reveal Idea

Is there a skilled pumpkin carver in your family? Task them with carving the words “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” in a pumpkin to use as your big reveal. Hand over your ultrasound results (no peeking) and let them get to work. The carving can take place during your shower or gender reveal party to help build anticipation. Or hide the completed pumpkin under a cloth that you’ll remove when you’re ready to find out your baby’s gender. Place a candle in the pumpkin for an evening event. This also makes a great photo to share the news on social media.

6. Scarecrow Family Gender Reveal

Line up scarecrows to represent each family member – parents-to-be and any older brothers and sisters. Dress each one in cute clothing so guests know which scarecrow is which family member. Then, add one small scarecrow to represent your arriving baby. Dress it in an adorable baby girl or boy outfit to announce your little one’s gender. Use this as a cute photo to share with loved ones, or present your scarecrow family during your baby shower or gender reveal party. Family and friends will love this cute and creative fall gender reveal idea. They may even want to pose for photos with your sweet display.

fall gender reveal ideas

5. Cute Cornucopia

While pumpkins are usually considered the most popular fall decor, cornucopias are also high on the list. For a creative fall gender reveal idea, head to your local craft store for a horn-shaped basket. Instead of filling it with an abundance of food items, stuff it with pink or blue baby items instead. This can include blankets, bath towels, onesies, and stuffed animals. Then hide the items by placing gourds, leaves, or other fall-inspired decorations at the opening of the cornucopia. When you announce your baby’s gender, tip over the cornucopia to reveal the contents. This is a fun reveal for your loved ones to witness, and you also get to take home extra baby goodies.

fall gender reveal ideas
Image from: Etsy

4. Smoking Pumpkin Gender Reveal

Billowy clouds of smoke will reveal if you’re the parents-to-be of a baby boy or girl. Hollow out and carve a fun face into a large pumpkin. At your gender reveal party, drop a blue or pink smoke bomb inside the pumpkin. As the smoke begins to pour out, you’ll find out the gender of your baby. This is a fun reveal for a Halloween-themed event since the smoke from the jack-o-lantern face gives off spooky vibes. Be sure to do this outside, as colored smoke can stain clothing and any items it touches.

3. Witch’s Brew Fall Gender Reveal Idea

Here’s another idea for a Halloween-themed baby shower or gender reveal party. Stop by your local craft store for a large witch’s cauldron decoration or hollow out a pumpkin. To create your brew, combine vinegar and food coloring in pink or blue to create your brew and pour it over baking soda. As your concoction bubbles and fizzes, it will start to pour out of its vessel, letting you and your guests know the gender of your baby. This idea creates lots of anticipation for your guests since the brew takes a minute to start bubbling over the cauldron or pumpkin, especially if you pour slowly. Like the smoking pumpkin idea, this is another one to do outside since it can be messy.

fall gender reveal ideas
Image from: Danny Rodriguez

2. Fall Leaf Pile

Make this cute fall gender reveal idea a group activity that everyone will love, especially if there are any kids in your family. Grab a few leaves from your backyard and paint them blue or pink. Then hide them in a leaf pile outside. You and your guests will then start to dig through and play in the leaves until someone finds the first painted leaf that reveals if your arriving bundle of joy is a girl or a boy. Award a prize to the guest who finds the first painted leaf.

1. Pumpkin Spice Gender Reveal

A classic, and delicious, gender reveal idea is slicing into a tasty treat you and your guests can share after the big reveal. Hire or local baker or DIY a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing. Dye the icing between the layers of cake pink or blue that you won’t see until you slice the first piece. Other ideas include pumpkin spice cupcakes with a pink or blue frosting center and pumpkin cake pops with tinted cake. We also love a cake filled with pink or blue sprinkles or candies that spill out when you cut the cake. If pumpkin spice isn’t your favorite, red velvet, chocolate, molasses, caramel, and apple are great fall-inspired flavors. Gather your loved ones together before you cut the cake, or count down to the first bite of cake pop or cupcake so everyone finds out your baby’s gender together.

fall gender reveal ideas
Image from: parade.com
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