What Is Web Baby Shower?

An easy way to include distant family & friends for a fantastic online baby shower experience.

1 First Step

After you purchase the shower, we set it up for you and send you the logins for the new site. It's ready to go!

2 Gather

You have the choice to recruit a few co-hosts who help personalize the shower design, upload photos, video, messages, add registry links, and get things rolling. Just like throwing a party, you can go solo or a few friends or family can come over early to pitch in.

3 Design

Your online baby shower is fully customizable to get just the right feeling. It's easy to change colors, fonts, even custom background designs we provide or upload your own! Unlimited variations for the designer at heart, and ready to use color sets and backgrounds for a quick and cheerful look.

4 Invite!

Then it's time for the invites go out, and everyone joins in, with their messages, photos, videos, etc. Participation can include the games, like 'guess the baby' photo game and others.

5 Set a Date

Pick a date and communicate it via your invitations and WebBabyShower website. If you choose to do a video call, we recommend one of the free services you already know. Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. We have found most customers prefer to use a solution they are already familiar with. Video calls don't happen within our platform.

6 Pregnancy Updates

Many families update the site with the newest sonogram pics or other news. Go beyond a one day shower, and share with the group as you like. Our service can serve as only a virtual baby shower or encompass a way to privately keep people up to date all the way to the birth and beyond!

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Get 5 Tips & Resource To Throw the Perfect Web Baby Shower

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