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Learn How to Play Baby Shower Pictionary

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Printable Baby Shower Pictionary. Are you looking for a baby shower game that’s fun, free, AND printable? And that is guaranteed to create interaction among your guests, no matter their age or gender? Then you’ve found it – Baby Shower Pictionary! We also have our Printables Favor Tags and Thank You Cards!

A Traditional Game with a Twist! Nearly everyone has played Pictionary, or at least heard of it – right? Well, Baby Shower Pictionary puts a new twist on the traditional game, and it’s sure to be a hit at any baby shower!Not sure how to play? No worries! Read on to learn more.

Pre-Game Prep. Baby Shower Pictionary requires very little pre-game prep, saving you tons of time – promise! Before the baby shower, print off the Baby Shower Pictionary prompts with a baby-related item or action to draw. Then cut the prompts into strips. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Drawing Prompts. Fun Baby Shower Pictionary prompts include items, like onesies, umbilical cord, and stroller. Plus actions, like Labor Contractions, Playing Peek-a-Boo, and Changing a Dirty Diaper.

Game Day Play. It’s the day of your baby shower! Gather drawing paper and markers. You’ll also need a container, like a bowl or a bag (with the pre-cut strips of Baby Shower Pictionary Prompts inside for guests to draw from). Don’t forget a timer – the one on your phone will work!

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Baby Shower Pictionary Instructions. Divide guests into two teams. Team One will choose a player to randomly grab a Pictionary prompt from the bowl. That player will have one minute (or any pre-determined set time) to draw the prompt item – like Food Cravings – for example.

Shhhhh! Player One isn’t allowed to talk or make any gestures. And Team Two can’t make any guesses, or they lose their turn. If Team One can guess correctly before time runs out, they get a point! Then it’s Team Two’s turn. Game play continues until there are no drawing prompts left.

Keeping Score. Keep up with the number of points each team earns for a correct guess. The team with the most points at the end of the game is crowned the Baby Shower Pictionary Winner – all bragging rights included!

Print and Play. Now that you’ve learned how to play Baby Shower Pictionary, we hope you’ll print and play our printable version of the game at your baby shower. And whether your baby shower is online or in-person, WebBabyShower is here to ensure it’s a success!

Fun AND Free Baby Shower Gift Bingo!

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A Fave Baby Shower Game with a New Twist! No baby shower is complete without some fun games for attendees to play. The classic Bingo game has always been a baby shower favorite. But here at WebBabyShower, we’ve created our own version. It’s Bingo, with a twist! If you are looking for more free printables game, we also created a baby word scramble!

Our Gift-Based Version. Throughout the years, traditional Bingo has morphed as people have found new ways to play. We’re offering our own gift-based version. It’s fun! It’s free! And it’s printable! So no worries about having enough cards for all your family and friends to play.

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Printable Baby Shower Bingo.One common flaw with printable Bingo is the answers are all located in the same place on each card. That’s not really Bingo! Our printable baby shower “fill-in” version of the game avoids this completely. Every card will be different!

How to Play. First, everyone gets their own Bingo card. Instead of letters or pictures, the squares are blank. Guests will then fill in each square with a gift they think Mommy-to-Be will receive at the baby shower. But don’t freak out! We have a list of suggestions to fill in the squares.

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Gift Bingo Suggestions. When it comes to filling in your blank Bingo squares, we have plenty of suggestions: Bottle, Sleeper, Bib, Diapers, Rattle, Baby Monitor, High Chair, and more! Remember, these are simply suggestions. Your guests can also come up with their own ideas.

Bingo, We Have a Winner! Once guests have filled in their squares with gift items, the game begins. As each gift is opened, mark it off. The first person to get five in a row (Up/Down, Across, Diagonally) yells, “Baby Bingo!” And we have a winner!

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Want Color Options? No problem – you’ve got them! Whether your baby shower décor is primarily pink, blue, or gender-neutral yellow, our Baby Gift Bingo cards will easily coordinate with your theme.

Baby Bingo. Ready to play our free, printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo? Then get your cards now! We promise your guests will have a blast predicting the gifts Mom-to-Be will receive next. This new spin on classic Bingo is sure to spark lots of guest interaction – and friendly rivalry! More games? We have our famous fathers and famous mothers printable baby shower game!

Plan Your Baby Shower. Be sure to check out our latest articles, featuring even more games, gift ideas, and all-things baby shower. Here at WebBabyShower, we want to help make your baby shower – in-person OR online – is simply amazing!

Download Our Fun AND Free Baby Shower Gift Bingo!

Virtual Baby Shower Games & Activities

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Baby Shower Games Virtual Baby shower games are typically done with groups of people who may not know each other very well, so games and…

Printable Baby Shower Games

Have you been scouring the Internet, searching for fun AND free printable baby shower games? Well, look no further! WebBabyShower has created a new spin…

Sweet Traditional Printed Baby Shower Games

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A virtual baby shower is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a little one for friends and families who live far and wide from the expectant parents. With a virtual shower, anyone with an internet connection will be able to participate and share their excitement for the growing family.

It’s easy to make the event coed where anyone can join in and participate. If you are hosting a coed shower where both the parents will be present and all of their friends and family members are invited, then you might consider having a few games that involve both the parents and give your guests a chance to win a prize! This will work best if you are setting aside a specific time to host the event through a video or live feed event. Make sure to check out our baby shower tips.

Just because it’s an online baby shower doesn’t mean you can’t have baby shower games! So we wanted to share some great printable baby shower games that are ready to go our friends at Oh My Baby Shower offer. While there are virtual baby shower games included in every WebBabyShower, it might also be fun to send your guests a baby shower game in the traditional snail mail way. This can be a great way to bridge the digital divide and include a bit more of a traditional twist on a contemporary virtual baby shower event.

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If both parents will be present at the baby shower event, then there are some fun games that test the guests with how well they know the mommy- or daddy-to-be. For example, you can consider a “Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy?” type of game where guests read a statement, then decide if it describes the mommy- or daddy-to-be best.

There are also games about who knows each parent best where guests read a statement and try to guess the answer for either the mommy or daddy. If only the mother-to-be or the father-to-be will be present at the virtual baby shower, then finding a game that is exclusively about them will be a fun way to not only celebrate the upcoming baby but also shine the spotlight on the new parent. Need more game examples? Oh My Baby Shower has a pre-printed selection.


image courtesy of ohmybabyshowerGames that involve the parents-to-be are a great way to bring the guests of a virtual baby shower even closer together. They are also ideal games because they are not timed or require any answer keys because the answers can be shared during the baby shower event!

Shower games are an excellent way to extend a virtual baby shower event and offer those that prefer a traditional baby shower a chance to enjoy a more in-person experience with others. Plus, it gives your guests a small keepsake to have about a virtual event.

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With game sheets sent out ahead of time, guests will have some time to consider the questions, then during the shower, the parents-to-be can go over the answers with everyone. By sending the game well before the event, you are giving your guests something to look forward to!

And what about prizes? That’s easy! The prizes for the winners can be a gift card – sent virtually, of course!


At Oh My Baby Shower! there are plenty of other great baby shower games that you can consider if you are looking for actual game sheets that you can mail out. If you are mailing out baby shower games, then it can also be a great way to send out maternity photos or sonogram images to give your guests, even more, to be excited about.

Quiz-Style Online Baby Shower Games

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