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All Web Baby Showers come with a Home Page and a Home Page Manager!

Home Page Features

Like all pages in your Web Baby Shower, you can write your own introduction on the Home Page and include a Featured Image of your own, use the default clipart for your Web Baby Shower Theme, or even feature a video!

If you plan to use Skype or a similar service, you can also display a quick summary of your Skype schedule on your Web Baby Shower Home Page.

Printable Keepsake

Your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will use the home page introduction as the introduction for your Printable Keepsake. If you use the Featured Image on the Home Page, then the Featured Image will be used on the cover page of your Printable Keepsake. You can print and/or save the Printable Keepsake before your Web Baby Shower ends!

Web Baby Shower Home Page Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Home Page that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the Home Page for your Web Baby Shower, please see Web Baby Shower Home Page Help.



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