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Super Easy Tips for an Amazing Remote Baby Shower

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Are you planning an upcoming baby shower? With family and friends scattered across the globe, are you finding it difficult to gather everyone together at the same time and place? If that sounds like you, consider throwing a remote baby shower. WebBabyShower will show you how with our super easy tips! Also know how to have an awesome long distance baby shower!

Why Have a Remote Baby Shower?

The question is really – Why NOT have a remote baby shower???

First, you can easily include your long-distance family and friends, from Aunt Dorothy in Denver to your college bestie in Peru – all can attend, no matter their geographical location. With an online baby shower, there’s no guest list limit, whether you invite 5 people or 500!

A virtual baby shower also makes it easy to share all the pregnancy joy, plus all the pics and videos. What’s more, hosting a remote baby shower offers you the flexibility you need. For example, combining both an in-person shower and a remote event is a breeze!

An added perk? A remote baby shower will seriously reduce your party planning stress level. In a Treats with a Twist post, Melissa says her virtual shower was a blast, adding, “It gave me something to plan, but I didn’t have to cook a bunch of food for guests or stress about how messy my house is.”

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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When to Have a Remote Shower? 

When you throw a remote baby shower, you don’t have the stress of choosing the perfect time to host it. That means the timing is much more open than a traditional celebration. For those on bed rest or for military Mamas, a remote shower is the solution you’ve been looking for. WebBabyShower helps women like you every day! 

There really is no ideal time for an online baby shower bash. Some moms-to-be prefer to have them early in the second trimester, while others opt for a post-birth Sip & See. A remote baby shower allows you to have your shower in a timeframe that best suits your needs, as well as your personal preferences!

What is the Etiquette for a Remote Baby Shower?

When it comes to etiquette, above all else, a remote baby shower should honor the mom-to-be and her wishes. After all, this party is all about her and her new baby!

Make the guest list big! Take advantage of the inclusion a virtual shower offers, and don’t leave any loved ones out. 

The baby registry is on the website, so there’s no need to include that information in invites. 

With an online baby shower, you can opt to make it fully secure and password-protect the whole site for complete privacy. A private shower provides a more intimate vibe for you and your guests. And keep in mind, while a Facebook party is fun, it isn’t always so private. With a remote baby shower, you don’t have to choose. WebBabyShower ensures your celebration is both fun AND private! 

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How to have a Remote Baby Shower?

First, begin by creating a guest list, just like any shower. Include all the family and friends you want to celebrate your special day! If mailing invitations, instead of the usual RSVPs, Treats with a Twist included “advice cards” with a stamped, addressed envelope for a personal touch. 

Then gather your favorite pics, sonograms, videos – you name it! Your remote baby shower can be as individualized as you’d like, reflecting your own unique personality. Be careful, though, not to overdo it. Don’t bombard guests with a ton of photos and videos all at once. Online baby showers can take place over months, not days. So there’s plenty of time to share all your favorite pics!

Sign up for WebBabyShower. From the time you sign up, we’ll be with you every step of the way! We offer tons of helpful articles to get you started, as well as unique features, like over 20 custom themes for you to choose from. Plus, you’ll enjoy lots of freebies, including matching invitations and fun games. Yes, even if your baby shower is remote, you can still play games, like Bingo and Baby Word Scramble – with scoreboards – so get those prizes ready! Tisha Speaks suggests egift cards for “go-to shops, like Amazon.”

Don’t feel as if you have to plan the baby shower solo. Instead, invite some co-hosts to help you get things started! A Today’s Parent article says, “When you’re dealing with different time zones and schedules, it really helps to have two people to coordinate the event.” WebBabyShower makes it easy to add friends and family as co-hosts so that they can help you send invitations, add to your baby registry, and even manage your online shower.

private online baby shower party

Ready to send out your baby shower invites? Go, you! Remember to encourage a specific action, so that guests will be more likely to be involved. For example, prompt your guests by suggesting they “Leave a note” or “Send a congratulations video.” Tisha Speaks has more virtual shower ice breaker tips! 

Pick a date for a live video chat if you want, especially if you are combining your online shower with an in-person shower.

Finally, send out updates as baby gets nearer. Your family and friends will want to keep up with you AND your new little one. WebBabyShower can serve as a way to privately keep people up to date all the way to the birth and beyond!

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Party On!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about hosting a remote baby shower. With our super easy tips, throwing the perfect baby shower has never been easier – or more fun!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at WebBabyShower, and we’ll help you get your party started. Let’s celebrate you AND your new baby!

Our Baby Shower Response to Coronavirus.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

You have options!

The pregnancy boards and chat rooms at What to Expect, The Bump, and many others have been full of women looking for baby shower alternatives due to coronavirus. 

WebBabyShower has helped thousands and thousands of families organize online baby showers for over a decade. We want to help out now by letting people know that they do have options.  

The Rebate

We’re creating a new rebate program for anyone looking for a safe yet intimate alternative baby shower due to coronavirus.

WebBabyShower has served an important niche for customers with family spread all over the map, or dealing with specific circumstances like bed rest, or military families on deployment. Often our customers mix an online shower with a smaller in-person gathering. It’s been a growing trend for over a decade as many women’s web of family and friends stretches across the country and overseas.

If you’re interested in our Coronavirus-related rebate, please drop us a line, and we’ll immediately send you a discount code that you can use on sign-up.

And if you are so inclined, please respond to the email with a note telling us about your situation, which we can share on this page, allowing other women to know that it’s not affecting just them and that they are not alone.

Every woman and pregnancy deserves to be celebrated. We wish you all a safe and beautiful Spring.

Learn more about how an online shower works.
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I googled how to throw a virtual baby shower and a link from stated it. I really appreciate this you have no clue! Thank you so much. So many things are being taken from us first time moms right now, and stress and anxiety and so high. You’re really doing a great thing!

– Tia Guerin

We are so sad not to be celebrating my daughter-in-laws shower in person, but realize it’s just not possible at this scary time when we are all sheltering in place. Thank you for creating this site so we ‘virtually’ celebrate the coming event! You even had a llama style to choose from, similar to the paper invitation we had already sent. 

– Tamara Bryan

I’m throwing a baby shower for my cousin who is due in July. I offered the idea of throwing one after the baby is born, but who knows how long this will take to blow over? I just want to show her she is loved and supported just as much as if we were there in person. 

– Breanne Hentschel

We bought a home in Vegas and decided to remodel it. Then we found out we were having a baby. With my family in San Francisco and his family in New Jersey, we were scheduled to have 3 baby showers in total. One with each of the families and then on in San Francisco for our friends from Los Angeles and San Francisco. We’ve cancelled all 3, as we just can’t safely travel even if and when the restrictions might lift, plus the size of the gatherings. 
We are grateful for our health of friends and family, and grateful that we can build a central place for everyone to gather and come together to keep everyone involved. 

– Megan Blattspieler

My shower was planned for January of this year, but my boys decided to come early so we had to reschedule. We planned again for April 18th, only to have a stay at home order put in place. Our venue cancelled on us on account of the Coronavirus so once again we had to change plans. I was so happy to find WebBabyShower because it is allowing all of my friends and family to be involved in welcoming the boys, and it is even letting more people be involved than we were originally planning, since distance is no longer a factor for participation. I was very happy to see how easy the site was to setup, and being able to personalize it has been fantastic. Thanks for making my baby shower happen, third time’s the charm!

– LeeAnn Kinsel

We began to realize that an in-person shower would not be available to us because of health guidelines due to COVID-19.  Therefore, we began researching creative ways that we could have a virtual baby shower. We discovered Web Baby shower and it was a great solution for a changing situation!  It provided an immediate calm knowing we could make it work no matter the changing scenario while keeping everyone healthy and the ability to reach further beyond the original invite list of local guests. It’s given folks something to do while being stuck at home.  Thanks for this creative celebration tool!

