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We live much of our lives online. From work to shopping to socializing with friends, the internet has changed how we operate. No surprise, then, that more and more friends and family members of expectant parents are looking to host baby showers online, too and are looking to answer questions like who pays for an online shower, are the rules different?

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We offer an online shower to avoid many of the pitfalls of a facebook baby shower, like having your guests served ads and no games built-in, and no support staff (every tried to actually talk to Facebook?)  but here is how to do it right.

Facebook Baby Shower Guide from WebBabyShower.

Where does one even begin with planning a Facebook baby shower? It’s simple. Focus on two main components: traditional logistics and Facebook logistics – or modern logistics, if you will.

Facebook Baby Shower

Traditional Logistics

Like any traditional baby shower, you first need to determine a date and time (or range of dates and times) that you’d like to host your Facebook baby shower. Then, compile a list of invitees, confirm all the mommy-to-be’s registry information and finalize the run of show for the shower.

Facebook Tech Logistics

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Here are the key questions to ask yourself before going “live” with your Facebook baby shower.

  • Facebook Access: Do all of your guests have Facebook? If yes, make sure you are friends with all of them so you can easily invite them to your event. If not everyone on your list has Facebook, ask them to sign up or see if another guest can invite them to share their screen (literally) during the shower.
  • Shower Style: How do you want to “host” the shower? Do you want to make it a “live” shower where all guests are logged on and interacting at the same time? Or, do you prefer to have a multi-day shower where guests can drop in and leave comments at their leisure? If you’re set on a “live” shower, make sure your guests know the date and time so they can set aside the time.
  • Invitations: Say “sayonara” to the stress of choosing, addressing, stamping and mailing traditional baby shower invitations! For a Facebook baby shower, a simple Facebook message and invitation to the event itself will suffice. Be sure to send a “save the date” message if you’re looking to host a “live” shower at a specific date and time. Or you can set up the event in Facebook and send those invitations well in advance so your guests can plan ahead.
  • Facebook Messenger: Speaking of Facebook Messenger, does everyone have access to it? Make sure your guests either have the Facebook Messenger app on their smartphone or know how to access it via a web browser. If you’re hosting a live shower, you’ll likely want to use Messenger’s Video Chat capabilities.
  • Facebook 101: That brings us to potentially the single most important question of all: Are your Facebook Messenger Video Chat skills up to snuff? As the host, you should know the ins and outs of video chat so that you can be a resource to other guests and ensure the shower runs smoothly.  Click here for a simple, step-by-step guide to starting a video chat on Facebook.

Also a critical responsibility of the host is knowing how to set the video chat to “private.” You wouldn’t want to end up accidentally oversharing this intimate event with the entire Facebook world (2.7 billion active users to be exact) like this dad did? We didn’t think so. Learn how to set your event to private here. Of course at WebBabyShower all videos are private and secure by default.

It’s also good to know that after your video chat is complete, it will be shared to your event’s page so that friends who were unable to attend can watch. Be sure to let guests who are unable to join the shower know this beforehand. You can also remove the video at any point. Learn more about how Facebook videos work  here.

A Facebook Baby Shower seems simple enough, right?

But wait. Are you absolutely positive your settings are fully set to “private?” And what about Great Grandma Margaret who barely knows how to browse the internet, much less join (and interact at) a custom Facebook event?

That’s where WebBabyShower comes in! Our service offers the ease and convenience of a Facebook Baby Shower, but with more features to put your online shower over the top. WebBabyShower guarantees your baby shower will be easy, private and, most of all, fun! From interactive timelines to private video and photo galleries, a WebBabyShower will make you wonder why anyone wouldn’t host their next shower online! The team also offers tech-assistance for those less-than-tech-savvy but oh-so-adorable older relatives who wouldn’t miss such a special occasion for the world. Check out all of what WebBabyShower can do for you here.

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