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Back in the day, baby showers were thrown by friends, not relatives … men were never invited to partake in the festivities and nobody talked about budgets.

However, times have changed, and many parents-to-be, family members and friends are throwing baby showers, everyone’s invited and it’s even online! Baby showers are a celebration of life and family, and in fact, these days it’s not uncommon to have more than one baby shower, especially if the parents-to-be have a large family, co-workers, several close friends or even all of the above but long distance.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

Whether you plan to host a traditional, in-person baby shower party, a virtual party, or both, WebBabyShower recommends starting about 2 months before hand, with a solid four – six weeks of planning, making preparations, hosting an in-person party and/or coordinating a virtual baby shower. Lets get to our baby shower planning guide.



What’s Expected: Traditional, In-Person Baby Shower Parties

Traditional, baby shower parties, in person, typically last about 2 – 3 hours and include mingling, food & refreshments, games and opening gifts. Most people who are familiar with baby showers will be familiar with, and expect, this format.

What’s Expected: Long Distance, Virtual Baby Showers

If you plan to throw an online baby shower, then it could last up to several weeks, depending on how you to decide to let your guests participate. Online baby showers can include website features such as guest books, games, gift registry links, photo album, videos and so forth that guests can visit and participate in as they have time. An online shower can also include a live chat or video call via Skype, Google Hangouts or other similar services.

Most people are not familiar with the online baby shower format and you will need to guide your long distance guests through the process of participating in a long distance, virtual baby shower.

That is why WebBabyShower is pleased to present this innovative, one-of-a-kind baby shower online planner that incorporates planning ideas and tips for traditional, in-person baby showers, virtual baby showers — and both together! “Baby Shower Planning For Millennials!”

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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Baby Shower Online Planner Timeline

See how a great online baby shower works

Throw a party

Long Distance Baby Shower Planning: Setting A Budget

When planning any type of event, it helps to sit down with your bank account balance, and any co-hosts if you plan to have them, and think about what you can realistically afford to spend on hosting a long distance baby shower.

There is a little bit of “chicken and the egg” with setting a budget, because you may need to first do some research on what format you want to use plus the costs of supplies and venue rental if you are also hosting an in-person shower.

Luckily, WebBabyShower has an inexpensive one-time fee which makes it very easy to include a virtual baby shower at WebBabyShower in your budget!

If you need help getting started, many spreadsheet software packages and online spreadsheet applications have templates for event budgets.

If you prefer something you can get your hands on, the WebBabyShower Baby Shower Planning Guide includes a budget template. Click here to download your copy of the WebBabyShower Planning Guide

Setting A Baby Shower Date

Baby showers, whether they are long distance, virtual, in person, all of the above, are generally held during the last trimester of pregnancy, or about 1 – 3 months before the expected due date. Keep in mind that due dates are just estimates and the baby can come any time in the two weeks before the due date, up to two weeks after the due date. For this reason, you really should not plan a baby shower any closer than one month before the due date. In the case of twins, multiples or an at-risk pregnancy, the shower should be held even earlier. It will also give the momma-to-be time to organize all the fabulous shower gifts and stock up on anything additional items she needs after the shower.

Setting A Baby Shower Date Considerations: In Person

  • Make sure the mother to be is available on your desired shower date!
  • If you plan to hold a surprise shower, you will have to be sneaky about making sure your guest of honor is available and does not make other plans. Pregnant women can be terribly stubborn and cranky, so enlist an accomplice to “book” her for a fake appointment if needed.
  • If you plan to have the shower anywhere other than your own home (location info), then you would need to make sure the desired venue is available before setting a date.

Setting A Baby Shower Date Considerations: Virtual

  • If you plan to use WebBabyShower for your long distance, virtual baby shower solution, you can sign up any time, and we usually recommend signing up for your WebBabyShower towards the end of 2nd trimester / beginning of 3rd trimester. Your WebBabyShower will run until 30 days past the expected due date (approximately) you enter when you sign up (please see the Terms of Service for complete details).
  • In order to include as many family and friends as possible, WebBabyShower recommends letting your guests participate in the online shower over a period of a couple of weeks.
  • If you plan to use Skype, Google+ or another live video chat service, then the “In Person” considerations above would also apply. The nice thing about using a video call, is that you can hold more than one!

Compiling A Modern Baby Shower Guest List

Traditionally you would invite only women to a baby shower, from both sides of the family, the mom-to-be’s girlfriends, and of course, the mom-to-be. Times have changed however, and potential invitees could be the dad-to-be, grandpa-to-be, and anyone else! The real question is, what kind of baby shower do you want to throw? Is it women only? Will the parents-to-be have another baby shower for family only? If so, you might consider hosting a friends-only baby shower. Another popular trend is to host a co-ed couples baby shower. Of course, if your baby shower will be online, then everyone is invited!

Whether to invite children to an in-person shower is another matter for consideration. If the baby-to-be already has a brother or sister, then inviting other kids might be a great way to get them involved in celebrating their new sibling. Depending on how old the older siblings are, they might be able to lead the other kids in activities. Seven is about the right age. This way, they’ll feel as though they are included in hosting responsibilities. Or, you might even consider hiring a babysitter for the event.

Guest List Considerations:

  • For planning purposes, you should have your guest list finalized within 4-6 weeks of your baby shower date
  • Make sure your desired venue can accommodate a group the size of your guest list
  • On the other hand, if it is to be a small, intimate shower, then make sure the location reflects that too
  • In order to avoid stepping on toes, make sure the expecting grandmothers and any other cherished friends and relatives are invited — even if you do not know them personally.
  • Even though it is not quite time yet to send invitations, as you start putting together a guest list, you should also be thinking about how you plan to send the baby shower invitations. Do you need:
    • Snail mail addresses for printed invitations?
    • Email addresses for your WebBabyShower Guest List?
    • Is everybody Facebook friends? You can also create a private Facebook event and use it to invite everyone to your WebBabyShower and/or an in-person, traditional shower!

      In today’s world, just a mailing address may not be sufficient!

Choosing A Baby Shower Location

Once you have a general idea of the number of guests, a date or dates in mind, and a handle on your baby shower budget, start compiling venue options.

Baby Shower Location: Traditional

Traditionally, baby showers have taken place in the home of the hostess. But, with all of the attention that “celebrity baby showers” have been getting lately, many hostesses and even expecting moms may want to broaden the scope.

Consider a restaurant, a park picnic, a reception hall, or even a day at the spa with a catered lunch! Pick a location that reflects the personality of the mother to be and that can accommodate your entire guest list (or that is intimate and cozy if you have a small guest list!).

If you want to combine both a traditional in-person shower with a virtual shower, then you also need to consider whether your preferred venue has good Internet or Wifi access, if you need to bring your own equipment, and/or if the venue requires that you use their equipment and any related fees.

If you expect one of your guests to use their own phone, camera, video recorder, tablet or laptop computer to run the “virtual” portion of the shower, then you also should designate and delegate that ahead of time. WebBabyShower also recommends running at least one “test” at the venue ahead of time, if possible, to make sure that all of the technical requirements are working and in order for the big day!

Baby Shower Location: Virtual, Online

While you can host a virtual baby shower at almost any social website, WebBabyShower is already designed to meet the specific needs of baby showers, pregnancy celebrations and birth announcements … with no advertising, no social experimentation and lots of fun baby shower stuff for you and your guests! And, all you need is a WiFi or data enabled smart phone, tablet or laptop to use it!

WebBabyShower offers a place where everyone can visit and play games, sign the guest book, view photos, watch videos, place their Birthday Bets and view gift registry information at their own pace or leisure. And, your WebBabyShower can integrate with your favorite live chat or video chat program, such as Skype, Google+ Hangouts and more, if you want to do that too.

If you haven’t already, please get to know WebBabyShower!

Baby Shower Themes

You’re throwing a baby shower! To help you set a format for your baby shower it is often easier to first decide on a theme. Themes serve as inspiration for decorations and games, invitations, favors and even the food. Please note that this baby shower themes article contains links to WebBabyShower’s affiliate partner, Beaucoup. If you click through and make a purchase, it will help WebBabyShower continue to offer this online baby shower planner and the WebBabyShower virtual baby shower service.

