Halloween Baby Shower Ideas 2024 – For Hosting a Spook-tacular Baby Shower

18 Spook-tacular Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween is the time of year when pumpkins glow, witches cackle, and the spooky spirit comes to life.

But did you know that Halloween can also be a fantastic theme for a baby shower? Halloween baby showers break free from the traditional “pink and blue” theme, offering a unique and memorable style.

A Halloween gender reveal allows you to let your creativity run wild. Whether you want eerie spiderwebs, charming witches, or adorable pumpkins intermingled with baby items, this party is a delightful blend of cute and spooky. You and your guests can even dress up in costumes, adding a playful twist, and turning the mom-to-be into a “Mummy-to-Be” for the day.

Of course, Halloween is all about indulging in delicious and spooky snacks and treats. So, a Halloween baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate if your due date falls in the cozy autumn months.

Overall, Halloween can be both a memorable and fun baby shower theme. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything from eerie invitations to bewitching cakes and hauntingly good games. So, grab your broomstick, and let’s dive into the world of Halloween baby showers!


When it comes to planning a Halloween-themed baby shower, there’s one element that sets the tone for the entire event – the invitation. Why is it so important? Well, first impressions matter and your baby shower invitation is no exception. So, let’s explore some spooktacular invites to set the tone for your party.

Haunted Mansion Invitations

Why settle for ordinary pumpkin invitations when you can upgrade to a haunted mansion theme? Featuring a creepy, dark mansion and haunted, gothic text, your guests will know they are in for a spooky celebration. You could also add a small map of the “mansion” inside the invites, indicating where each ghoulish activity will take place.

“A Baby is Brewing” Invitations

To add a cute yet spooky touch, consider incorporating a witch’s cauldron design with the text “A Baby is Brewing” on your invitations. You can choose to make it scarier with a creepy witch brewing a suspicious spell, or opt for a more lighthearted version featuring a cartoon witch, cauldron, and flowers to give it an elegant feel. This design is a perfect blend of adorable and eerie, allowing you to set the tone that suits your baby shower theme.

Mummy-to-Be Invitations

Let everyone know about the “Mummy-to-Be” in a fun way with these special mummy-themed invitations. They’re a playful twist on the classic Halloween mummy idea, and your guests will definitely find them amusing. Plus, you can easily use the “Mummy-to-Be” phrase at the event. The mom-to-be can wear a sash with this saying, or you can have games where you wrap people up in toilet paper, keeping the mummy theme going in a fun way.

halloween baby shower ideas
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Every baby shower needs a showstopper, and the cake takes center stage for a Halloween-themed one. Here are some delectable and Instagram-worthy cake ideas that will leave your guests spellbound.

Haunted House Layer Cake

Picture a multi-layer cake designed to look like a haunted house, complete with edible ghosts and bats. It’s a deliciously eerie masterpiece that will have everyone reaching for their cameras. The best part? It’s as tasty as it is spooky.

Witch’s Cauldron Cake

This cake is designed to look like a witch’s cauldron, complete with a green “brew” and edible eyes and worms. It’s wickedly good! Your guests will be amazed by the creativity and attention to detail that goes into this cake. You can even present this cake with some dry ice to make it a truly magical experience.

Spooky Forest Cake

This cake features a spooky forest scene, complete with edible mushrooms, trees, and perhaps a hidden creature or two. It’s not just a cake; it’s a work of art that captures the essence of a creepy Halloween forest. Your guests won’t believe their eyes when they see this masterpiece!

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Woman’s Day


Printables are a fantastic way to add a personalized touch to your baby shower. They’re easy to print and set up, and they are super affordable, adding an extra spooky touch to your Halloween baby shower without the scary price tag.

“Baby’s First Spell Book” Cover

These enchanting covers are made to fit perfectly over small notebooks, turning them into “Baby’s First Book of Spells.”

You can use these spellbinding covers on notebooks that you give as favors. Or, slip one over your guest book where your guests can write lovely messages or share their best parenting tips and tricks – their special “spells” of wisdom! This will provide the parents-to-be with a treasure trove of well-wishes and advice.

You can also find pre-made “My First Spellbook” notebooks to make things super easy, with no printing required.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Walmart

Halloween Baby Bingo

This game is like regular bingo but with a Halloween twist. The bingo cards have baby-related items on them, like “diapers” or “bottles,” alongside Halloween stuff like “pumpkins” or “ghosts.” You can pull the Bingo icons from a plastic jack-o-lantern and use candy as markers for some extra Halloween fun.