– Katie Stutts 

Thank you!
My daughter is expecting her little boy in May.  We had invitations out for her baby shower now for some time.  We were planning on a huge celebration at our church, but with the current situation and guidelines, we just don’t want to limit anyone from participating in the celebration.  We also want everyone to stay safe.

– Christi Lynn

First time mom here and I was so looking forward to my shower on April 5th to celebrate my baby boy Riley. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to never happen. I’ve been talking about it for months. I’ve held off on cancelling, giving myself false hope that I wouldn’t have to. But it recently became apparent that I had no choice but to cancel. I was immediately devastated, feeling robbed. Not only would I be missing out on fellowship with my friends and family during this special time, but almost all the items on my registry are still there! The possibility of getting to do some sort of alternative has truly lifted my spirits! 

-Sarah Newton

Infertility has robbed us of so much for years and when we finally got the chance to celebrate being pregnant we felt like we couldn’t. Web Baby Shower gave us back the opportunity to still celebrate our pregnancy in leu of an in person shower. The more we thought about, it was almost for the best because now those who are in other states can still join without having to travel or being upset that they couldn’t attend. We’re looking at it as a win win!

– Felisha Lees

I am due to have my first baby in May and my baby showers were scheduled for this month and next. With the onset of COVID-19 and all the precautions that we have taken as a nation, all of my showers were cancelled. Webbabyshower gave me the option to still conduct a baby shower without everyone physically being able to gather. After years of struggling with infertility, I have been looking forward to the day I could have my very own baby shower. This option has been a great assistance to me and really is playing a vital part in continuing life with some semblance of regularity in an unknown time. Thank you WebBaby Shower!

– Shannon Smith

We had to unfortunately cancel our in-person baby shower due to the current circumstances. It was very heartbreaking to do since this is my very first baby and would be my first shower. I also will miss out on having a work shower as well I’m a Kindergarten teacher and was looking forward to celebrating with my colleagues as well. However, since this is out of our control we have decided to do a virtual baby shower. Hopefully family and friends will understand and will join in with us. I’m due in Early June and hope I’ll have enough supplies for the baby. Glad we have found an alternative and can’t wait to use WeBabyShower.

-Mary TCharlotte, NC 

Hello! I am one of the many new moms that cannot have a traditional baby shower due to covid-19. I planned on flying home to have the party with family and friends next month when I wasn’t too pregnant to fly. My due date is in late June. While researching virtual showers your website popped up.  On the site it mentioned you are giving away a discount code because of the virus. I would really appreciate it if that is true.

I think webbaby is the closest to recreating the traditional baby shower for this first time mom.

– Danielle Pearson 

My name is Christina. My husband comes from a large Italian family (in which he will probably be the only one to continue the family name!), and family is the most important thing to him, but he is 100% infertile so IVF was our only option.  We have been trying for 5 long years with many disappointing egg retrievals, 1 chemical pregnancy, and a 3 more failed embryo transfers. All while my family reproduced like rabbits around us! On top of that, we are both only children and therefore having our parents first grandchild…no pressure, right?! Everyone has been looking forward to our baby shower for years and we don’t even know if they understand our shower cannot be in person. There’s a small chance we may be able to have a small shower closer to my due date in July, but we don’t want to take that risk and have no back up. We are hoping to figure out how to run a virtual shower and are so happy that there is a company that specializes and excels in it! We cannot wait to celebrate our baby girl with our families in a new and innovative way.

– Christina Piroso

Hi there,
I am planning a virtual baby shower for my beloved friend and coworker.  We are both ICU nurses, went to nursing school together, have worked in the same unit for years, and are pregnant with our first babies 2 weeks apart later this summer!  Since COVID, it has been difficult to feel all the exciting things that pregnancy offers, like having family over to help with the nursery or having the world see your bump.  I want to plan something special for my friend so that she knows how

– Anna McCord

How to Have a Military Baby Shower for Military Moms

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Are you an active-duty military Mom/Mom-to-Be? Or are you expecting a baby and also happen to be the rock star wife of a current service member? If that’s you, we here at WebBabyShower want to honor your service and sacrifice to our country by celebrating this most joyous occasion – the arrival of your new baby – with you. How? By helping you plan a military baby shower, plus showering you with resources for FREE goodies and services – just for you! One example is our FREE thank you cards!

We know it can be challenging to plan a baby shower while either you or your spouse are serving in the military, especially in instances when many miles separate you from cherished family and friends. We want to make the entire planning process easier for you, from start to finish. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of free (or cheap) services and resources to help you welcome your new little one to the world. Whether you’re looking for goodies for military families with new babies, are in need of medical supplies, or maybe seeking postpartum support, read on to find out more!

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WebBabyShower Military Mom

Who is a Military Mom? Military moms include both active duty service members themselves or dependents of active service members, who are expectant or new mothers (no matter if it’s your first or fifth baby!). Our list of services below generally applies to both active duty moms, as well as military spouses, but we’ve noted when any service applies to active service members only, and not to dependents. 

Why WebBabyShower is Used by Military Families:

  • WebBabyShower connects families worldwide, no matter their location, in a private, intimate space with video & photo albums, guest books, games, a gift registry, and built-in email invitations and birth announcements.
  • We make it easy to combine an online shower experience and in-person events to include deployed service members.
  • Don’t cut your celebration short. Our extended baby shower time allows all your family and friends to join in the celebration – across any time zone!
  • Flexibility! Your baby shower can easily be planned and organized by your family or friends. While 40% of our customers are friends, grandmothers, or aunts of the mom-to-be, almost 60% are expectant mothers. That means you can feel free to organize your baby shower yourself! 
  • WebBabyShower is the oldest AND most trusted online baby shower planning service

Free Group Baby Shower Party Organizations.

Have you ever considered sharing your baby shower with other expectant military mothers? If so, both Operation Shower and Star-Spangled Babies offer an amazing service to the military community. Typically, both organizations offer group baby showers a few times each year on larger military bases.

A group baby shower is a perfect way to connect with other new or expectant moms in a military-specific setting. These ladies get the unique circumstances you may be experiencing. Since this isn’t an individual party, you can still plan your own personalized shower to be held at a different time, plus participate by joining a shower held by either of these organizations.

WebBabyShower Operation Baby Shower
  • Operation Shower. This organization was founded in 2007 by LeAnn Morrissey, and it was formed to honor expectant mothers whose spouse or partner was deployed during their pregnancy. Since then, with the support of volunteers and groups located all across the country, Operation Shower has hosted group showers for thousands of military moms and their families. Operation Shower works with brands like the PGA TOUR and public figures to host group baby showers in the United States. Once a military base is selected to hold a group baby shower, Operation Shower works directly with points of contact on that particular base to help identify and reach out to qualifying moms-to-be. For more details, contact [email protected]
  • Star-Spangled Babies. In conjunction with Operation Homefront, Star-Spangled Babies provides baby showers for new moms on military bases. They realize that while welcoming a new baby is an exciting time, it can also add increased financial difficulties, particularly during deployment. That’s where Star-Spangled Babies comes in – “to make it easier for our service members and their growing families to welcome the newest patriot to their families.” Typically, participating families include those who have deployed service members, wounded service members, and other junior and mid-grade service members in their family. To date, they have fulfilled over 41,000 requests from military families all across the United States. Need more information? Contact Operation Homefront.

More FREE Stuff and Resources for Military Families and Expecting Mothers!

For our readers who are military moms or pregnant military wives, we have even more info for free goodies, care packages, and medical care/supplies to share with you and your family. 

