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Long Distance Baby Showers

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How To Have An Awesome Long Distance Baby Shower?

If you’ve been wondering “how to have a long distance baby shower?”, WebBabyShower is the solution!

A baby shower is an important experience for every expecting mother and she deserves to be celebrated, but how can this joy be shared with friends and family spread out?

WebBabyShower brings expecting mothers and family together for this amazing journey. An Easy and Special way to celebrate this important time. Simplify gathering and connecting everyone with a dedicated online baby shower with cute ready-made designs, matching invitations, and a private place for all your photos and videos. that’s why WebBabyShower offers an easy and fun way for out of town moms – or grandparents 🙂 have a long distance baby shower online.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

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How do you have a long distance baby shower?

Of course there are plenty of different routes to go down when planning a long distance baby shower but WebBabyShower is a fantastic option. WebBabyShower is setup to accommodate everything needed for baby showers, pregnancy celebrations and birth announcements…with privacy and of course all the fun shower stuff for mom to be and the guests.

WebBabyShower gives you all the virtual tools you need to organize a long distance baby shower so that your far away friends and relatives can hop onto your shower site any time they choose. They can also join in for a scheduled video chat. Or both of course!

Long Distance Baby Shower Reflection

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Just like planning any other event or gathering, you must consider the costs involved. However with a long distance baby shower, you also need to take into account whether all the guests and the expecting parent(s) have access to the internet, if their computer literate and the kind of platforms they might be able to use for a video chat so you can have a great baby shower from afar.

Across the Miles Baby Shower

Luckily WebBabyShower has done a lot of the work for you to make things simple to host a online long distance baby shower. We have a bunch of stuff for you that is already made including a photo and video album, a games page, a gift registry and much more! We also have some great baby shower quiz-style games for you to use.  Along with super cute baby shower themes to choose from there is also an invitation manager to easily manage sending out those invitations. At WebBabyShower we really have made it so easy to set up; with no software to download and no accounts to be made to join you and your guests will be on your way in no time.

Throwing a long distance baby shower can be as plain or as embellished as you like. It really depends on you, your budget, your time and of course your energy!

You can always incorporate some additional personal touches with printed invitations, favors and gifts you send out. Or by all means stick to using the online features of WebBabyShower. Again it’s entirely up to you!

How Much Does It Cost?

For us to offer so many fun, simple to use features in a confidential format without the ads or “social experimentation” we charge a one off flat-rate  all of these fun, easy to use features in a private, unlisted format, without any advertising, and without any “social experimentation”, there a one time, flat-rate set up fee. Please check out our pricing page.

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WebBabyShower F.A.Qs

Here is a list of common concerns about hosting a long distance baby shower. The questions link to their answers in the WebBabyShower Help section or on the WebBabyShower FAQ:

  • An online shower can last anywhere from a weekend to several months! Our plans start at 6 months. Online showers can blend right into a baby blog for updates to everyone.

  • When Should I Start A WebBabyShower?
    • Traditional showers are the third trimester, but long distance is different. Second and third-trimester showers happen all the time online. We have a whole post on it shower timing.

  • How Do Gifts Work With A Long Distance Baby Shower?
    • An online registry is a go-to solution. We work with every online registry there is.

  • Is There Any Baby Shower Etiquette I Should Know About?
    • Online etiquette is different than traditional, the same rules -thankfully!- don’t apply. Read our in-depth etiquette guide.

  • Is It OK To Host A WebBabyShower For Myself?
    • Yes! We have the data. Over 50% of showers are paid for by the expectant parents who self host with help from friends and family.

  • Is It OK To Invite Men?
    • Yes! The whole ‘no men’ thing is fading, and no where faster than online long distance showers.

The Scoop on Virtual Baby Showers

The Modern Baby Shower Opens Up New Possibilities

Virtual Baby Showers

Virtual Baby Shower Etiquette

Right now more than ever a WebBabyShower makes sense. That’s one reason BabyListWhat to Expect, and Babypalooza all wrote articles about WebBabyShower recently. We have updated this page for our lives in 2020.

“For under $80 (cheaper than the average in-person shower), WebBabyShower offers an all-in-one place for all your baby shower needs”

babylist logo horiz

We have hosted thousands of successful baby showers for happy families spread across the globe. As with hosting any type of shower, you need to know the etiquette basics and how to be a good host. Get started on your virtual baby shower today.

