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As a leading provider of online baby shower planning information, Web Baby Shower is often asked whether it is appropriate to have a shower for a second or subsequent pregnancy, if it is ok to invite men, or just for fresh, new ideas for baby showers. If you are looking for an alternative to the to the traditional American “baby shower,” Web Baby Shower suggests a Mother Blessing (blessingway).

What Is A Mother Blessing?

Popularly known as a “Blessingway,” a Mother Blessing is based on the Blessingway tradition from the Dine (Navajo). A true Blessingway is used not only for pregnant women about to give birth, but also for men going off to war or anyone who needs good tidings when facing a new stage in life. In addition, an in-culture Blessingway involves singing the Blessingway song by a trained Navajo medicine man. The Blessingway song is considered very spiritual and is very detailed about the Dine origin myth with emphasis on the importance of the home (hogan) and the sacred mountains.

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Beautiful brown-haired pregnant girl in a white dress with flowers lilies and orchids

Because most of us are not trained to sing such a song, there is movement, out of respect for Dine sacred ritual, to use the name “Mother Blessing” instead of “Blessingway” for the pre-birth ritual practiced by the general population. As a bonus, “Mother Blessing” is much more descriptive of the ceremony being described in this editorial and needs far less explanation for people not familiar with the celebration.

Unlike the traditional American baby shower which is usually focused on the baby, the Mother Blessing’s focus is positive energy to prepare the mother and her birth partner for the birth. There are many ways to celebrate a Mother Blessing including the creation of a birthing necklace, foot bath and hair grooming for the expecting mother, as well as sharing thoughts, poetry, songs, personal stories, prayers, best wishes and gifts with the expecting parents.

Because they are more spiritual in nature, Mother Blessings can be a nice way to include men, especially the father-to-be, or to do something different than the same old “wrap TP around the belly” baby shower games.

I hope the information in this guide is helpful in choosing to have a Mother Blessing (Blessingway) or just for alternative baby shower ideas.

Music for your Mother Blessing

Music can be used at a Mother Blessing in a variety of ways. Guests can play music as an accompaniment to the convocation, presentation of gifts or closing. Everyone can sing together for an opening or closing. Those who don’t know to play instruments can play hand drums, rattles, and other percussive instruments. If you do not have any percussive instruments, Melissa and Doug make a cute “Band In A Box” pack that will work just fine for your blessingway and will make a nice gift to give the expecting mother when you are done with the Mother Blessing.

You can also add pre-recorded music to your Mother Blessing. The following artists have been recommended for motherhood blessingways. You can choose to play songs as a background or as part of your convocation or conclusion.

Lisa Thiel, Libana, Sacred Earth Drums, Native American Flute Music: Canyon Trilogy, Alicia Bonnet, Songs of the Earth by Anna Kealoha

Songs To Sing At Your Mother Blessing

If your guests are unfamilar with these songs, you may wish to sing them once and then invite them to join in or print them onto cards. If you do not know the melody and cannot make one up, you and your guests can chant the songs.

Baby in mother belly listening to music

Birthing Song
We are opening
We are opening
We are opening
We are opening up to the sweet surrender of the luminous love light of the world
(repeat as desired!)

Labour Song
Sing, Mama, sing, please sing that song again
And I will sing along with you
Teach me how to let it flow
Teach me how to make things grow
And then Mama, teach me how to let them go

Dear ones, Dear ones,
Can I tell you how I feel
You have given me such treasures
I love you so.

sung to “Soul Cakes” folk song, or whatever melody strikes you.

Note: I do not have author or copyright information for these song lyrics and am making the risky assumption that they are in the public domain.

Birth & Baby Shower Books

The Natural Pregnancy Book, Third Edition: Your Complete Guide to a Safe, Organic Pregnancy and Childbirth with Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices by Aviva Jill Romm, Forward by Ina May Gaskin

A revised and updated edition of the classic handbook for women seeking a safe, organic, eco-friendly, and natural pregnancy, featuring an integrative-based approach with new medical, herbal, and nutritional information.

Our Book List on Amazon

Further Reading – Books on Mother Blessing Planning

Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey Into Motherhood” is described as “..a complete resource for anyone interested in creating sacred rituals to honor our important life passages.” It includes straightforward information, detailed checklists, helpful tips, and practical advice of empowering more women to plan, organize, and lead blessingway rituals.

