What Will My Web Baby Shower Look Like?

Baby Showers Online: What Will My Web Baby Shower Look Like?

There are literally hundreds of combinations of theme options: color scheme, graphics, slogans, background textures, titles fonts and paragraphs fonts that you can use with the Web Baby Shower baby showers online service.

Instead of static screen shots, you can use this Theme Options Preview to make your own selections and preview them dynamically on this page. If JavaScript is enabled in your web browser, you will be able to preview the theme options available at Web Baby Shower by choosing from the drop-down boxes, below the preview. Have fun!

(You can also watch the video: What Will My Web Baby Shower Look Like? for more details!)

Please note:

* You have to first sign up for Web Baby Shower, then log into your Web Baby Shower Host Control Panel and select fonts from the Theme Manager in order for them to appear on your Web Baby Shower. This Help page is just a preview only!

* This preview is not as detailed as the actual Web Baby Shower page, but should give you a good idea of the range of theme options available for your Web Baby Shower. Your Web Baby Shower will use a template very similar to the one used on this page.

Web Baby Shower Theme Options Preview!

Image preview


Web Baby Shower Theme Playground

Use these drop-down selection boxes to change the features in the preview above. When you make a selection, the preview will change automatically to match your selection. Just scroll back up to see the changes!

Color Scheme:

Graphics Theme


Skin Tone (Where Applicable):

Background Texture:

Titles Font:

Body Paragraphs Font:


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