Themes can be as simple as a color scheme like blue and white if you know the parents-to-be are having a boy, or pink and white for a girl.

A theme also makes shopping for supplies a breeze! For example, if you are using a Rubber Duckies theme, you’ll pick the invitations with ducks, duck decorations, a baby bath centerpiece filled with water and floating rubber ducks, small rubber duck favors, and yellow foods. Fun right?

Need more ideas for a baby shower theme? Your in-person baby shower theme can co-ordinate with your WebBabyShower Theme! Please note for licensing reasons, WebBabyShower cannot match exactly, but can coordinate nicely with many baby shower themes from the web’s most popular baby shower boutiques including:

For more ideas on coordinating your WebBabyShower theme, check out how WebBabyShower works.

Whatever theme you choose, it will help focus the organization and make your baby shower a memorable one for the mother-to-be and your guests.

Baby Shower Invitations

Once you have finalized a guest list, venue, baby shower format and picked a baby shower theme, it’s time to get the baby shower invitations out! Please note that this baby shower invitations article contains links to WebBabyShower’s affiliate partners. If you click through and make a purchase, it will help WebBabyShower to continue to offer this online baby shower planner and the WebBabyShower virtual baby shower service.

Baby Shower Invitations: Traditional

About 4 – 6 weeks before your shower date, you should finalize the guest list to allow enough time to send the baby shower invitations, and to allow the guests time to clear their schedules and find that perfect gift. Invitations to any baby shower are the guests’ first clue as to the style and/or theme of the baby shower.

If your looking for printed invites, there are many options for selecting or creating your own baby shower invitations online, including baby shower specialty websites such as, Swoozie’s or or you can also use a local print shop or stationery store.

Note: If you go the printed invitation route and you plan to include a WebBabyShower, please double-check that you have correctly copied and pasted your unlisted WebBabyShower URL onto the printed invitation. Since your WebBabyShower will be unlisted, if the URL is not correct, then your guests will not be able to find it.

Baby Shower Invitations: Virtual

If you are planning to host a virtual baby shower instead of, or in addition to, a traditional shower, you should still send your WebBabyShower Invitations out about 4 – 6 weeks before any scheduled Skype, Google+ Hangout, or other live video call so that your guests can visit your WebBabyShower, participate in the online shower and get any needed accounts set up for a video chat. If you are not planning a video chat, you should still give your guests plenty of time to visit your WebBabyShower and participate in the online shower when they have time.

In addition, because people in general are not yet as familiar with WebBabyShower and the virtual baby shower concept, you should plan to send out the initial WebBabyShower introductory invitation, as well as two – to – five additional updates using the WebBabyShower Invitation Manager. WebBabyShower makes this easy for you by providing several pre-written and pre-formatted invitations and updates for you to send to your guests.

Using the WebBabyShower Invitation Manager, makes it easy to invite your guests to your virtual baby shower and you do not have to worry about getting the URL or other details correct, because we include them all automatically for you! If you use the WebBabyShower Email Invitation Manager, your invitations will match your WebBabyShower theme. You also have the option to share your WebBabyShower home page on Facebook, or copy and paste pre-written invitations into an email of your own!

Baby Shower Invitations: Combo

Last, if most of the guests are already on Facebook, you can choose to create a private event and use it to invite your guests to your WebBabyShower and/or a traditional shower. Again, please make sure you carefully copy and paste your unlisted WebBabyShower URL so that your guests can find it! Also, WebBabyShower cannot help you with taking down a Facebook event when you are done with it — please make sure you delete the event when you are done with it!

Baby Shower Favors

Don’t send your guests away empty handed! Make sure they have a nice little token to remind them of the special time they had at your shower and to thank them for attending. Please note that this baby shower favors article contains links to WebBabyShower’s affiliate partners. If you click through and make a purchase, it will help WebBabyShower to continue to offer this online baby shower planner and the WebBabyShower virtual baby shower service.

Baby Shower Favors: Traditional

I personally prefer favors that have a more practical side to them like a soap or even a candle — or a yummy side like cookies or chocolates (try Announce It! Favors)! If you’ve got a lot of time before the shower, you can even make your own favors.

Need ideas for baby shower favors?

The experts at A Gift Personalized recommend keepsake items personalized with the date of the baby shower such as baby shower picture frames and personalized bud vases. Both of these items make great keepsakes without breaking the bank. You should also pick up some items to use as prizes for the winners of your Baby Shower games. Gifts such as compact mirrors or small jewelry boxes work well as prizes.

You can also head over to Beaucoup and check out their baby shower favors & gifts section.

Baby Shower Favors: Virtual

This is the one part of offering an online baby shower service that I wish I had a magic solution for everyone! The fact is that each situation that warrants a long distance baby shower is different and, in order to include as many people as possible, WebBabyShower does not want to impose any one way to handle things like favors.

If you have the time, energy, snail mail addresses and money for postage, you certainly could purchase “traditional” baby shower favors (see above) and mail them to your guests.

Most online baby shower hosts, who choose to do favors, opt for online gift certificates since those can be distributed with just an email list. At this time, WebBabyShower is not able to help coordinate with this, however.

Some hosts just skip it entirely. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do favors for an online baby shower.

Baby Shower Planning: Final Details

It’s almost time! You’ve organized, planned, shopped, and now there are just a few days left to the big event!

Baby Shower Final Details: Traditional

Finalize Menu and Go Shopping

Now is the time to finalize what you are going to serve at the baby shower. Write down all the ingredients, beverages, and place setting needs that you might have and let’s hit the grocery store. Now’s also the time to take inventory on what you might be missing. Need any extra film or decorations that may have been left out on the first round of shopping?

Confirm Reservations

If you have reservations for a baby shower venue, call and re-confirm. Ensure that the venue has enough chairs, tables and dishes, and that you’ll be let in early enough to set up any decorations.


Here are some other ideas that you might want to take care of in this last week before the baby shower:

  • Designate a photographer and/or videographer to capture the event for the parents-to-be
  • Take a photo of each guest with the parents-to-be as they leave the baby shower, and include the photo with each thank you note
  • Create a gift tracker, or use a guest book, and designate a gift recorder so you know who to send a thank you card to
  • Have a small back pillow and footstool for the mother-to-be so she can be comfortable

Baby Shower Final Details: Virtual

If you plan to use a video chat, make sure that either you or your designated “techie” person is completely set up and ready to go with whichever video call or chat service you have chosen. It is also a good idea to do a test with the expecting parent(s) to make sure the guests of honor don’t get left out of their own virtual shower!

Send out at least one reminder “update” email through your WebBabyShower Invitations Manager. Your guests are busy and since they don’t have to travel, it is helpful to remind them that your online shower is still ongoing and they still have time to participate.

If you have chosen to mail favors or party goodies to your guests, you should purchase those and mail them after an invitation or two have have been sent out. With a virtual shower, this could also wait until the shower is completed and be sent as a thank you; it’s up to you!

Baby Shower Planning Final Checklist

There are always a few loose ends to tie up on the day of a baby shower or almost any celebration. Whether your baby shower is traditional, virtual or a little bit of both, the best thing to do is make a list.

Baby Shower Planning Checklist Final Details: Traditional

Don’t forget to put picking up any balloons or last minute decorations on the list.

A tip for food, set the food around the room in different spots. Put the chips on one side of the room and the beverages on another. This will encourage your guests to mingle.

If you are including “remote” guests via Skype, Google+ Hangouts or other type of video chat, designate a guest to keep an eye on the webcam or mobile device and make sure that the remote guests always have a good view of the current activities in the room. Also make sure that the expecting parent(s) “visit” with the remote guests specifically from time to time.

Be sure to give yourself time to get ready for the shower and Enjoy!

See how a great online baby shower works

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Baby Shower Planning Checklist Final Details: Virtual

As your guests begin to participate in your WebBabyShower, make sure you respond to their posts on the Guest Book, or ask the expecting mom to do this as a way to thank your guests!

If you have chosen to play the online baby shower games, make sure you set a deadline, let your guests know about and then declare the winner! If you choose, you can also mail physical prizes or email gift certificates to the winners!

It is helpful to still send another “Update” or other message using the Invitation Manager to remind your guests to visit the site and participate.

Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy your online shower! You will love watching it grow as your guests sign the guest book, play games, make Birthday Bets and comment on all the fun things you’ve added to your WebBabyShower.

If you are including a Skype, Google+ Hangouts or other type of video chat, make sure that you and the expecting parent(s) log in first so that you are not “bumped” out by any limits to the number of participants.

And last … don’t forget to download and print your WebBabyShower Printable keepsake before your virtual baby shower ends!

Printable Baby Shower Planning Guide … From WebBabyShower!

WebBabyShower is pleased to offer its very own Baby Shower Planning Guide that includes:

  • Baby Shower Planning Timeline & Checklist
  • Baby Shower Supplies Worksheet
  • Baby Shower Budget Template
  • Baby Shower Gift Log

All in one easy-to-grab PDF document! (requires the free Adobe PDF Reader).

Click here to download the WebBabyShower Baby Shower Planning Guide!

Who Pays for a Baby Shower?

WebBabyShower Header Image Who Pays

Welcome to the club, moms and dads! With the announcement of a new baby’s impending arrival come so much excitement and so many questions. Who should host and plan the shower? How long do they go? What are the etiquette rules when it comes to covering the costs? Who pays for a baby shower?

This article will help you decipher traditional etiquette rules of cost, find out what is trending today, and help you choose the right arrangement for your situation and who might be paying. Most importantly, get ready to have a fantastic time at your baby shower. We have hosted thousands of showers, and who pays might surprise you!

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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Traditional etiquette rules

Many parents want to respect traditional etiquette rules when it comes to their baby shower. They may feel that their guests expect and appreciate this. When the guests will span multiple generations, it can be helpful to have a set of “rules” to follow that will conform to these expectations.

Traditionally for an in-person shower, a friend or relative hosts the baby shower and pays for the costs. But this is changing fast!

Generally, the expecting mom is kept free of the traditional baby shower, but honestly, this is not really common now. But if that’s your game for sure check out our baby shower checklist.

Baby Shower Planning for Millennials

Who’s the Host?

It is appropriate for a friend or more distant relative, such as a cousin or aunt, to act as the host. The main rule is that the parents-to-be do not host, as it can be interpreted as throwing themselves a party and asking for gifts.

Upending the rules for a modern baby shower

It’s also okay to throw the traditional etiquette “rules” out the window. Every family is different and has their own comfort level about paying for things such as baby showers.

Old baby shower rules are based on in person events at a resturant or home, who pays is not really relevant online, but who ‘runs’ it might be in your social group.

Grandparents are often the ones to throw the event so they may want to pay for it, too. This allows them to throw the event that they dream of for their new little grandchild without having to consult a shared budget. states that close family members, such as “a sister, mother-in-law, or even the guest-of-honor’s mother” are throwing baby showers more often today.

If the parents-to-be are the ones who want to pay for the shower, whether they plan the event or not, that’s also perfectly okay!

Friends and extended family may want to assist the host in throwing the baby shower. It is okay to talk to these people about helping out financially. This can take some of the financial burden off of the host as well as give others the chance to be involved.

Help is Welcome

Some people even prefer to assist in the cost of the shower rather than buy a gift that the parents may not even want or need. This can come in the form of money given to the host to assist in their plan or taking one of the tasks, such as party favors or the food, off of the host’s plate financially and in execution.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Virtual baby showers are different

If you are planning a shower that spans the country or even the globe, a virtual gathering might be the perfect solution. With a virtual shower, you have increased flexibility when it comes to the etiquette of paying for the event.

The online shower is setup to have guests participate in a variety of ways, such as signing a guest book, leaving messages for the parents-to-be, or participating in live calls. It becomes less important who is footing the bill and more about getting to connect with friends and family separated by distance.

It might surprise you, but here at WebBabyShower 60% of virtual baby showers are paid for by the new grandparents, while the remaining 40% are paid for by the expectant parents or a close friend. This arrangement makes a lot of sense for this type of event.

An Online Shower is Inexpensive

A virtual shower is a great way to the guest-of-honor’s community of loved ones to connect; it is appropriate that the guest-of-honor or a close family member to facilitate this outpouring of love. When the virtual shower includes an in-person gathering or two, as well, it works out well for a host to pay for that gathering or for those attending to contribute to the celebration. Lanielou00 shared on What To Expect’s message board for everyone to “focus on the celebration!” What a great way to welcome a new baby to the world!

Remember it’s a Party!

Whether you choose to follow the traditional etiquette rules or find a more modern arrangement, the important thing to remember is to have fun at your baby shower. Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a fun and festive event. Spending time with friends and family is a great chance to shower the parents-to-be with love and get everything ready for the new little one. Check out this article for everything you need to know about virtual baby shower etiquette. Welcome baby!

See how a great online baby shower works

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Parents Magazine’s A Quick Etiquette Guide to Baby Celebrations’s Who Pays for the Baby Shower?

What To Expect April 2012 Baby Forum, Who is Supposed to Pay for the Baby Shower?

17 Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Examples for Every Situation

7 essential tips for any note & examples for many common situations
WebBabyShower Header Image Invites

Believe it or not, I love writing thank you cards! Ok I know it sounds crazy.. but it gives me a chance to express how much I appreciate everything that my family and friends have done. After my baby shower, it was even more special because I was able to thank them for the love they showered on my growing family.

( Wait! Looking for baby shower invite messages instead? darn google 😉 )

But sometimes it can be hard to think of just the right baby shower thank you card wording that shows the gift giver how much their kindness meant. Check out these tips and wording examples for thank you cards that are sure to delight! We crafted these custom writing samples at WebBabyShower just for you.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

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If you want to skip ahead to the phrasing examples for each situation:

  1. Thank you to the host example
  2. Thank you from baby example
  3. Thank you for co-workers
  4. Thank you for those who couldn’t attend
  5. Thank you for a group gift
  6. Thank you for a financial gift
  7. Thank you for diapers
  8. Thank you for attending
  9. Thank you for the unexpected gift

5 Key Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording General Tips

1. Make it personal

There are times for one-size-fits-all thank you cards but a baby shower is not one of them. When writing your thank you cards, start by addressing it to the individual you are thanking. Starting with a simple Dear and their name is a no-fail way to make your card personal.

You can also go the extra mile and purchase personalized stationery or thank you cards that match the theme of your shower. There are tons of creative options available at online craftsmen retailers such as Etsy or more traditional stationery available at Papersource, Shutterfly, or your local craft store.

2. Mention the gift

Another way to make the gift giver feel very special and know that their gift really meant something to you is to tell them how you will use it.

A diaper genie might not be the cutest present you will open, but it will become one of your most appreciated items when baby arrives. Let the person who gifted you one know how much you love the possibility of a stink-free future. Do you love the onesie supporting your favorite sports team? Tell the giver how you plan to take your new baby to a game next season.

Including this personal touch shows the gift giver that you took the time to think about how you will use their gift and that you truly appreciate their thoughtfulness.

alligator gives thank you cards!

3. Include a photo

If baby has made an early arrival or you had a baby shower at the end of your pregnancy, feel free to include photos of baby using the gift. Not only will they love that you went the extra mile to thank them, they will feel included in your family circle. This is an especially thoughtful gesture for those who may be far away and not able to see baby often.

Guests will likely display your photo in a prominent place where they can smile at your little cutie every time they see it. Photo services such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, or even drugstores like CVS and Walgreens make it easy to have printed photos sent directly to your home.

4. Make future plans

Guests who attend your baby shower are there to shower you and your new family with love and support. They are probably just as excited to do the same for your new baby. It is nice to mention a future opportunity for your guests to meet your little one in your note.

This can be as specific or general as you feel comfortable with; guests understand the sometimes unpredictable nature of parenthood. They will appreciate the invitation to follow up with you once you settle into your new role and meet the baby.

5. End on a high note

Just as including a nice personal greeting at the beginning of your note is important, ending with a thoughtful closing can go a long way to help show your appreciation. A common choice for baby shower thank you card wording that is always appropriate is to end with Sincerely and your name.

With Appreciation is nice for thank you cards and strikes the right balance between formal and personal for guests such as co-workers or more distant relatives. Fondly or even Love is personal for close family and friends. Hallmark’s card writers have compiled a list of warm closings to help you end your card just right.