I love Mother Rising! […] Mother Rising is a treasure chest, a cyclopedic cookbook for Blessingways, full of great ideas and inspiration.
~Pam England, midwife and author of “Birthing from Within” [Get on Amazon]

Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers, by Shari Maser, CCE

From the website:


“The Blessingway book that every pregnant woman and her friends should read”

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Blessingways are celebrations of pregnant and adoptive women and their transition into motherhood. These special mother-centered gatherings offer friends and family a fresh approach to honoring, supporting, nurturing,and encouraging mothers-to-be.

Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers features:

  • Step-by-step guide to planning a personalized “mother shower”
  • Imaginative invitation ideas
  • Unique Blessingway celebrations
  • Inspiring stories and comments from women who have participated in Blessingways
  • Creative suggestions for including men and children

This book is a bounty of inspiration!
~Pam England, CNM, MA, midwife and author of “Birthing from Within” Get on Amazon

WebBabyShower Shower Ideas

Suggested Poetry and Prose for Mother Blessings and Baby Showers

  • “Children of Happiness” from Daughters of the Copper Woman by Anne Cameron
  • “On Children” from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Where to Host a Mother Blessing

It is traditional to have a Mother Blessing at the mother’s home. If you don’t want the expecting mother to have to worry about cleaning before or after a blessingway, you can also host it at the nearby home of a close relative or friend. It is important that you choose an intimate location where the expecting mother and all the guests will feel comfortable and able to let their guard down.

Outdoor locations would also be appropriate as long as you can keep outsiders from interrupting and as long as the location promotes a feeling of closeness between the expecting mother, guests and nature. A private garden would be an ideal outdoor Mother Blessing location.

While it may be trendy to host a baby shower at a hip restaurant or hotel reception room, this is not recommended for a Mother Blessing. The bustle of locations such as these just would not be conducive to the positive energy you want to imbue on the expecting mother. Plus, she’s not going to give birth at a restaurant (we hope!). Bless her in a location that is similar to the surroundings where she will begin labor and give birth.

When to Hold a Mother Blessing

In order to help the expecting mother prepare for birth, a Mother Blessing should be held about one month before her due date. Keep in mind that due dates are just estimates and the baby can come any time in the two weeks before the due date, up to two weeks after the due date. Holding a Mother Blessing about a month before the due date will help ensure that the baby doesn’t make an unexpected appearance. It will also give the momma-to-be time to focus on all the positive wishes everyone has made for her and to incorporate her birthing necklace and other ritual items into her birthing preparation.

Best Friends on baby shower party celebrating giving kid stuff as present

Who Should Host a Mother Blessing

Because the focus of a Mother Blessing is positive preparation for childbirth and not gifts, it would be appropriate for almost any relative or friend to give a Mother Blessing for an expecting family. In fact, if expecting parents want to have an intimate Mother Blessing just for the themselves and their children, that’s fine too!

If family members would like to host, but a friend has more Mother Blessing experience, it is fine to have more than one host. Or have one person host the Mother Blessing at her house and the other one conduct the actual ceremony. In the case of multiple hosts, I find things usually go smoothest if one person is the “lead” host and delegates to the others, but you should use whatever arrangement works best for your group of hosts.

“Host” tends to have a double meaning when it comes to Mother Blessings, because there is the person whose home the Mother Blessing happens in and the person who conducts the Mother Blessing ritual — it can be the same person or more than one.

Some midwives offer services of conducting a Mother Blessing for you. If no one in your family or circle of friends feels comfortable conducting a “first” blessingway, this may be a viable option, especially if you have developed a close bond with your midwife. If not, I encourage you to try it yourselves as the bonds created will be much more meaningful when the Mother Blessing is conducted by the people closest to the expecting mother. You really cannot do it wrong and each Mother Blessing you hold will be a valuable experience which you can build upon.

Creating a Guest List for your Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing should be attended by anyone who seriously wishes to help the expecting mother prepare for childbirth.  Traditionally, Mother Blessings were women-only, but we’ve recently learned that men have a lot of spirituality and positive energy to contribute to a Mother Blessing!

If the expecting father plans to be present with the expecting mother throughout her labor and delivery, he certainly should be a part of a Mother Blessing as he needs to prepare just as much as she does. The positive energy generated at a Mother Blessing will also be a source of strength for the expecting dad as he comforts his partner through labor and birth.

