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10 Easy Ways to Choose Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

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If you have attended a baby shower, then you have probably partaken in a baby shower game that had you rolling in laughter.

Just because a baby shower is virtual does not mean that playing games have to be sacrificed. While it may not be physically possible to play the “guess the melted chocolate candy in the diaper” game on a virtual level, there are many other games that can easily be played.

Here are the easiest ways to choose the best games to play at your virtual baby shower.

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1. Individual Games

Not all guests have to play baby shower games in a group with one another. When creating your baby shower website, you will be given a Birthday Bet™ game or other quizzes for a guest to play in the days and weeks leading up to the event. An individual guest can play these games and does not require additional guest participation.

2. Play in Advance

Guests may be in a different time zone from the host or mommy-to-be, so they may not be able to participate in the actual live event. Choose to implement games that can be played at a guest’s leisure no matter what time zone they are in. Guest participation and enjoyment will likely be higher with this in mind.

3. Fun

Guests do not want to spend their time playing a game that requires a high IQ or that they feel like they did poorly at. Choose a game that is fun for guests of all ages to play.

4. Family-Friendly

If the mommy-to-be has a niece, nephew, or other younger family members, choose to have family-friendly games that guests of all ages can enjoy playing. Keeping the games G-rated will ensure that guests of all ages are not offended.

webbabyshower games and quizzes

5. Easy to Play

Guests do not want to get online to read a list of rules about a baby shower game. Some guests may be grandparents or even great-grandparents of the upcoming new addition, so try to make the game easy for all ages to understand.

6. Prizes

Choose to add virtual baby shower games that allow guests to win prizes, but make the prizes realistically because you will have to ship the prize to the guest. Gift cards are a safe choice! This will increase guest participation and make guests choose their answers a little more carefully than normal.

7. Incorporate the Family

If you know the parents-to-be have a close-knit relationship with their distant family, try to add some personal touches when choosing the games. Try the baby photo game, just to get everyone to send in a baby pictures and see if the family can guess right. Or pics of the parents-to-be or the expecting grandparents and guess who the baby may look like.

8. Unlimited Plays

Try to add a game that can be played more than one time. While some games can only be played once by design, try to add a game or games that can be played an unlimited amount of times.

9. New Game Each Week

Give your guests a variety of games to play – without bombarding them – and have a new game begin each week leading up to the baby shower day, or even the day of the birth. This will give guests something to look forward to even after the baby shower has ended.

10. Variety of Games

Virtual baby shower games do not have to be limited to just visual games. Try to add some audible games too, such as name that tune or nursery rhyme.

Things to Remember for Baby Shower Games

When choosing which games to add to your baby shower website, try to think of each guest individually and not as a whole. Not every guest will be in the same time zone, and even if the guest is in your time zone, they may have different hours that require them to sleep when you are awake.

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Each guest is different, so try to keep this in mind when implementing games to play on the baby shower website. Games that can be played during a guest’s own time will give the guest a more positive experience than a virtual baby shower with limited participation.

It is also important to keep the requests of the mommy-to-be at the forefront of your mind when choosing games. If there is a particular game that the mommy-to-be does not want guests to play, don’t allow that game to be played. The mommy-to-be may not want her baby pictures to be seen on the website in a “guess which baby this is” game being played. Whatever the reason, adhering to the requests of the mommy-to-be is always the right way to go. Play On!

How To Host A Skype Video Chat for your Virtual Baby Shower!

Skype Baby Shower & Video Chat

WebBabyShower offers a Video Chat Planner that makes it easy to coordinate planned group video chats. The Planner is offered as a convenience and an aid to facilitate the planning and coordination of a video group call. Web Baby Shower allows you to choose any existing service, but Skype is a popular choice for a skype baby shower. Web Baby Shower does not host integrated video chat, so you can choose any service you are familiar with.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

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The Skype Planner displays a video chat schedule on your Web Baby Shower and you may use the Web Baby Shower Invitation Manager to invite your guests.

Total Video Chat Participants by Service:  ALL require accounts

Skype 10 not on mobile
Google Hangout 10 mobile with app
Facebook Messenger 6 (more w/ audio) mobile with app  49 (gallery mode)  mobile with app
Houseparty 8 mobile app only
Whereby 4 yes
Eyeson 9 (more w/ audio) mobile with app
Note: These are the technical maximum participants. Depending on internet connections you may have better results with less connections.
zoom video chat gallery mode example
A Zoom video chat with the maximum 49 participants. This is in gallery mode, available on desktop and mobile only using their free downloaded app and free account.