Baby Shower Thank You Card  Etiquette

Who should write the thank you card?

In general, the person receiving the gift should be the one to write the thank you card. But even the most advanced newborn has yet to master the art of the thank you 🙂  The new parents are expected to thank guests, as they are the ones using the gift to care for and nurture their new baby.

If the new parents are experiencing a hardship, such as medical issues following the delivery, it can be appropriate for a close friend or relative to send out thank you cards. Make sure that the new parents are involved, even if it just means mentioning that they appreciate the support and understanding of the gift giver during a difficult time, as well as their gift.

Who should get a special phone call?

It is nice to thank people for extremely generous gifts with a phone call in addition to a thank you card. If a guest gifted you with an expensive gift, such as a high-end stroller or crib, a phone call is a good way to let them know how much you appreciate the gift as well as let them know you received it, if it was sent via mail.

Another instance where a phone call is a nice gesture is when the gift is extremely personal. It is hard to adequately express your thanks in a note for the gift of a family heirloom, such as a baby quilt made by a deceased relative or rocking chair that has been handed down through generations. A phone call will help you make that personal connection with the gift giver.

It should be noted that a thank you phone call does not take the place of a thank you note, which should still be sent to all guests. In’s forum on thank you phone calls, posters overwhelmingly noted the benefits of thank you notes for the convenience of the gift givers and the opportunity to share them with everyone who was a part of the gift.

When to send a virtual thank you

If you have had your baby shower virtually, it may make more sense to thank your guests online. This is especially true when your shower was held over the course of a few days or weeks. Send an email to each guest, just as you would a handwritten note. Virtual thank you notes also make it easier to set up future playdates or get-togethers, as recipients can just reply to put plans in motion.

Consider your audience when choosing the best way to thank your guests. It is okay to send handwritten notes to those who would prefer them and go the email route for guests who are more tech-savvy. It is this attention to detail that shows your guests that you not only appreciate their gift– you also appreciate them and what they bring to both your life and your baby’s.

Creative thank you cards

Think back to the theme of your baby shower when sending your thank you cards. If you had a luau-themed bash, craft thank you cards in the shape of Hawaiian leis. If you had a special character theme, such as a teddy bear or rubber ducky, look for ribbon with similar accents to embellish your cards.

Hand lettering is another popular option. It can take time and practice to master, so make sure you have some extra cards on hand in case you need a few re-dos. Clementine Creative Design has compiled a list of excellent hand lettering tutorials.

Shutterfly also recommends including photos from the shower in your thank you. Guests will love the reminder of the wonderful time they had celebrating. If you had a photo booth set up at the shower, a thank you card is the perfect opportunity to share fun (and funny) photos with guests.

baby shower invite zebra

7 Great Baby Shower Thank You Card Examples

#1 Thank you to the host

Start your list of thank yous with the person who put it all together– the host! Show them how grateful you are for their kindness and generosity with a heartfelt thank you note. In this case, consider sending a small token of your appreciation such as flowers or a sweet treat that they can enjoy.

Thank you for the love that you showed to me and my new family when you hosted my baby shower. I am so grateful to have you in my life and with me to welcome my new baby very soon.

#2 Thank you from baby

It can feel strange to write a thank you card on behalf of someone who does little more than drool, but it is a good habit to model for your child as they grow up. Guests will get a chuckle from the card they receive from your newborn. Play it up and really get into “character” for a truly personal thank you note.

Thank you for my new outfit–I love it so much that I pooped myself! I made sure that my mom washed it right away so that I could wear it again as soon as possible. All of the other babies at the park thought I was so cool. Thank you again!

#3 Thank you for co-workers

Take your time when writing a thank you note to professional colleagues. If it is illegible, it will make it hard for co-workers to take you seriously when you return to work.

It is also nice to acknowledge your eventual return to work. Even in the most supportive of offices, your co-workers are probably eagerly anticipating your return. Don’t make it an awkward omission in your thank you note. Rather, mention how much you appreciate this time you get to spend with your baby.

Thank you for the baby washcloths and towels for little Ben. So far, he is loving getting baths in the sink and we love to see him all wrapped up afterwards. I love that I get to spend this time bonding with him but am looking forward to seeing everyone back at the office when I return.

#4 Thank you for those who couldn’t attend

You may think you should only thank those who attended your baby shower but it is equally important to thank those who were unable to be there in person. Show that you understand their absence and are looking forward to seeing them at another opportunity.

Thank you for the stroller toys that you sent for Clara. We missed you at the shower but can’t wait to get together soon. Hopefully you will be able to meet Clara soon when she makes her big arrival!

Yes, people missed the first party. But they don't have to miss this one!
Include everyone online

Build Your Shower

#5 Thank you for a group gift

It is nice to send individual thank you notes to everyone who went in on a group gift. It can get tiring to write out a lot of thank you notes but the effort and thought that each person put into the gift should be acknowledged.

The exception to this is when the group is especially large and shares a space, such as an office, where a thank you note could be displayed. Southern Living recommends using a pen that won’t smudge or bleed. This is especially true when you know the note will get passed among many hands, such as a group gift.

Thank you for the Pack N’Play! It is such a generous gift and one that we will be sure to use often. We appreciate the time that everyone took to arrange such a wonderful gift.

#6 Thank you for a financial gift

The Emily Post Institute recommends including how you intend to use the gift of money when thanking the giver. The same is true of gift cards. If you don’t have anything specific in mind yet, don’t be afraid to let them know you plan to use it on everyday expenses. Any parent knows how diapers, wipes, and baby food adds up!

Thank you for your generous gift for our new baby. We have set up a college savings account for our little guy and are so thrilled to be able to make our first contribution to his future. Harvard, here we come!

#7 Thank you for diapers

As a new parent you will soon be going through more diapers than you ever imagined. That’s probably why they are such a popular baby shower gift– you can never have too many! Don’t be afraid to add a little humor when thanking someone for diapers. After all, there’s no getting away from the eventual contents they will hold!

Thank you for the diapers! We have heard from other parents how reliant we will be on them very, very soon. If you would like to come give us a “tutorial” on how to use them after our baby arrives, feel free!

Did you enjoy learning all about baby shower thank you notes and how to write them? You will love sharing your appreciation with your family and friends through thank you cards even more. With these ideas and your personal touch, they are sure to love receiving your gratitude as well.

#8 Baby Shower Thank You for Attending

Thank you so much for attending my recent baby shower. It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by loving friends who want the best for me and my family! And I can’t wait for you to meet our little one, once she’s safely here in our arms!

Did some people miss the party? You can easily include everyone online!

Build Your Shower

#9 Thank You for Unexpected Gift
Thank you so much for the diaper bag you sent – it came as such a delightful surprise! I know it will come in very handy once our little one makes her way into the world. I’m so excited for you to meet her soon!

9 Hidden Alternatives to Baby Showers


Amazing alternative baby shower ideas

Don’t get tripped up by the notion that baby showers at their worst are dated rituals or intense cringe fests. This is life not an Amy Schumer rom-com, underneath the stereotype is an awesome moment to share and you can roll it your way.

Yes baby showers empower the soon-to-be mother by equipping her with the necessary support ( and way too much advice…) on best practices during and after her pregnancy. But at it’s core, it’s an awesome day when all family members and friends come together to celebrate the birth of a new baby! I mean, new baby’s rock.

But no one says you have to follow the rules of traditional baby showers, and here are nine alternatives you might want to consider. We’ve got everything from Navajo inspired rituals to modern baby shower website online options, but let’s start with the basics.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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Build Your Shower

1. Host a Girl’s Night Out Ok we’ll get back to this one post corona…

You’re never too old to get together with friends and have your very own girls’ night out. Besides, who doesn’t need a ladies night out? It’s a great way to catch up with friends and celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby.
Friends can bring home some light beverages and their favorite food to share. You can hang out and chat about motherhood. Everyone gets to benefit.

2. Online Baby Shower with WebBabyShower

It’s not easy being inclusive with your baby shower if your friends and family are spread over 2000 miles apart. This is where an online baby shower comes into play. With WebBabyShower, you can share your most treasured moments with guests who can’t join you for any reason.
With WebBabyShower, you can now send tracked emails and reminders to your guests to make sure they attend the event on time without disrupting their schedule.