In addition, many men will feel more comfortable to not be at a baby shower and if a Mother Blessing is new to your family friends, the women will be just as out of place (but don’t worry, everyone will get the hang of it in no time!)

Because this is an intimate celebration, guests should be mature enough to positively participate in the rituals but it is possible to include the children of the expecting parents. They certainly will enjoy activities like decorating meditation stones and belly painting, but there should be someone there who is not part of the Mother Blessing to chaperone them when they get bored. Other children, including children of the host(s), should really be left at home or kept separate from the Mother Blessing.

You can make a Mother Blessing as intimate or as large as you like. Some women prefer the attention of just their partner or of two or three close friends. Other women gain more strength from a mass of supportive friends and relatives. That said, I would say the upper limit on guests should be about 10-15 people. With more than that it becomes cumbersome (not to mention time consuming) to allow each person to participate and some people will shy away or break off instead of keeping the energy moving.

If you have more than 15 people who “have” to be included, I would suggest still keeping the Mother Blessing ritual intimate and either having a big “reception” afterwards or saving the big crowds for a welcoming party after the baby is born.

Invitations for a Mother Blessing

Because Mother Blessings are fairly unique, I would recommend an invitation that is descriptive of the event. In addition, guests at a Mother Blessing are expected to become intimately involved in the ceremony so the invitation should also prepare them for their role. You are welcome to use “snippets” of my descriptions in this Mother Blessing website on your invitation, but please, do not reprint the entire article without permission!

Mother Blessing invitations do not have to be formal or elaborate. You can hand write them or create them on a computer. They should be reflective of nature and the mother-centered focus of the celebration. Therefore, appropriate clip-art or flourishes would be flowers, animals or symbols from the mother’s spiritual beliefs, but not baby carriages and diaper pins.

A Mother Blessing Invitation Checklist

  • Who For
  • Date
  • Time
  • Host Name
  • Location
  • RSVP: phone/email
  • Directions

What is a Mother Blessing?

The practice of celebrating pregnancy and the birth of a new mother transcends almost all human cultures. Unlike the traditional American baby shower which is usually focused on the baby, the Mother Blessing’s focus is positive energy to prepare the mother [and her birth partner] for labor and childbirth.

Happy and young pregnant couple hugging in nature

There are many ways to celebrate a Mother Blessing and we will include the following “rituals” in our Mother Blessing: the creation of a birthing necklace (to be worn during labor), the creation of a set of meditation stones for use during labor as well as sharing thoughts, poetry, songs, personal stories, prayers, best wishes and gifts with the expecting parents. [please include or replace with descriptions of the rituals you plan to use.

What do I bring to a Mother Blessing?

  • Yourself – most importantly!
  • A bead, trinket or charm to include on the birthing necklace. Your bead should symbolize your wish for the mother and baby in labor and birth as it will be worn by [Mother’s name] while she is in labor.
  • A gift. It is traditional to give handmade gifts at a Mother Blessing. However, if you are not crafty, a “handmade” gift can come in many forms including:
    • A poem to read or song to sing at the Mother Blessing
    • A dish to be frozen and eaten after the baby arrives but before anyone feels like cooking
    • “Coupons” for babysitting, house cleaning or dog walking to be “redeemed” after the baby is born

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Gifts for a Mother Blessing

It is traditional to give only natural, handmade gifts at a Mother Blessing. Handmade gifts do not have to be elaborate — feel free to use a quick or easy pattern for a blanket, hooded towel or other baby item. On the other hand, if intricately crocheted gowns and booties are your specialty, then go for it!

If your crowd isn’t too crafty, you can offer other non-commercial gift ideas such as:

  • sharing a story or poem
  • singing a song
  • playing an instrument
  • bringing candles, flowers or pillows for the ceremony or a family altar
  • preparing a dish to be frozen and used once the baby is born
  • “coupons” for babysitting and housekeeping

These “in lieu of gifts” gifts, make an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable having a second baby shower — or who just doesn’t need any more baby stuff for baby number four!

Of course, if the expecting parents need baby gear, by all means, mention any baby registries or specific requests to your guests.

Favors for a Mother Blessing

Favors are not a traditional part of the Mother Blessing or blessingways and are therefore not necessary. However, if you wish to give your guests a thank you for coming, a fragrantly scented bar of handmade soap or a candle to light can make a nice reminder of the wishes we’re supposed to keep making for the birth after the Mother Blessing is over. There are several websites that specialize in favors for baby showers and other occasions listed on the Web Baby Shower Guide To Planning A Baby Shower: Baby Shower Favors page.

