The Paperless Post Alternative for Your Baby Shower? Choose WebBabyShower

We rely on digital tools to live our daily lives! You can order groceries online and have them delivered in under two hours, and that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeballing can be yours in a matter of two days. 

Planning a baby shower is no different—sometimes, doing things digitally is just easier, not to mention cheaper. 

If you’re planning a baby shower, you’ve likely researched services for sending digital invitations, and you may even have come across dedicated invitation sites like Paperless Post – who provide simsple digital invitation solutions for many types of events. 

But if you’re looking for an invitation service that’s designed specifically for baby showers, and goes beyond simply clicking “send,” there’s an easier and better way.

At WebBabyShower, we’re obsessed with providing a joyful, exciting, and fun virtual baby shower experience. We offer customizable, virtual invitations, that are designed specifically for showers, giving you all of the benefits of a virtual invitation service – only with an extra wow factor to help get your event started with a bang! 

But why stop there? With WebBabyShower, you get more than just digital invitations—you get a whole experience. If you’re looking for a Paperless Post alternative, check out everything WebBabyShower has to offer. We think you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! 

Why Choose WebBabyShower

We could talk all day about why you should choose WebBabyShower over Paperless Post, but we know you’ve got things to do and baby showers to plan! So let’s touch on just a few things that make us different. 

When you choose a service like Paperless Post, you’re missing out on all of the incredible features we offer at WebBabyShower. When you plan a virtual baby shower with us, you get a dedicated website, the ability to create unlimited baby registry listings, a gallery where both hosts and guests can upload photos for the parents-to-be to enjoy, and so much more. 

WebBabyShower gallery page
WebBabyShower registry page

Let’s take a look at why WebBabyShower is a great paperless post alternative, and why you should give us a try. 

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower so Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 40+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registry
Send Unlimited Invites and Updates
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

Connect Friends And Family Across The World

These days, our nearest and dearest sometimes don’t feel so near. Friends and family are often scattered about the country, which can make connecting difficult (especially in this new era of social distancing). Luckily, WebBabyShower can help make the world feel a little smaller and better connected. 

With WebBabyShower, you can build a space for all of your loved ones to gather to celebrate! WebBabyShower’s unique features allow people to come and go as they please. As long as they have your shower’s URL, they can pop in and sign the guest book, browse the baby registry, upload photos, and so much more. WebBabyShower allows for a truly inclusive baby shower experience.  

Have an Easy Shower

Planning a baby shower can be a lot. There are favors to buy (or to make!), decorations to acquire, food to plan, invitations to send… it can get overwhelming for baby shower hosts to keep everything organized. But it doesn’t actually have to be stressful or overwhelming!

When you choose WebBabyShower, everything is organized into one place. From the gift registry to the guestbook, we’re your one-stop shop for all things baby showers. We even have customizable invitations and baby shower games that everyone will love. 

Another benefit of WebBabyShower is how easy we make it for hosts and guests to access the virtual baby shower event. All they need is the URL (which is customizable, by the way). Guests don’t have to sign up, join any mailing lists, or anything else like that. Just point, click, and party! 

Extend The Celebration

When you’re celebrating a milestone as big as welcoming a new baby to the family, why limit the joy to just one day? WebBabyShower involves friends and family from day one. From pregnancy, birth, and beyond, your WebBabyShower is there to help you include everyone you love in the experience. 

WebBabyShower is unique in that you can have one source of celebration for several events. Why stop at just a baby shower? Host a gender reveal, the baby shower, and a sip and see after the baby is born! WebBabyShower gives you and your loved ones a space to celebrate the entire nine months and beyond. 

WebBabyShower vs. Paperless Post Comparison Chart

FeatureWebBabyShowerPaperless Post
PriceFREE. Unlimited invites are included in every WebBabyShower plan!Coins have to be purchased in “packages.”
25 coins are $10 & up
This means that if your invitations come to 30 coins, you can’t just buy the coins you need, you then have to get the $20 package.
TrialYes. 7 days.25 coins upon signup.
Gift Registry PageYes. WebBabyShower works with all registries.No. You can only add a gift registry link to the invite.
InvitesYes. Unlimited matching invites.Yes. Pay per invite.
Co-host featureYes. Invite a friend to help.No
Guest BookYes. Sign and leave well wishes.No
No Login GalleryYes. Let your guest view.No
Website with a unique URLYesNo
Customizable WebsiteYes. Quick to edit.No. You can make a flyer as a very basic single web page but to share the link you need to pay.
GamesYes. Over 30 games available.No
Printable KeepsakeYes. Easy PDF creator.No
Guest LimitUnlimitedNo. Free invites can be sent to limited guests. Premium designs are charged per invite.

WebBabyShower Vs Paperless Post

Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to choose WebBabyShower over Paperless Post when planning your baby shower. Of course, we’re proud of our product and service; so it’s definitely our place to highlight what we think WebBabyShower does best!

  1. Celebrate with more than just an invite to an event or video call. Paperless Post specializes in invitations or a flyer page. WebBabyShower provides a more inclusive, interactive baby shower experience. With WebBabyShower, you get so much for your guests to participate in outside of a video call or in-person event: games, a dedicated guest book, the ability to visit your gift registry—guests can even leave images or well-wishing videos. 
WebBabyShower shower website all features gif
  1. No extra fees with WebBabyShower. Once you purchase your WebBabyShower, you’ll have access to everything on your shower page with unlimited invite sends. There are no hidden fees, and nothing you’ll have to choose as an “add-on.” What you see is what you get! Paperless While Paperless post is a great service, it does have a confusing pricing structure, and you won’t know how much it’s going to cost until you finish – since every little extra will cost you “coins.”
paperless post coins page
  1. Not just a one-off invite send. As we mentioned above, once you send your invitations from Paperless Post, that’s it—there’s no other benefit. WebBabyShower gives you a space to celebrate the entire pregnancy. It’s an ongoing party and update space. Once the baby shower is over, use your WebBabyShower to provide pregnancy updates, upload belly pics, or even share the birth announcement. You can also use your WebBabyShower for a sip and see event when your baby arrives! 
webbabyshower birth announcement page | paperless post alternatives | WebBabyShower

WebBabyShower: Ideal for Invitations, Guest Books, and More!

As you can see, WebBabyShower is the perfect way to truly celebrate a joyous life milestone. It’s more than just an invitation sending service. We give you the ability to make your entire pregnancy a celebration. With invitations, guest books, gift registries, games, and more, WebBabyShower helps you extend the fun of your baby shower and share the love with your friends and family.

If you’re ready to plan your WebBabyShower, setup is quick, simple, and complete! Click the button below to get started!

Natalie is a freelance writer and digital marketer. She’s a native Chicagoan, but currently lives in North Georgia with her husband and three children, who may or may not be feral. (The children, not the husband.) She loves movies (favorite movie is Jurassic Park), music (favorite band is The Beatles), and books (favorite author is Stephen King). Natalie is passionate about social justice and recently served on the leadership team for the Chattanooga Moms for Social Justice.

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