  • The Carrying On Project. Founded by Kit and Rachel, The Carrying on Project is on a mission to provide military families with free baby carriers, wraps, and slings to be used during military deployments. Not only does babywearing make it easier to care for baby, it also promotes a life-long bonding experience. If you’re a United States military family who cannot get a carrier otherwise, or for whom purchasing a carrier would create a financial hardship, simply fill out an online form found here. The folks at The Carrying On Project will review your application and then try to find a carrier best suited for you AND your little one’s needs. Find out more by visiting The Carrying On Project website contact page
WebBabyShower soldiers angels
  • Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade. Managed by Soldiers’ Angels and formerly called Operation Top Knot, Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade provides virtual baby showers for expectant active duty service members, as well as expectant spouses of deployed service members. These “Team Angels” shop for baby care items to assist military families in preparing for the new baby’s arrival. The care packages typically contain must-have items, such as diapers, bottles, bibs, onesies, grooming kits, and more. They also include made-with-love new baby necessities, such as hand-knit blankets, booties, and hats. You can learn more about Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade via the Soldiers’ Angels contact page on their website.
WebBabyShower Tricare
  • TRICARE. For breast pumps and related supplies, TRICARE features a fantastic program by providing breast pumps to new moms at no cost. That’s right – it’s a FREE service! It doesn’t matter which TRICARE plan you use or your sponsor’s status (whether active duty military, retired, or Guard/Reserve). 
WebBabyShower Breast Pumps and Supplies

You can go directly through TRICARE for these items, or you can also utilize one of the third-party vendors, who will navigate this sometimes complicated process at no additional cost to you!

WebBabyShower recommends as a trusted provider to thousands of military families, who can navigate Tricare and have your free breast pump and compression belts sent to you.

Simply obtain a prescription from your TRICARE-authorized OB-GYN during your pregnancy, and have the prescription filled at a number of breast pump supply shops. *Note: Your prescription doesn’t have to specify a particular breast pump brand. And if you meet eligibility guidelines, TRICARE also covers up to 6 outpatient breastfeeding (lactation) counseling sessions. Feel free to contact them directly through their TRICARE website contact page

WebBabyShower Military Birth Resource
  • Medical Care & Doulas. Are you looking for pregnancy or postpartum medical assistance, including a doula (a birth coach trained to support expectant moms throughout the birthing process)? Military Birth Resource Network runs a 100% volunteer doula program. Operation Doula provides doula support for any military family delivering at Balboa Hospital in San Diego, California. This support service is offered on an as-available basis once a mom is admitted and in active labor. In addition to doulas, Military Birth Resource Network’s services include prenatal education, birth and postpartum support, and infant feeding support. Their mission statement is “to enable continuity of care by providing the necessary community, network, resources and awareness to our military families stateside and those stationed overseas.” There are currently 14 international military base chapters, including bases in Europe and Japan, as well as 10 military bases located right here in the United States! Visit Military Birth Resource Network’s contact page for additional details.

Postpartum Support

Now that your new baby has finally arrived, you may be looking for postpartum support. No worries! We have found resources to assist you as you transition to your new role – motherhood. You’re going to rock it!

WebBabyShower Operation Special Delivery
  • Operation Special Delivery. Founded by Patricia Newton, Operation Special Delivery helps support expecting military mothers. How? By providing discounted labor support services and increasing access to quality labor doula care to all qualifying military service members and their families. An Operation Special Delivery doula becomes your personal “Battle Buddy,” helping you build strength, power, and acceptance during the birthing process. According to the Operation Special Delivery website, what began as a network of volunteers “has expanded into a national organization whose goal is to provide professional and sustainable doula services to military personnel, past and present.” They are committed to supporting our servicemen and women by providing the highest standard of professional doula care. Contact Operation Special Delivery via their contact page to request additional details.
WebBabyShower postpartum support international
  • Postpartum Support International (PSI). Founded in 1987 by Jane Honikman in Santa Barbara, California, Postpartum Support International aims to raise awareness regarding the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum. Did you know there is a strong link between military deployments and postpartum depression? It’s true. And the reason – new military moms encounter so much additional stress during that time. According to the PSI website: “Military families face unique stressors that make them more susceptible to experiencing perinatal mood disorders. Our Volunteer Support Coordinators are available to offer peer support, information, and resources for military families.” They go on to say that “1 in 7 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads suffer from postpartum depression.” To combat this, PSI provides direct peer support to families, trains professionals, and provides a bridge to connect them. PSI offers support geared explicitly toward military families. Find your specific military branch here to contact a dedicated PSI volunteer. If you need postpartum support, you may also reach out to PSI by visiting their contact page
WebBabyShower Military Wives

Additional Branch Specific Resources for You

Have you considered seeking support directly from the branch of service either you or your spouse serve in? If not, you should! Service-specific organizations found on some military bases offer additional resources for military moms and pregnant military wives. These organizations include:

postpartum support international
  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Located on Navy or Marine Corps bases, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers expecting military families free classes, including a Budget for Baby workshop to help you plan for the financial impact of your new baby. The financial education course offers tips, such as developing a family budget and saving money. Seriously, who doesn’t want to save more cash? Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other expectant Navy and Marine Corps families. And just for attending the Budget for Baby class, every participant receives a gift, including a baby blanket handmade by a Society volunteer. Do you prefer one-on-one budget counseling and financial education? The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers those courses too – for FREE! Click here to make an appointment with one of their highly-trained volunteers. For locations, check out the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society “Find a Location” page.
  • Air Force Aid Society (AFAS). This organization is similar to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, however, the Air Force Aid Society provides support for expectant families who serve in the Air Force. One popular program offered is the Bundles for Babies class, designed to teach soon-to-be and new parents basic parenting skills. Additionally, new parents will learn essential financial skills to help them budget for their new baby – from birth all the way to college! Bundles for Babies also provides the perfect opportunity to connect with other expectant parents on base. After completing the class, the AFAS will give parents a gift card to help purchase some of baby’s first must-have essentials. The Bundles for Babies class is open to all ranks of service. And you are welcome to attend, whether it’s your first pregnancy – or not! Contact your installation’s Airman and Family Readiness Center to find out more. Additional details can also be found at the AFAS website.

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Connecting You with Your Family and Friends

Here at WebBabyShower, we proudly support all military moms and pregnant military wives. Thank you for your service and dedication to keeping our country safe, while sacrificing your own precious family time. We salute YOU!

Did you enjoy our list of freebies and resources – created just for you AND your new baby? We certainly hope so! While you’re here, be sure to check out more on our WebBabyShower website, filled with tons of exclusive (and FREE!) printables and games, plus informative articles packed with checklists and tips for all things – you guessed it – baby shower! And please consider using our online baby shower services to plan your upcoming baby shower. We are committed to connecting military service members with their family and friends, all across the globe. WebBabyShower looks forward to serving you and celebrating the arrival of your new baby!

Who Pays for a Baby Shower?

WebBabyShower Header Image Who Pays

Welcome to the club, moms and dads! With the announcement of a new baby’s impending arrival come so much excitement and so many questions. Who should host and plan the shower? How long do they go? What are the etiquette rules when it comes to covering the costs? Who pays for a baby shower?

This article will help you decipher traditional etiquette rules of cost, find out what is trending today, and help you choose the right arrangement for your situation and who might be paying. Most importantly, get ready to have a fantastic time at your baby shower. We have hosted thousands of showers, and who pays might surprise you!

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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Traditional etiquette rules

Many parents want to respect traditional etiquette rules when it comes to their baby shower. They may feel that their guests expect and appreciate this. When the guests will span multiple generations, it can be helpful to have a set of “rules” to follow that will conform to these expectations.

Traditionally for an in-person shower, a friend or relative hosts the baby shower and pays for the costs. But this is changing fast!

