Twins, Triplets & Multiples

Web Baby Shower for Twins & Multiples

Here are some tips for using Web Baby Shower when the expecting or adopting parent(s) are expecting twins, triplets or even quadruplets!


Theme Options for Twins & Multiples

You can change the default “It’s A Baby Shower” slogan to “It’s Twins / Triplets / Quadruplets” using the Theme Options Manager > Slogan. These slogans are available to use with any Web Baby Shower graphic and color schemes.

In addition, the Storks theme specifically feature twins, triplets and quadruplets in the graphic themes.

You can use these themes in any color scheme and with any background texture.


Birthday Bets For Twins and Multiples

Web Baby Shower’s original Birthday Bets game fully supports twins & multiples. You can choose the individual birth stats you want your guests to “bet” on and your guests will able to bet on the birth date for all babies and individual stats for each baby including: time, weight, length, gender (as you selected).


All Other Web Baby Shower Features Are Twins & Multiples – Compatible “AS IS”

You can obviously use the Home page, Gift Registry Links page (as appropriate), Photo Album, Videos Album, and Guest Book, Guest List, Invitation Manager, and so forth, for twins and multiples. You are welcome to play twins-specific games in your Guest Book, or even the Photo Album, using the comments sections.


Web Baby Shower Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the features that are included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using your Web Baby Shower, please see Web Baby Shower Help.

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