Food and Refreshments for a Mother Blessing

Food is not part of the traditional blessingway ceremony, so serving food is completely optional at your Mother Blessing celebration. Even if you don’t serve food, it is a nice courtesy to have water or herbal tea on hand for your guests.

If you choose to serve food at your Mother Blessing, it should be simple and nourishing to reflect the soulful tone of a Mother Blessing. There is no need to carve watermelons into baby carriages for a Mother Blessing! However, if you would like to eat a watermelon or include it in a nice fruit salad at your Mother Blessing, go right on ahead.

Depending on the time of day you hold the Mother Blessing, food should be served either before or after the Mother Blessing rituals. Food should not be eaten during any part of the ceremony as it will detract from the energy being built by the celebration. As such, I would almost suggest saving food for after the Mother Blessing rituals so that guests aren’t tempted to nibble when they should be chanting!

Food Suggestions:
Remember that your guest of honor is pregnant and is probably battling acid reflux and hemorrhoids, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. My first suggestion is to check with her and see what foods she is currently enjoying and what she would like to have at her Mother Blessing. Other than that, I’d suggest keeping it simple with a spread of finger foods like hummus with pita and freshly cut vegetables, hard cheeses, crackers, natural corn tortilla chips and salsa, fruit salad and so forth. I would encourage you to use fresh made food and not any prepared trays as pregnant women are supposed to avoid salad bars, cold cuts and soft cheeses in order to reduce the risk of bacteria harming the fetus. You can also include dessert pieces, especially if momma’s sweet tooth is aching! If you want to get more elaborate, it’s up to you, but I really encourage you to keep the food simple and focus your time and energy on the rituals which will help prepare the expecting mom for giving birth.

Drink Suggestions:
If the weather is hot, have enough water available for everyone. A nice iced batch of Organic Pregnancy Tea would go well with the Mother Blessing tradition. If you’re hosting during colder weather, you can keep a pot of pregnancy tea brewing for everyone to drink warm (don’t worry, pregnancy tea can be drunk by anyone — it won’t make you pregnant and it will be nice to share it with the expecting mom). Other herbal teas, juices and mineral waters would also make healthful refreshments for a Mother Blessing.

Decorations for a Mother Blessing

Because the focus of a Mother Blessing is positive preparation for childbirth, you should really focus on “the atmosphere” or “mood” rather than “decorations.”  Natural light or semi-darkness will set the right tone for your Mother Blessing. Emphasis should be on the rituals and therefore decorations should be kept simple and reflective of nature. Fresh cut flowers, evergreen garlands, candlelight, burning incense, aromatherapy misters, or a glowing fire (if seasonal) would help set the appropriate mood.

You can usually find these items at your local health/natural living stores or online at Amazon, or by searching for products using your favorite search engine. You can create an altar for the Mother Blessing using candles, incense, ceramic bowls, scarved, stones, quartz, photos and other items that have symbolic, spiritual or nostalgic meaning for your family or the expecting mother. If you have a private yard where you will not be interrupted by outsiders and where everyone will feel comfortable letting their guard down, outdoors close to nature is also an option.

Wooden tabletop with stationery, paper, camera and baloons on

Furniture should be arranged in a circle or semi-circle to represent unity and strength and so that everyone can participate. If you do not have enough chairs, you can simply use pillows or cushions on the floor. It should be easy to move around the circle so that guests can present their beads and gifts to the expecting mother. All supplies for the rituals you will be performing should be easy to reach.

That’s all. How simple is that?

A Mother Blessing For Yourself

So, you’ve heard all about Mother Blessings and you’re sure you just have to have one but are also sure your friends and family have their hearts set on a baby shower? Well, the good news is, I have a couple suggestions!

First, I would recommend talking with the “party planner” of your family or group of friends and share this guide with her. Let that person know how important and meaningful the ceremony would be to you and that you will help them “adjust” from baby showers to Mother Blessings. Usually, when your family and friends realize how important this is to you, they will make the transition. Hopefully, all of the easy to understand, practical advice here at Snowboard Mommy Productions will make it easy for them to say “Yes”!