But just because it’s a ‘virtual’ baby shower doesn’t mean it won’t include all the highlights of the day. WebBabyShower provides a comprehensive baby shower experience, complete with guest books, games with live scoreboards, videos and photo albums, a gift registry, and built-in email invitations. The best part is the co-hosted system that lets you and your friends put together videos and photos.

Web Baby Shower lets you include any registry you want to choose, including Babylist, Amazon, and BuyBabyBuy.

3. Throw a Sprinkle Instead

Think of a ‘sprinkles’ as a lite version of the traditional baby shower. This is preferred by women who already have at least one older child, allowing them to celebrate their new child in a laid-back and low-key approach. Sprinkles are also preferred by moms who don’t want to create a big fuss about their pregnancy and just want something more light-headed. To this end, a sprinkle is a perfect fit.

4. Host an Open House

You may have to schedule your baby shower on the weekend to ensure everyone can celebrate motherhood without leaving their job. Open houses place less of an emphasis on gifts and focus more on bringing together those who simply wish to be a part of your celebration.
For obvious reasons, the guestlist for the one house is going to be more inclusive, and by nature, much larger than traditional baby showers. This event is geared for both men and women, hence the term ‘co-ed’ baby showers.
Since gifts and registries are not essential, they are completely optional. However, it is a good idea to prepare a few snacks and dessert for your guests. Open Houses are typically more flexible when it comes to time commitment, allowing guests to drop by within a time frame to make an appearance and wish the mom-to-be well.

Godh Bharai shower
Ok, maybe your not doing this. But it does look awesome right?

5. Godh Bharai

Godh Bharai is the Indian equivalent to baby showers and cranks up the celebration of pregnancy and motherhood. Indians mostly perform Godh Bharai to pray for the good health of both baby and mother, and its safe delivery. It is exclusive to women, but some exceptions can be made for men. You will need lots of traditional Indian finery, including pieces of jewelry (artificial will do just fine), a special sari, and lots of flowers. Prepare for lots of gifts bestowed by family members and friends!
Godh Bharai is celebrated with tremendous fervor such as singing, dancing, and exciting games like guessing the baby’s gender and suggesting names.

Blessingway alternative baby shower
Image courtesy of

6. Go for a Blessingway

Blessingways are beautiful pre-birth traditions inspired by old Navajo ceremonies which celebrate a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. This gather includes the mom-to-be’s most trusted friends and family who come together for prayer and share gifts among one another. Traditionally blessingways are women-only and include the mom-to-be’s mother, aunts, sisters, friends, mentors, or anyone she may invite.
Women share their own birth stories around their circle, these are both exciting and heartwarming to hear. Blessingways can be performed regardless of one’s religion since it is compatible with all belief systems. Want to host your blessingway the perfect way? Let the experts at Web Baby Showers to it for you!

baby shower gift

7. Get More Practical with a Group Gift

Here’s a bright idea. Gather up with friends and family to find a practical baby gift that won’t be on the registry. Surprise ideas for her could include: gift cards for takeout at her favorite eateries, a deep house clean when she isn’t around, or even a gift card to help her purchase essential Baby items. You will have to get a little creative with the purchase to find an item that your friend will appreciate the most.

8. Being Charitable Towards Other Mothers

It’s not easy being a mom with limited means of income and hard times can fall on anyone. This is why it is a nice idea to donate your gifts to a local women’s shelter, foster family resource room, or pregnancy center. Alternatively, you could ask your friends and family to donate directly instead of giving the gift to you (provided they’re comfortable with the idea!).
Another bright idea is to fund projects that provide clean birth kits to women in underdeveloped areas of the world. That will make a lasting impact.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

9. Sip and See (After the Baby Is Born)

Sip & See is a celebration that is hosted by the new parents. It is more about the baby and less about the mom. Guests typically shop around for gifts that will help the baby adjust to its new life.

10 Easy Ways to Choose Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

WebBabyShower Free Printable Baby Shower Games

If you have attended a baby shower, then you have probably partaken in a baby shower game that had you rolling in laughter.

Just because a baby shower is virtual does not mean that playing games have to be sacrificed. While it may not be physically possible to play the “guess the melted chocolate candy in the diaper” game on a virtual level, there are many other games that can easily be played.

Here are the easiest ways to choose the best games to play at your virtual baby shower.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
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• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

1. Individual Games

Not all guests have to play baby shower games in a group with one another. When creating your baby shower website, you will be given a Birthday Bet™ game or other quizzes for a guest to play in the days and weeks leading up to the event. An individual guest can play these games and does not require additional guest participation.

2. Play in Advance

Guests may be in a different time zone from the host or mommy-to-be, so they may not be able to participate in the actual live event. Choose to implement games that can be played at a guest’s leisure no matter what time zone they are in. Guest participation and enjoyment will likely be higher with this in mind.

3. Fun

Guests do not want to spend their time playing a game that requires a high IQ or that they feel like they did poorly at. Choose a game that is fun for guests of all ages to play.

4. Family-Friendly

If the mommy-to-be has a niece, nephew, or other younger family members, choose to have family-friendly games that guests of all ages can enjoy playing. Keeping the games G-rated will ensure that guests of all ages are not offended.

webbabyshower games and quizzes

5. Easy to Play

Guests do not want to get online to read a list of rules about a baby shower game. Some guests may be grandparents or even great-grandparents of the upcoming new addition, so try to make the game easy for all ages to understand.

6. Prizes

Choose to add virtual baby shower games that allow guests to win prizes, but make the prizes realistically because you will have to ship the prize to the guest. Gift cards are a safe choice! This will increase guest participation and make guests choose their answers a little more carefully than normal.

7. Incorporate the Family

If you know the parents-to-be have a close-knit relationship with their distant family, try to add some personal touches when choosing the games. Try the baby photo game, just to get everyone to send in a baby pictures and see if the family can guess right. Or pics of the parents-to-be or the expecting grandparents and guess who the baby may look like.

8. Unlimited Plays

Try to add a game that can be played more than one time. While some games can only be played once by design, try to add a game or games that can be played an unlimited amount of times.

9. New Game Each Week

Give your guests a variety of games to play – without bombarding them – and have a new game begin each week leading up to the baby shower day, or even the day of the birth. This will give guests something to look forward to even after the baby shower has ended.

10. Variety of Games

Virtual baby shower games do not have to be limited to just visual games. Try to add some audible games too, such as name that tune or nursery rhyme.

Things to Remember for Baby Shower Games

When choosing which games to add to your baby shower website, try to think of each guest individually and not as a whole. Not every guest will be in the same time zone, and even if the guest is in your time zone, they may have different hours that require them to sleep when you are awake.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

Each guest is different, so try to keep this in mind when implementing games to play on the baby shower website. Games that can be played during a guest’s own time will give the guest a more positive experience than a virtual baby shower with limited participation.

It is also important to keep the requests of the mommy-to-be at the forefront of your mind when choosing games. If there is a particular game that the mommy-to-be does not want guests to play, don’t allow that game to be played. The mommy-to-be may not want her baby pictures to be seen on the website in a “guess which baby this is” game being played. Whatever the reason, adhering to the requests of the mommy-to-be is always the right way to go. Play On!

10 Reasons Why You Should Trust a Baby Shower Website

Baby Shower Planning for Millennials

What do you do when you can’t get all of your friends and family together in one place to celebrate this occasion?

You have a virtual baby shower, of course! All a guest needs to attend this virtual baby shower is a phone, tablet, or computer with camera capabilities, and they are a part of the festivities!

Traveling can be stressful for both friends and families of the mommy-to-be, but also for the new mom herself. She may have strict bed rest orders or be instructed not to fly by her doctor. Alternatively, it may be difficult for guests to arrange travel plans to attend the shower.

Anyone who’s hosted a shower of any kind knows how much time and money goes into the celebration. There are invitations, decorations, food, beverages, favors… the list goes on. Whether friends and family of the new mommy are local or distant, there are so many reasons you should consider hosting a virtual baby shower with us.

Here are 10 reasons to host with WebBabyShower.

