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Web Baby Shower Virtual Baby Shower Games

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If you would like to play virtual baby shower games, your Web Baby Shower comes with several quiz-style games already turned on and ready for you and your guests to play!

You can play all of the virtual baby shower games at once, or play them one at a time, or a couple at time, depending on how you and your guests plan to use your Web Baby Shower.

For each matching or multiple choice virtual baby shower game, Web Baby Shower has a database of about 30 – 60 questions for each game. Each time you or your guests play a game, you will be given a random selection of 10 questions to answer. This is intended to keep the games fresh and inviting to play.

At this time the following games are offered:

  • Baby Animals (matching)
  • Famous Mothers (matching)
  • Famous Fathers (matching)
  • Nursery Rhymes (trivia/multiple choice)
  • A Baby In Any Language (multiple choice)
  • Baby & Pregnancy Trivia (multiple choice)
  • Baby Trivia + Twins/Multiples (multiple choice)
  • Baby Trivia + Adoption (multiple choice)
  • Baby Songs (open-ended)

Guests must provide a screen name or nickname to play a game. They also have the option to provide an email address in order to be contacted if they win a prize.

For matching and multiple choice games, each person who plays a game will be scored based on the percentage of correct answers given and their time.

For open-ended virtual baby shower games, such as Baby Songs, Web Baby Shower will scan answers for security purposes, but it is up to the host to check that the responses are appropriate and acceptable for the game!

High Scores for each game will be posted on your Web Baby Shower Games page. Scores are ranked by highest percentage correct or highest number of points and lowest time.

At this time, it is possible to play each game more than once, although you will most likely be given a different set of questions each time.

“Honesty Policy”

These games are offered in the spirit of having fun and supporting the expecting parent(s) with a positive online baby shower experience. Yes, it is possible to cheat. Yes, Web Baby shower expects everyone to play honestly and genuinely. No, Web Baby Shower is not going to incorporate the academic programming and security protocols needed to keep people from cheating on an online baby shower game (let’s keep this in perspective, please!). If your group is really competitive or just can’t play by the rules, not even to have fun in support of the expecting or adopting parent(s), then it may be best to find a different way to entertain your guests at Web Baby Shower.


It is entirely up to the host to decide to award, and distribute, a prize or prizes for winning a game. You may describe any prize in the “Games Intro” area in the Games Manager. Most online hosts tend to go with “The Knowledge and Satisfaction That You Know You Won” but you can get as elaborate as you like.

Printable Keepsake

Your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will have a section for Game High Scores so that you can print and/or save the High Scores for each of the games your guests play before your Web Baby Shower ends!

Virtual Baby Shower Games Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the virtual baby shower games that are included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the virtual baby shower games for your Web Baby Shower, please see Games & Games Manager Help.


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