Generally, the expecting mom is kept free of the traditional baby shower, but honestly, this is not really common now. But if that’s your game for sure check out our baby shower checklist.

Baby Shower Planning for Millennials

Who’s the Host?

It is appropriate for a friend or more distant relative, such as a cousin or aunt, to act as the host. The main rule is that the parents-to-be do not host, as it can be interpreted as throwing themselves a party and asking for gifts.

Upending the rules for a modern baby shower

It’s also okay to throw the traditional etiquette “rules” out the window. Every family is different and has their own comfort level about paying for things such as baby showers.

Old baby shower rules are based on in person events at a resturant or home, who pays is not really relevant online, but who ‘runs’ it might be in your social group.

Grandparents are often the ones to throw the event so they may want to pay for it, too. This allows them to throw the event that they dream of for their new little grandchild without having to consult a shared budget. states that close family members, such as “a sister, mother-in-law, or even the guest-of-honor’s mother” are throwing baby showers more often today.

If the parents-to-be are the ones who want to pay for the shower, whether they plan the event or not, that’s also perfectly okay!

Friends and extended family may want to assist the host in throwing the baby shower. It is okay to talk to these people about helping out financially. This can take some of the financial burden off of the host as well as give others the chance to be involved.

Help is Welcome

Some people even prefer to assist in the cost of the shower rather than buy a gift that the parents may not even want or need. This can come in the form of money given to the host to assist in their plan or taking one of the tasks, such as party favors or the food, off of the host’s plate financially and in execution.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Virtual baby showers are different

If you are planning a shower that spans the country or even the globe, a virtual gathering might be the perfect solution. With a virtual shower, you have increased flexibility when it comes to the etiquette of paying for the event.

The online shower is setup to have guests participate in a variety of ways, such as signing a guest book, leaving messages for the parents-to-be, or participating in live calls. It becomes less important who is footing the bill and more about getting to connect with friends and family separated by distance.

It might surprise you, but here at WebBabyShower 60% of virtual baby showers are paid for by the new grandparents, while the remaining 40% are paid for by the expectant parents or a close friend. This arrangement makes a lot of sense for this type of event.

An Online Shower is Inexpensive

A virtual shower is a great way to the guest-of-honor’s community of loved ones to connect; it is appropriate that the guest-of-honor or a close family member to facilitate this outpouring of love. When the virtual shower includes an in-person gathering or two, as well, it works out well for a host to pay for that gathering or for those attending to contribute to the celebration. Lanielou00 shared on What To Expect’s message board for everyone to “focus on the celebration!” What a great way to welcome a new baby to the world!

Remember it’s a Party!

Whether you choose to follow the traditional etiquette rules or find a more modern arrangement, the important thing to remember is to have fun at your baby shower. Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a fun and festive event. Spending time with friends and family is a great chance to shower the parents-to-be with love and get everything ready for the new little one. Check out this article for everything you need to know about virtual baby shower etiquette. Welcome baby!

See how a great online baby shower works

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Parents Magazine’s A Quick Etiquette Guide to Baby Celebrations’s Who Pays for the Baby Shower?

What To Expect April 2012 Baby Forum, Who is Supposed to Pay for the Baby Shower?

21 Proven Baby Shower Gifts from Real Life

Are you searching for the perfect baby shower gift for your bestie, a family member or co-worker? You know – something unique, yet useful at the same time? If this sounds like you, you’ve probably already figured out there are about as many gift ideas out there as there are baby names to choose from. Selecting the right gift for baby can be super confusing AND frustrating. But no worries!

If you’re not sure what to buy for that upcoming baby shower, we have the list you’ve been looking for – 21 proven baby shower gifts from real life. Seriously, this list is filled with items from books to pacifiers and even a video monitoring system – real stuff that real people actually bought – not just a bunch of expensive, random recommendations for gifts that haven’t been put to the test. In fact, these are the top 21 most-purchased gifts on WebBabyShower in 2019. So go shopping with this list of ideas in mind, and your gift is sure to be a hit at any baby shower!

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas on Amazon:

#1 Group Gifting Baby Registry Contribution / Gift Card

You can’t go wrong when you decide to gift the mom-to-be with a baby registry contribution or gift card. That takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. New parents can get what they need AND what they really want! 

#2 Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

For baby-on-the-go, this stylish, lightweight carrier is a must-have gift. Plus, with four ways to carry baby – from newborn to toddler – the Infantino Convertible Carrier grows with the little one. And the best part? For cleaning, just toss it in the washing machine. Win-win! 

# 3 Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Remember the classic “keys on a ring” baby toy? Now Nuby’s revamped it with their Ice Gel Teether Keys! This brightly colored toy and cooling teether combo will be every parent’s new go-to item once baby begins teething. If you’re on a budget, this makes for a cheap baby shower gift. At this price, you can pick up a couple of these teether keys to make sure one is always on back-up in the fridge and ready to soothe baby’s tender gums.

#4 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Books always make for thoughtful baby shower gift ideas. And generations of children have grown up reading the adventures of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. Babies and toddlers love the vivid illustrations and delight in the tale of this famished caterpillar as he eats his way through the book. Parents love the early learning elements – counting, days of the week, and, of course, metamorphosis!

# 5 Goodnight Moon

No nursery is complete without this sweet story of a young rabbit that attempts to postpone bedtime by telling objects – both near and far – goodnight. This classic board book by author Margaret Wise Brown is sure to create special bedtime memories, while the rhythmic poetry lulls baby to sleep. 

# 6 Pat the Bunny

Who doesn’t love an adorable bunny? This classic touch-and-feel book by Dorothy Kunhardt, with its simple activities and tactile stimulation, is sure to become one of baby’s favorite books.

# 7 Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier 0-3 Months (2 pack)

Looking for a cheap baby shower gift? This is it! Not only have thousands of parents bought these affordable “binkies” from Amazon, the Philips Avent Soothie is advertised as the preferred pacifier choice of over 2,000 hospitals in the U.S. These pacifiers are also BPA and latex-free. Talk about a perfect baby shower gift! 

# 8 The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub, (Teal or Pink)

Everyone wants to give a baby shower gift that can be used again and again, right? And new moms and dads are sure to use this gift…a lot! Not only does this offer a bathtub transition from newborn to toddler, it comes with a machine washable mesh sling that is ideal to use for baby’s first baths. 

# 9 Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida the Snotsucker by Fridababy – Baby Shower Gift and Registry Essential

A unique and witty baby shower gift idea, the NoseFrida is a non-invasive snot sucker to help clear stuffy noses. For cleaning, it’s top rack dishwasher safe. How easy it that?

# 10 Summer Complete Nursery Care Kit

Wow! Looking for a complete nursery care kit that comes with everything from a brush and comb to nail clippers and a thermometer? You’ll find these nursery essentials and more in this charming kit. Plus, with its storage case, new parents never have to worry about losing baby’s tiny grooming and health care items again! 

# 11 Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream by Earth Mama | Lanolin-free, Non-GMO

We think some of the best baby shower gifts are those that pamper the new mom. And that’s exactly what Earth Mama’s breastfeeding cream does! This 100% organic nipple butter soothes and moisturizes nipples and dry skin. And since it doesn’t have to be washed away before nursing baby, it’s perfect for any breastfeeding mama! 

# 12 Boba Wrap Baby Carrier,  Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies

Baby wearing is a great way to bond with baby while checking household chores off the to-do list, or while exploring baby’s new world. With the fashionable AND practical Boba Wrap, new parents can keep baby close. Plus, the cotton material is Oh, so comfy! 

