Video Album

Web Baby Shower Video Album

Web Baby Shower Video Album

Would You Like A Video Album For Your Baby Shower?
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All Web Baby Showers come with a Video Album page and Video Album Manager so you can upload and display videos on your Web Baby Shower. You can also embed videos from most popular video hosting services by simply copying & pasting the video URL into any page on your Web Baby Shower!

You can add your pregnancy or gender reveal videos, plus any recorded videos from your baby shower or of the expecting parents opening their gifts as a “Thank you!” video.

Upload To Vimeo

Web Baby Shower has partnered with Vimeo Pro to provide reliable, professional and private video hosting for your baby shower videos. You do not have to have Vimeo account and you can upload your videos without leaving your Web Baby Shower Host Control Panel!

The Web Baby Shower Vimeo Manager helps you manage your videos on your Video album page and on your home page.

Third Party Hosted Video

If you have already uploaded your videos to YouTube, your own Vimeo account or other oEmbed-compatible video hosting service, you can display your videos on any page in your Web Baby Shower by simply copying & pasting the share video URL into any page on your Web Baby Shower!

Web Baby Shower Is Not A Media Storage, Backup or Download Website

As stated in the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, you should be sure to keep a backup copy of all media you upload to Web Baby Shower on your computer’s hard drive or on a media storage website or service. All of your photos and videos will be removed from your Web Baby Shower when it ends and they will not be retrievable.

Printable Keepsake

Due to the nature of video, it is not possible include videos in the Printable Keepsake. However, if you allow comments on the Video Album page, you can include the Video Album comments in your Printable Keepsake, if you wish.

Web Baby Shower Video Album Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Video Album that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the Video Album for your Web Baby Shower, please see Videos, Video Album & Vimeo Help.



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