How Web Baby Shower Works

how to have a baby shower onlineHow To Have A Virtual Baby Shower Online? Read “How Web Baby Shower Works”!

Web Baby Shower is designed to make it easy for you to have a virtual baby shower online. Here’s how Web Baby Shower works:


    1. Web Baby Shower is a unlisted, virtual baby shower website service provider. Unlisted means that only you will be given the link to your Web Baby Shower, once it is set up for you, and then you have control over with whom you share that link and can view your shower site. Why does this matter? Just think, do you want your baby shower to be searchable on google?
      We make sure this doesn’t happen to you.Please note that this means that you must wait for your Web Baby Shower to be set up by Customer Support and that you must open and read the “Your Web Baby Shower is Ready!” email when you receive it. The only way to find your Web Baby Shower, and to log into the Host Control Panel to personalize it, is to use the unlisted link that is included in the “Your Web Baby Shower is Ready!” email, either by clicking on it or copying and pasting it into your web browser address bar.

      You cannot search for your Web Baby Shower (because then everyone else would be able to) and you cannot log into your Host Control Panel through the main website. You must wait for, and then open and read the information in the “Your Web Baby Shower is Ready!” email. This is essential to establishing and protecting the privacy of your Web Baby Shower. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support before signing up

    2. Decide You Want To Host A Web Baby Shower!This should be easy if you’re already here but check out these resources if you’re still deciding:


  1. SIGN UP!
    • Web Baby Shower set-up fee payments are handled by our online sign up form with secure, PCI compliant credit card processing by and PayPal. It takes just a couple minutes to check out and complete your payment.
    • The setup fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee.
    • In order to ensure the privacy and integrity of the service, ALL Web Baby Shower requests are subject to approval and are reviewed by a real human being from the Web Baby Shower Customer Support team. Please see the privacy note above.
    • Your Web Baby Shower will be set up the same or next business day after payment is confirmed
    • Before signing up, please make sure you have read this page entirely and please also read the Terms of Service
    • Your Web Baby Shower will run for 30 days past the expected due date you enter when you sign up (approximately, please see the Terms of Service for complete details)
    • You can sign up at any time, but we usually recommend waiting until a pregnancy is solidly in 2nd trimester or an adoption has a confirmed travel or receiving date.
    • Because service begins at the time of registration, all sales are final and no refunds are given.
    • Once you submit your set up fee payment you will have to wait for us to set up your web baby shower the same or next business day. We get to most daytime request same day.
    • Once your shower is set up, you can use your Web Baby Shower, according to the Terms of Service, without any further fees or charges


    • It’s worth mentioning again, that in order to ensure the privacy and integrity of the service, all requests are subject to approval and are reviewed by a real human being based in the US.
    • Your Web Baby Shower will be set up the same or next business day after payment is confirmed
    • Due to spam filtering that is beyond Web Baby Shower’s control, the “Your Web Baby Shower is Ready!” email may get sent to your Spam folder. Please check there before contacting Web Baby Shower Customer Support.
    • While you are waiting for your shower to be set up, please add and as trusted websites to your email program, web browser, anti-virus and firewall.


  3. READ THE WELCOME EMAIL “YOUR WEB BABY SHOWER IS READY” CAREFULLYOnce your Web Baby Shower has been set up, we will send you an email with all the information you need to manage it. Keep this email in a safe place so you can refer to it throughout your online shower. You may need to look in your Spam or Bulk folder for this email, or add to the trusted websites in your email program.

Once you have your new virtual baby shower site logins:

    • Simply click, or copy and paste, the link in your “Your Web Baby Shower is ready” email
    • Don’t forget to bookmark your Web Baby Shower as soon as you get there! Since your Web Baby Shower is an unlisted website, you will not be able to find it in search engine results because they won’t know it exists. Please make sure you visit your Web Baby Shower by using the link in the Your Web Baby Shower is ready email and/or by bookmarking it.
    • While you’re there, make sure you leave a introductory message welcoming everyone and introducing yourself, the expecting parent(s) and any other news or requests you have


  2. PERSONALIZE YOUR WEB BABY SHOWER BY LOGGING INTO YOUR HOST CONTROL PANEL:  For complete information and instructions, please see the Web Baby Shower Cheat Sheet page. This is just a quick list of some of the features you can take advantage of at Web Baby Shower:
    1. Set up any online privacy and guest list security settings
    2. Choose a Web Baby Shower design theme.
    3. Personalize your Web Baby Shower home page
    4. Add Links To Online Gift Registries
    5. Upload Pictures!
    6. Personalize The Birthday Bets Game & Page
    7. Start a quiz-style Baby Shower Game!
    8. Use the Skype Planner to schedule a Skype, Google+ Hangout or other video chat or live chat, and invite your guests to it!
    9. Upload or Embed recorded videos and display them on any page in your Web Baby Shower!
    10. Visit the Features page to see all the things you can do with your Web Baby Shower!


    • You can use the Guest List Manager here at Web Baby Shower, send an invitation yourself via email or share your Web Baby Shower URL link socially (or some people even mail invitations to online showers!)
    • You can use your Invitation Manager throughout the course of your online shower to keep everyone up to date
    • You can add and remove Guests as needed throughout your online shower
    • Web Baby Shower recommends sending an invitation or update message to your guest list at least once per week while your Web Baby Shower is active to make sure everyone has a chance to participate and to keep them updated regarding the online shower and pregnancy / adoptions!


    • You will be touched and amazed as everyone visits your Web Baby Shower and signs the Guest Book, plays games and joins in on the fun — and they will love viewing photos and helping out by shopping from your gift registry links.
    • It’s easy for your guests to participate since they can view the photos and check out the gift registries without having to create an account and they can play games or sign the Guest Book by logging in with their favorite social media account.
    • If you decide you need a more watchful eye, you can always add Guest List and Invitation Code protection through the Host Control Panel.
    • If you realize your security is keeping everyone out, just log in to your Host Control Panel to remove it.


  5. GIFTS:  How you want to handle gifts is entirely up to you and the expecting parent(s), if you want to do gifts at all.
    • We have a dedicated Gift Registry Links page for each shower.
    • Most hosts simply list the stores where the expecting family is registered.
    • If the expecting family is not registered or does not want gifts, you can either turn the Gift Registry Links page off entirely or choose to put a message with general gift ideas or alternate instructions.
    • Some hosts go to lengths to have everyone mail a gift by a certain date and make the expecting mom promise to not open anything until the date of a planned live chat or other “real time” party.
    • In truly exceptional cases, some hosts even have the guests send gifts to them and then they re-ship everything to the expecting mom.
    • Other ideas include having the expecting mom taking a photo or video whenever she receives a gift in the mail and opens it, and then posts the video or photo to Web Baby Shower with a Thank You note to the giver in the caption.
    • Please note that Web Baby Shower provides tools for hosting a long distance, virtual baby shower website; we do not in any way provide gift purchasing or delivery services.
    • Please see the Gift Registry Links Manager Help page for more information.


That’s all. Yes, it is as easy and fun as it sounds!

If you have any other questions about Web Baby Shower, please see the complete Web Baby Shower Help directory and the Terms of Service.

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