However, if you have a stubborn group that is dead-set on a baby shower, my suggestion is to remember that it is perfectly acceptable for you and your partner to have a private, intimate Mother Blessing for yourselves! Baby showers and Mother Blessings are not mutually exclusive — you can do both. And I believe that they would complement each other; with the baby shower focused on gifts and silly games and the Mother Blessing focused on preparing you for birth. Even if you have to endure a baby shower for the sake of others, there must be someone you can talk into doing a Mother Blessing with you. You only need one other person to indulge you, although two might provide a better “critical mass.” Whether it’s your partner, child, friend, close relative, midwife or doula, I just can’t imagine that there isn’t at least one person who, when you let them know how much a Mother Blessing would mean to you, that they wouldn’t do it for you. My guess is that when others close to you hear about your plans to have a “do-it-yourself” Mother Blessing, you will probably end up having to decide whether to keep it small, private and intimate, or make it into a larger celebration — and the choice will be yours! Good luck!

Mother Blessing Checklist

You can use this checklist to help organize your Mother Blessing. There is also a printer-friendly PDF checklist that you can print out and check things off as you move along. Good luck and have fun with your Mother Blessing plans!

Initial Planning

Ideally, these should be taken care of at least one – two months in advance of your Mother Blessing. However, if you plan to have a a small Mother Blessing, some of these may be completely unnecessary, especially if it is just for yourself and your partner.

Photo of pretty pregnant woman sitting in pose of lotus and making notes
  • Hosts and co-hosts selected
  • Date and time selected and verified with host(s) and guest(s) of honor
  • Location selected and confirmed
  • Guest list confirmed with host(s) and guests of honor
  • Guest’s addresses collected and verified (if mailing invitations)
  • Rituals selected with input from expecting parents*

*Note: you need to do this before making up the invitations so that you can advise your guests on what to bring with them and set their expectations for the Mother Blessing

One Month Mark

You should send invitations out about a month ahead of time to give everyone enough time to plan for it, but not so far in advance that they forget about it. Also, since Mother Blessing gifts are supposed to be handmade, one month will give people enough time to make something.

  • Invitations printed
  • Invitations mailed
  • Ceremony opening and closing written
  • Accompanying or background music selected
  • Songs, prayers or chants for ceremony selected
  • Lyric cards printed for guests, if applicable
  • Menu (if any) selected with input from expecting parents
  • Customized soap or candle favors ordered
    • This is, of course, optional and only needs to be done in advance if you plan to have favors customized
  • Online supplies ordered
    • If you plan to order any of your Mother Blessing supplies online, you should make sure there is ample time for items to arrive at your door.

2 Week Mark

Time to start collecting everything together! Delegate as much as possible!

  • Candles, incense, smudge sticks to set atmosphere gathered and set aside
  • Supplies for each ritual to be performed gathered
    • (not including what guests will bring the day of the Mother Blessing)
  • Make sure you have selected your own bead for the birthing necklace and a gift for the mom!
  • Adequate chairs/floor pillows for expected number of guests
  • As guests RSVP, sign them up for bringing items from your menu or ingredients
  • If you plan to give favors such as a candle or soap, pick some up now
    • Or delegate to a co-host or guest

Day of your Mother Blessing

As you scurry around to get everything ready, remember that the mood is supposed to be tranquil and peaceful, so stop and take a few deep breaths every now and then!

  • Get any food ready to be served; prepare any tea or beverages
  • If you will be eating before the ceremony, set out food ahead of time
  • Otherwise, keep food set away in refrigerator or counter
  • Get the room or area where the main part of ceremony will be conducted ready
    • Arrange chairs and/or floor pillows in a circle
    • Have all music, note cards, ritual supplies in a handy place
    • Arrange any fresh flowers or other natural bouquets
  • Just before guests begin to arrive, set the mood by lowering lights, light candles, fire, incense.
  • Relax as you greet your guests and enjoy the day!

WebBabyShower shower with friends

Mother Blessing Personal Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it! People everywhere are choosing Mother Blessings over baby showers for a variety of reasons.

Vanessa, mother of 3
I chose to have a blessingway because I wanted something more significant and meaningful than a regular baby shower. I had always despised the normal games played at showers of any kind and after having a baby shower during my first pregnancy, I wanted to try something a little different the second time around. When I read about blessingways, I knew that was what I wanted.