In this article, we’re going to give you all the tips you need to know to turn your traditional baby shower into a virtual baby celebration. An expectant mom might be understandably upset at the world events during this special time in her life. But we’re going to give you all the baby shower ideas you need to hold a virtual event that is worthy of the real thing. 

Here are WebBabyShower’s long-distance and online baby shower etiquette suggestions to help ensure that your WebBabyShower goes over smoothly.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

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Online Baby Shower Coronavirus Update

Just a quick note to say – virtual and online showers are more important than ever. And YES during your pregnancy you can still have a great shower experience. If you have any questions on how it works, just contact us at customer service Monday – Friday. (at)

Tips For The Right Virtual Baby Shower Etiquette

In this section, we will give you our top tips for holding the virtual party that any expecting mom deserves. These virtual baby shower ideas help you to replicate the real thing as close as possible. We understand that there are limitations with any technology. But with careful planning, the right choices, and a lot of enthusiasm, you will hold a virtual celebration that will make any mum feel appreciated and honored!

1. Be Genuine & Honor the Mother

If you have a genuine need for a virtual baby shower, we’ve found friends and family are thrilled to have a solution when everyone can’t be physically together. Whether or not it is unusual isn’t really a concern. We know the etiquette police are in full force around weddings and baby showers, but it would be hard to imagine anyone being so snooty as to tell a pregnant woman on bed rest or on military assignment or who have moved away from home for work or school that she can’t have a shower just because she isn’t at home. We help women like that every day!

Now in a social distancing world, we expect this mom worry to be out the door anyway, and probably for good for virtual baby showers.

However, it always behooves a host to be tactful and to not offend the sensibilities of her guests. If you’ve already had an office shower, a girlfriends’ shower, and a family shower, then having a virtual shower should be thought through. There is a way to do it right. This leads to the second point …

2. Don’t Over Do It          

Whether you are getting together for an in person shower experience, or online in real time, make sure the shower is in honor of the expecting parent(s) and that the guests feel they have been invited to something unique. This is true of any type of party, really.

It’s really easy these days to get caught in some Instagram envy and overdo it online. We all do it and sometimes in our excitement, we overdo it without even realizing it. While you want everything to be perfect, from the virtual backgrounds to the virtual baby shower games, we all do it and sometimes in our excitement, we overdo it without even realizing it. So yes! we want to see your amazing belly and ultrasound photos, or sweet week by week pics, and we love to hear how everything is going, but let it happen naturally. Our virtual baby shower can take place over months, not days, so there is plenty of time to share videos and even do a live event the easy way.

3. Keep Your Baby Shower Private And Special

WebBabyShower focuses on privacy not only because we have expecting and adopting parents and their babies to protect, but also to provide a more intimate venue for friends and family to gather around the pregnancy.

If your social media “Baby Event” page becomes publicly available to anyone and everyone searching for online baby shower ideas, it’s probably not going to make your guests feel like they’ve been invited to something unique. This is the downside of a Facebook baby shower. Even if you don’t use WebBabyShower, we don’t recommend using public “events” or public social media tools built to sell you ads for your online shower. Keep it safe and special!  Of course every shower url is easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc when you want to.

4. It’s a Celebration. Give Your Guests More To Do Than Just Send Gifts

Would you invite everyone over to your house, grab the gifts out of their hands and slam the door in their faces? Probably not!  The biggest cry of “That’s so tacky!” usually comes when guests feel you’re just making a “thinly veiled” demand for gifts. This goes back to the first point about being genuine, which is a must, but also host your virtual baby shower in a way that makes the guests feel they are more involved than just sending gifts. WebBabyShower is already set up to accomplish this, and we’ve always been focused on creating an online gathering that is special to the pregnancy experience.

Though yes, we work with all the major baby gift registries, Amazon, Babylist, BuyBabyBuy, etc. and you can actually add in any link you like to the gift registry as well

Watch Our 60 Second Setup

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Virtual Baby Shower Tips

5. Have A Close Friend Help You “Host”

It’s OK for the expecting or adopting parents, or grandparents, sisters, to sign up for and even run a WebBabyShower, the old fashioned long-time etiquette rule that showers should be hosted by a non-family member is both dated and doesn’t apply online. If being pregnant is keeping you busy 😉 or you think your guests may be sticklers for this point even with a virtual baby shower, then ask a close friend to co-host the shower with you. Solved! WebBabyShower makes it easy to add friends and family as co-hosts so that they can help you send invitations, add to your baby registry, and manage the online shower.