# 13 Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

One thing is for sure, new parents are going to be changing diapers – lots and lots of diapers! So why not make diaper changing more comfortable with this changing pad? It also features a quick release safety belt to keep baby secure, as well as a security strap that attaches to furniture. And 100% waterproof material that makes clean up a snap. Mom and Dad will thank you! 

# 14 My First Soft Book, Baby Cloth Books Set of 6

If you can’t decide what to buy the mom-to-be, as previously mentioned, a book is always a great choice. And this set has not one, but six books! The vibrant images and crinkly cloth books are sure to keep baby highly entertained. 

# 15 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

With a singsong text and delightful images, like a yellow duck, a purple cat, and of course, a brown bear, it’s no wonder this classic book by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle is a top choice for baby shower gift giving! 

# 16 Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

Make bottle cleaning a breeze for new parents with Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush. With a combination bristle-and-sponge head to thoroughly scrub bottles, a built-in nipple cleaning brush, and a suction cup stand, cleaning baby’s bottles has never been easier! 

# 17 Philips Avent Soothie 0-3mth  2 count

If the pink and purple Philips Avent Soothie pacifiers (#7 on our list) weren’t quite the colors you were looking for, check out the same product in a different color – a green 2 pack! 

# 18 Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Want to make meal prep truly easy for the new parents? The highly-rated Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is a 20-piece set featuring a baby blend blade, 6 date dial storage cups, an easy-pop batch tray, and more. This system comes with everything new parents need to make healthy, all-natural baby foods in minutes. 

# 19 Comotomo Baby Bottle 8 Ounce (2 pack)

Giving bottles just makes sense when it comes to choosing a baby shower gift, and thousands have selected Comotomo Baby Bottles. Why? It’s simple! These bottles are designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding. As an added benefit, the dual anti-colic vents prevent unwanted air intake, reducing colic – seems like a no-brainer! 

# 20 Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor with Optical Lens

Mom and Dad spend countless hours gazing at their newborn. Even so, there will be times when they can’t be in the nursery. That’s when a video monitor is a must-have item! Over 30,000 customers have purchased the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. And it’s no surprise with its camera-like features, such as pan, tilt and zoom, plus secure, guaranteed privacy. 

# 21 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Baby (and parents!) will love bath time with this Fisher-Price 4-in-1 tub. As baby grows from infant to toddler, so does the four-stage convertible bath center to accommodate baby’s growing needs. How versatile is that?

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub
image courtesy of Fisher-Price.

We hope reading our list of real purchases made by real people helps you select the perfect gift to give at any upcoming baby shower you may attend. For more helpful articles, be sure to visit us at WebBabyShower. Happy Shopping!

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Why & How to have a Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born

WebBabyShower Header Image Why and How

A baby shower is traditionally held during the expectant mother’s last trimester, but that rule isn’t set in stone. Some baby showers are thrown sooner, but more and more mothers are having their baby showers after their baby is born. If this an idea you’ve floated (or had floated by you), then you might be wondering if a postpartum shower could work for you. The answer is yes! If you still need to be convinced, read our guide on why you should have a baby shower after the baby is born or our article on when should you have a baby shower.

Why You Should Have Your Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born

Traditional baby showers are joyous occasions that celebrate the life of an unborn child and a woman’s transition into motherhood. But given the timing of the event, they can also be stressful occasions. The mom-to-be is usually physically uncomfortable and possibly anxiety-ridden about the delivery by the third trimester, so she might not be able to fully enjoy all of the occasion. Scheduling the baby shower after the mother gives birth means that the mother will be more present during the festivities.

Plus, as points out, the days after you give birth usually prompt an insurgence of unscheduled visitors. Even though you will want to accommodate everyone who wants to see the baby, you might drained from taking care of your baby.

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WebBabyShower shower with friends

Having a postpartum shower will serve as the first meeting for most of your visitors, so they will likely not return too soon to see the baby again. This will give you and your baby time to settle into your new role and routine. Besides, if you think about it, parties are always better when the person being honored is actually in attendance (and not just in the mother’s belly.)

How To Throw A Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born

If you’re tasked with throwing a postpartum shower for an expectant mother or yourself, then you might be in need of some ideas. Fret not, postpartum showers are all about lessening the load for the new mother, so if you keep that in mind, you will stay on the right track.

First, you need to make a guest list. Postpartum showers aren’t the time to invite every friend the mother knew in high school and college. Restrict the list to the mom’s close friends and family who will play an active role in the baby’s life and upbringing.

Then set the date. Most postpartum showers happen within the first six weeks of the baby’s life, but every mother will be on a different schedule. Some might want to wait until they’ve completely healed to entertain company and celebrate their baby’s birth. A good rule of thumb is to hold the shower within the first six months of the baby’s birth.

Next comes the venue. Most traditional baby showers are hosted at the host’s home or a third party venue. Sometimes, they’r

WebBabyShower laughing

e also hosted at the mother’s home. Either choice is fine, but you should choose a venue that will put the least amount of stress on the mom. Be sure to also pick a day when no newborn doctor’s appointments are scheduled directly before or after.

The most important part of a baby shower is the food. But with a postpartum shower, when the mother is swamped with newborn duties, it’s important to crowdsource or the meal, according to The only exception to that rule would be if the host wants to prepare the food themselves.

Since the baby will still be on a milk diet, the menu should reflect foods that the mom enjoys —especially if she was on a restricted diet during her pregnancy. This might include certain types of seafood, caffeinated drinks and, possibly most importantly, alcohol (if the mom isn’t breastfeeding).

Ideas For A Postpartum Party

  1. Skip the games. Some mothers and partygoers might appreciate baby shower games, but many people find them to be overly silly and outdated. A postpartum shower virtually eliminates the need to entertain guests with games because everyone will be preoccupied with the little bundle of joy.
  2. Ease The Mother’s load. If you’re hosting a shower for a new mom, you might decide to schedule short visits from close friends and families where they help the mom with her new-mom duties. As says, this could include things like having friends and family take turns cleaning the mom’s house, cooking her meals, or just watching the baby for an hour or two so that she can take a nap.
  3. Request Gifts For The Baby. The biggest incentive for a baby shower is to help the mother stock up on baby supplies. Don’t skimp on this aspect just because it’s a postpartum shower. The new mother still needs help!
  4. Personalize The Invitations. Since most people aren’t familiar with postpartum baby showers, you should make sure that the invitation clearly lays out the party and its purpose. You also don’t want your guests to think that they weren’t invited to the official shower, so the invitation wording should reflect that this is the official party. This will also be a great time to tease your little one’s best qualities. You can do this by including short little poems, describe how amazing and sweet they are— like this example invitation found on Pinterest.

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If you think about it, having a baby shower after the baby is born is best for all parties involved. The mom will be in better physical and emotional condition and the attendees will only have to make one trip to celebrate the mother and baby. The best part about postpartum showers is that they can also be held virtually! If that’s the route you want to go, Web Baby Shower’s packages can be purchased and scheduled at any time, before or, in your case, after the baby’s birth!

When Should You Have a Baby Shower?

WebBabyShower Header Image When to have

Nothing says, “Welcome Baby!” quite like a baby shower. Family and friends come together in person, virtually, or a combination of both, to celebrate the arrival of a new little one. It is an excellent opportunity to shower the parents-to-be with support and love as they grow their family. But it can get confusing as to when it’s the ideal time to host a baby shower, and we’ve designed our online baby shower plans to solve this.

When to Have a Baby Shower?

That’s the question. Is there such a thing as having it too early? Too late? What about a virtual shower, andwho pays? Read on for some things to think about when scheduling your baby shower. You’ll be sending out those invitations in no time! We’ve also got you covered on a modern guide to baby shower etiquette.

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when to have a baby shower

Setting a Date for When Should a Baby Shower be Held

Traditionally, baby showers are held in the third trimester of pregnancy. The beginning of the third trimester, from 28 to 32 weeks, is a great time for a baby shower! This is a solid start to planning a baby shower.