The most significant part of my blessingway, was making the birthing necklace. Each guest brought a bead, stone, or small item that could be used as part of the necklace. As each person presented their contribution, they told me why they had chosen their particular bead and concluded with a personal wish for a good birthing experience. The necklace held a tremendous amount of “power”, having been infused with all those good birthing vibes. When I went into labor, the first thing I did was to put on my necklace. I concentrated on all the good wishes and thoughts from my friends and family and felt that it did, indeed, impart an overwhelming sense of calm, confidence and positive influence on me. It culminated in a very lovely birth experience.

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The birthingway ceremony felt much more special and real to me than a baby shower. The shower felt a little contrived and I felt very out of place trying to have fun playing silly little games like I would expect to see being played at a children’s party. The blessingway was much more like a real “ceremony” that had lasting importance and value in my life. It was tailored to me and my likes and dislikes by the people who know me best and I think it touched everyone there as much as it touched me. And everyone had a lot of fun, even without the games!

Long Distance Baby Showers

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How To Have An Awesome Long Distance Baby Shower?

If you’ve been wondering “how to have a long distance baby shower?”, WebBabyShower is the solution!

A baby shower is an important experience for every expecting mother and she deserves to be celebrated, but how can this joy be shared with friends and family spread out?

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How do you have a long distance baby shower?

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WebBabyShower gives you all the virtual tools you need to organize a long distance baby shower so that your far away friends and relatives can hop onto your shower site any time they choose. They can also join in for a scheduled video chat. Or both of course!

Long Distance Baby Shower Reflection

webbabyshower share photos

Just like planning any other event or gathering, you must consider the costs involved. However with a long distance baby shower, you also need to take into account whether all the guests and the expecting parent(s) have access to the internet, if their computer literate and the kind of platforms they might be able to use for a video chat so you can have a great baby shower from afar.

Across the Miles Baby Shower

Luckily WebBabyShower has done a lot of the work for you to make things simple to host a online long distance baby shower. We have a bunch of stuff for you that is already made including a photo and video album, a games page, a gift registry and much more! We also have some great baby shower quiz-style games for you to use.  Along with super cute baby shower themes to choose from there is also an invitation manager to easily manage sending out those invitations. At WebBabyShower we really have made it so easy to set up; with no software to download and no accounts to be made to join you and your guests will be on your way in no time.

Throwing a long distance baby shower can be as plain or as embellished as you like. It really depends on you, your budget, your time and of course your energy!

You can always incorporate some additional personal touches with printed invitations, favors and gifts you send out. Or by all means stick to using the online features of WebBabyShower. Again it’s entirely up to you!

How Much Does It Cost?

For us to offer so many fun, simple to use features in a confidential format without the ads or “social experimentation” we charge a one off flat-rate  all of these fun, easy to use features in a private, unlisted format, without any advertising, and without any “social experimentation”, there a one time, flat-rate set up fee. Please check out our pricing page.

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WebBabyShower F.A.Qs

Here is a list of common concerns about hosting a long distance baby shower. The questions link to their answers in the WebBabyShower Help section or on the WebBabyShower FAQ:

  • An online shower can last anywhere from a weekend to several months! Our plans start at 6 months. Online showers can blend right into a baby blog for updates to everyone.

  • When Should I Start A WebBabyShower?
    • Traditional showers are the third trimester, but long distance is different. Second and third-trimester showers happen all the time online. We have a whole post on it shower timing.

  • How Do Gifts Work With A Long Distance Baby Shower?
    • An online registry is a go-to solution. We work with every online registry there is.

  • Is There Any Baby Shower Etiquette I Should Know About?
    • Online etiquette is different than traditional, the same rules -thankfully!- don’t apply. Read our in-depth etiquette guide.

  • Is It OK To Host A WebBabyShower For Myself?
    • Yes! We have the data. Over 50% of showers are paid for by the expectant parents who self host with help from friends and family.

  • Is It OK To Invite Men?
    • Yes! The whole ‘no men’ thing is fading, and no where faster than online long distance showers.

Adoption Baby Showers

webbabyshower header image doption baby shower

Tips For Using WebBabyShower for Adoption Showers

WebBabyShower can also be the fun and easy way to host an adoption shower online! 

While the typical plans of service at WebBabyShower are 6 to 12 months, we are happy to work with you until your adoption has been completed. WebBabyShower is very baby oriented! 

Expected Adoption Dates

When using WebBabyShower for adoptions is that when you sign up, you will need to enter a valid date for the expected due / adoption date, that is within one year from the date you sign up. However this is just for our internal planing, so feel free to set a ‘due date’ for the full lenth of your plan, even up to a year away!