The information on this page is meant to introduce you to the Skype Planner feature. If you need specific information about using the Skype Planner, please visit the Web Baby Shower
Skype Planner Help page

Video Chat Checklist:

  • Choose your service
  • Do a test chat with expecting parents and important guests, make sure it’s going to meet your needs before you announce it
  • Decide on a date, and maybe a back-up plan for the video chat
  • Let everyone know via the Planner, and email the platform and info
  • A few days before, make sure everyone really has the account/software they need and are actually ready. Test video calls are great for this!
  • If you’re combining a live shower with video chat, delegate the video chat hosting to a co-host comfortable with the service
  • Tip: if you have a big group, see if some people can gather together for the video chats with the expecting mother, it can be a lively solution for big groups

Choosing Skype or Another Live Chat Service

How do you choose which video chat service to use? Good question! …It depends. Choosing a video chat service depends on the services with which you and your guests are most comfortable, the services currently used by you and your guests, and the number of people you hope to include in the video chat.

Skype baby shower

Skype is an excellent option for those who already have Skype installed on their laptop or desktop computers, are familiar with their services, and are friends with the video chat participants.

Though Skype limits the number of individuals who can participate in a video chat to 10, it is suggested that no more than 5 participate during one conference to ensure maximum quality and performance. Further, the Skype mobile app does not allow group video chat participation. If guests would like to use their mobile devices, they will be able to participate by audio only.

Google Hangouts baby shower

Another popular video chat service is Google Hangouts. In order for individuals to participate in a Google Hangouts video chat, everyone will need to have a Google account (either Google+ or gMail, etc.). Further, Google Hangouts allows 10 participants in a video chat at a time.

Other Services

There are many popular video chat applications available online, including ooVoo and Facebook Messenger. Much like Skype and Google Hangouts, participants must have accounts with each service. Unlike Skype and Google Hangouts, ooVoo allows 12 video chat participants and Facebook Messenger allows up to 6 participants in one group video chat, up to 50 for voice/emoji/stickers. Web Baby Shower suggests that you choose which service to use based upon the preferences of the expecting parents and the host(s).

Whatever you use, please be sure that you supply your guests with all the information they will need prior to the scheduled group video chat. Be sure that your guests have all of the information they need to create an account, download software or apps, and accept ‘friend’ requests from the host(s) of the video chat.

You may find that you want to host video chats across a variety of platforms to accommodate guest preferences. Should you find yourself in the position to host video chats across multiple platforms, you can add additional events to the Skype Planner page as you would like.

How to Turn Off the Skype Planner

If you do not wish to host a video chat event during your WebBabyShower, that’s also fine! If you do not wish to host a live chat or video chat of any type, you are able to turn off the Skype Planner so that it is not included in your Web Baby Shower.

Web Baby Shower is web-based to ensure that everyone can participate even if they are unable to make it to an in-person or live chat event.

WebBabyShower Customer Support for Third Party Applications

Please understand WebBabyShower customer support is dedicated solely to questions, concerns, or issues related to WebBabyShower use and features. WebBabyShower customer support is unable to provide technical support for any third party video chat or live chat service, nor is WebBabyShower responsible for any third party application service outage or interruption.

If you or your guests need assistance with your video chat service, you must contact customer support for your chosen service. For your convenience, links to customer support for the referenced video chat services are included below.

Facebook Help Center: Video Calling Basics

Google Hangouts Help: Start a Video Call

Zoom Support

Skype Help & Support

As always, if you need WebBabyShower assistance or you experience a technical error while using the Web Baby Shower Planner, please contact Web Baby Shower Customer Support.

Other Suggestions

If you are hosting both an in-person shower and the WebBabyShower, you may want to delegate the video chat hosting to a co-host. We recommend that you do not attempt to host a video chat during an in-person shower; rather, add a (tech-savvy) co-host to ensure that the video chat goes smoothly!

Finally, have a back-up plan! Due to circumstances beyond a person’s control, you may find that you are unable to host the video chat at the scheduled time. Web Baby Shower suggests that you schedule an alternate date and time in addition to the primary date and time. While the majority of video chats continue as planned, when things go wrong, it’s helpful to have another date and time scheduled so everyone can try again.

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WebBabyShower Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Video Chat Planner that is included with all WebBabyShowers. If you need specific information that is not here on using the Skype Planner for your WebBabyShower, please see the WebBabyShower Help section for our customers.