6. Make Sure Tech Is Set Up For Everyone

Technical difficulties are not something you’ll want to deal with during your virtual baby shower. That’s why it’s important to make sure that either you or whoever is helping you organize the event has given guests all the information they need to call into the baby shower without any delays or technical problems. As of late, Zoom has replaced Skype and has become the favorite tool to use for video calls. So if you decide to use Zoom, make sure your guests know how to set up the application on their computer and what’s needed to make the virtual baby shower run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. Zoom is a great option for virtual baby showers because you can use virtual decorations and create customized backgrounds. No need to spend loads on streamers, balloons, and extra decorations!

7.  Plan Virtual Baby Shower Games

What better way to keep your virtual guests engaged than to play a few baby shower virtual games. There are plenty of different games to choose from, but you’ll want to make sure that the games you choose aren’t too difficult. It shouldn’t feel like work! What’s most important is that the games are fun and everyone can have a great time playing them.

Make it worthwhile for your virtual baby shower guests by offering prizes for winners. Also keep in mind that not everyone will be in the same time zone. A great way to accommodate this and still have fun playing games is to organize games where people can play in advance, just in case they can’t make it to the live event. That way everyone will get to participate and have a wonderful time.

8. Thank Your Guests

It’s up to you to decide if a handwritten note is needed or if an email thank you would suffice (I know Miss Manners may disagree, but I am actually living in this millennium with you). Either way, make sure you graciously accept your guests’ gifts and let them know you are also grateful for their participation in your long distance baby shower. We’ve even got some great thank you messages for you in an awesome cheat sheet for every occasion.

With a little bit of virtual baby shower etiquette, throwing an online baby shower can be a tactful and fantastic social alternative when pregnant moms and expecting parents are not geographically close to family and friends.

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How to Make Keeping in Touch with Long-Distance Family Easy

How to stay in touch with long distance family - WebBabyShower - Header

Long gone are the days when families lived just down the street from each other. In today’s world, families may not reside in the same state – or country – even. Instead, they are scattered all across the planet!

Especially during pregnancy, don’t let the miles come between you and your family. If you call Phoenix home, you can easily connect with loved ones in the Big Apple. And if your fun-loving parents are living their post-retirement dream life in sunny Cozumel, they can still bond with your new baby. Even long-distance? 

You bet! WebBabyShower has a list of tips to make keeping in touch with long-distance family easy-peasy!

Here are 6 ways to connect with family across the country & the world 

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

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WebBabyShower pregnant mom video chat

# 1 Create a Weekly Check-in with Video Chat

While you may not share a zip code, it is easier than ever to connect with your family across the miles! How? One way is to create the habit of a weekly video chat. You can easily create a free account with Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or if your an iPhone person then you have FaceTime ready to go. But have you thought about how to harness this great tech as a family habit? 

Connecting via video chat is a long-distance relationship trick couples have often used, but it works for the family too. Imagine doing a chat while “real life” is happening all around you! 

We tend to think of video chat as a ‘total focus’ activity, but considering it more like hanging out opens up new possibilities.

While you’re cooking: If you’re staying in tonight to prepare supper, why not have a casual video chat with your family, while you steam the broccoli and mash the potatoes? Plus, with the grandparents entertaining your little one, you can get more done!

Breakfast dates: There’s no need to eat your morning cereal alone! Set a date and time for a video chat with those long-distance relatives, and you can easily connect over breakfast. 

Breastfeeding chat time: When you’re breastfeeding, you tend to have some downtime. That’s the perfect time to catch up with your family. And the best part? If you’re located in different time zones, you’ll have someone to keep you company during those 2:00 a.m. feedings!

Tummy time: How about placing a laptop or phone nearby (but out of reach!) while baby enjoys some tummy time. Faraway family will enjoy checking out baby’s newest milestone!

When they’re ready – storytime: Babies love books! Why not plan a morning video chat for storytime, or schedule a bedtime story? It’s THE perfect way for grandparents and other family members to bond with your little one. 