1. Reputation, Safety, and Security

First things first, WebBabyShower is the original online baby shower service. Yup, we were the first! We have thousands of happy customers around the world.

We’ve been featured on sites like Baby Center, Today Show, and the Bump. WebBabyShower is a safe alternative to other online services that may not be as secure. We don’t hit you with ads while you are using our service, (ahem Facebook.)

Social media apps like Fb may include a feature that allows users to create private events to share with invite-only guests. However, the downfall to this is that your guests must have an account to access the event, and then you can all get targeted with ads, yeah.

When you create a WebBabyShower you also have the option of password-protecting the website so that those guests who have the URL and password are the only ones who can access it. With an online baby shower website, you can be confident that your private event stays private.

2. You Know What You’re Getting

Hosting a virtual baby shower on a website means that every aspect of having a baby shower will be thought of and accounted for by the website designer. This means less pressure on you, the host, to remember all of the small details. You will have the option to choose the package that fits the type of shower for your guest-of-honor, and you will know exactly what you are paying for. It’s one flat fee and not an endless list of ‘we need that too’ like an in-person shower.

3. It’s in the Name

A baby shower website is just what it says it is. Unlike social media websites where hosting an event is an added feature, a baby shower website is dedicated to virtual baby showers and only virtual baby showers. This means the website covers every aspect of the baby shower process, unlike a social media website that may offer a feature for you to be able to “make it work” to have a virtual baby shower.

4. All-Inclusive

The baby shower website will take care of the many areas that a baby shower entails. Invitations, registry information, and even baby shower games are included on the baby shower website. In a traditional baby shower where you are the host, you have to gather a list of information from the guest-of-honor. With a virtual baby shower, the mommy-to-be can log into the website and add Facebook friends or email addresses to send a personalized invitation to guests who want to celebrate the occasion.

5.  Invitations Won’t Get Lost in the Mail

As a host of a baby shower, you know how difficult it is to know if the guests have received their invitation in the mail, especially if the RSVP’s have not begun coming in. With a virtual baby shower, you can see who has opened their email and who has not with the email tracking feature. If a guest has not opened their email, you can send it again or touch base with the guest to make sure they know what to look for.

6. The Baby and Family are Put First

Okay, let’s all be honest. We have all weaseled our way out of attending a celebration at one point or another. Sometimes we decide not to attend a festivity simply because we just wanted to stay in our pajamas in the comfort of our home that day.

A virtual baby shower takes care of those times when a guest RSVP’s with good intentions, then changes their mind, leaving the mommy-to-be without potential items that she may want or need.

A virtual baby shower also allows guests to accept the invitation without the added burden of putting on real pants to attend. This means the mommy-to-be and baby do not miss out on gifts and the celebration they deserve.

7. Everyone Participates

With a virtual baby shower, everyone can participate in their own time. Let’s say you want guests to participate in a game, but you are unsure how that can virtually happen. With a baby shower website, there is a feature in the dashboard that will allow you to include games.

These games can be played at the guests’ leisure in the days or weeks leading up to the date of the baby shower. Games that require guests to submit answers are perfect for engaging guest interaction in the weeks before the shower.

8. Nothing to Download

Once you sign up to host a virtual baby shower, there is no additional software or programs you need to download for it to work. All you will need is an application to video chat, such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, to do a live chat if you want that. The virtual baby shower website will handle the rest!

9. Personalization

With WebBabyShower, you are able to customize every detail of the website to match the mommy’s request. You can personalize fonts, colors, gender, and upload pictures to give the website a personal touch to both the mommy and the guests. If the mommy is practicing serious willpower and will not know the baby’s gender until delivery, you can design a gender-neutral website without being a web designer.

10. Positive Reviews

When virtual baby showers first began, there were no reviews to read through to see the benefits of this innovative idea. Now that virtual baby showers have grown in popularity, reviews have come flooding in. These reviews have proven to show the many positives of this once unorthodox idea. Guests, hosts, and the mommy-to-be have all agreed that virtual baby showers still allow everyone to be connected to celebrate the upcoming baby without sacrificing any areas of a traditional baby shower.

Games, food, and gifts are all part of a virtual baby shower; the same as a traditional shower. With virtual baby showers having these same attributes, the only difference is that guests are attending the baby shower from the comfort of their own home.


How to Take Your Virtual Baby Shower to the Next Level

Guests who attend traditional baby showers enjoy being fed, so how do you feed guests through a screen? Guests also enjoy playing baby shower games, so how do you play games with guests on a computer? All of these questions are understandable, and WebBabyShower took each of these into consideration when creating their baby shower website.

Send Goodies to the Guests

After you have sent invitations to the guests, step it up a notch by sending each guest a fun treat. Themed-cookies are always a hit, so if the mommy-to-be has a nursery theme she is using, send cookies to match. Your guests will enjoy receiving these unexpected treats in the mail. (And guests who receive treats may be more likely to send the new mommy a gift, too!)

Plan to Have Some Fun

A staple of the traditional baby shower is the variety of games that guests can choose to play. The host will typically have fun games that engage all of the attendants. Fortunately, there are many games that guests can play prior to or during the virtual baby shower, so guests do not have to feel like they are missing out on this fun aspect of the traditional baby shower.

Use the Guest Book

The baby shower website will automatically create a guest book for the host to add to the guest-of-honor’s website. This will allow guests to stop by and leave a personalized note for the new mom and baby. Afterward, the baby shower website can take all of those entries and put them into a printable memento for the mom to have as a keepsake.

Gift Registries Made Simple

Gift registries are all found online, and new parents will typically register at two or three different stores. With this simple integration tool, the gift registries can be found in one place on the baby shower website. Additionally, the parents-to-be don’t even have to visit the store to make the registry. They can simply create the baby registry online. Afterward, it will link to the baby shower website for guests to view and fill accordingly!

Take Advantage of the Private Albums

Spoiler alert, but not every guest can be in the delivery room when the baby is born. However, this doesn’t mean that every guest has to miss out on this special moment. While the new parents may not want the birth live-streamed across social media, they may want some of those “first 48” hours to be shared among family and friends. The last thing the new parents will have time to do while in the hospital is update their online baby shower website. As the host of the baby shower, take these moments and share among family and friends.

A Few Things to Remember

Always check with the mommy-to-be to make sure the virtual baby shower is what she has and mind and what she wants it to be. With WebBabyShower, you can implement as many or as few resources as you want. The biggest advantage of WebBabyShower is the completely private and secure platform for guests to gather and celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy.

WebBabyShower will also remove your website after a certain period of time. This way, the new parents don’t have to try to remember another thing to take care of once they arrive back home with baby.

WebBabyShower is a safe, secure website that will take all areas of the traditional baby shower and allow guests all around the world to partake in the festivities. Virtual baby showers are perfect for moms who:
– may not be able to travel
– live away from family
– do not have the means to travel until the baby is born

WebBabyShower offers a personalized platform to host an online baby shower.

How to Send Free Online Baby Shower Invitations

WebBabyShower is an online baby shower service designed specifically to manage virtual baby showers from beginning to end. Just like traditional baby showers, online baby showers require invitations for guests to receive and RSVP. The main difference between online baby showers and traditional baby showers is the opportunity for guests to “attend” wherever they are located, and when they have the time. This makes the baby shower an ongoing event.

Whether you are using WebBabyShower to host your virtual baby shower or some other method, you will want to send online baby shower invitations. We’ve got a great free online baby shower invite suggestion below as well as details on how to do it.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
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• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
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Build Your Shower

Using WebBabyShower to Send Online Invitations

You can use our online invitation service to manage your invitations and send them at no extra cost. If you have purchased a baby shower service on WebBabyShower, you can send invitations to guests either by an email address or use the URL in a Facebook invitation.

You can customize these invitations to match the theme of the virtual baby shower website. Each custom made baby shower design comes with matching invitations for you to choose from.

Using Another Platform to Send Online Invitations

If you are hosting an online baby shower on another platform, such as a social media website, you can send online invitations in a couple of different ways.

The first option is sending an invitation through the social media application itself. The social media platform may have an “event” option in the application for you to create an event and add invited guests to access the event. Make sure in the description of the event that you include it is an online virtual baby shower.