Birthday Bets

At this time, Birthday Bets does not specifically support adoptions, but if the adoption is for a baby that has not been born yet, you like you can use the “Additional Bets” or any other “bets” that make sense for the adoption.

Our Themes

While our themes are not specific to adoptions, they are to new babys so we are confident our offereings can work for you. Please check out our gallery page to get a sense of the themes availabe.



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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

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2016 was a fantastic year at Web Baby Shower! At the conclusion of their WebBabyShowers, hosts are given the opportunity to participate in an anonymous Customer Satisfaction survey that is run by Survey Monkey. Here are the results for 2016:

  • Star Rating: Web Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower Reviews
    4.8/5 stars!
    All hosts rated Web Baby Shower “5 Stars Excellent” or “4 Stars Pretty Good”!
  • Satisfaction Rating:
    75% ~ “Very Satisfied”
    19% ~ “Satisfied”
    6% ~ “Not Satisfied”
  • Ease of Use:
    63% ~ “Very Easy”
    37% ~ “Somewhat Easy”
    = 100% Easy!Here are the specific comments about Web Baby Shower’s Ease of Use:

    • Clear and specific instructions there were able to be followed
    • My computer skills was the only limitation. Information is easy to load onto the site making corrections was challenging for me but my daughter was able to make corrections and changes easily.
    • Web Baby Shower was easy to use. And a lot of fun for the guest[s].
    • I have my own website & so using your program was seamless and simple!
    • The access was made easy and it took very little fiddling to get things looking like I wanted it to.
    • The video option was difficult and it didn’t work. That’s OK though, as there wasn’t a lot of people interested in watching it live.
    • It was very easy to customize the website for my shower. Instructions were clear, and steps were logical.
  • Would You Recommend Web Baby Shower To Friends & Family?
    94% ~ Yes!
    6% ~ No
  • Three Words To Describe Web Baby Shower:
    • Easy, easy, Creative, Creative, Easy, Easy, Fun
    • Affordable, fun, Wonderful, Easy, Fun, Cute, Adaptable
    • Fun, interactive, Innovative, Fun, Well thought out, Fun, Ingenious

Printable Keepsake

webbabyshower header imageprintable keepsake

Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Keepsake

If you are looking for a baby shower guest book printable idea, you need to check out the Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake! Before your Web Baby Shower expires, you can print out or save the “digital scrapbook”-style Printable Keepsake of all of the Guest Book signatures, game high scores, Birthday Bets, Photo Games and comments, and Photo Album and comments from your Web Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Keepsake Description & Examples

The Printable Keepsake displays a cover page for your Web Baby Shower and section divider pages for each of the pages you choose to include in your Keepsake, plus the printable content from those pages! The Printable Keepsake uses a color theme and fonts similar to the Theme Options you chose for your Web Baby Shower. Check out the following PDFs for examples:

Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - BrownBaby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Blue
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - GreenBaby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Pink

Please note that these are just a small handful of examples — your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will match your Web Baby Shower Theme and content choices!

More Suggestions / Notes:

  • For some sweet ideas on cute and practical binders and covers for your Web Baby Shower guest book printable, please see the Baby Shower Scrapbook Idea page!
  • If the Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake is not to your liking, you can use your browser’s “Save Page As” function and save as “Complete HTML” to download all the photos and content in the Printable Keepsake HTML Preview to your hard drive. You can then open in it MS Word or copy and paste the content into a desktop publishing application and place the photos into the document and print from there. At this time, MS Word is the only program I know of that will open an HTML file and convert it into a word processing document.

Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Printable Keepsake that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using Printable Keepsake for your Web Baby Shower, please see Printable Keepsake Help.

Baby Songs Virtual Baby Shower Game

webbabyshower giraffe with notes

Baby Songs Open-Ended Virtual Baby Shower Game

Description: In this virtual baby shower game, your guests list as many songs with the word “Baby” in the title as they can off the top of their head. Points are given for a song title and corresponding recording artist, however, it is up to the host to verify that all songs actually include the word “baby” and to adjust or remove any song submissions that are not acceptable (if desired). It is also up to you to decide if you will accept variations of the word “baby” such as “babe”.