Get more tips for connecting with the family online in this Issues I Face article by author Sarah Hau. 

WebBabyShower -  family watching photo

#2 Use a Shared iCloud Gallery for Photos 

If you’re all into the iPhone world, the shared iCloud Gallery is a free AND secure photo-sharing option. You can share photos and videos with the people you choose. They can add their own photos and videos, too. Plus, they can like your photos and leave comments – you’ll automatically receive a notification when they do.

And if you’re looking to set up an online shared photo album, the iCloud Gallery is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Just save any photos you want to share into an ongoing pregnancy and baby album. Be creative with different album titles ideas like: Baby Bump, Baby’s Firsts, or Baby Explores the World. Another perk? If you’re tired of clogging up your email and texts with photos, the iCloud Gallery avoids this altogether. 

Ready to get started? Apple support has all the instructions you need, from turning on shared albums to adding photos and videos. 

#3 Sign up for Seat Alerts – For the Grandparents (hint, hint)

Thanks to technology, keeping in touch with long-distance family members is easier than ever. But sometimes, you still want to catch up in person – for birthdays, holiday celebrations, family reunions – or even, just because. But since travel planning takes a lot of time AND money, we’ve got a few ideas to help you save on both! 

If your family members have booked a flight, consider signing up for seat alerts. Found on Google Play, Seat Alerts by ExpertFlyer looks up the seat map of your flight and sets up a Seat Alert notification to find window seats, aisle seats, and more. Plus, Seat Alerts will monitor the available seats right up until the flight departs!

WebBabyShower -  booking travel for far away family

Travelocity helps secure the best hotel rates in the most popular destinations, all around the world! Users can easily browse hotels by destination. And they can check out hotel reviews, written by other Travelocity customers.

Traveling is a breeze with Orbitz. You can search for and book a wide range of hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and destination activities right on their website. For even sweeter travel deals, join the free Orbitz Rewards loyalty program!

Looking for hot hotel deals? Hotwire is your go-to source for finding “4-Star Hotels at 2-Star Prices.” Plus, enjoy faster booking and exclusive deals with their free Hotwire app.

Remember – when searching for affordable travel options, Google, Travelocity, Orbitz, and Hotwire will all let you pick a city and price threshold. Grandma will appreciate cashing in on some awesome deals! 

WebBabyShower -  grandparents watching photo of grandchildren

#4 Send Picture Postcards from your Phone 

Sometimes you want to send faraway family members “real” mail – the kind they can display on the fridge. Did you know there are apps that make sending personalized greetings super easy? And grandparents are going to love getting them!

With TouchNote, you can create personalized cards online. First, simply choose a photo. Then select stickers, filters, maps, and stamps – the fun stuff – to add your own creative touch. (Your first two cards are FREE, so let your imagination fly!) Finally, let TouchNote do the rest – mailing your card with free worldwide delivery. As Motherly points out, you never have to leave the comfort of your own home to stop by the post office. 

Besides, greeting cards and postcards, TouchNote also offers photo gifts, like gallery frames and canvases. And they have over 100,000 5-star reviews. Find out more on TouchNote’s FAQs page

Another option for creating and sending personalized greetings is Postagram, offered by Sincerely. Use photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your camera roll to capture a special moment. You can easily customize colors to match your unique style. (New card designs change seasonally.) Creating your Postagram only takes seconds from your iPhone or Android device.

For $2 in the US and $3 internationally, your Postagram can be mailed just about anywhere! Check out these delivery dates to ensure your Postagram arrives in time for holidays or birthdays.

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#5 Aspiring Writers – Start a Baby Blog

Is writing your thing? Then consider creating your own baby blog! Family and friends will love reading your post updates on everything from baby’s first doctor visit to baby’s first tiny tooth. (Visit Issues I Face for even more blogging ideas to get you started.) And did you know you can start your own FREE blog right here at WebBabyShower? Check it out!

WebBabyShower -  pregnant mom writing blog

There are many other free options, too. Wix offers an array of templates to fit your unique style, along with plenty of tips for building and managing your new blog. Blogger features free, easy-to-use templates and allows you to safely store thousands of posts, photos, and more with Google. WordPress is another popular and free blogging option, where you can share all-things baby.