For prizes, think of Halloween treats like candy or some cool and spooky stuff like mini witch brooms or ghostly candles. You can even assemble a bag with a mix of sweet and spooky surprises to make winning more exciting!

Spooky Photo Booth Props

For your spooky photo booth, you’ll want to include various magical accessories, like witch hats, broomsticks, and monster masks. You can also add baby-themed props like bottles and pacifiers. The spooky Halloween props and baby items will make for some hilarious pictures!

Making these props is a breeze, with many printable options online. Simply print the props on thick paper, cut them out, and attach them to sticks or straws. Place them in a corner with a spooky backdrop, and you have your own photo booth. Your guests will love taking funny photos and looking back on them long after the party.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Etsy/DeJuerga

Cake Toppers

Are you tired of the same old “Little Pumpkin” theme? We get it. That’s why we’re offering unique cake topper ideas that’ll be the perfect finishing touch to your spooky cake. Whether you want ghosts, witches, or ghouls, we’ve got something to take your cake to the next level of spookdom.

“A Little Boo is Almost Due” Cake Topper

Are you thrilled about meeting your little “boo”? Well, why not spread the excitement with this adorable cake topper! This cute topper says “A Little Boo is Almost Due” alongside a friendly ghost, giving your cake a delightful Halloween makeover. It’s a fun and playful way to make your cake look awesome and add some whimsy to your celebration.

Ghost Family Cake Topper

This cake topper is all about celebrating family, even if they’re of the ghostly type! It features a cute ghost family, including a baby ghost, to signify that your wonderful family is growing. It’s a sweet way to express your love for your baby on the way, even before they’ve made it to the earthly realm.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Amazon/GotGala

Pregnant Witch Cake Topper

If you’re looking to mix some magic into your joyous celebration, this topper is just the thing! This cake topper features a pregnant witch, adding a dash of whimsy to your party. It’s the perfect blend of Halloween spookiness and the excitement of welcoming a new baby into the world.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Amazon/WAOUH

Candle Sticks

Candle stick holders have a special way of making parties feel cozy yet spooky at the same time. Here, we have some candle holder ideas that will up the creep factor at your Halloween baby shower. Dim the lights and let these candles shine to make your baby shower feel like you’re hosting at a haunted mansion!

Skull Candle Holders

Take your candle game from basic to spooky cool with these skull candle holders. They’re a step up from the usual wine bottle candlestick holders and bring a creepy yet classy vibe to your party. They’ll make your celebration super memorable with their hauntingly beautiful ambiance.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Amazon/ZAKVOOR

Floating Witch Hats with Lights 

Suspended by clear strings, these hats appear to hover magically, making them a spellbinding choice for witch or wizard-themed celebrations. Add LED candles inside for an eerie glow, creating an ambiance that will leave your guests spellbound.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Amazon/Elnsivo

Spiderweb Candle Holders

For a mix of creepy and classy, consider these spiderweb candle holders. They’re designed like intricate spider webs, creating captivating shadows when the candles are lit. Your guests will be fascinated by their design and the spooky charm they bring.

halloween baby shower ideas
Image from: Amazon/niCWhite

More Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Here are some more fun Halloween baby shower ideas to ensure a hauntingly good time for all your guests! From games with a spooky twist to DIY decorations, these ideas will make your celebration truly unforgettable.

“Guess the Baby Monster” Game

Usually, the “Guess the Baby Food” game involves tasting baby foods like squash, pear, banana, and peach while guests guess the flavors. But in this version, we’re turning up the spook factor by adding food coloring to make the baby food Halloween colors like blood red, witchy green, or cat black.

This twist not only adds a creepy Halloween vibe but also amps up the challenge since your guests can’t rely on the color of the baby food for hints. Get ready for a thrilling game that’ll keep everyone guessing!

DIY Bat Mobile

Craft your own DIY Bat Mobile, a bewitching project to add Halloween charm to your baby shower. You’ll need black paper, scissors, string, and an embroidery hoop or dowel. Create bats and moons, optionally with glow-in-the-dark paint, then attach them to the mobile at varying lengths. Hang this enchanting mobile at your shower, and afterward, gift it as a sweet decoration for the baby’s room, making it a memorable keepsake.

“Mummy’s Tummy” Measuring Game

Let the laughter flow with the “Mummy’s Tummy” Measuring Game at your Halloween baby shower. Guests will use toilet paper to guess the mom-to-be’s tummy size while giving it a playful mummy-themed twist. It’s a lighthearted activity that adds humor and creativity to your celebration, creating memorable moments for everyone involved.

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