The second option is to send an invitation to guests through a free event website service, such as one of our favorites PaperlessPost. They have some awesome designs and will allow you to pick a preloaded template to email each guest on the guest list.

With WebBabyShower, email opens are tracked, and the design of the invitation is created in house by us and is sure to match and is all in one place to manage.

But at the end of the day, getting that invite out the door is what matters, use what feels right to you!

online baby shower invites

First Things First

When sending online baby shower invitations, you will need to gather some info before you send an email blast to all your friends and family.

We are going to go through those things to help you know how to send online baby shower invitations successfully.

Information on the Guest-of-Honor

You will need to have information about the mom-to-be and expected new arrival readily available when you create your free online baby shower invitations. Baby shower invitations will tell a guest who is being celebrated, why they are being celebrated, where they are being celebrated, and when they are being celebrated.

Include as many details as possible on the invitation – or as many details as the mom-to-be will allow on the invitation – to tell guests what celebration they are invited to. These details typically include the name of the baby-to-be, expected due date, date of the online baby shower, how to access the baby shower, and registry information. Make sure the invitation clearly states the baby shower is an online virtual baby shower.

If you are not using WebBabyShower to host the virtual baby shower, you will need to include registry information on the invitation. Otherwise, guests can access registry information directly from the baby shower website on WebBabyShower.

Gather Guest Information

Whether you are using a free invitation service or the included invitation service though WebBabyShower, you will need to gather the email addresses or social media accounts of all prospective guests. This information is how you will send the free online baby shower invitations to the guests.

Built directly into WebBabyShower dashboard is an email tracking feature. This feature allows you to see which guest has not opened their emailed invitation. This allows you to resend the email or contact the guest directly to ask them to open and accept the emailed invitation.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

Some Takeaways When Sending Free Online Baby Shower Invitations

Keep the mom-to-be in mind when designing the free online invitations. If there is a design, color scheme, or theme she requests to use, find a website that will provide the desired design.

Try to use both email addresses and social media platforms when communicating with guests. Some guests may be more prone to checking emails, while others may be more frequently on social media. If you know a guest is more likely to check a social media message than an email, communicate through social media with these guests.

Make sure you gather as much information about the mom and baby as possible when you send the invitations. Make sure that the invitation clearly explains that the invitation is online only. Include information about the gift registries, as this will be the most important piece of information on the invitation.

31 Baby Shower Checklist Essentials for a Fantastic Time

WebBabyShower Header Image Checklist

Your best friend is having a baby! Just think of all the cute onesies, blankets and bows (or bowties!) you’ll get to shop for over the next nine months. Oh, and as the resident best friend you can’t forget one important “to do” list item: plan the baby shower.

Don’t panic. It’ll be easy, trust us. Just follow these 31 essential steps to plan the perfect baby shower.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

Opting for a virtual baby shower via Web Baby Shower rather than the traditional in-person shower? Good news! Much of this checklist will keep you equally organized when planning this your virtual shower celebration, too. But if your looking for a guide specifically for planning an online baby shower we’ve got you covered.

Week by Week – Baby Shower Checklist

Twelve Weeks Out

Your mama-to-be may feel like her due date is still eons away, but it will be here before you both know it. Now is a good time to determine the key logistics to keep in your back pocket for later.

1. Pick a Date

If anyone needs to be available for shower day it’s the guest of honor. Determine what date(s) work best for her, keeping in mind that baby showers are typically hosted around the 7-month mark, for more details on this check out when to have a baby shower.

2. Pick a Location

Discuss where the mama-to-be would like to have her shower – an event venue, restaurant or someone’s home? For your virtual shower, will you host it live via Skype or Facetime or over the course of a day or two as a Facebook event?

3. Brainstorm Themes

You probably already know her taste, but it’s worth discussing what themes your friend may (or may not) be open to at her shower. You can pick the winning theme a little later on.

4. Draft Initial Attendee List

Again, you probably have a near-perfect idea of who should be invited, but err on the side of caution and discuss the guest list with the mama-to-be.


Eight Weeks Out

5. Confirm Logistics, Again

You can blame pregnancy brain, but mama-to-be has a lot on her mind these days, and understandably so! Before you move forward, give her a quick call to re-confirm that the date and time still work.

If the shower is being hosted in someone’s home, re-confirm with the host that she is still on board.

If you are looking to host the shower at a public venue or restaurant, now’s the time to call and book! Make sure you have one or two venue back-ups in case your first choice is already reserved. It helps to have a general idea how long you are looking for the baby shower to last.

6. Finalize Guest List

Confirm any additions to the initial invite list as well as all mailing addresses.

7. Determine Budget

Your imagination will run wild on your wallet if you let it, so it is crucial to set a budget from the beginning. Determine what you want to spend and where you want to spend it, not to mention who pays for the baby shower.

8. Choose Theme

Pick the theme you think fits your mama-to-be best based on the list you two brainstormed early on. All of your décor, food and favor decisions will be influenced by the shower’s theme.

9. Determine Rental & Catering Needs

Will you need tables and chairs? What about linens and drapery? Your rental needs will be primarily based on venue and guest count. Will you have food catered or will you make it yourself? Make these decisions early on.

10. Rally the Troops

You don’t necessarily need a planning team, but if you want one then now is the perfect time. Gauge interest from close friends or family, and divvy up tasks accordingly.

11. Order Invitations

There are a lot of places to look, but if you want printed invites, it’s hard to beat these two options for great design. Postable carries many great baby shower designs and lets you send real mail via online if you want. They carry some styles from our other favorite, Rifle Paper Co.

*Note: *If you’re inviting out-of-town guests, it is a nice gesture to send them a quick “save the date” (via email is perfectly fine). This gives them ample time to book flights and coordinate travel plans.


Six Weeks Out

12. Prepare & Mail Invitations

Check with the mama-to-be to ensure you have all of the correct information and links to her registry page(s) before filling out the invitations. For a virtual shower, feel free to send an e-card invitation via popular greeting card sites like our favorite Paperless Post or Evite.

13. Place Catering Order (if applicable)

It may be early, but this is a good time to place your food order if you’re using a caterer.

Three to Four Weeks Out

14. Plan/Order/Create Décor

Visualize how you want the shower to look, plan out what items you’ll need to get this done, and start shopping – or crafting! This step is equally important if you are hosting your virtual baby shower live via Skype. Make sure the backdrop surrounding the mama-to-be is decorated for all to enjoy!

If you’re looking for some YouTube baby shower Crafting inspiration, here you go!

15. Order Favors

Determine what party favors and/or prizes you want to give out at the shower and order them now.  I can’t imagine needing 60 different ones for girls, but in case you need some ideas there you go.

16. Determine & Test Menu

If you’re going the homemade route for food, take time to plan out your menu, and test any new recipes to ensure they make the cut.

17. Consult with Planning Team

Check in with your planning team to make sure everyone is on track. You’ll want to connect with the team about once a week until the week of the shower.

18. Order Cake

Be sure to confirm order details as well as a pick up date and time.

19. Venue Walkthrough

If you are hosting the shower at a public venue, ask the event coordinator if you can do a final walk through. This will help you determine any final décor or rental needs.

Two Weeks Out

20. Confirm Vendor Details

Follow up with all of your vendors to confirm orders, pick up times, payment, special requests, etc.

21. Set Staging Area

Start gathering all of your shower items – décor, favors, serving ware, chairs, etc. – in one spot in your house for easy organization and accessibility.

One Week Out

22. RSVP Follow Up

Follow up with any invitees who have not yet RSVP’d so you can have a more accurate head count.

23. Assign Day-Of Tasks for Planning Team

Who’s responsible for picking up the balloons the morning of the shower? What about keeping a running list of the gifts the mama-to-be receives? Make a day-of run-of-show with team assignments to make the day go smoothly.

24. Go Grocery Shopping & Begin Food Prep

Make your grocery list, and head to the supermarket. Then, start making any non-perishable food items that won’t spoil or that can be frozen until the day of the shower.

Day Before

25. Purchase Perishables & Last Minute Items

Buy ice, beverages and any other item you may have missed.

Day Of !!

26. Arrive Early & Set Up

You be the judge of how early is too early, but allow yourself plenty of time to set up the décor, put out the food and, oh yeah, get ready for the party yourself!

