Baby Shower vs. Gender Reveal Party – What’s the Difference?

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal parties are the latest trend for celebrating the baby-to-be. Unlike traditional baby showers, which have been around for ages, gender reveal parties are a more modern phenomenon focused specifically on unveiling the baby’s biological gender. Both can be fun, exciting ways to share the big news with your loved ones!

Key Differences Between a Baby Shower and a Gender Reveal Party

Next, we’re going to unpack the main differences between a baby shower and gender reveal to help you decide which event suits you best. While both celebrate important milestones, they have their own unique vibes and purposes, so you may prefer one over the other!

Purpose of the Celebration

A baby shower is a chance to celebrate the mom-to-be and shower her with love and gifts to help prepare for the new arrival. A gender reveal party, on the other hand, is all about revealing the baby’s biological gender in exciting ways (think: smoke bombs, piñatas, or gender reveal cakes).

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Who Should Organize the Party?

Traditionally, baby showers are organized by the couple’s friends and family, while gender reveal parties might be organized by the expecting parents themselves, or by their close relatives. So, it’s up to you to decide who takes the lead in planning the festivities.

When to Host the Party?

Now that you know WHAT these events are, you’re probably wondering when to do a gender reveal or a baby shower! Well, a gender reveal party typically happens earlier in the pregnancy, usually around the 20-week mark when you can find out the baby’s gender. A baby shower tends to come later, closer to the third trimester, when the baby is almost here and excitement is through the roof!

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The Guest List

For a baby shower vs. gender reveal party, the guest list might look a bit different. Baby showers usually include female friends and family members of the mom-to-be, while gender reveal parties can be an intimate gathering with the close friends and immediate family of both partners. It all comes down to who you want to share the special moment with!


When it comes to gifts, baby showers take the cake (and often serve cake, too). Guests usually bring presents based on the mom-to-be’s registry to help her prepare for the big event.

At a gender reveal party, the spotlight shines on the big reveal moment, so gifts sometimes take a backseat. Plus, these parties often happen earlier in the pregnancy when the guests don’t know the baby’s gender yet, so it can be a bit trickier to pick out the perfect present.

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Decoration and Games

At both a gender reveal party and a baby shower, the decorations and games play a big role in setting the mood for the celebration. Gender reveal parties often have decorations in blue and pink, adding to the excitement of discovering the baby’s gender. Plus, there are lots of fun games for revealing the baby’s gender to keep everyone entertained!

Meanwhile, baby showers usually have a special theme chosen by the mom-to-be—like a jungle adventure, a tea party, or a starry night sky theme. Both the games and decorations match this theme, making the celebration feel unique and put together.

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Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party: How to Choose the Perfect Celebration?

Feeling torn between a gender reveal vs baby shower? The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to choose! While some parents-to-be opt for one or the other, others decide to host both celebrations. It’s a chance to double the fun and create so many lasting memories with your loved ones.

But, if you’re secretly wondering “Do I NEED to host both?” The answer is no. Don’t feel pressured to bite off more than you can chew. Here’s a table recapping the differences between the two to help you choose:

AspectBaby ShowerGender Reveal Party
PurposeCelebrate mom-to-be and shower with giftsReveal baby’s gender in a fun way
OrganizerFriends and familyExpecting parents or close relatives
TimingThird trimesterEarly pregnancy (around 20 weeks)
Guest ListFemale friends and familyClose friends and immediate family
GiftsBased on registryNot the main focus
Decoration and GamesTheme-basedGender-specific

Another option is to merge the baby shower and gender reveal party together into one big bash. This can be a fantastic choice because you can honor both mom and baby, receive gifts, pick a fun theme, and invite all your loved ones to come! It allows you to combine the best of both worlds into a single, unforgettable event.

Ultimately, whether you decide to host a baby shower, a gender reveal party, or both, the key is to cherish this special moment with your nearest and dearest. Let the planning begin and get ready for a memorable celebration!

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