Mom-to-be is still comfortable and mobile enough to enjoy herself but far enough along to be getting excited about the very real and near prospect of holding her newborn. Sannice1979 shared some truth on that:

“You want to be able to enjoy it as well as have the energy to deal with everything afterwards.”

Dads are often getting more enthusiastic at this point, as well. The physical reminder of a baby bump that squirms and kicks helps them connect with their unborn child in new ways.

This is also a great time for parents to receive and open their gifts. Little onesies will need to be washed and put away in time for the baby, who may choose to arrive earlier than the “due date.”

Larger items, such as cribs and car seats, can also be put together and installed without waiting until the last minute. Having a shower earlier on in the third trimester allows mom and dad to return duplicate items, as well as pick up things they still need, while they are still able to get around easily.

WebBabyShower Pregnant Mom thinking

When Should You Have an Online Baby Shower?

A virtual shower has the huge added benefit of flexibility; it can be held at roughly the same time in pregnancy as a traditional shower or earlier if you’d prefer. Rather than setting one specific date and hoping that guests are free, guests from all over the globe can participate over a few days or even weeks. This allows for maximum participation, and even more, love showered on the parents-to-be.

While almost 60% of our customers are expecting mothers, that means 40% are friends, grandmothers, or aunts. And guess what? They tend to start this baby shower planning process much earlier. (Something to do with free time!) That’s why our base plan is 6 months, and our premium plan is a whole 12 months!

Extra consideration for an online shower should be taken when planning any live events, such as 

video calls or chats. If guests are joining from vastly different time zones, try to choose a time that is within waking hours for everyone.

Guests will understand if they need to wake up a little early or stay up a little late, but they may not be so happy about a chat scheduled for 2 AM. The priority consideration should go to the parents-to-be, as they need all the rest they can get before the baby arrives. Mom’s energy may also be starting to wane, so allowing her much-needed rest is super important.

Special Circumstances to How Many Hours

There are always cases where traditional guidelines do not apply. If that applies to you, feel free to bend the guidelines to make the parents-to-be comfortable. Family and friends are there to support you, not judge. If they know your situation, they are probably even expecting some deviation from the norm likehow long the shower should last.

Twins or multiples Moms of multiples often delivery early, either because their medical professional recommends it or because the babies simply run out of womb room and are ready to see the world! Having an earlier baby shower, such as toward the end of the second trimester, for twins or multiples is entirely normal.

Web Baby Shower v15.10o "Bear Mountain"

Pregnancy complications– If mom has experienced some complications that necessitate bed rest or limited activity, this should impact the baby shower plans. It may mean an earlier shower to accommodate an earlier delivery or just simply limiting the number of guests or activities at the shower. Whatever the case, the most important thing is to keep mother and baby safe.

Family gatherings– If the timing of your shower falls close to a holiday or other family event, consider having the shower while guests from out-of-town are together. This can help create a hybrid virtual and in-person shower, where two groups get together in person and join virtually to create a mega shower. Guests will be glad to celebrate the new baby earlier or later than traditionally expected if it means that they can be together.

Religious or cultural practices– Some religions and cultures wait to celebrate a new baby until after he or she is born. This may also just be the preference of the parents-to-be. If this is the case for the expectant couple, guests should respect their traditions and beliefs. Instead, shower the parents and baby with love and gifts after the delivery. This has the added benefit of having the baby in attendance as the guest of honor.

To Have a Baby Shower Before or After?

According toWhat to Expect, there is no “right time” to hold your baby shower. The best date and time to plan this joyous event is ultimately a personal decision – when it feels like the right time to celebrate – to you! Keep reading for reasons parents-to-be may decide to hold a baby shower early in the pregnancy and why some wait until after delivery when baby can join the party too. 

Possible Reasons for an Early Baby Shower

Although many expectant parents opt to have their baby shower early on in the third trimester, there are several reasons why holding a shower even earlier than the “traditional” timeframe may be beneficial for you. For example, in the second trimester, you’re usually past the morning sickness stage and aren’t feeling overly tired. 

That means you feel up to socializing with your guests! An early baby shower also gives you plenty of time to buy the items you weren’t gifted at the shower. Plus, you’ll likely still have plenty of energy for shopping!

WebBabyShower Pregnant Mom looking at a list

For many moms, hosting a shower in the early- to mid-third trimester is simply a matter of personal preference. If that sounds like you, it gives you an opportunity to finish setting up your gift registry before baby’s arrival. And as What to Expect suggests, you can make sure the nursery is prepared in advance by checking these to-dos off your list: Unpack shower gifts, Set up the crib and nursery, and Wash baby’s new clothes. 

A third reason for an early baby shower is that, if you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, you can have your shower well before there may be bed rest restrictions. You’ll also likely avoid the risk of coinciding your shower with an early delivery.

After Baby Arrives – Reasons for a Sip & See Baby Shower

Thinking of holding your baby shower later in your pregnancy? There are definitely some pros that come along with waiting until baby arrives. Once you welcome a baby into the world, celebrating with your family and friends is one way to keep the excitement building all the way through your pregnancy and even after delivery. Plus, who doesn’t love a Sip & See shower where baby can be passed around? Just remember the hand sanitizer!

And since everyone wants to meet the baby, having your shower with the baby as the guest of honor enables you to make sure everybody has the opportunity to do so – all at once! That can help reduce surprise visits by guests who want to drop by later to see the baby when you just want some quiet time. 

An after-delivery shower also enables you to know more details about your new little one, such as his or her gender, weight, and length. For your shower guests, this totally takes the guesswork out of buying gifts! 

A General Timing Guide to Consider

The Spruceadvises not holding the baby shower too early, or too late. If you are more than 20 weeks into your pregnancy, congratulations! And if you’re ready to celebrate with family and friends, feel free to begin sending out invitations. After the 32-week mark, it’s perfectly acceptable to hold the shower if you are still feeling ready to party and haven’t yet made it to 38 weeks. 

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How to Know if You’re Baby Shower Ready

Thinking of holding your shower, but not sure if you’re baby shower ready? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First, select a date and time for your baby shower. 
  • If planning an early shower, the new mom-to-be has plenty of time to organize the gifts and send out thank-you notes.
  • For a later shower, mom can still comfortably socialize with guests, without feeling overly tired or experiencing any pre-delivery complications.
  • You’ve checked with key family and friends, and their schedules are clear for baby shower day.
  • The venue you’ve selected is available. Or consider hosting an online baby shower – with us!

A baby shower is a joyous occasion filled with fun, laughter, and lots of love for a growing family. Having your baby shower at the right time can help you celebrate without worry or discomfort, yet with plenty of time to get those last-minute details ready for the new baby’s impending arrival. Virtual options offer even more flexibility. Whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to be welcoming a baby to a home filled with love, laughter, and gifts thanks to your generous family and friends. Now it’s time to get celebrating!

How Long Should a Baby Shower Be?

WebBabyShower Header Image How Long

Nothing is more fun than celebrating parents-to-be and getting ready to welcome a new baby. It can also be exhausting. Games, food, and lots of love are so important to show the growing family how excited everyone is but how long should it go on? Is there a time limit? When to have the shower? How long exactly should a baby shower be?

You can skip ahead to a traditional baby shower or a  ‘no gifts’ baby shower.

How long should a traditional & virtual baby shower be?

A virtual baby shower is a unique opportunity to truly customize the baby shower experience. An online event can include multiple parts, each with its own flair and duration.

Let’s start with the lead up to the live-event baby shower. Online hosts can provide games, guest books, and other fun activities for days or even weeks leading up to the main event. Guests can play or leave a message for the parents-to-be at their own leisure. This allows guests from all different time zones to participate.