Some blog sites don’t offer tech support, so keep that in mind before getting started. And if you’re concerned about strangers reading your personal blog posts that are meant to be shared with family only – don’t be! You can easily create a blog that is password protected. That means only the people who have the password can view your blog posts.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy posting!

#6 Invest in Grandparent Tech Time

Are your parents tech-challenged? If so, next time you’re all gathered together, consider getting some apps on their phone or iPad that will make it easier for them to connect with you and your new baby! Then take it a step further. Sit down with your parents or extended family members to explain how the apps actually work. This will remove the frustration barrier!

WebBabyShower -   teaching grandmother how to use phone

For example, help your folks set up a Skype account. Or if FaceTime is still a challenge, invest the time to help them navigate the app. Give them plenty of pointers (and encouragement!) along the way. Make it even easier for them by adding yourself to their contacts. Your parents are sure to appreciate your helpful tips AND your time!

In this Café Mom article, Grace P. Shares her experience introducing her mom to technology. The result? Grace’s mom and child became online buddies! 

WebBabyShower Connects You with Family Faraway

We hope our list of tips to make keeping in touch with long distance family easy inspires you to connect with loved ones across the miles! Whether you plan weekly video chats, send Postagram photo cards, or create a blog, the main thing is to keep those lines of faraway communication open. And if you are expecting, our online WebBabyShower services is one of the best ways for families to connect – both near and far!

How to Have an Amazing Long Distance Baby Shower

online baby shower invitations

Distance makes the heart grow fonder – or so the saying goes. But what if said distance is keeping you from hosting the baby shower of your best friend’s dreams?

Don’t let distance rain on her baby shower parade! Let us introduce you to the premier solution to the distance dilemma: the long distance baby shower via WebBabyShower. With family and friends so often spread out across the country (and even the world), long distance baby showers are growing in popularity among parents-to-be as a modern shower solution. Begin hosting a shower today.

They’re easy, convenient for all and, most importantly, a special way for the mom-to-be to celebrate with her nearest and dearest. Here’s how to host the most amazing long distance baby shower you never knew you could, all through Web Baby Shower!

What is a long distance baby shower?

First thing’s first – what is a long distance baby shower? Much like it sounds, a long distance baby shower is a way to celebrate a mama-to-be from afar. Web Baby Shower is a private way to be online together, with private video, photo albums, guest books, games, a gift registry and built-in email invitations and birth announcements. Friends and family virtually “gather” to shower the mama-to-be with love and gifts.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

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WebBabyShower Header Image Checklist

Why host a long distance baby shower?

At this point you might be asking, “But why?” Why host a virtual shower with us when an in-person shower is the traditional route? Let us list the reasons:

  • Inclusion: Coordinating schedules is difficult when everyone lives in the same town, but bring trains, planes and automobiles into the equation and it can feel nearly impossible. Web Baby Shower hosts showers that allow friends and family from across state lines and time zones to easily gather – no flight delays included – and celebrate the mama-to-be. Or, if the mama-to-be is the one far from family and is unable to travel due to pregnancy or military commitments, our virtual shower options ensure she doesn’t miss out on this memorable occasion.
  • Convenience: These days everyone is “plugged in” in some form or fashion. From smartphones to tablets and everything in between, few people are too far from an internet connection at any given moment. This makes for easy and convenient “attendance” for all guests.
  • Flexibility: Just like there’s no single way to host a traditional baby shower, there’s no “right way” to host a long distance baby shower. You can host a “live” video shower at one set time or set up a week-long online event where guests are able to drop in and send best wishes when it’s convenient for them. Web Baby Shower offers a variety of options to fit your schedule.
  • Private: The internet may be the people’s playground, but your long distance baby shower doesn’t have to be so public. Web Baby Shower ensures your shower is visible only to you and your guests, just like a traditional shower.
alligator gives thank you cards!

Virtual Shower vs. Traditional Shower: What’s the Difference?

