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If you would like to get your guests’ suggestions or “votes” for a name for baby, you can use the “Baby Names” field in the Web Baby Shower “Birthday Bets” game to add a Baby Names game component to your Web Baby Shower!

At this time, the Baby Name feature is intended to be used for fun suggestions, but if you would like your guests to “vote” on specific names you can:

  • Sign up for Web Baby Shower, if you haven’t already
  • Log into your Host Control Panel and use the Birthday Bets Manager to start your Birthday Bets Game
  • In the Bets Settings box, choose to “bet” on a “Baby Name”
  • In the Introduction edit box, introduce the game, list the names you would like your guests to “vote” on and ask your guests to “vote” for their favorite name by entering it in the “Baby Name” field when they place their Birthday Bet
  • Your guests will be able to either vote for one of the names on your list, or make a suggestion of their own
  • At this time, you will have to keep track of the “vote” tallies yourself and you can publish the tally in the Birthday Bets introduction, where you have listed the names
  • For more information for this virtual baby shower game idea, plus instructions and screen shots, please see the Birthday Bets Manager Help page
  • If you are still looking for more virtual baby shower games ideas, make sure you see the Baby Shower Quiz Games Manager and the Baby Photo Guessing Game Manager help pages.

Have fun!

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