27. Set Out Food

This should be one of the last things you do before the shower begins as to not let the food get cold or spoil.

28. Take Photos Pre-Guest Arrival

With the hustle and bustle of planning, take a moment to actually see your masterpiece. Snap a few photos of the venue in its final state.

29. Get the Mama-to-Be Settled

First and foremost, today is about the guest of honor. Make sure she is settled and comfortable upon arrival and throughout the party. For a virtual shower, make sure your internet connection is strong and the mama-to-be’s backdrop is perfect.

30. Greet Guests, Collect Gifts, Offer Food & Drink

Be the “hostess with the mostest” – you know the drill.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

31. Maintain Flow of Shower & Enjoy!

Maintain a seamless flow of the shower from food and games to gifts and party favors. And finally, enjoy yourself!

We get it. Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming, especially when you want the day to go perfectly for the expectant mother in your life. Simplify your frenzy into these 31 simple steps and you’ll enjoy the shower just as much – if not more – than all of your guests!

Let us know how our list worked for you in the comments below.

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How to Have an Amazing Long Distance Baby Shower

online baby shower invitations

Distance makes the heart grow fonder – or so the saying goes. But what if said distance is keeping you from hosting the baby shower of your best friend’s dreams?

Don’t let distance rain on her baby shower parade! Let us introduce you to the premier solution to the distance dilemma: the long distance baby shower via WebBabyShower. With family and friends so often spread out across the country (and even the world), long distance baby showers are growing in popularity among parents-to-be as a modern shower solution. Begin hosting a shower today.

They’re easy, convenient for all and, most importantly, a special way for the mom-to-be to celebrate with her nearest and dearest. Here’s how to host the most amazing long distance baby shower you never knew you could, all through Web Baby Shower!

What is a long distance baby shower?

First thing’s first – what is a long distance baby shower? Much like it sounds, a long distance baby shower is a way to celebrate a mama-to-be from afar. Web Baby Shower is a private way to be online together, with private video, photo albums, guest books, games, a gift registry and built-in email invitations and birth announcements. Friends and family virtually “gather” to shower the mama-to-be with love and gifts.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

WebBabyShower Header Image Checklist

Why host a long distance baby shower?

At this point you might be asking, “But why?” Why host a virtual shower with us when an in-person shower is the traditional route? Let us list the reasons:

  • Inclusion: Coordinating schedules is difficult when everyone lives in the same town, but bring trains, planes and automobiles into the equation and it can feel nearly impossible. Web Baby Shower hosts showers that allow friends and family from across state lines and time zones to easily gather – no flight delays included – and celebrate the mama-to-be. Or, if the mama-to-be is the one far from family and is unable to travel due to pregnancy or military commitments, our virtual shower options ensure she doesn’t miss out on this memorable occasion.
  • Convenience: These days everyone is “plugged in” in some form or fashion. From smartphones to tablets and everything in between, few people are too far from an internet connection at any given moment. This makes for easy and convenient “attendance” for all guests.
  • Flexibility: Just like there’s no single way to host a traditional baby shower, there’s no “right way” to host a long distance baby shower. You can host a “live” video shower at one set time or set up a week-long online event where guests are able to drop in and send best wishes when it’s convenient for them. Web Baby Shower offers a variety of options to fit your schedule.
  • Private: The internet may be the people’s playground, but your long distance baby shower doesn’t have to be so public. Web Baby Shower ensures your shower is visible only to you and your guests, just like a traditional shower.
alligator gives thank you cards!

Virtual Shower vs. Traditional Shower: What’s the Difference?

Aside from the obvious, there are many little differences between the two types of showers. Here are just a few advantages of a long distance shower with Web Baby Shower:

  • Longer Celebrations: You don’t have to limit the celebration to just two hours of one day. Depending on what kind of virtual shower you want, Web Baby Shower allows you to extend your party through an entire day or even a week. That means more time to shower the mama-to-be and connect with friends and family. It’s a win-win.
  • Budget Friendly: Virtual showers don’t require travel, event planning services, catering or venue and equipment rentals. That means less stress on your wallet and more energy to focus on what’s most important – the soon-to-be bundle of joy!
  • Stress Free: Not only will the low budget relieve some stress, but the lack of planning and execution will, too. Virtual showers don’t require extensive set up, clean up or any of the madness in between. They truly are all about showering the guest of honor and connecting with loved ones. Web Baby Shower does the rest!
  • Quality Conversations: Speaking of connecting with loved ones, our services allow you to have real, genuine conversations without the distractions of a traditional shower. With online showers, you are able to dedicate time exclusively to one guest which is a luxury you aren’t necessarily afforded when you have to make the rounds in two hours at a traditional shower.
  • Coed Baby Shower: Want to invite a few guys with no drama or the dad to be? Another beauty of a virtual shower, no one’s worried about this anymore. We expect our experiences online to be inclusive, and your guest list can reflect your choices.

While there are many differences when it comes to virtual and traditional showers, there are just as many similarities that are equally advantageous. So, if you’re thinking about a long distance baby shower, don’t assume you’ll have to give up some of your favorite parts of a traditional shower. Web Baby Shower helps keep the magic of a baby shower in-tact, just online!

  • Baby Shower Invitations: Invitations are a must no matter what type of shower you’re hosting. Web Baby Shower offers a variety of built-in email shower invitations and baby announcements so you can still revel in the fun of picking out the perfect pattern and colors.
  • Gift Registry: Just because your friends won’t physically be in the room with you for your shower, doesn’t mean the baby shower gifts won’t be. Web Baby Shower makes it simple to upload your gift registry and share it with friends to ensure you are showered equally with love and gifts.
  • Sweet Treats: Let there be cake! Just like the gifts, don’t feel like you have to skimp on baby shower cake during your virtual shower. Invite guests to enjoy a slice of their favorite cake with you during the shower.
  • Baby Shower Games: You can still play games, too! Whether a live video shower or a weeklong event, you can invite guests to play a variety of fun games offered through Web Baby Shower including quiz games with live rankings and the ever popular ‘baby photos game’. If you opt to open presents live on webcam, Baby Shower Bingo is also a fun option.
  • Video Shower: Web Baby Shower makes for a perfect way to host a virtual baby shower. A “live” video shower enables guests to gather at the same time, interact with each other as if they are attending an in-person shower, and watch the mama-to-be open gifts….all from the comfort of your home! You can use Skype or Google Hangouts as you prefer. We recommend these free platforms because people know and trust them, and already understand how they work. Live video chat is complicated to create, and we want the most reliable and easy solutions for your shower.

Other Ways to Gather Virtually:

As we mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong way to host a virtual shower. That’s another great thing about this up-and-coming trend – there’s no “textbook” standard that your mother and grandmother have been following for decades!

  • Facebook Event: If you don’t want your guests to feel obligated to dedicate a pre-set hour or two of their day to your shower, you can also plan a private Facebook event. While convenient to keep this event “live” for weeks at a time, keep in mind all of your guests may not be Facebook-literate or even have an account.
  • Email Shower: Similar to a Facebook event, an email shower takes the pressure off guests to “arrive” at one time. Equally similar, this may not be the best way to reach some of your older guests.
  • Snail Mail Shower. Snail mail will never go out of style – at least we hope not! Mix traditional with modern and have a virtual baby shower by way of letters. Mail physical invitations, and ask guests to mail back their best wishes for baby. You can include the registry information on the invite just like you would for a traditional shower. A snail mail shower makes checking your mail every day that much more exciting!
  • Phone Shower: Maybe you want to talk to each of your loved ones, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by everyone talking at once on a video call. A phone shower is a nice solution. Schedule time throughout your designated shower day (or days) with each of your guests. This will allow you to catch up individually and share a special time of conversation with just the two of you.


Meeting virtually has never sounded so fun, are we right? An idea that you may have never even thought of – a long distance baby shower – may just be your ticket to the best baby shower you’ve ever had thanks to Web Baby Shower!

See how a great online baby shower works

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Web Baby Shower Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common concerns about hosting a long distance baby shower. The questions link to their answers in the Web Baby Shower Help section or on the Web Baby Shower FAQ:

5 Tips On How To Build Your Virtual Baby Shower Today 

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