When everyone has had a chance to play the game, you can choose to turn the game Off and/or show the song lists on the Games page High Scores section

Printable Keepsake

Your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will include a Games High Score section with the game high scores and each guest’s song lists (optional) so you can print and/or save it before your Web Baby Shower ends!

Virtual Baby Shower Games Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Baby Songs Game that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the Baby Songs Game with your Web Baby Shower, please see Games & Games Manager Help.

WebBabyShower Is The Greatest Idea Ever!

Web Baby Shower Reviews

Star Rating:Web Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: Excellent (5/5)

  1. What problem or situation made you look for an online baby shower solution?

    Family in other states 

  2. Why did you choose Web Baby Shower?

    I liked the price and its setup 

  3. What was your favorite thing about using Web Baby Shower?

    The ease of using. 

  4. What was the process like personalizing and using Web Baby Shower?

    Very easy. 

  5. What would you like to say to someone thinking about using Web Baby Shower right now?

    You won’t regret it! If you have family in other states, they can click on registry links, see the ultrasound pictures you upload, and its private. Only the people you want to see, can! 

  6. Choose three words to describe Web Baby Shower:
    • Easy
    • Cute
    • Fun


  7. Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Greatest idea EVER!!!

~ Lori Thompson, Expecting Grandmother, Oklahoma, USA

Famous Fathers Printable Baby Shower Game

WebBabyShower lion header image famous father Games

Who’s the daddy? Time to find out in this unique baby shower game. See if your guests can match up famous children with their famous fathers in this trivia style baby shower game.

This simple baby shower game will get your guests brushing up on their celeb skills while having fun. Our free printable baby shower game includes a special bonus question and answer key.

Don’t forget about the Moms too, go ahead and grab our partner set “Famous Mothers Baby Shower Game“. and if you are looking for even more games get the free jumbo pack of baby shower printable games.


See how a great online baby shower works

Throw a party

Virtual Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

WebBabyShower Header Image Guestbook Idea

Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas: Your WebBabyShower Printer-Friendly Keepsake

Looking for a unique baby shower guest book idea? You can use WebBabyShower even for a traditional, “in-person” baby shower party to create a memorable baby shower guest book and baby shower experience for the expecting mother and your guests!

The Web Baby Shower Guest Book, Photo Album & comments, Quiz Game High Scores, Birthday Bets, Photo Games & comments can all be printed or saved using the Web Baby Shower Printer-Friendly Keepsake. It’s full color and there are no limits to how many guests or how many pages you can have — it’s just up to you to print or save them all! We have also created some games printable that you can use freely.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

webbabyshower header imageprintable keepsake

Please note that these are just a small handful of examples — your Web Baby Shower Printer-Friendly Keepsake will match your Web Baby Shower Theme choices and have all of the guest book signatures comments, games and photos from your Web Baby Shower. You can find more alternative guest book ideas at Mum’s Grapevine.

All of your guests can participate by visiting your Web Baby Shower on their smartphones, tablets, or even a laptop computer. If available, you can provide a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for them to “sign in” on at the party. If guests cannot make the actual event, they can participate at any time on Web Baby Shower, while your online shower is running.

Check out the following PDFs for examples (click on a cover thumbnail to view the full PDF):

Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Brown
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Green
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Blue
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Pink

In addition to using the Web Baby Shower Guest Book at your baby shower party, you would have access to use any and all of the Web Baby Shower features, for the duration of your Web Baby Shower.

Everything is included in the one-time, Web Baby Shower set up fee and your Web Baby Shower will run for 30 days past the expecting mother’s due date, so you should have plenty of time to collect everyone’s signatures and print or save the Printer-Friendly Keepsake! Please note that the cost of printing the Keepsake pages and, optionally, placing them in a digital-scrapbook binder would be in addition to the Web Baby Shower set up fee.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

For more information, please see:

… And then visit the Sign Up page to get started!

Famous Mothers Printable Baby Shower Game

webbabyshower zebra header image famous mother

Looking for more baby shower ideas? Look no further, this is one of the easy baby shower games from the bunch and it really puts your guests to the test!

What are you waiting for? It’s Trivia time, so grab our free Famous Mother’s printable baby shower game. This game comes with a separate answer key and is available to download in PDF format. 

How many baby shower games should you have you ask? As many as you like! That’s why we also made this  Famous Fathers Printable Game too. Make sure to grab them both now. 

Looking for even more? Then make sure to grab the mega pack of baby shower games printables


5 Tips On How To Build Your Virtual Baby Shower Today 

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