The live portion of a virtual baby shower is usually short and sweet, an hour to an hour and a half. Game winners can be announced, gifts can be opened, and general merriment can be had by all. Keep this portion of the baby shower lively and moving quickly to prevent any awkward lulls that can put a damper on the party spirit.

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How long should a baby shower at a restaurant or venue be?

Baby showers hosted at a restaurant or other venue can vary in length but is almost always dictated by the policies of the venue. If you are renting a hall or other facility, you will probably only have the space for a certain amount of time. Talk to the manager to see what they recommend. Chances are they have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Generally, two hours is a good estimate. It allows guests to mingle, play some games, and enjoy the food. You may also want to consider parking restrictions near your venue. Nothing is worse than having to pause the party to go feed a parking meter.

The length of time that you have may dictate what sort of food you serve. Babycenter’s online forum is full of examples from moms who had long baby showers because they served a full meal. If you only have the space for a couple of hours, you may want to opt for appetizers or light fare rather than a full sit-down meal.

How long should a “no gifts” baby shower be?

Some people are uncomfortable opening presents at their shower or simply wish to spend their time doing other things. Sometimes there are too many guests to spend hours opening all of the presents.

If the guests of honor have specifically requested that no gifts be given, or if they decided to open their gifts in private, the baby shower length will be impacted. Gift giving usually takes around an hour. With a “no gifts” shower, this is a time that can be spent on other activities or shorten the length of the shower.

Shutterfly recommends estimating how long each aspect of the shower will take, such as games, food, and mingling. Don’t forget to allow some extra time at the beginning for those running a little behind to arrive.

How long should a traditional baby shower be?

Traditional Baby Shower Length

A traditional, in-person baby shower pulls out all the stops. Games, food, and opening gifts are all part of the fun but can run long. Check with the guests of honor to see what they feel comfortable with and adjust if needed.
Parent’s magazine recommends a shower last three hours at the most. Don’t be surprised if not all guests can stay for the entire duration of a particularly long baby shower.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

So how long should a baby shower be? The answer is– it depends. Whether you host a virtual, venue, no gift, or traditional baby shower, consider the needs of the parents-to-be and guests. There may be a limit on time and energy for a baby shower but the love that is showered on the new little one is endless.

Babycenter’s Forum, “How long is the typical baby shower?” (

Shutterfly, “How Long Should a Baby Shower Last?”


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9 Hidden Alternatives to Baby Showers


Amazing alternative baby shower ideas

Don’t get tripped up by the notion that baby showers at their worst are dated rituals or intense cringe fests. This is life not an Amy Schumer rom-com, underneath the stereotype is an awesome moment to share and you can roll it your way.

Yes baby showers empower the soon-to-be mother by equipping her with the necessary support ( and way too much advice…) on best practices during and after her pregnancy. But at it’s core, it’s an awesome day when all family members and friends come together to celebrate the birth of a new baby! I mean, new baby’s rock.

But no one says you have to follow the rules of traditional baby showers, and here are nine alternatives you might want to consider. We’ve got everything from Navajo inspired rituals to modern baby shower website online options, but let’s start with the basics.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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1. Host a Girl’s Night Out Ok we’ll get back to this one post corona…

You’re never too old to get together with friends and have your very own girls’ night out. Besides, who doesn’t need a ladies night out? It’s a great way to catch up with friends and celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby.
Friends can bring home some light beverages and their favorite food to share. You can hang out and chat about motherhood. Everyone gets to benefit.

2. Online Baby Shower with WebBabyShower

It’s not easy being inclusive with your baby shower if your friends and family are spread over 2000 miles apart. This is where an online baby shower comes into play. With WebBabyShower, you can share your most treasured moments with guests who can’t join you for any reason.
With WebBabyShower, you can now send tracked emails and reminders to your guests to make sure they attend the event on time without disrupting their schedule.

But just because it’s a ‘virtual’ baby shower doesn’t mean it won’t include all the highlights of the day. WebBabyShower provides a comprehensive baby shower experience, complete with guest books, games with live scoreboards, videos and photo albums, a gift registry, and built-in email invitations. The best part is the co-hosted system that lets you and your friends put together videos and photos.

Web Baby Shower lets you include any registry you want to choose, including Babylist, Amazon, and BuyBabyBuy.

3. Throw a Sprinkle Instead

Think of a ‘sprinkles’ as a lite version of the traditional baby shower. This is preferred by women who already have at least one older child, allowing them to celebrate their new child in a laid-back and low-key approach. Sprinkles are also preferred by moms who don’t want to create a big fuss about their pregnancy and just want something more light-headed. To this end, a sprinkle is a perfect fit.

4. Host an Open House

You may have to schedule your baby shower on the weekend to ensure everyone can celebrate motherhood without leaving their job. Open houses place less of an emphasis on gifts and focus more on bringing together those who simply wish to be a part of your celebration.
For obvious reasons, the guestlist for the one house is going to be more inclusive, and by nature, much larger than traditional baby showers. This event is geared for both men and women, hence the term ‘co-ed’ baby showers.
Since gifts and registries are not essential, they are completely optional. However, it is a good idea to prepare a few snacks and dessert for your guests. Open Houses are typically more flexible when it comes to time commitment, allowing guests to drop by within a time frame to make an appearance and wish the mom-to-be well.

Godh Bharai shower
Ok, maybe your not doing this. But it does look awesome right?

5. Godh Bharai

Godh Bharai is the Indian equivalent to baby showers and cranks up the celebration of pregnancy and motherhood. Indians mostly perform Godh Bharai to pray for the good health of both baby and mother, and its safe delivery. It is exclusive to women, but some exceptions can be made for men. You will need lots of traditional Indian finery, including pieces of jewelry (artificial will do just fine), a special sari, and lots of flowers. Prepare for lots of gifts bestowed by family members and friends!
Godh Bharai is celebrated with tremendous fervor such as singing, dancing, and exciting games like guessing the baby’s gender and suggesting names.

Blessingway alternative baby shower
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6. Go for a Blessingway

Blessingways are beautiful pre-birth traditions inspired by old Navajo ceremonies which celebrate a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. This gather includes the mom-to-be’s most trusted friends and family who come together for prayer and share gifts among one another. Traditionally blessingways are women-only and include the mom-to-be’s mother, aunts, sisters, friends, mentors, or anyone she may invite.
Women share their own birth stories around their circle, these are both exciting and heartwarming to hear. Blessingways can be performed regardless of one’s religion since it is compatible with all belief systems. Want to host your blessingway the perfect way? Let the experts at Web Baby Showers to it for you!

baby shower gift

7. Get More Practical with a Group Gift

Here’s a bright idea. Gather up with friends and family to find a practical baby gift that won’t be on the registry. Surprise ideas for her could include: gift cards for takeout at her favorite eateries, a deep house clean when she isn’t around, or even a gift card to help her purchase essential Baby items. You will have to get a little creative with the purchase to find an item that your friend will appreciate the most.

8. Being Charitable Towards Other Mothers

It’s not easy being a mom with limited means of income and hard times can fall on anyone. This is why it is a nice idea to donate your gifts to a local women’s shelter, foster family resource room, or pregnancy center. Alternatively, you could ask your friends and family to donate directly instead of giving the gift to you (provided they’re comfortable with the idea!).
Another bright idea is to fund projects that provide clean birth kits to women in underdeveloped areas of the world. That will make a lasting impact.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

9. Sip and See (After the Baby Is Born)

Sip & See is a celebration that is hosted by the new parents. It is more about the baby and less about the mom. Guests typically shop around for gifts that will help the baby adjust to its new life.