Aside from the obvious, there are many little differences between the two types of showers. Here are just a few advantages of a long distance shower with Web Baby Shower:

  • Longer Celebrations: You don’t have to limit the celebration to just two hours of one day. Depending on what kind of virtual shower you want, Web Baby Shower allows you to extend your party through an entire day or even a week. That means more time to shower the mama-to-be and connect with friends and family. It’s a win-win.
  • Budget Friendly: Virtual showers don’t require travel, event planning services, catering or venue and equipment rentals. That means less stress on your wallet and more energy to focus on what’s most important – the soon-to-be bundle of joy!
  • Stress Free: Not only will the low budget relieve some stress, but the lack of planning and execution will, too. Virtual showers don’t require extensive set up, clean up or any of the madness in between. They truly are all about showering the guest of honor and connecting with loved ones. Web Baby Shower does the rest!
  • Quality Conversations: Speaking of connecting with loved ones, our services allow you to have real, genuine conversations without the distractions of a traditional shower. With online showers, you are able to dedicate time exclusively to one guest which is a luxury you aren’t necessarily afforded when you have to make the rounds in two hours at a traditional shower.
  • Coed Baby Shower: Want to invite a few guys with no drama or the dad to be? Another beauty of a virtual shower, no one’s worried about this anymore. We expect our experiences online to be inclusive, and your guest list can reflect your choices.

While there are many differences when it comes to virtual and traditional showers, there are just as many similarities that are equally advantageous. So, if you’re thinking about a long distance baby shower, don’t assume you’ll have to give up some of your favorite parts of a traditional shower. Web Baby Shower helps keep the magic of a baby shower in-tact, just online!

  • Baby Shower Invitations: Invitations are a must no matter what type of shower you’re hosting. Web Baby Shower offers a variety of built-in email shower invitations and baby announcements so you can still revel in the fun of picking out the perfect pattern and colors.
  • Gift Registry: Just because your friends won’t physically be in the room with you for your shower, doesn’t mean the baby shower gifts won’t be. Web Baby Shower makes it simple to upload your gift registry and share it with friends to ensure you are showered equally with love and gifts.
  • Sweet Treats: Let there be cake! Just like the gifts, don’t feel like you have to skimp on baby shower cake during your virtual shower. Invite guests to enjoy a slice of their favorite cake with you during the shower.
  • Baby Shower Games: You can still play games, too! Whether a live video shower or a weeklong event, you can invite guests to play a variety of fun games offered through Web Baby Shower including quiz games with live rankings and the ever popular ‘baby photos game’. If you opt to open presents live on webcam, Baby Shower Bingo is also a fun option.
  • Video Shower: Web Baby Shower makes for a perfect way to host a virtual baby shower. A “live” video shower enables guests to gather at the same time, interact with each other as if they are attending an in-person shower, and watch the mama-to-be open gifts….all from the comfort of your home! You can use Skype or Google Hangouts as you prefer. We recommend these free platforms because people know and trust them, and already understand how they work. Live video chat is complicated to create, and we want the most reliable and easy solutions for your shower.

Other Ways to Gather Virtually:

As we mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong way to host a virtual shower. That’s another great thing about this up-and-coming trend – there’s no “textbook” standard that your mother and grandmother have been following for decades!

  • Facebook Event: If you don’t want your guests to feel obligated to dedicate a pre-set hour or two of their day to your shower, you can also plan a private Facebook event. While convenient to keep this event “live” for weeks at a time, keep in mind all of your guests may not be Facebook-literate or even have an account.
  • Email Shower: Similar to a Facebook event, an email shower takes the pressure off guests to “arrive” at one time. Equally similar, this may not be the best way to reach some of your older guests.
  • Snail Mail Shower. Snail mail will never go out of style – at least we hope not! Mix traditional with modern and have a virtual baby shower by way of letters. Mail physical invitations, and ask guests to mail back their best wishes for baby. You can include the registry information on the invite just like you would for a traditional shower. A snail mail shower makes checking your mail every day that much more exciting!
  • Phone Shower: Maybe you want to talk to each of your loved ones, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by everyone talking at once on a video call. A phone shower is a nice solution. Schedule time throughout your designated shower day (or days) with each of your guests. This will allow you to catch up individually and share a special time of conversation with just the two of you.


Meeting virtually has never sounded so fun, are we right? An idea that you may have never even thought of – a long distance baby shower – may just be your ticket to the best baby shower you’ve ever had thanks to Web Baby Shower!

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Web Baby Shower Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common concerns about hosting a long distance baby shower. The questions link to their answers in the Web Baby Shower Help section or on the Web Baby Shower FAQ: