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Each Web Baby Shower comes with the “Guess Whose? Baby Photo Guessing Game.”

You upload baby photos of the expecting / adopting parents, grandparents, and/or any siblings and ask your guests to guess which relative goes with which baby photo.

Since this game is somewhat open-ended, you can decide how to “judge” the guesses your guests have made or declare more than one winner. If you are really stuck, you can flip a coin or pull a name out of a hat to choose a winner!

You can announce the winner by replacing the instructions at the top of the page, in the comments, or even on the Games Page.


It is entirely up to the host to decide to award, and distribute, a prize or prizes for winning a game. You may describe any prize in the “Games Intro” area in the Games Manager and/or above your Baby Photo Gallery on the Baby Photo Games page. Most online hosts tend to go with “The Knowledge and Satisfaction That You Know You Won” but you can get as elaborate as you like.

Printable Keepsake

Your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will include a section for the Baby Photos Guessing Game with the baby photos you upload and your guests’ guesses and comments so that you can save and/or print it before your Web Baby Shower ends.

Baby Photo Guessing Game Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Baby Photo Guessing Game that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the Baby Photo Guessing Game for your Web Baby Shower, please see Baby Photos Guessing Contest Help.



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