Web Baby Shower Privacy Policy

Any personal contact information (email addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers or addresses) is collected on Web Baby Shower for identification verification or direct communication purposes only.

Lilypad Media does not sell, share or otherwise provide any host or guests’ contact information with any third party without your consent, unless required by law, court order or as required to technically operate the service.

Web Baby Shower Is A Private Virtual Baby Shower Service Provider

Web Baby Shower is a private, unlisted virtual baby shower website provider. This means that you must use the private, unlisted link that is emailed to you in the “Your Web Baby Shower is Ready!” email when you sign up. If you are a guest of a Web Baby Shower, you must use the private, unlisted link that is emailed or shared with you by the host. The only way to find a Web Baby Shower is by using the private link to it. At this time you cannot search for a Web Baby Shower (because then everyone else would be able to) and you cannot log into your Host Control Panel through the main website or shopping cart. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.

Children Under 13 Should Not Use Web Baby Shower

While Web Baby Shower is a family-friendly website, it is not intended for use by children under age 13. If you are under 13 years of age please have your parents or legal guardian participate on this site on your behalf.

How Your Information Is Used At Web Baby Shower

As stated in the privacy notice above, Lilypad Media uses email addresses and other contact information you submit for direct communication with you regarding your activity on this site.

Please note that if you use a social sharing or login service, Web Baby Shower has no control how that services uses the information they collect when you use their service at Web Baby Shower. Please see the Privacy Policy at the social media website you wish to use for for information.

If you use the Announce The Birth online birth announcement feature, you can opt-in to be included in the monthly “Welcome Babies” announcement on Web Baby Shower’s social media pages. This is completely voluntary and you are able to choose a screen name specifically for the social media welcome babies announcement. Web Baby Shower also keep stats as to popularity of baby first and middle names; these statistics are anonymized & aggregated periodically (monthly, semi-annually or annually).


Web Baby Shower may use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests, among other purposes. You can always choose not to accept cookies through your browser’s preference options, but you may not be able to use some of the Web Baby Shower website services if you do not accept cookies. YOUR USE OF THE WEB BABY SHOWER FAMILY OF WEBSITES (, IMPLIES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF COOKIES BY WEB BABY SHOWER. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. The cookies employed by Web Baby Shower usually contain a random, unique ID code or time stamp; we never store personal contact or financial information in cookies.

Last Updated March 1, 2017