10 Reasons Why You Should Trust a Baby Shower Website

Baby Shower Planning for Millennials

What do you do when you can’t get all of your friends and family together in one place to celebrate this occasion?

You have a virtual baby shower, of course! All a guest needs to attend this virtual baby shower is a phone, tablet, or computer with camera capabilities, and they are a part of the festivities!

Traveling can be stressful for both friends and families of the mommy-to-be, but also for the new mom herself. She may have strict bed rest orders or be instructed not to fly by her doctor. Alternatively, it may be difficult for guests to arrange travel plans to attend the shower.

Anyone who’s hosted a shower of any kind knows how much time and money goes into the celebration. There are invitations, decorations, food, beverages, favors… the list goes on. Whether friends and family of the new mommy are local or distant, there are so many reasons you should consider hosting a virtual baby shower with us.

Here are 10 reasons to host with WebBabyShower.

1. Reputation, Safety, and Security

First things first, WebBabyShower is the original online baby shower service. Yup, we were the first! We have thousands of happy customers around the world.

We’ve been featured on sites like Baby Center, Today Show, and the Bump. WebBabyShower is a safe alternative to other online services that may not be as secure. We don’t hit you with ads while you are using our service, (ahem Facebook.)

Social media apps like Fb may include a feature that allows users to create private events to share with invite-only guests. However, the downfall to this is that your guests must have an account to access the event, and then you can all get targeted with ads, yeah.

When you create a WebBabyShower you also have the option of password-protecting the website so that those guests who have the URL and password are the only ones who can access it. With an online baby shower website, you can be confident that your private event stays private.

2. You Know What You’re Getting

Hosting a virtual baby shower on a website means that every aspect of having a baby shower will be thought of and accounted for by the website designer. This means less pressure on you, the host, to remember all of the small details. You will have the option to choose the package that fits the type of shower for your guest-of-honor, and you will know exactly what you are paying for. It’s one flat fee and not an endless list of ‘we need that too’ like an in-person shower.

3. It’s in the Name

A baby shower website is just what it says it is. Unlike social media websites where hosting an event is an added feature, a baby shower website is dedicated to virtual baby showers and only virtual baby showers. This means the website covers every aspect of the baby shower process, unlike a social media website that may offer a feature for you to be able to “make it work” to have a virtual baby shower.

4. All-Inclusive

The baby shower website will take care of the many areas that a baby shower entails. Invitations, registry information, and even baby shower games are included on the baby shower website. In a traditional baby shower where you are the host, you have to gather a list of information from the guest-of-honor. With a virtual baby shower, the mommy-to-be can log into the website and add Facebook friends or email addresses to send a personalized invitation to guests who want to celebrate the occasion.

5.  Invitations Won’t Get Lost in the Mail

As a host of a baby shower, you know how difficult it is to know if the guests have received their invitation in the mail, especially if the RSVP’s have not begun coming in. With a virtual baby shower, you can see who has opened their email and who has not with the email tracking feature. If a guest has not opened their email, you can send it again or touch base with the guest to make sure they know what to look for.

6. The Baby and Family are Put First

Okay, let’s all be honest. We have all weaseled our way out of attending a celebration at one point or another. Sometimes we decide not to attend a festivity simply because we just wanted to stay in our pajamas in the comfort of our home that day.

A virtual baby shower takes care of those times when a guest RSVP’s with good intentions, then changes their mind, leaving the mommy-to-be without potential items that she may want or need.

A virtual baby shower also allows guests to accept the invitation without the added burden of putting on real pants to attend. This means the mommy-to-be and baby do not miss out on gifts and the celebration they deserve.

7. Everyone Participates

With a virtual baby shower, everyone can participate in their own time. Let’s say you want guests to participate in a game, but you are unsure how that can virtually happen. With a baby shower website, there is a feature in the dashboard that will allow you to include games.

These games can be played at the guests’ leisure in the days or weeks leading up to the date of the baby shower. Games that require guests to submit answers are perfect for engaging guest interaction in the weeks before the shower.

8. Nothing to Download

Once you sign up to host a virtual baby shower, there is no additional software or programs you need to download for it to work. All you will need is an application to video chat, such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, to do a live chat if you want that. The virtual baby shower website will handle the rest!

9. Personalization

With WebBabyShower, you are able to customize every detail of the website to match the mommy’s request. You can personalize fonts, colors, gender, and upload pictures to give the website a personal touch to both the mommy and the guests. If the mommy is practicing serious willpower and will not know the baby’s gender until delivery, you can design a gender-neutral website without being a web designer.

10. Positive Reviews

When virtual baby showers first began, there were no reviews to read through to see the benefits of this innovative idea. Now that virtual baby showers have grown in popularity, reviews have come flooding in. These reviews have proven to show the many positives of this once unorthodox idea. Guests, hosts, and the mommy-to-be have all agreed that virtual baby showers still allow everyone to be connected to celebrate the upcoming baby without sacrificing any areas of a traditional baby shower.

Games, food, and gifts are all part of a virtual baby shower; the same as a traditional shower. With virtual baby showers having these same attributes, the only difference is that guests are attending the baby shower from the comfort of their own home.


How to Take Your Virtual Baby Shower to the Next Level

Guests who attend traditional baby showers enjoy being fed, so how do you feed guests through a screen? Guests also enjoy playing baby shower games, so how do you play games with guests on a computer? All of these questions are understandable, and WebBabyShower took each of these into consideration when creating their baby shower website.

Send Goodies to the Guests

After you have sent invitations to the guests, step it up a notch by sending each guest a fun treat. Themed-cookies are always a hit, so if the mommy-to-be has a nursery theme she is using, send cookies to match. Your guests will enjoy receiving these unexpected treats in the mail. (And guests who receive treats may be more likely to send the new mommy a gift, too!)

Plan to Have Some Fun

A staple of the traditional baby shower is the variety of games that guests can choose to play. The host will typically have fun games that engage all of the attendants. Fortunately, there are many games that guests can play prior to or during the virtual baby shower, so guests do not have to feel like they are missing out on this fun aspect of the traditional baby shower.

Use the Guest Book

The baby shower website will automatically create a guest book for the host to add to the guest-of-honor’s website. This will allow guests to stop by and leave a personalized note for the new mom and baby. Afterward, the baby shower website can take all of those entries and put them into a printable memento for the mom to have as a keepsake.

Gift Registries Made Simple

Gift registries are all found online, and new parents will typically register at two or three different stores. With this simple integration tool, the gift registries can be found in one place on the baby shower website. Additionally, the parents-to-be don’t even have to visit the store to make the registry. They can simply create the baby registry online. Afterward, it will link to the baby shower website for guests to view and fill accordingly!

Take Advantage of the Private Albums

Spoiler alert, but not every guest can be in the delivery room when the baby is born. However, this doesn’t mean that every guest has to miss out on this special moment. While the new parents may not want the birth live-streamed across social media, they may want some of those “first 48” hours to be shared among family and friends. The last thing the new parents will have time to do while in the hospital is update their online baby shower website. As the host of the baby shower, take these moments and share among family and friends.

A Few Things to Remember

Always check with the mommy-to-be to make sure the virtual baby shower is what she has and mind and what she wants it to be. With WebBabyShower, you can implement as many or as few resources as you want. The biggest advantage of WebBabyShower is the completely private and secure platform for guests to gather and celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy.

WebBabyShower will also remove your website after a certain period of time. This way, the new parents don’t have to try to remember another thing to take care of once they arrive back home with baby.

WebBabyShower is a safe, secure website that will take all areas of the traditional baby shower and allow guests all around the world to partake in the festivities. Virtual baby showers are perfect for moms who:
– may not be able to travel
– live away from family
– do not have the means to travel until the baby is born

WebBabyShower offers a personalized platform to host an online baby shower.